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Blog log from R1 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs West Coast

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs West Coast, R1 of 2015

Lyceum hits up Cripps on the lead ahead of Morris. From 40 metres out directly in front, Jamie slots the first of the match. (Q1 3:31)
Boyd gives it up under immense forward pressure and it pops up to Kennedy. He snaps quickly but misses from 20. (Q1 9:06)
Hurn releases Shuey straight down the middle of the ground. Luke strolls into 50 unopposed and bounces through the major. (Q1 11:22)
Liam Picken slots the goal from the line after he received the free kick for holding the ball on Sheed and then received the 50! (Q1 18:19)
With the injury to Brown, West Coast are severely undersized in the backline. (Q1 18:57)
Crameri wins the free kick for too high against Stringer after an attempted tackle. From 20 out on the slight, Jake nails it! (Q1 20:14)
Kennedy to master who delivers a simple pass to the unopposed LeCras. Mark takes the simple grab, turns around and slots the major from 40! (Q1 26:11)
Honey church is pulled down off the ball by Butler and Mitch will line up from 20 on the 90 degree angle. He trots in and kicks truly! (Q1 28:10)
Dahlhaus kicks an incredible goal! Under immense pressure, Luke picks it up and gets a step ahead of the likes of Shuey and Prides, before steading and snapping home from 30! (Q1 33:52)
Picken chips a pass to Macrae who leads back into space and takes the simple mark. From 45 on the flank, it’s worked through for a minor. (Q2 1:00)
Rosa hits up LeCras who feeds it to the hard running Shuey. Luke gets past a tackle and slots the major from 35! (Q2 1:50)
Rosa to Masten to Lycett all chipped, uncontested footy which led to Scott marking deep in the pocket. He ran past Roughead on the mark and goals from the top of the square! (Q2 5:06)
Bontempelli picks it up through the middle and goes long out the back to the Crameri/Rosa contest. Stewart soccers under pressure from 30, for a minor score. (Q2 8:52)
Kennedy kicks his first of the season after Shuey found LeCras ahead of Jong, and he fed it to Josh he waltzed in for the major! (Q2 9:51)
Cripps takes the advantage on after Minson gave the free away for holding Naitanui. Jamie runs on and goals from 25 on the slight! (Q2 10:44)
McGovern turns it over deep in defence directly to Wood. Easton kicks from 40 on the flank for a rare goal and add six to the Dogs! (Q2 14:06)
Bontempelli to Stringer as they work it forward by pure force and work ethic. Jake turns and snaps truly from the best part of 40 metres! (Q2 17:07)
Redpath receives the free kick against Priddis for high contact in the attempted tackle, 25 out from goal. He goes back and splits the middle! (Q2 23:09)
Minion works it forward out of the ruck and Stringer eventually gets onto it. His quick snap at goal bounces to the wrong side from 35. (Q2 26:25)
Kennedy hacks it forward and it gets out the back to McGinnity and then Cripps ‘Jackie Chan’s’ it through from the top of the square! (Q3 3:38)
LeCras pulls the kick to an unopposed Kennedy after Naitanui forced the error with tremendous pressure. Josh goes back and slots his second from 25 out! (Q3 4:53)
Lamb gets it out of congestion to Rosa who’s gets up from 35 off a step and it bounces through to the left hand side. (Q3 6:54)
Cripps takes the mark ahead of a slipping Macrae. Jamie waltzes in and has his fourth of the match after a slight angle shot from 40, after being hit up by McGovern! (Q3 8:44)
Bontempelli grabs it out of the ruck, turns and snaps with ease from 30 out on the flank. That was purely down to the size difference between him and Shuey. (Q3 10:49)
Dickson off to Johanissen as the Dogs pepper the Eagles defensive 50. Jason gets some space and slots the major from 40 on the slight angle! (Q3 13:10)
Johanissen kicks two in a row and only the seventh of his career. Stringer side steps McGovern and swings in board to Redpath. Redpath couldn’t hold onto it but Jason crumbed! (Q3 15:39)
LeCras and Kennedy’s sheer pressure works the ball forward as Josh moves it off to LeCras. Mark hands it off to first gamer Lamb, who strolls in for his first major! (Q3 17:06)
Jong makes a 40 metre run and then kicks it to Crameri’s advantage opposed to Sheppard. From 35 on the slight, he miserably misses to the near side. (Q3 19:35)
Dogs hit the lead after M.Boyd belted it forward and Dickson found it off hands to run from 75 to 45 and slot through the crowd pleaser! (Q3 19:35)
Hurn to Kennedy to the hard running Gaff all by foot. Andrew lines up from 45 on the slight angle, he strikes it well and it sails through the middle! (Q3 24:23)
Dahlhaus hits a wobbly punt forward but it darts into the chest of Lin Jong ahead of Wellingham. From 50 on the slight, it’s kept in play after being hit on the line. (Q3 28:01)
Two points the difference at three quarter time, it’s anyones game heading into this last thirty minutes of football. (Q3 28:01)
Goodes hits the top of the square where Boyd gets it to the front of the pack from the marking contest and Stringer snaps truly from 20 out! (Q4 4:17)
LeCras turns it over with terrific pressure acts by the Eagles forwards leading to the turn over. Mark feeds it out wide to Cripps, who slots his fifth from 40! (Q4 5:47)
Grant takes it out of the centre and launches from 55 after a terrific hit out from Minson. Jarrad incredibly hits the post. (Q4 6:23)
Goodes takes the intercept mark and finds Stringer on the lead with a bullet pass ahead of Hurn. From 45, Jake has also hit the post! (Q4 7:22)
NAITANUI! The Eagles go coast to coast and Nic gets out the back, using his speed to leave them all for dead, then side steps Wood and slots truly from 35! (Q4 8:27)
Murphy bangs long to the T.Boyd/McGovern contest and Tom takes the strong contested mark. From 25, he slots the major! Dogs back in front! (Q4 9:53)
Crameri and Picken work it forward before Stewart just slams it on the boot from 25 under immense pressure, missing to the right hand side. (Q4 13:36)
Stringer receives the free against Yeo for holding off the ball. Jake lines up from 25 on the slight angle, but he misses to the near side. (Q4 16:20)
Crameri snaps the ball in short to Dahlhaus who marks ahead of Yeo. From 25 on the boundary, he pulls it to the near side. (Q4 17:54)
Dogs have had a lot of recent misses, they’ve got the 4 point lead with just under 8 minutes to play, they may live to rue these missed chances. (Q4 18:48)
After a myriad of missed chances, Dickson goes back and slots the major after receiving a free for high contact. 45 metres out on the slight, no mistake was made! (Q4 21:29)
Long bomb in and Minson drops one he should’ve held onto. He backs up with some roving but his snap misses to the near side around the corner from 30. (Q4 26:03)
43 seconds to go, everyone seems utterly spent! Dogs should hold on from here. (Q4 29:14)
Lycett to Sheed to kennedy who marks on the lead, 35 out on the sharp angle. He misses to the near side to rapturous cheers! (Q4 29:14)
The Dogs have won, epic contest but they worked harder for longer in that one! (Q4 29:14)

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