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Blog log from R12 of 2015: Western Sydney vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Western Sydney vs North Melbourne, R12 of 2015

Higgins gives wide to Macmillan on a fast break from halfback up the guts, he snaps across his body from 30m on the flank for the first goal. (Q1 0:29)
Atley receives in space and goals on the run from 50m on the flank. (Q1 1:50)
Harvey hits the crumb from a Shaw spoil at the hotspot at full pace, and grubbers a typical Boomer opportunist goal. (Q1 14:08)
Waite is front and centre for a Petrie contest to a Dal Santo ball to the top of the square, he does the rest off the left boot from 15m. (Q1 15:40)
Harvey gives to Macmillan for another quality snap goal from 30m on the flank. (Q1 16:58)
Stewart finally kicks the first goal for GWS for the evening after roving his own ruck tap 20m out in front. (Q1 19:21)
Brown marks a Higgins sizzler to 25m on a slight angle for the quick replying goal. (Q1 21:19)
Greene passes to Cameron at 40m on a slight angle, but he sprays the relatively easy set shot. (Q1 26:38)
Nahas plays on into an open goal after three Giants go to Waite and leave Nahas over the back to mark 20m out on the flank. (Q2 1:25)
Waite marks in front of Marchbank at 25m on a slight angle and goals. (Q2 2:40)
McCarthy marks at true CHF and roosts a set shot over the line with a quality finish. (Q2 5:20)
Actually, it was a free against Tarrant. (Q2 6:10)
Higgins roves a Brown contest at the hotspot and gives over the top for Waite to get a cheap goal. (Q2 9:16)
Cameron slides and marks at 45m on the flank, then hits the post. (Q2 11:52)
Palmer gets a free on Swallow for high contact, trying to rove a Lobb contest in the pocket 25m out. He misses the set shot checkside. (Q2 12:47)
Steele marks near the boundary 35m out and misses. (Q2 14:14)
Swallow rides a challenge by Haynes on the HFF, hurdles him then kicks long to the square for Nahas to mark, play on and goal. (Q2 15:03)
Stewart roves a Cameron contest near the behind post, baulks Brown with a nice step and goals from 5m out on a tight angle. (Q2 16:32)
Palmer plays on to advantage into an open goal after a free paid against Thompson for a hold on Cameron at 30m on the flank. (Q2 21:13)
Swallow soccers into the goalpost from 20m on the flank. (Q2 25:55)
Harvey bounces a snap from 60m to an empty square into the post. (Q2 27:28)
Harvey gives a Joe the Goose special to Higgins to run into an open goal on a fast break down members wing. (Q3 1:13)
Buntine drops a defensive mark at the North hotspot, Brown roves and goals just like that. (Q3 2:33)
Oh, but a late video review shows Buntine touched the kick off the boot, ruled a behind. (Q3 3:12)
Cameron gets a charity goal from the top of the square after a free to Shiel on a kick in at CHF for the Giants. (Q3 8:24)
Cunnington, who gave away the FA for that previous goal, snaps one of his own from a stoppage 40m out on the flank, after a feed from Waite. (Q3 9:42)
Petrie marks a Waite ball to 20m on a slight angle for another goal. (Q3 11:18)
Smith misses on the run from 40m on a slight angle but a free off the ball gives him a second chance… with which he hits the post. (Q3 12:57)
Palmer marks in front of Firrito at the hotspot for a rare Giant goal. (Q3 17:48)
Ward pokes a pass on a fast break to Griffen at the hotspot for another one. The intensity is a bit out of the game though, this is pretty much junk time already. (Q3 22:09)
A 50m penalty on Cunnington gives Smith a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. He hits the behind post on the full. (Q3 24:19)
Long ball to the Giants square, the Roo talls don’t kill it, the crumb falls to Palmer for a soccer volley for a goal! (Q3 34:42)
The Giants finally get rewards for a long period of frontal pressure and repeat inside 50s. (Q3 34:55)
Nahas screws through a nice snap for his third goal from 20m on the flank after Cunnington roves a Waite contest and gives outside. (Q4 5:30)
Petrie kicks off true garbage time with a mark from a Harvey ball to the HFF and long set shot for a goal. (Q4 8:00)
Nahas marks a Swallow ball in front of Wilson at 40m in the corridor, but misses. (Q4 8:45)
Nahas misses again with a close range snap even though he had a man free for the give. (Q4 9:31)
Higgins is in an acre of space on the outer wing for a give by Cunnington, he bounces then runs his full measure and goals with ease from 50m as easy as shelling peas. (Q4 11:10)
Nahas runs back with the flight and marks behind Wilson next to the goalsquare for his fourth major. (Q4 14:45)
Goldstein feeds Macmillan for his third goal, running free to a big space at true CHF. (Q4 19:54)

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