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Blog log from R12 of 2015: Carlton vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Carlton vs Port Adelaide, R12 of 2015

Krakouer passes diagonally to Westhoff at 40m on a slight angle, who kicks the first goal. (Q1 1:45)
Wingard leaps in front of Buckley and marks a centring ball from the pocket by Schulz near the hotspot. He goals as well. (Q1 4:43)
Jonas catches Henderson high as they chase a ground ball near the hotspot, after Lobbe catches Murphy high at the centre bounce. Henderson goals. (Q1 6:15)
Long ball by Everitt from the HFF to the top of the square, Krezuer contests, Graham crumbs and goals under a tackle! (Q1 12:55)
Everitt spoils Hombsch in the pocket, Jonas mops up but Everitt claims him HTB with a fine tackle 30m out on the flank. Andrejs goals. (Q1 15:59)
Murphy turns the ball over at halfback, Ebert marks the Broadbent inside 50 kick to 30m near the boundary. He misses. (Q1 18:07)
Mitchell misses from a stoppage 20m out on the flank while being buffeted by Gibbs. (Q1 19:44)
Krakouer delivers another lovely kick from the wing over heavy traffic at CHF to Ebert at 40m in the corridor. Ebert goals. (Q1 21:17)
Wines does a one-two at a stoppage in the pocket and passes to Gray in the opposite pocket. Gray marks over Yarran and kicks truly from the set shot 20m out. (Q1 23:36)
Hartlett misses a flying snap from the HFF. (Q1 24:43)
A risky kick across halfback by Broadbent is spoiled down to Everitt who goals from 35m on a slight angle. (Q1 29:13)
Armfield roves, breaks a Krakouer tackle and hits the post… but is given a second kick after it is ruled Krakouer tripped him, and goals. (Q2 1:57)
The Blues win another centre clearance, Menzel mops up but just misses a mid range snap. (Q2 2:20)
Gray delivers a long handball from teh win to space on the HFF, Monfries gathers and gives to Wingard who finishes with typical quality from 40m. (Q2 2:58)
Casboult is somehow allowed to mark a long ball from the HFF by Rowe to the hotspot unopposed, with his man well out of position. Levi goals. (Q2 6:43)
Boak beats Murphy to a ground ball after a stoppage in the pocket and goals from the top of the square. (Q2 8:38)
Menzel falls back and marks a long Henderson ball to the hotspot, again unopposed near a lot of traffic. He goals as well, Blues regain the lead. (Q2 10:40)
Wood and Lobbe fight it out under a high ball to the square, Wood spoils Lobbe who goes to ground, Armfield has a fresh air shot running through, Wood volleys home! (Q2 12:08)
Henderson marks on the lead in front of Hombsch at 30m on the flank. But he shanks it way left and OOTF. (Q2 13:35)
Bell gives to Cripps at a stoppage on the wing, who gets tackled and gives back to Bell over his head, Bell runs and shoots from 35m… another one for Carlton! (Q2 16:09)
Bell’s long ball to the top of the square is marked by Everitt for another goal to the Blues! The Blue fans at the G are going ape droppings! (Q2 17:52)
Cripps is pinged for HTB under a tackle by Moore at 45m on the flank. Moore misses. (Q2 19:24)
Schulz roves a Lobbe contest at 30m on the flank from a Moore kick, and gives back to Wines who snaps truly. (Q2 24:56)
Gray runs away from Carrazzo at a stoppage at CHF and goals from 35m, easy as you like. (Q2 26:12)
Boak goes long to the square for Wingard to rove, shrug a flying Graham tackle and kick another one for Port! (Q2 28:13)
Carlile is caught in possession on the wing to start a Blue attack, Armfield gives to Henderson who snaps truly on the run from 40m on the flank! (Q3 2:01)
Henderson marks on the lead at 35m on the flank, three steps in front of Carlile. He misses. (Q3 6:42)
Kreuzer taps straight down to Graham at a stoppage in the pocket, no one on Graham so he’s able to measure a snap across the body with the left boot for the goal from 25m. (Q3 9:35)
Armfield volleys home from the top of the square after Cripps roves a stoppage on the HFF and gives to Bell who bounces a handball to space, Dennis was there first! (Q3 12:07)
