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Blog log from R17 of 2015: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Blog log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R17 of 2015

Steven takes it out of the stoppage and flicks it off to Armitage. David has the quick snap at goal, but misses to the right hand side from 25. (Q1 2:55)
Cross to Vince who goes long to the Higan/Roberton matchup and predictably Jesse takes the mark. 30 out on the slight angle, he misses poorly. (Q1 7:33)
Harmes flies high but can’t pull down the grab. He flicks it off to the bypassing Dawes, but his dribbled kick misses from 30. (Q1 10:06)
Dempster drops the mark allowing Jones to enforce the turn over. He flicks it off to Dawes and receives it back again. From the pocket he snaps truly! (Q1 11:29)
Lonie goes out the back to Riewoldt with a very wayward kick. Nick taps it on to Dunstan, who runs into the open goal and slams it home! (Q1 16:52)
Riewoldt takes the mark unopposed after the ex-Hawk in Savage found him through the myriad of options. From a step inside 50 on the flank, he nails it! (Q1 17:42)
Viney turns it over straight to Savage. He gallops forward from the half back flank, flicking off to a number of team mates, before he goals from a step outside 50! (Q1 21:53)
Sinclair receives a free kick against Vandenberg for in the back from the attempted tackle. Jack goes back from the paint of 50 on the flank, and he sends it home! (Q1 26:03)
Vince flicks it off to Grimes, who shrugs a tackle and steadies on the run, directly in front, 40 out. The former captain just misses to the right hand side. (Q2 5:23)
Geary takes it out of the stoppage to Dunstan who has a quick shot at goal from 45 out on a sharp angle, but he too misses. (Q2 8:24)
Watts gets it out of the scramble to the oncoming Tyson. Dom continues his run, but misses from 50 by sheer centimetres to the wrong side of the post. (Q2 10:12)
The Dees take it out of the stoppage with Jetta releasing a speeding Howe. Jeremy lines up from 40 on the flank, but once more the shot is missed. (Q2 11:50)
Cross goes long to the Hogan/Roberton matchup and Jesse takes a ripping mark running back with the flight. From deep in the pocket, he hits the post. (Q2 12:51)
The Saints go forward through Gilbert and Riewoldt takes a magnificent mark opposed to Grimes and Jetta, having previously dropped Garland off. From 50, he misses. (Q2 15:48)
Dawes receives out the back after receiving from McDonald, the recipient of the Dees brilliant ball movement from end to end. Chris strolls through to 40 and nabs it! (Q2 17:20)
Stretch to Tyson by hand. Dom then streams through a couple of attempted tackles and hammers home the goal from 20 out with little angle to speak of! (Q2 21:21)
Harmes takes it out of congestion to Viney, who continues with his run through to 40 but misses to the far left hand side from the slight angle. (Q3 4:00)
The conditions now appear ominous. The rain is pelting down! (Q3 4:10)
Schneider bullets in a pass to Riewoldt who leads Dunn a merry dance, taking the leading mark with no issues. From 35 on the flank, Nick sends it through! (Q3 5:20)
Lonie takes a strong diving mark out on the lead. Jack goes back and nails the shot from 35 on the slight angle, to further extend the Saints lead! (Q3 7:59)
Savage runs right through the middle of the MCG from the half back flank, akin to his play in the first term. In turn he spots up the leading Weller. Mav takes the set shot… (Q3 10:30)
But the former Sun misses to the left hand side from 35. (Q3 11:16)
Brayshaw to Jones as the rain continues to pelt down. Nathan goes long to the top of the square and Hogan receives a free for being held in the contest against Goddard. He goals! (Q3 15:15)
Schneider takes it out of the stoppage and throws it on the boot, venturing long to the Garland/Riewoldt contest. Nick takes the strong contested grab and nails the goal from 30! (Q3 18:00)
Steven gets away from Viney and finds Sinclair ahead of Grimes on the lead. Jack chips it in short to McCartin, who lines up from 30 on the flank. He nails the set shot! (Q3 19:10)
Gilbert took it out of the forward stoppage and found Dunstan with a bullet-like handball. Luke settles and goals from inside 25! (Q3 22:56)
Garlett takes the mark out in front of Webster after the bomb in by Vince. Jeff lines up from 35 on the slight angle, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 23:56)
Garlett reads it off the pack, and gathers the spillage. He continues on at speed, running away from goal but managing to snap it truly ahead of Dunstan’s out reached arms! (Q3 25:26)
Newnes takes it out of the congestion on the half forward flank. In a blink of an eye he has hammered it home from the edge of the centre square. One bounce and its through! (Q3 28:21)
Grimes to Harmes who marks out on his chest and flicks it off to the former Giant in Tyson. Dom continues on but misses the chance from the arc. Minor score. (Q3 30:14)
Jetta gets caught holding the ball after the tackle from Sinclair and the officials pay the free kick. Jack trots in and misses to the right hand side from 40 on the slight angle. (Q4 1:57)
Michie turns it over out of defence to Weller. Weller gathers the bouncing ball and kicks for goal from 30 on the snap, but misses to the far side. (Q4 11:38)
Hogan, Lumumba, Watts to Michie all by hand. The former Docker turns, sums up the options and fire for goal from the arc on the slight angle, but it misses to the right. (Q4 14:28)
Steven to Schneider who goes with the up and under to the Bruce/McDonald matchup and Josh takes the strong contested grab. From 35, directly in front, Josh goals! (Q4 17:54)
Michie to Garlett to Gawn, who marks unopposed 40 metres out from goal on the sharp angle. Max lines up the set shot, trots in and makes no mistake! (Q4 20:18)
Weller kicks an incredible goal from deep in the pocket via the snap across the body. Out of the forward stoppage, the ex-Sun gathered the pill and finished from the tight angle! (Q4 23:24)

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