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Blog log from R1 of 2015: Sydney vs Essendon

Blog log for Sydney vs Essendon, R1 of 2015

Carlisle short to Chapman who spots up Daniher on the lead ahead of Richards. From 20 out on the boundary, Joe slots the first of the game! (Q1 26:32)
Cooney roves the Bellchambers marking contest, but his hooked shot misses to the left hand side from 30 out on the slight angle. (Q1 26:32)
Franklin beats Hurley in the one on one on the ground but Lance can only soccer the minor from 35. (Q1 26:32)
Goddard sidesteps Heeney on the 50 metre arc on the boundary and he misses to the near side. (Q1 26:32)
Colder makes some space for himself with pace after Goddard’s forward kick was smothered. Melkshaw feeds it to Travis who finishes from 25! (Q1 26:32)
Watson extends the margin with a fantastic kick after receiving from Heppell out of the pack. Jobe run to 55 and after one skid, the ball was home! (Q1 28:46)
Cooney wins a free kick after Jetta hits Adam late after the kick. After the siren, he sets for the torpedo and he gets onto it for a phenomenal 60 metre bomb! (Q1 30:56)
Goodes receives straight out of the pack. At speed he heads to goal but he misses from 35 under pressure. (Q2 23:58)
They’ve kicked the first 5 after Gibbered long bombed into the Carlisle/Richards contest. Cooney gets out the back and soccers it from just beyond the square! (Q2 23:58)
Bellchambers thrown out of the ruck throw in by Mike Pyke. Tom receives the free but misses from 30 on the flank to the far side. (Q2 23:58)
Heaney picks it up straight off the turf at full pace. he quickly puts it on the left boot, but he misses from 40 to the far side. (Q2 23:58)
Jetta speeds past Zaharakis and puts the ball on Bird’s chest, 40 metres out from goal on the flank. Craig trots in and has the Swans first of the 2015 season! (Q2 23:58)
Jack receives from Cunningham and from 45 metres he launches for goal, missing to the left hand side. (Q2 25:29)
Tippett takes a massive pack mark opposed to Fletcher, 40 out on the slight angle. Kurt’s shot hits the post. (Q2 26:44)
Heeney soccers it off the ground after a pressure act from Bird gets the ball forward. The shot misses from 10 out to the left hand side. (Q2 28:12)
Free kick goes Colyer’s way after the Swans throw it out of the contest deep in the forward 50. From 35 on the 90 degree angle, Travis hits the post! (Q2 31:16)
50 metre penalty against Bird for encroaching the mark. Dyson lines up from 50 metres out directly in front and slots the goal! (Q3 23:28)
Shaw gives away another 50 metre penalty for late contact on Hooker. Cale kicks from 55, but he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 23:28)
Chapman works it forward with a kick to Melksham who turns around and slots it from deep in the pocket on the boundary! What a goal, Bombers look likely! (Q3 23:28)
Franklin kicks his first of the match after he received a free kick for a high tackle against Baguley. He trots in and goals from 50 on the slight! (Q3 23:28)
Melksham goes to the one on one between Goddard and Rampe. Dane gives away the free kick for a push out of the contest and Brendon goals from 20! (Q3 23:28)
Cooney kicks an incredible snap over his shoulder from deep in the pocket after receiving from Ambrose! (Q3 23:28)
Ladler takes a strong mark in the offensive 50 for the Swans opposed to Goddard. From a step outside 50 on the flank, the ex-Blue nails the major! (Q3 26:36)
Rohan roves the Franklin contest and immediately snaps under limited pressure from 45 on the slight angle. (Q4 2:57)
Sydney’s one shining light, Luke Parker has been concussed after a collision with Franklin. The Swans chances of a comeback are lessening by the minute. (Q4 4:27)
Franklin receives a free kick for being kept out of the marking contest by Hurley. From 40 out on the flank, Lance slots the goal! (Q4 7:07)
Pyke just dribbles it forward and the bounce pops up to find Tippett who rolls around off a couple of steps and snaps truly from 20 on his left! (Q4 9:12)
Bird goes long and wide to the leading Tippett who marks on the slide ahead of Hooker. From 35 on the flank, Kurt strolls in and goals! 14 the difference! (Q4 18:23)
Tippett soccers off the ground after strong pressure worked the ball forward by the Swans. Incredibly Kurt’s kick from 20 hit the post. (Q4 20:56)
Tippett to Towers to hannebery to Jack all by hand, but Kieran can’t pull it back enough from 35 on the sharp angle! (Q4 24:16)
Bird kicks a miracle goal from the pocket pressed up by Goddard and Gleeson but somehow the kick gets the correct trajectory and flies through! (Q4 25:43)
Jack kicks straight this time after a myriad of errors leads to Reid working it out to his captain, and Kieran kicks truly from 30 out directly in front! (Q4 27:09)
All tied up, 5 and a half minutes left. Who saw this coming at three quarter time? Essendon has well and truly hit the wall. (Q4 28:43)
BUDDY FRANKLIN! The Swans work it forward through sheer effort. Buddy is untracked and he receives out the back to goal from 25 and give the Swans the lead! (Q4 31:34)
Heeney seals the game with less than 2 minutes remaining after receiving from an errant Zaharakis handball wide of the contest. Isaac grabbed the pill and snapped truly from 30! (Q4 32:40)

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