Tom Hawkins
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Format14 Gm14 Avg13 Gm13 Avg
Basic (DT/AF)2277.02056.5
Exotic (SC)2287.12066.7
AFL FantasyFWD $436,00080.4
Dream TeamFWD $434,40080.1
SupercoachFWD $468,40086.7

AFL Status
Position: Forward
Team: Geelong
Number: 26
Birthdate: 27 Jul 1988
Height: 197cm
Weight: 105kg
Recruited: Melbourne Grammar
State: VIC
Debut: 2007, R2 vs CA
Games: 162
Goals: 304
List: senior
Selection: In In
Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC FR Y! GS FanFooty
201425superman North Melb.MCG1281281111581294.1.25
201424mare HawthornMCG35493024382.4.16
201423target BrisbaneKardinia1321561151591341.3.9
201422news HawthornMCG67655848703.2.20

YearRndOpponentDT avgDiffFanFooty avgDiff
20140home to Collingwood60.4 (16)-40 (16)+0
20140away to Melbourne71.0 (11)+70 (11)+0
20140home to North Melb.62.8 (10)-10 (10)+0
20141home to Adelaide63.6 (7)-10 (7)+0
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FanFooty911172137164 202616313214171120202615142049
DT335774771136949 6310058101118548059718080807867132
SC3559118911486137 57139521271175298729189102886365156
Y!435254951375461 48125421231493899725755671036048159
FR32486567995743 56885389102476651596967646458115
GS405977771176857 6610864105122567961708482787870134
FanFooty = FanFooty private leagues. DT = Dream Team, & SC = Supercoach.
Y! = Yahoo!7. FR = Footy Rocks. GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Tom Hawkins NEW!
2007GE940645.146751.82 : 12.3 : 154%0.7
2008GE1058358.369769.71.4 : 12.3 : 172%1.1
2009GE21141767.4150171.41.1 : 12 : 166%0.6
2010GE15106971.2117578.31 : 1.22.1 : 166%0.9
2011GE1592061.3104469.61.3 : 12.5 : 160%2
2012GE21166979.4199294.82.5 : 11.9 : 163%0.7
2013GE20112956.4133366.61.9 : 12.2 : 171%0.8
2014GE22169376.9191787.12.8 : 11.8 : 163%0.6
Career133888666.81012676.11.6 : 12.1 : 165%0.9
CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
massive fudge packer. - S_Coach99 - 21 months ago
his time has come a deadset star - longsta34 - 34 months ago
This guy had a great finals series let alone Grand Final! Stop bagging him Colly Wobbles! He played well when it really counted throughout the entire finals - DuhWinning - 39 months ago
His name is Robert Paulson. - AndyJ - 39 months ago
sometimes the ball bounces off his boobs when he goes for a chest mark - S_Coach99 - 39 months ago
So your calling the 3rd quarter "the dying stages"?. Interesting. Yes Reid was hampered with an injury, Like a true pro tomahawk took every advantage of the situation and provided the target Geelong required to win the game. Yes, he missed some easy goals .. kicking 3.3. Slotting those 3 gettable behinds through for goals could have bagged him a norm smith medal. - AndyJ - 39 months ago
Where you watching the GF? See who he was playing on? When toma kicked most of his goal in the dying stages, Ben Reid could hardly jog, let alone run and make a spoil. Mick waited until toma had already bagged a few before he played another man on him. Sorry, but hawkins was just lucky he was playing on an injured Reid. - Turkies - 39 months ago
So much negativity towards the tomahawk. Yet no concessions how influential his grandfinal performance was? .. Good tall forwards dont grow on trees. Keep it up Tom! - AndyJ - 39 months ago
Shouldn't he be given more than three weeks suspension since he accidentally kneed Toovey is the head? Wouldn't be surprised with how flowered the AFL has become - watty - 45 months ago
they can go to him but he's still a spud - S_Coach99 - 47 months ago
Will have a huge 2011. Geelong's go to forward this year. Pods and Moons injured. Watch this living Ken Doll dominate - fivestarmd - 47 months ago
This guy is the biggest underperforming spud. Pods kicks his ass any day of the week. He will be dropped for either Rooke or stokes (when he can come back) soon. - SC ADDICT - 57 months ago
Wow, after his year and finals, 'tnucu' must feel stupid after that comment, Wojak is important but while the Cats are winning with Hawkins in the forward line, he is being fast tracked to become a great forward, I feel I should mention that his stats are also better then J.Brown at his age.. - Pooh - 60 months ago
i really dont believe tom hawkins deserves to be playing in the seniors, i feel he needs more development in the reserves and if he can bag maybe half a dozen goals consistantly then maybe they should consider to move him into the pro league. there are so many other players that deserve to be there before him especially wojinski. I am a cats supporter and believe franklin is a one of a kind player and would love to have him in the cats side. i truly believe the cats forward are strugglin because they have to carry him. he is a big boy but doesnt use his size to an advantage. he rarely wins in contested marks. just soft and not aggressive, and definitely not hungary enough for the ball. bring back wojinski. - tnucu - 67 months ago
biggest spud ever, cost geelong the game agaisnt saints - bluesystem - 67 months ago
3 goals straight vs D.Glass is alot better than many other so called "talented footballers" achieve. Tomahawk is a work in progress. - AndyJ - 68 months ago
Tom Hawkins. What a SPUD. One of only three key forwards at Geelong, and he can't get a goal! - Jim Bean - 68 months ago
He needs to learn to convert set shots to goals if he wants to justify his salary, letalone be considered a "talented" footballer. - wh1tebaron - 69 months ago
Tomahawk is a jnr version of C Mooney. Nothing really exceptional about him. Just a big body that feeds the little bald bloke! - twinks - 70 months ago
Let's all calm down lol... I'm a geelong supporter but I know full well that Lance Franklin is one of the best... but I do agree I don't think he will get much better, but that's still good for him he's already quite good. Tomahawk gonna get much better, he has been quite unlucky and anyone can see that even without being a supporter of the cats. Don't really think he will become a star or anything but he does have that potential if things go his way AND he works hard for it. - renuo - 70 months ago