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Blog log from R7 of 2015: Brisbane vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Brisbane vs Port Adelaide, R7 of 2015

Gardiner is pinged for HTB under a Monfries tackle 20m out on the flank. Angus boots the first goal. (Q1 5:23)
Robertson marks a hurried Cornes kick from a stoppage in the BP to the flank 45m out. He misses. (Q1 10:05)
Wingard is front and centre for a Westhoff contest at 40m on the flank, he snaps to the square… bounces across the face. (Q1 12:34)
White marks near the boundary 45m out, looks for an option and finds it with a ball to Gray at 40m on a slight angle. Gray goals. (Q1 15:35)
A 50m penalty for something off the ball brings Martin from the centre circle to the hotspot. Martin misses, disappointingly. (Q1 17:47)
Green marks a poke by Rich near the boundary 40m out and threads the needle with a fine set shot! (Q1 22:28)
Zorko bounces through a behind from a pressured long range snap from the HFF. (Q2 0:41)
Pittard kicks to a nest of Lions at defensive hotspot, Zorko roves but hurries the snap and it’s wide. (Q2 3:18)
Rich is corralled by Krakouer on the HFF but uses his vision to centre to Robinson at 45m on a slight angle. IQ swings through a goal to hand the Lions the lead! (Q2 4:44)
Ryder marks a blind hoof from a stoppage at 45m on the flank, playing in front. He misses. (Q2 6:29)
Ryder marks again at 20m near the boundary. A tougher set shot.. he misses again. (Q2 7:44)
Hartlett feeds Cornes for a snap from 40m on a slight angle, Kane rolls back the clock with an efficient kick for one of the last goals of his career. (Q2 9:45)
Green lifts the home crowd with a feed from Martin, a bounce running down the flank and a quality finish from the pocket 25m out! (Q2 12:40)
Leuenberger plays on to advantage from a free at the next centre bounce, but misses from 55m. (Q2 13:37)
Mitchell dithers on the HFF and gives outside to Krakouer who misses from the boundary 45m out. (Q2 15:00)
The Lions go coast to coast from the kick in, Christensen marks behind Pittard in the square and turns for the goal. Brisbane back in front! (Q2 16:00)
McStay leaps over Hombsch and juggles a fine grab at the hotspot from a centring ball by Martin. He goals. (Q2 17:15)
Rich catches Gray HTB at the next centre bounce, Leuenberger steams onto the inside 50 to somehow mark unopposed near the hotspot. He goals as well, the Lions are on FIYAH! (Q2 19:00)
Trengove was well beaten in that contest by Leuey. (Q2 19:46)
Gray lays a big tackle on Adcock at the next centre bounce, Broadbent roves and hits Schulz at 45m on a slight angle. But Schulz misses. (Q2 21:07)
Lester kicks too hurriedly from the BP and it’s straight to Ebert at 45m on the flank. The ball falls on the behind line, Ryder roves but doesn’t score. (Q2 23:46)
Cornes gives to Wingard in heavy traffic, he tries a high left foot snap from 30m on the flank… drops in the square for Garinder to rush. (Q2 24:59)
Gray snaps from inside a phonebox at 25m on the flank, another miss. (Q2 26:42)
Christensen converts a set shot from the HFF just as the HT siren sounds, the Gabba crowd give the players a standing O after that quarter! (Q2 30:10)
Rain falling as the second half is underway. (Q3 3:39)
After a stoppage on the wing, Adcock boots the first goal of Q3 with a long snap from 55m out on a slight angle, just inside the centre square! (Q3 4:43)
Mitchell gives to Monfries for a snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle… that will steady the ship for the Power. (Q3 6:11)
After Clarke misses a spoil on the wing, it’s a fast break where Monfries is ahead of the Lion last line to accept a Boak pass at the hotspot and run into the open goal. (Q3 11:13)
Robinson goals from a stoppage 20m out in front, somehow he had no opponent as he sauntered goalside and collected a Martin soccer! (Q3 13:08)
Schulz marks a Westhoff ball to the top of the square for a goal, but not before a melee forms as Clarke was a bit late on the challenge. (Q3 14:39)
Hartlett is pinged rather unluckily for deliberate OOB 40m out in a contest with Robertson. Gardiner takes the kick and tries a centring ball, big pack flies, Beams roves & goals! (Q3 16:26)
Beams wins a clearance on the wing, Martin gathers a bouncing Robertson inside 50 to the hotspot, stands up in a tackle and uses strength to give to Green for the goal! (Q3 21:44)
Rockliff misses a quick right foot snap from the pocket 20m out. (Q3 26:28)
Andrews touches a Wingard snap from the pocket on the line to prevent a goal. (Q3 29:03)
Schulz marks over Gardiner at 35m on a slight angle. Again, though, he sprays a set shot that he would normally eat up. (Q3 31:25)
O’Shea passes to Monfries deep in the pocket, who goes back to Amon at 35m on the flank to improve the angle. The kid is nowhere near, just a behind. (Q3 32:10)
Mitchell roves a Ryder contest at the hotspot and gives wide to Wingard who just misses. (Q3 33:03)
Rich leads Pittard to a ground ball at 35m on the flank and snaps quickly… just narrow. (Q3 34:14)
Wingard roves a contest and gives to Monfries at the hotspot, he tries a checkside but it’s just wide. (Q4 0:54)
Ryder also misses a mid-range snap. (Q4 1:10)
Robinson, who caused a turnover at CHF on Pittard to force a stoppage, receives from Christensen after that ball up and snaps off a step from 40m on the flank… big goal to IQ! (Q4 3:40)
Green leaps in front of Pittard and marks a Rockliff pass at 45m on the flank. Green misses. (Q4 4:26)
Westhoff hits Wingard on a short lead to 25m on the flank. Chad just sneaks the set shot inside the right goalpost. (Q4 6:41)
Rich volleys a ground ball after a stoppage from 15m on the flank, it wobbles into the far goalpost. (Q4 8:19)
Lester drifts in from the side of a pack like Royce Hart to mark a long Beams ball to 35m on a slight angle. He goals, and that is almost the sealer with 12:51 left. (Q4 11:26)
Rockliff catches Hombsch HTB forward of the wing and finds Rich at 40m on the flank. Forkie lifts the ball straight over the goal umpire’s peaked cap for the sealer! (Q4 17:12)
Taylor kicks off junk time with a champagne footy goal, a snap after a stoppage at 35m on the flank off the left boot of Taylor. The crowd goes ape droppings! (Q4 19:42)
Boak weaves through traffic after a stoppage on the HFF but kicks OOTF. Sums up Port’s night (Q4 23:58)
Krakouer passes short to Amon at 45m in the corridor for a garbage time special in the last minute. (Q4 30:47)
Hartlett intercepts a Paparone short kick at 45m on a slight angle for some more junk after the final siren…. but he hits the post. (Q4 31:43)

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