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Blog log from R14 of 2015: Fremantle vs Brisbane

Blog log for Fremantle vs Brisbane, R14 of 2015

Danyle Pearce passes to Walters just outside the hotspot. Son Son boots the first goal. (Q1 4:04)
Pavlich is on his own forward of a stoppage at the hotspot, Sandilands gives out to him from his knees for the easy goal. (Q1 6:34)
Beams is pinged slightly unluckily for HTB under a Danyle Pearce tackle in the pocket 20m out. Pearce sprays it, hits the behind post OOTF, footy gods smile. (Q1 9:25)
Adcock dives in front of Mundy and marks a Christensen ball 40m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 12:13)
Redden kicks short from congestion on the HFF after roving a pack, and it lands in the breadbasket of the leaping Bewick, 30m out in the vortex pocket. He goals. (Q1 14:07)
Redden gives to Leuenberger at half forward after the Lions apply frontal pressure for a turnover, he is in three minds, is left alone, decides to go himself from 50m… and goals! (Q1 17:50)
Suban breaks a tackle on the wing and passes to Walters at 40m on a slight angle. Son-Son pops it through. (Q1 21:50)
A downfield free against Fyfe for a hit off the ball on Robinson gifts Staker a set shot from 45m on the flank. The set shot drops in the square and is rushed. (Q1 26:20)
Green forces Hill to throw the ball under a tackle at 40m on a slight angle. He goals, Lions hit the lead on the QT siren! (Q1 29:21)
The rain, which was falling a bit in Q1, has strengthened as Q2 starts. (Q2 0:21)
Robinson smashes Ballantyne in the back going for a ground ball at 40m on a slight angle to give away an obvious free. Balla gets up and misses. (Q2 6:22)
Robinson is pinged for a hold at a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle. Fyfe shanks it OOTF. (Q2 8:50)
Suban delivers a lovely, low, left foot pass through traffic to Clarke at 35m on a slight angle. Clarke also sprays it OOTF. Lot of spray out there today. (Q2 10:47)
The last five minutes have all been in the Docker half of the ground. (Q2 11:04)
Danyle Pearce roves a CLarke contest 35m out on a slight angle and snaps instinctively off the left boot… straight through! (Q2 14:17)
Mayne has Clarke over the back on a fast break from the only Lions inside 50 of the quarter, to run into an open goal. (Q2 17:21)
Robinson draws a free on Sandilands after falling over at a stoppage on the HFF. The Dockers scrag afterwards and give away 50m to ensure the goal. (Q2 19:16)
Well, that free was for Sandilands throwing IQ to ground in a wrestle, and the 50m was for Ballantyne encroaching on the mark. (Q2 20:03)
Mundy marks a Neale ball at 25m on a slight angle, but he misses badly as well. (Q2 23:44)
Leuenberger gets a ruck free on Clarke 40m out near the boundary, and clunks the set shot to level the scores 18 seconds before half time! (Q2 32:27)
Bright sunshine for the second half, so hopefully it will open up. (Half Time)
McStay marks in front of Ibbotson, Ibbo overcommits so McStay can turn and shoot from 40m on the flank… well wide. (Q3 2:31)
Adcock marks on the HFF, waits, waits some more, then passes to the chest of McStay in front of Sheridan in the pocket 25m out. McStay goals. (Q3 6:09)
Beams snaps OOTF from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 8:32)
So much for the game opening up. It’s still greasy, but the Dockers love it in tight so they’re not making the effort to spread at all. (Q3 12:04)
Barlow roves a Pavlich contest at 35m on a slight angle like it’s a dry day, and snaps truly! Scores level again. (Q3 16:40)
Zorko mows down de Boer as he shapes to shoot 25m out to prevent a certain score. (Q3 21:41)
Beasley kicks OOTF in the pocket 25m out. Pavlich takes the set shot. He misses, Freo leads by that point. (Q3 22:08)
Finally, long ball to the corridor 20m out which only one man is going to mark: Aaron Sandilands. 211 sprays it horribly, only a behind! (Q3 23:09)
Mayne marks a Mundy ball to 45m near the boundary. He lines up mere seconds before the 3QT siren, and doesn’t score. (Q3 31:34)
Pavlich bounces through the first goal of Q4 from a snap from a pack at the hotspot, typical timely impact on the game from the Docker captain. (Q4 1:05)
Fyfe clears from the next centre bounce, Danyle Pearce picks up the ball and snaps while swinging around at 40m on a slight angle… it sails through for another one! (Q4 2:00)
Fyfe gives to Walters who has a lot of space at the hotspot to measure a snap for another one. The Dockers have returned from 3QT with a massive lift across the ground. (Q4 5:24)
Ibbotson dives and just touches a Beams snap on the line for a rushed behind. (Q4 7:05)
A long ball to space at the hotspot, Ballantyne has two on him but manages to delay matters until Walters arrives and gives to Pavlich, who does the rest off the right boot. (Q4 8:21)
McStay goes long to the square from outside CHF, it bounces, Ballantyne dives and taps it into the goalpost. (Q4 12:48)
Taylor picks up a smothered Green snap in the pocket, has time and space to measure a snap from 20m… and screws it through! (Q4 16:19)
Walters marks a long Clarke ball from the wing on his chest at the hotspot, with Gardiner well out of position. Son-Son boots his fourth major. (Q4 19:37)
Danyle Pearce centres from near the behind post to Ballantyne who gets slung high by Gardiner, and goals. (Q4 21:28)
Neale marks 35m out in front and gets some junk. (Q4 27:37)

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