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  • 2018 DT PRE-SEASON OUTLOOK (posted 2018-01-20 06:02:44 by m0nty)
    Smith is a common name

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    357.7$00.0 (+58)
    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    -$514,000 (-$596,000)0.35% 439 (+439)120

    363.0$00.0 (+63)
    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    -$527,200 (-$584,700)0.19% 23 (+23)94

    373.0$00.0 (+73)
    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    -$457,200 (-$501,800)0.36% 676 (+676)101
    MoneyballRU $5,500
    Top 8 FantasyRUC $9.75K
    RUC $9,650

    Other comp types: 50/50H2HMultiplier

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    Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC
    20189ruck EssendonMCG6174
    20188ruck CollingwoodMCG4954
    20181ruck MelbourneMCG6375
    20180tog ruck EssendonColac6298
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    news Zac Smith dominates in NAB 1
    NEWS: Zac Smith had a particularly...
    ANALYSIS: Smith is clearly the Suns'...
    Source: FanFooty, Sun 1/3, 7:10PM
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    FanFooty17      1020              
    DT63      4961              
    SC75      5474              
    Y!61      4462              
    FR62      4456              
    GS77      5668              
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  • CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Zac Smith
    2011GC20143771.8156378.11 : 14.3 : 153%0.5
    2012GC1693458.3111869.81 : 2.65.8 : 183%0.6
    2013GC850663.261276.51.4 : 15.1 : 172%1.2
    2014GC1064764.776276.21 : 1.38.6 : 133%1.1
    2015GC1177370.286878.91 : 1.45.5 : 166%0.8
    2016GE21138265.8161176.71 : 1.35.7 : 146%1
    2017GE18152384.6164791.51 : 1.310.2 : 150%1.1
    2018GE317357.620367.61 : 2.25.8 : 1100%2.3
    Career107737568.9838478.31 :1.36 : 154%0.9
  • CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
    Might be going him to Lobbe and swapping him to forwards with Petrie. How bad was his injury? - big_banana - 86 months ago
    who's trading this guy out now?? - BartelCRAP - 86 months ago
    Luckily Max Bailey is in this week to cover Smithy. - Vigawla - 87 months ago
    How long is Zac out for? Is this just the week? - jwshrive - 87 months ago
    Not playing this weekend. OUCH. Lucky he is my 3rd ruckman behind Cox and Petrie - fivestarmd - 87 months ago
    I turned Fraser into Cox in about round 7. Having Cox, Sandi and THE ROOK LEGEND ZAC SMITH is the best. I even have coverage with Petrie on the forward line. It's ruck heaven, even with Sandi on the bench. Thank you God's of ruck. Last year I burned four trades, this year I made one upgrade and everything is peachy! - GJayBee - 87 months ago
    GUN!! ALL AUSTRALIAN IN 2 YEARS!! - UberYummy - 87 months ago
    Best pickup of the year - Isotopes21 - 87 months ago
    Keep it going Smitty - FLOPITOUT1 - 87 months ago
    Have Mumford on the pine, seriously considering downgrading him to Bailey and playing this champ all year. Thoughts? - Barlow - 87 months ago
    I think you know the answer to that 1 now. Unless you have other cover, or you dont have Sandi :@ - FLOPITOUT1 - 87 months ago
    You're going to cause us a dilema in a few weeks, Zac: too keep for cover or cull for ca$h? - FanBooty - 88 months ago
    GUN. Will be a superstar in 3 years - fivestarmd - 88 months ago
    Probably the only reason that stopped him nominating for the draft was that he was going to get a basic young players AFL contract for the first three years, so he's probably made 50k each year in TAC cup, VFL, and similar in the AFL, plus match payments. And it will have allowed his body to develop beautifully, playing TAC cup for an extra year, then VFL against the big AFL reserve ruckmen for a season and now he's in the AFL. GC have a lot of ruckmen, one being Fraser and Gorringe is also very good, but I think Smith will be thereabouts as their second ruck. The sub rule may effect him though. - TheBloods - 91 months ago
    @Migman. He was taken by them to play TAC Cup (as an overage player, turned 19 that year). Then last year he spent as the no.1 ruck in the VFL, which gave his body evern more time to develop. They basically told him when they got him to TAC Cup for that one season that he would get drafted to the AFL by a club, but they signed on what a young player would get in the AFL (to make up for them stopping him being drafted), so then he played TAC cup, VFL, and now he is at the last year of his contract which finished with a season on an AFL list, and no doubt they may sign him again. But yeah basically what I'm getting at, they signed him as an 18 year and no he's had two years to develo and played against big bodies last year. He weighs a fair bit and will probably put more on, and turns 21 this year, so I wouldnt consider him a 'first year ruck' coz of his year in the VFL. - TheBloods - 91 months ago
    This kid has only been playing footy for four years! WTF! - migman19 - 92 months ago
    I think people are being alittle overzealous about this kid being their number 1 backup ruck. First year ruckmen rarely make the grade, unless your M Kreuzer. Hes not going to be gifted games just because hes huge, the Suns could quite easily go with Brennan as a part time ruck to Fraser. - migman19 - 92 months ago
    I'm thinking of having Josh F. as a second ruckman and this kid as third. I'll probably take another SC ruck as my forth pick, so that if Josh or this kid get injured, I have the next ruck on my bench ready to play. I burned four trades on ruck's last year thanks to injury. It hurt me so. If I could have one wish for 11', it would be to get through the year without using one trade in the ruck! - GJayBee - 92 months ago
    worth a look next year - Kazakhstan - 96 months ago
    should be a good 1st reserve ruck - BenW - 98 months ago