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Blog log from SF of 2014: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, SF of 2014

Mundy spoils Monfries 55m out on the flank but the ump pays a free for chopping the arms, then 50m to ensure the goal. (Q1 2:21)
Clarke marks on the lead 45m out on a slight angle well in front of Trengove, then passes over CHF to Mayne at 35m on the opposite side. Mayne misses badly. (Q1 5:16)
Mundy kicks long to the square, Fyfe goes up but Ebert does enough to spoil it through for a point. (Q1 6:58)
Neale gets a handball behind a pack at 50m on the flank and shoots off a step… Jonas marks on the line in relief. (Q1 8:22)
Carlile is on the last line to mop up a long ball by Crozier to the square. (Q1 9:55)
Fremantle is getting a lot of repeat inside 50s here but their forward line isn’t working as yet. (Q1 10:25)
Gray gets a handball outside a pack at the hotspot but rushes the kick off his left boot, high and wide. (Q1 11:23)
Freo may have big holes in their structure but they are making up for it with massive pressure on the ballcarrier all over the ground. (Q1 13:17)
Long Pearce ball to the square, Walters flies but drops it, Ebert roves but under a tackle his handball goes to ground, Mayne taps to Fyfe who goals! (Q1 15:43)
Neale snaps just wide from a stoppage 25m out on the flank. (Q1 17:22)
Clarke bends down and roves a Barlow contest 25m out on a slight angle, but his snap is off the side of the boot and OOTF. (Q1 20:21)
Barlow marks a short Ibbotson ball at 45m on the flank. He goals, the home crowd is happy with that. (Q1 21:17)
Westhoff marks a Hartlett ball at 40m near the boundary. He misses badly. (Q1 24:17)
Taberner gathers a bouncing ball and has a ping on the run from 40m on a slight angle… swings just wide. (Q1 25:18)
Neale kicks long to a pack 35m out on a slight angle, Mayne flies, the crumb falls for Fyfe who runs into an open goal with O’Shea way too many steps behind. (Q1 26:17)
Pearce is stripped in a tackle on the wing, Wingard roves and bombs to space at 35m on a slight angle, Monfries gathers but sprays it OOTF under perceived but not actual pressure. (Q1 29:03)
Spurr loses Wingard at a stoppage in the pocket, Chad snaps over his right shoulder with a quality kick from 30m for a big goal! (Q1 29:33)
Mzungu passes to Sandilands at 40m on a slight angle, who clunks the set shot for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 1:24)
Walters roves the spillage as Wingard tackles Spurr 35m out on a slight angle, his quick snap is just across the face. (Q2 4:13)
Walters roves his own crumb 40m out on a slight angle, snaps over his left shoulder… bounces in the square but takes and off break the wrong side of the post. (Q2 5:03)
Ross Lyon must be up in the box with a huge grin. Lacking cattle, he has the Dockers singing like a guitar. Mzungu is doing what Ibbotson did last week, structure is everything. (Q2 6:35)
Gray releases Hill from a stoppage on the wing, he passes to Walters who marks in front of Pittard at CHF, plays on and shoots to an empty square… again just wide. (Q2 7:08)
Jonas is pinged for legging Suban in a tackle 40m out in the corridor, a bit unlucky but it was there. Suban misses. (Q2 8:54)
Eventually the Freo repeat inside 50s add up to a goal, as Sandilands taps down to Barlow at a stoppage in the pocket and Barlow’s right boot does the rest from 20m. (Q2 13:10)
Actually the goal assist was a give by Clarke. (Q2 13:42)
Dawson is in the hole for a long ball to the top of the square in front of Gray but Gray spoils, gathers on the ground and gives to Neade zipping past… the snap from 15m is wide. (Q2 19:35)
Crozier hits Pavlich on the lead, Westhoff failing to spoil, 40m out in the corridor. Pav misses right. (Q2 20:55)
Crozier pilfers a Trengove handball on the wing, runs free on the counter to 50m on a slight angle and bounces through a big turnover goal! (Q2 22:17)
Schulz marks unopposed 20m out on the flank after his man Dawson tried to zone off to cover another. He goes back for the set shot, but sprays it like Pav up the other end. (Q2 23:55)
Sutcliffe releases Hill on a classic slingshot play from a stoppage on the HBF, he burns off Polec with two bounces, then shoots from 40m on a slight angle… wide! (Q2 26:16)
Wines kicked low and quick to the top of the square, Wingard is behind Spurr but the ball spills over the back to his advantage, he roves and goals. (Q2 29:40)
Polec snaps from heavy traffic at 35m on the flank, it’s wide but Gray marks near the behind line and boots the first goal of Q3! (Q3 0:27)
Neade kicks intelligently to Gray 25m out on a slight angle but Gray drops it cold. However, eventually Hombsch marks 45m out on the flank and misses. (Q3 2:22)
