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Blog log from W2 of 2015: Essendon vs St Kilda

Saints fly away from Bombers in NAB 2

Saad marks a short pass 40m out on the flank and just misses a careful set shot. (Q1 5:18)
McCartin leads to 40m on the flank but the Steven kick is cut off by Saunders. He misses. (Q1 6:25)
McDonald-Tipungwuti kicks long to a vacant Dons hotspot, Chapman leads Dempster back to the fall but misses the soccer kick. (Q1 9:18)
Lonie finds Holmes all on his own on the HFF, the big American lopes to 35m and bangs through a goal! (Q1 10:09)
Langford marks at CHF and kicks a sack that wobbles left for a behind. (Q1 12:26)
Saunders tackles Ashby but gets into his back at 40m on a slight angle to give away an obvious free. Ashby goals. (Q1 13:28)
Giles rolls through a goal from the pocket after McKernan’s long kick from the HFF is off Chapman’s hands and falls perfectly for the ex-Giant. (Q1 16:35)
McCartin takes a contested mark on the lead at 40m on a slight angle, and sails through a beautiful set shot in tricky wind for a goal. (Q1 18:20)
Geary chips in to intercept a dinky little kick from the back pocket to the hotspot by Ashby. He misses. (Q1 20:10)
Saad burns off Chapman with a blazing run down the wing with two bounces, has a snap from 35m on the flank but it swings into the post. (Q1 24:06)
McKenna runs down the wing with a bounce but encounters traffic and runs too far. Then gives away two 50m penalties to put Shenton 35m out for a charity goal. (Q1 24:06)
Long dives and marks a Tagliabue ball to 40m on a slight angle. He gives to Kavanagh, who has to dodge clear but reaches 45m and is good enough to kick the goal. (Q1 24:06)
Membrey gets a downfield free 35m out in front for a late bump by Chapman on Steven, though he had marked it anyway. He shanks it for a point. (Q1 24:06)
Bruce rises and takes a big grab over a pack 20m out in front from a long centring ball by Wright. He goals. (Q1 24:06)
Saunders forces a turnover with a tackle on the HFF, it’s Steven who roves and goals from a mid-range snap from the flank. (Q1 24:06)
McCartin marks at 45m on the flank, goes back for the set shot but decided on a short pass down the line to Ross at 30m. Ross goals. (Q1 24:06)
Correction, it was Membrey with the goal assist, not McCartin. (Q1 24:06)
Edwards marks a McKernan ball on the lead at 25m on the flank and boots the first goal of Q3. (Half Time)
Lonie gets a handball on the HFF and kicks to the square where two Saints raffle it… Acres wins to mark and goal. (Q3 2:12)
Edwards gets another set shot at true CHF and goals again. (Q3 4:07)
Sinclair snaps a goal from a pack 20m out after roving a smothered Steven kick. (Q3 6:12)
Giles juggles a mark over Goddard in the pocket in a one-on-one and goals again with a screwing set shot. (Q3 10:47)
Minchington marks a long Armitage ball over the back of the Dons zone at the hotspot on a fast break, and runs into the open goal. (Q3 19:53)
A Shenton handball clanger at CHB results in a turnover, Giles gets a Joe the Goose special and goals from the square. (Q3 20:53)
Membrey marks in the pocket, runs around and goals. (Q4 0:44)
Saad spoils Freezer in the goalsquare from a dangerous kick from the back pocket, and dribbles through an easy goal. (Q4 0:58)
Lonie feeds Minchington with a centring grubber, who goals from 20m in front. (Q4 0:58)
Lonie marks at the hotspot and goals as well. This is becoming a rout as the replacement Dons tire. (Q4 0:58)
Sinclair gives to Weller who misses from CHF. (Q4 12:59)
Bruce marks at 45m on the flank and misses. (Q4 14:25)
McCartin centres from the pocket to Bruce at 25m on the flank. Bruce goals. (Q4 20:06)
Shenton sits under a hospital ball in the back pocket by Goddard and drops it cold to allow Edwards to waltz into an open goal. (Q4 22:51)
Saunders roves a long centre clearance my Minchington to a pack at the hotspot and checksides a goal. (Q4 23:46)

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