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Blog log from R17 of 2015: West Coast vs Sydney

Blog log for West Coast vs Sydney, R17 of 2015

Heeney flies in front of a pack at 40m on the flank and marks with flair. He misses. (Q1 2:31)
A hospital ball by Heeney to Hannebery on the HBF is spoiled by two Eagles, Sinclair sails it back to the pocket where Darling marks 15m out for the first goal. (Q1 9:01)
Grundy spoils a quick kick to the hotspot but his man Sinclair butters up on the ground and gives to Priddis who bounces through a goal. (Q1 13:32)
Rosa passes to the short lead of Kennedy to leap and mark in front of Grundy at the hotspot. JJK goals. (Q1 14:52)
Cunningham passes to Goodes at 50m on a slight angle. Goodes goes through the motions of a shot but at the last second passes to Reid 15m out! But Reid hits the post. (Q1 17:42)
Xavier Richards marks the kick in and sends the ball back to the flank 25m out, Ellis is pinged for a hold on Reid. Reid hits the other goalpost! (Q1 18:32)
The Swans lay the frontal pressure on the Eagles, forcing Priddis to dither and get caught HTB in the pocket 30m out by Laidler, who misses the set shot. (Q1 21:10)
Darling marks in front of Richards 45m out on a slight angle, a score review confirms the set shot was touched over the line, goal. (Q1 23:56)
Sinclair marks at half forward and gives to the onrushing Shuey, his snap on the scoot from 40m on a slight angle is wobbly but straight enough. (Q1 29:03)
25 points is not a fair reflection of the effort that the Swans have put in, but without Franklin or Tippett their forward line just hasn’t got the firepower. (Qtr Time)
Richards is all over Darling as they go for a Hurn ball 50m out on the flank, the ump pays the free and Darling roosts a huge set shot for his third major! (Q2 0:31)
The Swans handball through midfield ending with Laidler who passes to the lead of Reid at 45m on a slight angle. Reid misses again. (Q2 3:43)
Shuey burns off Kieren Jack with a three-bounce run down the wing but his kick to Kennedy is a grubber, JJK gathers and breaks a tackle but his snap from 30m is wide. (Q2 9:07)
LeCras marks a Sheppard ball in front of a pack at the hotspot and piles on the pain for the Swans with the seventh unanswered Eagle goal. (Q2 11:02)
Schofield falls over in a contest with Goodes for a Nankervis ball 20m out, Goodes plays on and goals. (Q2 12:33)
Cripps plays on to advantage after a free in the pocket and shoots from 20m, but it’s across the face. (Q2 20:08)
Cripps kicks to an empty square from outside the HFF, Kennedy gets there first but the ball beats him over the behind line. (Q2 22:35)
Another long, long period of repeat inside 50s for the Eagles, eventually Sheed gives to Gaff who snaps truly from 35m on a slight angle. (Q2 27:26)
Hil gives to Cripps who tries a checkside off a step from 25m on the flank… well wide. (Q3 1:27)
Wellingham delivers yet another repeat inside 50 to LeCras at 35m on a slight angle for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 4:22)
Q3 has started just like the first half: Swans without a forward line structure, and the Eagles just pumping the ball back into their forward 50 again and again and again. (Q3 4:37)
This is actually one of the worst games of the season to watch. Not a contest at all, just like watching a schoolyard bully hold a kid’s head in a toilet. (Q3 6:24)
Darling snaps from the pocket under a Jones tackle but just misses. (Q3 8:23)
A terrible clanger kick by Richards across the backline is easy for Kennedy to intercept and goal from 15m. (Q3 9:37)
Hill marks a centring Gaff ball to the top of the square over Shaw for another one, after yet more bully boy tactics by the ultra-dominant West Coast club. (Q3 15:13)
Five goals in six and a half quarters by this Swans outfit. The opposition has been tough, of course, but that does not befit a top four side. (Q3 15:38)
Heeney roves a Nankervis contest at 35m on the flank and bounces through a quality goal, belatedly. (Q3 16:18)
Brandon Jack marks on the HFF, Barrass is pinged 50m for encroachment to bring him to the top of the square for a charity goal. (Q3 17:51)
LeCras gives to Cripps who grubbers through a goal from 35m on a slight angle. (Q3 22:07)
Heeney marks 45m out on the flank and goals again. (Q3 24:54)
Henney gives to Jetta outside a stoppage in the pocket, he misses from 25m under pressure. (Q3 27:46)
Goodes passes to Brandon Jack just outside the hotspot for another junk time goal just before 3QT. (Q3 31:03)
Parker passes to Jetta who marks over LeCras at 30m on the flank. Jetta goals. (Q4 2:03)
Heeney passes to Reid on the boundary 35m out. Reid misses, his fourth behind of the day though that one was a lot harder than his others. (Q4 3:33)
Smith marks at half forward and gives to Shaw who baulks clear and goals from 40m. (Q4 6:33)
Sheed bounces through a behind with a speculator from 60m on the flank. (Q4 7:45)
Brandon Jack receives from Goodes on the HFF and let fly from 45m… and misses, with several Swans yelling at him to use his eyes, including brother Kieren. (Q4 8:26)
Shuey passes to Sinclair at 35m near the boundary, who goals. (Q4 17:42)
Priddis passes to Kennedy on the lead 40m out on the flank, but he misses. (Q4 19:40)
LeCras hits the post with a snap from the HFF. (Q4 22:21)
Kennedy marks at the hotspot and boots his third goal. (Q4 23:47)
Naitanui takes a rare mark in front of Grundy at 35m on the flank. The crowd goes aww as the set shot starts left, but it swings right and they celebrate with him! (Q4 27:45)

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