Cornes intercepts in the centre and gives to Broadbent who kicks long to the flank 35m out where Dawson smashes Gray to give away a free. Gray gets up, settles and goals. (Q3 5:22)
Port is a lot more energetic this quarter, and are back within two kicks. Danger time for the Dockers. (Q3 7:52)
After video review, a Hartlett snap from 50m on a slight angle is ruled to have shaved the goal post padding. (Q3 9:31)
Barlow’s handball from a stoppage in the Port pocket goes to ground as Wingard shepherds the fall, Wines roves and goals from 15m! (Q3 12:50)
Hill gives to Walters near the boundary 40m out, Walters is tackled and put off balance but tries a Daicos special… and makes it work! (Q3 14:07)
Broadbent marks 60m out on the point of the square, plays on around Pavlich and reaches 50m on a slight angle… but his snap is well wide. (Q3 15:57)
Fyfe flies in front of a pack 35m out on a slight angle, the crumb bounces off his hands to Mayne and back to Fyfe, he snaps quickly… dribbles just narrow. (Q3 16:52)
Pearce kicks from the HBF to defensive hotspot, Wingard and Barlow contest, the ump pays a free to Wingard for high contact. Wingard goals. (Q3 20:28)
Long ball bounces inside 50 for Port, the ump picks out a free off the ball against Dawson to Gray for a hold 35m out on a slight angle. Gray goals, Port hits the lead! (Q3 25:08)
Pavlich shoots on the gallop from 60m on the flank… Trengove just gets back in time to touch it on the line! (Q3 26:51)
Hill contests the kick-in, de Boer crumbs and kicks blind to the hotspot… Walters marks and goals! Dockers back in front. (Q3 27:53)
Westhoff passes to Moore 45m out in the corridor after a Port centre clearance. Moore shanks it way left, behind. (Q3 30:02)
Fyfe stops on the wing in traffic and tries a centring ball but Wingard intercepts and starts a counter, eventually Gray gets a HTB free on Mzungu by the behind post. Gray goals! (Q3 31:18)
The crowd boos because Gray got a second chance to take that set shot after spraying the first one but starting over the mark. (Q3 31:18)
Pavlich marks the first centre clearance of Q4 outside CHF and passes to Walters to mark strongly in front of Broadbent at 40m on a slight angle. Walters kicks truly! (Q4 0:48)
Sandilands taps in ruck down to Mundy in the pocket, Mundy could shoot but looks and finds Crozier with a pass to 15m out in front. Crozier goals. (Q4 3:33)
Wines roves a stoppage on the boundary 20m out, looks inside and sees nothing, decides to go himself with a blind snap over the left shoulder… video review confirms goal! (Q4 9:34)
Neade roves a contest on the wing, runs away from Suban and kicks long to the hotspot, Westhoff leaps and marks over the undersized Freo defence, then gives Wines a Joe the Goose! (Q4 12:34)
White gets a handball 55m out on the flank and snaps at full pace across his body… shepherded through by Gray for a humongous goal! (Q4 13:49)
Ebert gives to Polec at the next centre bounce, he lets fly from 50m on a slight angle… wide. (Q4 14:37)
Wines kicks long to the hotspot where Westhoff sits on his own… Crozier just gets back at the last moment to smash it through for a point! (Q4 15:53)
This is undoubtedly the best game of 2014. (Q4 16:13)
Mundy kicks high from a stoppage forward of the wing, Pavlich storms onto it at 35m wide on the flank! The captain walks in… and misses. (Q4 17:04)
Ibbotson marks the kick on on the HFF and gives to de Boer who has a running shot from 50m… just wide. (Q4 17:49)
Schulz catches Pearce HTB on the point of the centre square, he kicks to near the boundary 25m out, Monfries pushes off Mzungu and marks! But he misses. (Q4 20:09)
7:19 at this kick in. (Q4 20:38)
Ibbotson spoils a Boak ball to the square with Gray lurking, eventually Dawson rushes it into the post. (Q4 22:12)
Hill kicks to a two-on-one outside CHF, de Boer gets a free for a hold. Mzungu contest, Fyfe roves but Ebert tackles, the crumb goes to Pearce who goals from 25m on a slight angle! (Q4 23:19)
5:29 at the next centre bounce. (Q4 23:49)
Fyfe lays two tackles and strips the ball at the centre bounce, he gives to Neale who kicks inside 50, mad scramble 35m out, Broadbent clears to the HBF where Hill snaps wide. (Q4 25:19)
Duffield spoils Neade 35m out on a slight angle, the cavalry arrives but runs past him, Schulz roves and gives out wide to Wingard who wobbles a snap for a massive goal! 3:56. (Q4 26:04)
Schulz marks strongly on the lead in front of Dawson at 30m on the flank. He goals! 2:56 left, Port three kicks in front, almost impossible for Freo from here! (Q4 27:47)
Wingard stops a Neale centre clearance, the ball flips out to Boak who kicks to an empty square from 60m… wide. 2:32. (Q4 28:54)
Polec breaks a tackle, does a one-two with Lobbe and puts the game to bed with a goal from 30m on a slight angle. (Q4 30:35)
Ibbotson misses a snap in the last second. (Q4 31:34)

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