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Blog log from R7 of 2015: Sydney vs Geelong

Blog log for Sydney vs Geelong, R7 of 2015

Blicavs receives the free kick for a being held out of the contest by Kennedy. From 45 metres out on the slight angle, Mark hammers it home! (Q1 4:18)
Lloyd finds Parker running back with the flight and Luke puts his body on the line to take a brilliant mark ahead of Blicavs. From 35, pressed up on the boundary, Luke goals! (Q1 7:07)
Kennedy hits the pack at pace and takes a ripping grab from the Richards kick, ahead of Rivers and Caddy. 45 out on the slight angle, Josh nails it! (Q1 10:13)
Johnson goes deep inside 50 to Clark, who forces the ball to ground in a 2 on 1 situation. Off the ground, he grabs it but his snap misses from 15. (Q1 12:33)
Franklin receives off hands and launches from 60 out on the flank, but he just misses to the near side. The distance was no problem. (Q1 13:15)
Duncan to Lang, out to Guthrie, who runs through to 30 out on the slight angle. He settles and kicks truly! (Q1 14:46)
Jetta centres through the corridor to Franklin who marks out on the lead ahead of the distant Lonergan. The former Hawk trots in from 40 on the slight and nails the major! (Q1 15:31)
Lonergan gives away the free to Franklin for holding off the ball. From deep in the pocket, Lance misses to the near side. (Q1 19:01)
Lang gets it over the top to the unopposed Motlop, who runs through to 40 out on the slight angle and he makes no mistake to tie up the ball game! (Q1 21:16)
Johnson goes with a chipped delivery over the top to Stokes. He flicks it back to Johnson, who runs through to 35 on the flank and goals! (Q1 23:21)
Thurlow works it to the back of the stoppage but only as far as Franklin. He soccers it off goalward, but misses to the near side from the pocket. (Q1 25:05)
Rivers to Walker who goes long to the Kersten/Laidler matchup and Shane takes the strong grab. Deep in the pocket, Shane misses to the near side with a banana. (Q1 26:49)
Shocking switch by Richards straight to Kersten, and Laidler doesn’t hold back in berating his teammate. From 30 on the slight, Shane misses. (Q1 28:36)
Mitchell takes the simple mark, 45 out from goal on the slight angle. Tom lines up the set shot, and the youngster makes no mistake! (Q1 30:17)
Selwood receives a free kick for late contact against Rampe. From 15 on the slight angle, Joel nails the major! (Q2 1:03)
Thurlow receives a 50 metre penalty due to McGlynn running through the mark. On the slight angle, 15 out, Jackson slots the goal! (Q2 3:55)
Bews pulls down Parker in the marking contest and Luke receives the free after the long ball in. For his second of the night, Luke goals from a step inside 50 on the flank! (Q2 6:30)
Shaw flicks it forward but straight to the dangerous Selwood, who grabs the pill but his mongrel kick from the boundary misses to the far side. (Q2 7:55)
Rampe infringes on the mark which is certainly a harsh adjudication. Lang is the recipient, who goals from 30, directly in front! (Q2 10:25)
Franklin marks out ahead of Lonergan, 55 out, pressed up on the boundary. Lance takes the set shot, but he just misses to the near side. (Q2 15:19)
Franklin pushes out Lonergan in the one on one contest, and the ball bounces towards the goal, allowing Franklin to soccer home! (Q2 16:41)
Caddy, Johnson to Walker all in extreme pressure before Josh launches at goal from 35 on the slight angle. His shot just misses. (Q2 19:42)
Jack off to McGlynn via hand who in turn finds the two time Browlow medallist in Adam Goodes at the top of the square. Goodes marks unopposed and goals! (Q2 22:21)
Johnson chips in the short pass to the unattended Motlop, who marks with ease. From 45 on the flank, Steven hammers it home! (Q2 23:38)
Parker takes an utterly courageous mark ahead of Blicavs and then cops the hit from Lonergan. 35 out on the slight angle, Luke has his third of the half! (Q2 27:09)