Ah Chee’s first touch of the footy after being subbed on is a big clunk in front of a massive pack at the hotspot. But he misses, disappointingly. (Q3 14:46)
After Gibbs wins a ruck hit out on the HFF, Murphy passes wide to Graham near the boundary 40m out. Graham misses. (Q3 16:43)
Boak gives to Colquhoun at a stoppage near the hotspot, he kicks blind over his left shoulder… it’s good! (Q3 18:14)
After the Blues stuff up a rebound on the HBF, Wines passes to Monfries near the boundary 45m out. Angus’ set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q3 19:43)
Westhoff roves a Schulz contest on the HFF and gives to Wingard zipping past, he runs to 40m and slots a crucial goal! (Q3 21:10)
Cripps centres from the HFF to the flank 25m out, Murphy cuts in front of Casboult’s lead to mark, Jonas makes him earn it but no 50 paid. MM goals like a captain should. (Q3 23:23)
Henderson sails a high, hopeful ball from the HFF to the square, normally these are easy to kill for defenders but Casboult stands tall to mark and goal! (Q3 25:03)
Schulz gives to Ebert running free for a snap from 45m on the flank, but he sprays it OOTF. (Q3 28:42)
Mitchell marks a very short pass from Colquhoun to 45m on the flank, but misses. (Q3 29:08)
Cripps and Bell run the footy around the members’ wing, Bell breaks an arm tackle by Ebert and gives to Menzel who goals from 20m! Hard for Port to come back from here. (Q4 1:21)
Krakouer roves at half forward in heavy traffic and pokes an intelligent pass to Monfries at 40m in the corridor. Angus delivers a typically professional set shot for a goal. (Q4 2:21)
Boak has a hurried snap from 35m on a slight angle, well wide. Carlton’s pressure and tackling all over the ground has been exemplary today, as it was in that passage. (Q4 6:06)
Krakouer marks the kick in on the flank and passes to Wingard, who threads the needle with a set shot from 45m on the boundary! (Q4 7:06)
Boak goes long to the square, Westhoff throws White off the fall to mark and goal, but the ump calls it back, the Hoff gave away an obvious free! (Q4 8:08)
Hartlett passes to Schulz at 35m on the flank. His shot drifts towards the behind post… Westhoff marks and goals! (Q4 9:21)
Monfries is held off the fall of a long ball to the square by Buckley, the crowd screams but no free, Krakouer tries a soccer nutmeg of White from 10m and it’s paid a goal! (Q4 11:52)
After Krakouer contests a long Wines ball to the flank, Hartlett runs the boundary line and centres to Schulz, who hits the post from 35m. (Q4 16:22)
Bell roves a stoppage on the wing and give to Graham, his inside 50 goes to Henderson who dives and is paid a bobbling mark at 40m on a slight angle. Henderson goals. (Q4 17:52)
Boak receives from Broadbent and snaps from a stoppage on the flank 35m out, it’s high, the goal umpire crabs across… it falls inside the goalpost! (Q4 21:03)
Everitt marks a centring ball to 40m in the corridor, but sprays it. 3:52 left at the kick in. (Q4 25:23)
Docherty catches Pittard HTB in the centre as the clock goes below 3:00. (Q4 26:36)
Blues playing a bit of tempo. (Q4 26:36)
Casboult can’t mark at half forward, Power rebounds, ball bounces past Schulz for a throw in in the Port FP, 2:12. (Q4 27:22)
Secondary stoppage, 2:01. (Q4 27:38)
Third stoppage, 1:34. (Q4 28:35)
Another stoppage on the Port HFF, 1:25. (Q4 28:35)
Wines gives to Impey who shanks it across half forward, but it allows Ebert to pass to Colquhoun on the flank 35m out, but the ump calls a ball up because it was touched! (Q4 28:51)
Another one on the Port HFF, 1:01. (Q4 28:51)
Menzel tackles Boak and forces a free for a throw! (Q4 28:51)
Bell intercepts a Jonas handball on the wing and kicks down the line to the Blue HFF, 32 second left! (Q4 28:51)
Graham kicks OOTF, 25 second to go on the Port HBF! (Q4 28:51)
Mitchell runs up the guts but his inside 50 is straight to Docherty! Game over! (Q4 28:51)

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