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Blog log from W2 of 2015: Port Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs West Coast, W2 of 2015

Schulz centres from the pocket to the top of the square where Lobbe drops the mark but draws a free for high contact against Lycett. He boots the first goal. (Q1 0:00)
Colledge outmarks Clurey at CHF, but his set shot is marked on the line by Lobbe. (Q1 0:00)
Cornes runs down the wing and kicks over Butler’s head to Westhoff wide on the flank 40m out. THe Hoff goals, after shaping to pass mid run-in. (Q1 0:00)
Tunbridge marks just outside 50m on a slight angle and kicks OOTF. (Q1 0:00)
Mitchell misses a tough set shot from mid range on the boundary. (Q1 0:00)
Sam Gray marks 20m out and pops through the easy goal. (Q1 0:00)
On the end of a flowing move following a turnover in midfield, Cornes gives to Robbie Gray who kicks truly from 40m on the flank. Port very impressive early. (Q1 0:00)
The Power have turned up to play today, the Eagles are looking second rate in their attack on the ball. (Q1 0:00)
Lamb’s attempt at a supergoal from a slight angle is just touched on the line. (Q1 0:00)
Lamb bombs to the square for the third time in a minute, this time Lucas is able to mark on his chest unopposed and kick the goal. (Q1 0:00)
Butcher takes a big grab in front of 20m out on a slight angle. He sprays it, predictably. (Q1 18:24)
Sheed passes to the lead of Lamb at 40m on a slight angle. Lamb starts it left but it slices right and inside the post for a goal to cap off some impressive work in Q1. (Q1 20:46)
Cornes centres to the hotspot, Young roves the Butcher contest and snaps in the one action… bounces unluckily in the square for a point. (Q1 24:45)
Kennedy bowls over two Power defenders at 40m wide on the flank to mark a LeCras ball. JJK misses, across the face. (Q2 2:28)
Kennedy misses another attempt, this time a mid range snap. (Q2 5:44)
LeCras marks 30m out on a slight angle and goals after a limp Ah Chee effort. (Q2 8:10)
The Eagles pick their way through midfield on a fast break with overlap, eventually Priddis passes up the guts to the lead of Kennedy 40m out. JJK goals. (Q2 12:19)
Butcher is spoiled in the goalsquare, Mitchell gets to the fall but the goal umpire rules his volley is touched off the boot. (Q2 14:00)
Butcher marks over Nelson in the goalsquare and makes no mistake with the kick. (Q2 19:16)
Young receives outside a big pack in the left pocket 20m out, he tries a Daicos special… and it comes off! (Q2 22:57)
Cornes gives to Amon who kicks off Q3 with a goal. (Half Time)
Kennedy marks on the lead at 45m near the boundary, and misses. (Q3 2:46)
Gaff marks on the paint of 50m and kicks a six pointer from a slight angle. (Q3 8:53)
Robbie Gray misses two set shots from either pocket in the space of three minutes. (Q3 14:27)
Neade sprays a rather easy snap in space from the hotspot. (Q3 15:42)
Tunbridge gives to Lucas who has an acre of space, runs to 15m on the flank and… sprays it. Everyone goes aww. (Q3 17:40)
Priddis baulks Cornes wide on the HFF and passes down the line to the lead of LeCras at 35m. The Frenchman misses, just. (Q3 20:23)
Mitchell threads the needle with a mid range set shot from the boundary. (Q3 22:24)
Robbie Gray stays down behind a Butcher contest at the hotspot, no one with him and the ball flips over the back for an easy collect and goal. (Q4 2:47)
Lycett marks a SHuey pass 45m out in front and goals. (Q4 4:42)
Butcher butchers another attempt from mid range. (Q4 10:22)
Moore kicks a supergoal after the Power get through some broken play at halfback and hit the Eagles on the fast break. (Q4 13:08)
White marks at 35m on the flank and boots his first goal. (Q4 15:54)
White passes to Amon at much the same spot as White’s previous shot, a bit closer. Amon hits the post. (Q4 17:09)
Amon passes low to Robbie Gray on a short lead in front of McGovern to about the same spot as the previous two shots. Gray steers through a goal. (Q4 18:17)
Lycett snaps a close range goal as we enter junk time. (Q4 20:09)

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