Pyke whacks it out of the congestion but it jsut goes straight to Duncan, who chips the pass to Gregson. Cory marks unopposed, and he finishes truly, directly in front from 50! (Q2 30:12)
Jack kicks the first inside 15 seconds of the third term! Hannebery wins the clearance and Kieran grabs it off hands and just slams it home from 40 on the flank! (Q3 0:35)
Shaw goes long to the Reid/Enright contest and Sam takes the strong grab. From a step inside 50, from the flank, he misses to the near side. (Q3 5:16)
Hannebery out of the congestion to Jack. Jack takes the mark but flicks it off to the speeding Franklin, who slams the ball to the left hand side of goal from 35. (Q3 6:37)
Kennedy, McGlynn and then Tippett all by foot with precision ball movement. Kurt takes the simple mark, and from 40 on the slight, the ex-Crow goals! (Q3 10:00)
Mitchell creates the turn over with phenomenal tackling pressure and then Reid feeds it out to Tom. Tom flicks it off to Parker who nails a fourth major from 50! (Q3 11:09)
Luke has been extremely damaging in the high half forward role. Good kicking is good football as they say, and Luke is making the most of his opportunities. (Q3 12:08)
Jack chips in the short ball to Goodes who marks unopposed after the Swans jumped on some poor defensive ball use by the Cats. From 50 on the slight, he hit the post. (Q3 19:52)
Jack chips it to Parker who marks inside 40 but then clips in a centring pass to the unattended Kennedy. From 35 on the slight, the former Hawk misses. (Q3 22:00)
Guthrie darts in the pass to Lang who takes a sliding chest mark. From 45 on the flank, Darcy sets sail from the set shot and he misses to the far side. (Q3 24:33)
Thurlow to Gregson and then off via the handball to Johnson, who runs through to 40 and nabs a major! Big goal for the Cats, 2 minutes before the 3 quarter time siren. (Q3 26:07)
Motlop grabs the hard ball get out of the stoppage, but his quick snap shot at goal goes the wrong side of the post from 25 on the slight. (Q3 28:07)
Walker shrugs off his opponent and grabs the ball off the deck, but his hooking attempt misses from the top of the square. (Q4 0:55)
Parker lines up for goal but the miskick goes to the hot spot, where Franklin out marks Lonergan. He goes back and goals from 20 on the slight! (Q4 4:27)
Bews takes McGlynn high after he roved the Lonergan/Franklin matchup. Ben receives the free, and from 35 on the slight, he misses to the left hand side. (Q4 6:17)
Mitchell goes once and then again, eventually feeding it out to McVeigh. Jarrad goes for home on the snap from 40, and the connection is perfection. The review is used… Goal! (Q4 9:44)
Reid goes long to the Franklin/Lonergan matchup and Lance gets it to ground, spins into space and then slams it home! Tremendous work from Franklin! (Q4 10:27)
Jetta grabs the ball just forward of centre and sets the crowd alight with extreme speed to burst away. He runs through to 45, but the shot misses to the left hand side. (Q4 13:10)
Goodes to Towers and back again before the veteran centres by hand to the hard running Rohan. Gary grabs the pill and has no issue from point blank range! (Q4 16:38)
Smith finds Parker in short and Luke marks unopposed 45 metres out from goal directly in front. It appears the ball is touched on the line but the review is needed… (Q4 21:50)
Final verdict is touched. (Q4 22:13)
Franklin to Grundy who finds Mitchell a kick ahead of the play unopposed. Tom takes the simple mark and from 45 on the flank, Tom slams it home! (Q4 23:36)
Hannebery, Towers, Mitchell and it then ends with Parker, completely unopposed, he waltzes into goal and slams it home from 25! That’s his fifth of the day! (Q4 25:47)
Gregson kicks the consolation goal from 45 out directly in front after marking from the quick clearance. Cory continues to show off that penetrative kick! (Q4 28:09)
Mitchell goes long to the Reid/Taylor matchup but it goes all the way. That’s Tom’s third of the quarter from a step inside 50 on the flank! (Q4 29:54)

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