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Blog log from R20 of 2015: Brisbane vs Carlton

Blog log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R20 of 2015

Sam Mayes marks on the 50 arc right on the boundary line and goes long to a lead towards the goalsquare but it bounces through for a goal anyway! First goal Lions. (Q1 1:55)
Hanley screws a kick out of defense which allows Bell to gather and handball over his head to Boekhorst who turns and kicks it for Carlton’s first goal! (Q1 5:00)
Henderson slips trying to defend Freeman which allows big Jon to calmly take a mark in the pocket. he slots it through with ease. (Q1 9:11)
Mayes is everywhere in these opening minutes and he gets himself another mark inside 50, just inside the arc directly in front. He goes for it but hits the post barely. (Q1 10:59)
Sam Mayes has three! He gets a receiving handpass after a high kick from Robinson and just goes for broke from 50 which just happens to slide through the big sticks for a goal! (Q1 15:56)
Zorko catches Docherty high in a tackle inside the 50 which gives the ex Lion an easy shot from 35 on a slight angle. Docherty slots it through. (Q1 18:11)
Boekhorst releases Buckley out of a contested pack at half forward with a handpass which allows Dylan to run forward to the arc and kick it all the way through! (Q1 21:12)
Carrazzo gets out of a congested situation on his left, so he hand over to Murphy who doubles back inboard on the flank to kick to Walker in the pocket. Walker kicks the goal! (Q1 24:22)
Kreuzer follows up an attempt at a mark inside 50 to give to Cripps who chips to Murphy in the pocket for another Blues goal! (Q1 25:33)
Rowe kicks forward from the centre where Smith roves a pack to give out wide to Walker who dribbles a shot from the pocket and it’s a goal! 5 in a row for the blues! (Q1 27:41)
Buckley spears a ball from the wing to Everitt just inside the 50 arc who marks on the lead. He goes back with the long shot but just misses to the left. (Q1 30:09)
Everitt goes wide from the centre to the flank where Bell has yards of space. Bell marks and kicks quick to Cripps about 20 out with a little angle, but Cripps misses. (Q2 4:40)
Lions punish the Cripps miss, running it using the experienced Rich and Adcock through the middle before Cutler finishes it off with an excellent running goal. (Q2 5:01)
Jono Freeman shows he is just too big and strong for Matthew Dick as he muscles his lead in front of him to mark a Rich kick. From 45 on a 45 degree angle he slots it! (Q2 8:37)
Murphy tries to cut off a Lions drive forward, but his ex team mate Robinson steals it away and gets paid the mark. From 40 out on a slight angle he slots it through. (Q2 11:51)
Freeman escapes the Carlton defense to run for a lead without any opponents near him and marks 30 out on a 45 degree angle. this kid looks good as he puts through! (Q2 15:07)
Lions get the quick clearance where Christensen gathers and gets absolutely zero pressure on him so he just pops it at goal from 40 and gets it through! (Q2 16:27)
Rich gets a bit tempted to go for goal with an empty 50 arc so he has a shot from 70 out but he just gets a behind. (Q2 19:10)
Jamison cuts off a Lions attack on the wing and goes very long with a 70 metre pass to Jaksch. Jaksch marks 30 out on a sharp angle which proves too much as he misses. (Q2 21:40)
Stefan Martin roves a tap after a ball up inside 50 and snaps over his head from 30 out, but he hits the post. (Q2 23:10)
Martin drags the arm of Jaksch down trying to defend after a long kick from Buckley goes to the 50 arc, resulting in a free. With little angle he barely hits the post. (Q2 24:22)
The half time siren goes just as Sam Mayes takes a mark 60 out from goal. He tries the barrel but shanks it out on the full. (Q2 28:53)
Hanley loses Curnow for a split second at half back and bolts with the ball through the middle before giving the hands to Martin who chips to Christensen for a mark and goal 35 out (Q3 5:39)
Adcock shepherds Murphy to let McStay gather in the middle of the ground and give it to West 35 out right in front. West goes back and slots the goal. (Q3 8:19)
Excellent jump from Freeman ahead of Jamison 25 out from goal lands him a mark after a West kick into the 50. With very little angle he misses. (Q3 11:15)
Lions rebound the Blues’ efforts to get out of defense and McGuane outmuscles Dick in the goalsquare to slam it on the boot for a goal! (Q3 12:37)
Hanley speeds in front of Curnow to get the mark off a lead 50 out from goal. With a 45 degree angle he kicks long and truly and it’s a goal! (Q3 15:24)
McStay nervously knocks the ball over the boundary line in the defensive pocket and gets pinged for deliberate. Murphy takes the kick but his snap is bad and he gets a behind. (Q3 17:39)
Murphy dives to recover a Lions kick out of defense and gets caught high for his efforts. From 35 on a very slight angle he should kick it but he misses to the left on a poor shot. (Q3 19:00)
Zorko grabs the ball out of a congested scrappy situation in the centre of the ground and bolts forward with 2 bounces before kicking a long long goal from 55. Great goal. (Q3 20:41)
Christensen dribbles at goal from one pocket and picks it back up in the next before chipping to Redden 20 out for an easy mark and goal after a very odd play. (Q3 22:36)
Zorko somehow manages to sneak a goal after four other players run past the ball 30 out from goal, allowing him to spin and whack a dribbler into the goals. (Q3 26:39)
Rowe marks on the flank and swings around to kick to a pack 20 out from goal where Walker ducks behind and grabs the falling ball before running into an open goal. (Q3 29:23)
Kreuzer juggles a good pack mark 20 out from goal and almost plays on due to a very late whistle. With little angle he slots the goal. (Q3 30:30)
Rowe taps it down out of the middle to Curnow who snaps on his left to Walker who marks 25 out from goal. With no angle, he kicks it through as the siren goes for 3QT. (3 Qtr Time)
Evans comes on off the bench shedding the vest and almost immediately gets a mark inside 50. The shot from 35 and with little angle he misses. (Q4 1:05)
Ellard grabs a mark on the wing and turns and goes to Henderson in the pocket for a good mark 30 out. From the boundary he goes the drop punt but misses. (Q4 4:15)
Hanley again speeds away from Curnow going for a lead out of the goalsquare and grabs the mark 45 out from goal. He goes back and kicks it long through the goals. (Q4 5:25)
Big Sauce Merrett runs over the Boekhorst mark on the wing which gives away a 50m penalty. Boekhorst has the shot from 30 on a sharp angle but misses to the right. (Q4 11:59)
The lions punish the Blues’ miss, going end to end to McGuane who marks 45 out on the 45 degree angle before slotting his second goal. (Q4 13:21)
Rockliff gets himself free forward of a ball up deep in the forward 50 and punishes the lackluster defense by running in and kicking an easy goal unopposed. Too easy. (Q4 18:28)
Christen twists and turns to draw a high tackle from Tuohy 35 out from goal. With no angle he kicks it through. (Q4 24:02)
Adcock marks a pass from Hanley 45 out from goal and goes long after the siren for a goal review. Review ensures it’s a goal to end the deplorable Blues performance. (Full Time)

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