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Blog log from R7 of 2015: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Blog log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2015

Priddis converts a mark from 45m on a slight angle for the first goal. (Q1 3:57)
McInnes picks up a loose ball on the HFF and centres to Kennedy at 45m on a slight angle. JJK flushes the right goalpost. (Q1 7:53)
Nicholls catches SHuey HTB at 35m on the flank. Nicholls gives to Harley Bennell who sets sail from 45m on a slight angle… it’s through! (Q1 14:26)
Heavy rain has been falling all through this contest so far, leading to a lowscoring affair no doubt. (Q1 14:58)
Kennedy marks a Hurn ball from the HFF down the line to 25m, with Leslie powerless to reach the ball from behind. JJK misses again. (Q1 22:17)
Hurn kicks to space on the flank where Hill lurks, his man falls over allowing him to carefully gather and try a grubber from 25m… it squeezes in for a goal. (Q1 25:04)
Kennedy boots his first goal from a set shot on the boundary 30m out, after marking on a short lead. (Q1 27:29)
Yeo misses from a stoppage at 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 6:51)
Yeo juggles a mark in front of a pack at 25m on the flank. He kicks truly from the set shot. (Q2 10:15)
The Suns are battling hard to halve most of the contests around the ground and applying a pleasing amount of pressure, but getting no scoreboard result. (Q2 10:39)
Cripps plays on after marking on the HFF and has Sinclair on his own in the square with Nicholls trailing way behind, Sinclair marks and turns for the simple goal. (Q2 14:05)
After a couple of bad Sun kicks from defence, Yeo marks a Gaff ball at the hotspot, plays on, dodges around Leslie at the top of the square and goals again! (Q2 16:15)
Rain has eased off at Subi, but the Suns can’t get any reward for effort. The Eagles have it on their terms. (Q2 20:23)
Priddis intercepts Kolodjashnij on the HFF and gives to Hurn who loads up from 55m… just wide. (Q2 22:38)
Priddis accepts another kick clanger from the Suns, this time from Sexton at CHF, then gives to Masten who misses. (Q2 26:07)
A LeCras ball from the HFF to the top of the square falls short and it’s Yeo again who is in front 20m out to mark and goal. (Q2 26:51)
Kennedy baulks free of heavy congestion in the vortex pocket 35m out, sees nothing inside, decides on a snap off a step… it bounces in an empty square and through for the goal! (Q3 1:01)
Naitanui clears from the centre bounce to Yeo, thence to Shuey who gives to Cripps, he shoots on the run from 40m on a slight angle… another one! (Q3 1:51)
Harley Bennell receives from Miller outside a pack 30m out on the flank, his first snap is smothered but he butters up and tries again from the boundary… narrow. (Q3 3:32)
LeCras gives to Kennedy who snaps truly from 30m on the flank. It’s too easy right now. (Q3 5:20)
Matera plays on to advantage after Raines catches LeCras HTB near the hotspot, he kicks a belated goal. (Q3 7:05)
Harley Bennell roves a stoppage on the HFF but misses on the burst from 45m. (Q3 7:57)
LeCras is the next Eagle to goal, after a give from McInnes at 20m on the flank. (Q3 9:31)
Shuey hits LeCras on the lead in front of Lonergan at 40m wide on the vortex pocket. The Frenchman kicks truly. (Q3 12:37)
Gaff marks a short Butler pass 30m out on the flank and steers through another one. (Q3 14:52)
Shuey joins the party with a snap goal from 50m on a slight angle after running on from a soccered centre clearance. (Q3 16:12)
Shuey gives to Priddis who snaps off a step from 25m on the flank with a checkside… the Eagle crowd loves that one as it screws through! (Q3 18:13)
Shuey gives LeCras a Joe the Goose special for his third goal of the quarter. (Q3 22:08)
Another fast break by the Eagles, Cripps gives to Kennedy who grubbers through another one from 25m on a slight angle. (Q3 23:33)
At a stoppage 25m out on the flank, Kennedy gives to Hill who runs into yet another open goal. 11 straight for the quarter for WC. (Q3 28:28)
A long ball to the top of the square, Hurn contest, the ball falls over the back for McInnes to soccer home from the line. (Q3 32:08)
Hill roves and goals from near the hotspot to kick off Q4 junk time. (Q4 3:55)
Dixon converts after marking a long Sexton ball to the hotspot. (Q4 6:22)
Schofield misses the target kicking to the HBF, Prestia mops up and goals from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 13:53)
Rischitelli gets some junk from a rare display of frontal pressure. (Q4 20:55)
Matera with some more smelly waste products. (Q4 22:38)
Yeo leaps in front of two Suns to mark a McInnes ball to 35m on the flank just before the final siren. He goals. (Q4 29:50)

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