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Blog log from R5 of 2015: St Kilda vs Essendon

Blog log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R5 of 2015

Long bomb in by Gleeson and Carlisle gets to the bounce first. He feigns a handball to Daniher and slots the goal from the top of the square! (Q1 4:47)
Lonie goes long to the top of the square and Bruce gets a step on Hooker, taking the easy mark. Directly in front, Josh makes no mistake! (Q1 6:37)
Lonie centres the ball with a hacked effort from the pocket. It manages to bounce past the intended target to Roberton, but his soccer misses from 15. (Q1 9:13)
Turn over by the Bombers deep in defence and the ball pops out to Lonie, but he misses the regulation shot from 20 on the slight. (Q1 10:15)
Turn over by Roberton and eventually Goddard makes them pay, finding Carlisle unattended in the pocket. From the set shot, Jake snaps truly! (Q1 13:51)
Savage gives away the 50 metre penalty to Hibberd after he impeded the run of Michael. The half back lines up from 50 on the slight, but he misses. (Q1 16:15)
Webster gives away the free kick to Howlett for high contact, although Ben clearly exaggerated it. From 40 on the flank, he misses to the far side. (Q1 18:15)
Zaharakis sits front and centre of the Merrett marking contest and he roves it superbly well. He grabbed it on the bounce and snapped truly from 40! (Q1 21:19)
A chain of handballs by the Saints ends with Weller hitting up Lonie, who continues his run but the shot from 40 on the flank is poorly hit, just sneaking through for a minor. (Q1 26:01)
Webster goes long and finds Dunstan hanging out the back of the pack and Luke marks unopposed in the pocket. He goes back and nails the goal! (Q1 27:41)
Billings takes the mark ahead of Dempsey from the Schneider kick. Jack lines up from 35 on the flank, and he splits the middle! (Q2 1:46)
Heppell to Melkshaw who in turn finds Langford all by foot. Kyle takes the uncontested mark, and from 35 on the slight, he hits the post. (Q2 4:26)
Geary to Membrey to Bruce all by foot, ending with Josh taking the strong leading mark ahead of Hooker. From 35 on the flank, he eases it straight through the middle! (Q2 5:53)
Schneider goes long and out the back to Lonie who marks unopposed. He flicks off the handball to Weller, who runs through the 50, and misses from the slight angle. (Q2 8:20)
The long bomb goes into the Carlisle/Fisher contest and Sam infringes, with illegal contact in the marking contest. From 40 on the flank, he misses poorly to the near side. (Q2 10:22)
Hooker gets towelled up in the tackle by Bruce and the decision is paid. Membery plays on and misses but the ball is questionably recalled… (Q2 11:44)
Josh goes back and slams it through from 30 on the slight! (Q2 12:22)
Goddard to Watson who chips in the simple pass to the unopposed Langford. 35 out on the slight, Kyle trots in and misses again, this time to the far side. (Q2 13:49)
Armitage, Billings, Sinclair and Steven finishes off the play with a goal from point blank range. The Saints have 5 majors in a row now! (Q2 15:49)
Gleeson receives the free kick for high contact against Webster in the attempted tackle. Martin goes back and slots the major from 35 on the flank! (Q2 18:05)
Stanton to Howlett to Ambrose all by foot which ends with Patrick taking the towering mark over the top of Webster. From 25 on the slight, he snaps truly! (Q2 26:50)
Goddard takes the ball out of the deep forward ruck stoppage at pace after receiving from Ambrose. From 15, he slams it home to make it a one point ball game! (Q2 30:23)
The ball scrambles out of congestion to Hickey who attempts the banana pressed up on the boundary, 30 out, but he misses to the near side. (Q3 1:02)
Delaney bombs in long to Bruce who takes a towering mark ahead of Gleeson. Josh trots in from 35 on the slight and slams home his fourth! (Q3 7:37)
Colder goes to the hot spot and Carlisle stays at ground level. The risk works a charm, with the ball falling into his arms and he finishes the job from 25! (Q3 9:32)
Steven turns it over directly to Hooker, who runs through to the 50 metre arc but his shot misses to the right hand side. (Q3 11:16)
Long bomb in and Bruce takes another towering mark, this time opposed to his new opponent in Hurley. From 35 on the flank, Josh misses to the near side. (Q3 14:03)
Stanton delivers the hacked kick straight into the eagerly awaiting arms of Ambrose, ahead of Hickey. From 50 on the flank, Patrick slams it home! (Q3 18:48)
Sinclair goes long out of the middle to the Billings/Dempsey matchup and Jack receives the free kick for illegal contact in the marking contest. From 45 on the flank, he goals! (Q3 20:22)
Howell goes long to Carlisle who takes the towering mark on Roberton. Jake wastes no time, turning and running into goal, finishing with ease from 20! (Q3 23:03)
Howlett gives away the free kick to Lonie for holding off the ball. Jack trots in from 25 and finishes it just from the slight angle! (Q3 24:43)
Daniher to Colyer to Howlett, who has the quick snap shot from deep in the pocket but he pulls it to the near side. (Q3 27:04)
Ambrose takes the bouncing ball at pace and Sinclair provides a tremendous chase but to no avail. Patrick just misses from 25 on the slight. (Q3 29:07)
Turn over deep in the pocket and Ambrose misses again, this time to the near side from the snap. (Q3 29:58)
Dempsey gives away the free right before 3QT siren, after tackling Lonie after he disposed of it. Jack shoots from the set shot and goals from 45! Massive kick by the youngster! (Q3 30:47)
Newnes finds Steven whilst in the tackle, but Jack’s non-pressured kick misses from 40 on the flank. Big kick and it missed by centimetres. (Q4 4:09)
Lonie has a flying shot for goal from the boundary, 35 out, but he misses to the far side. (Q4 5:29)
Heppell finds Zaharakis, who runs through to the 50 metre arc in trademark fashion before launching towards goal and sending it home! Massive goal for the Bombers there. (Q4 6:05)
Sinclair to Bruce by hand and Josh, on that trustworthy left boot, lets fly from 45 on the flank and nails it! That’s his fifth! (Q4 8:23)
Goddard finds the hard running Gleeson through the corridor, but Martin can’t finish truly, missing to the left hand side from dead in front. (Q4 10:11)
Steven finds Membrey on the lead and the ex-Swan immediately centres to another in Schneider. From directly in front, 45 out, Adam misses to the left hand side. (Q4 18:24)
Howlett to Colyer who bursts away with extreme pace. He runs from the half back line through to the 50 metre arc and bounces it home! (Q4 19:24)
Add a minor score to the Bombers after a long bomb in bounces over Carlisle and Dempster, through for a minor. 2 point ball game! (Q4 22:29)
Lonie to Schneider, who runs through to 15 out and MISSES! That may well have been the game! (Q4 24:53)
Stanton slams it from 50 on the flank, but his shot only bounces through for a minor. (Q4 27:10)
What a game! The Bombers hang on by a point! (Q4 27:51)

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