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  • 2018 DT PRE-SEASON OUTLOOK (posted 2018-01-01 03:42:30 by m0nty)
    Hard yakka for Harbrow

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    2076.5$00.0 (+77)
    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    -$493,000 (-$581,000)0.99% 1,262 (+1,262)80

    2077.3$00.0 (+77)
    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    -$475,600 (-$570,100)1.37% 168 (+168)65

    2082.8$00.0 (+83)
    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    -$386,900 (-$442,000)1.06% 1,965 (+1,965)76
    MoneyballDEF $6,600
    Top 8 FantasyBAC $9.35K
    BAC CTR$10,150

    Other comp types: 50/50H2HMultiplier

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    Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC
    201823guard GeelongKardinia11180
    201822guard BrisbaneGold Coast7471
    201821guard RichmondGold Coast7373
    201820guard MelbourneMCG7573
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    injured subbed Shoulder injury for Harbrow in R1
    NEWS: Jarrod Harbrow suffered a left...
    ANALYSIS: Harbrow will be out for...
    Source: FanFooty, Sat 11/4, 9:50PM
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    FanFooty1484819481236 13218925141438913930
    DT9461456397445960129 70108738012186784473757374111
    SC92595494114557749126 6511392115929580438973737180
    Y!12836582549212176175 9346963616027101199737929572
    FR634641467337474491 57805559966261365560646282
    GS90665766102516966126 78108788412690875181849087114
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  • CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Jarrod Harbrow
    2007WB1162256.553448.52.8 : 12.8 : 137%0.2
    2008WB1165259.260855.22.3 : 13 : 166%0.7
    2009WB20151375.61681841.5 : 14.7 : 125%0.5
    2010WB19165387162485.42 : 13.8 : 150%0.8
    2011GC22161873.5168576.51.5 : 15.6 : 1100%1.2
    2012GC1381162.3101077.61.6 : 15.2 : 142%1
    2013GC21169780.8175083.31.5 : 15.5 : 154%1
    2014GC22166675.7179681.61.8 : 15.6 : 137%1
    2015GC15113175.4110773.81.5 : 13.7 : 140%0.7
    2016GC21148670.7156374.41.5 : 14.4 : 160%1.2
    2017GC18148582.5144880.41.7 : 13.9 : 150%0.7
    2018GC22171878180181.83 : 15.1 : 1100%1.1
    Career2151605274.61660777.21.8 : 14.5 : 150%0.9
  • CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
    hhaha that was a while back GJAYBEE. good old carro. i am formerly wcarey but got banned from live game chat for some reason so now im pavs nose - pavs nose - 79 months ago
    WCAREY, funniest comment in ages! Caroline Wilson is so good that many of us hold secret fantasies about her. . . loosing her job. - GJayBee - 79 months ago
    bought this guy thinking he will get lots of possesions in defence as opponents will kick inside 50 heaps of times against gc. always gets more kicks than handballs, can run but never gets 100 or more. disappointed - kwidjaja23 - 86 months ago
    dtpro is not impressed with Harbow missing - OMGFridge - 97 months ago
    just when he was hitting form too, this is killing me - jc315 - 97 months ago
    not playing again this week and not on the injury list. anyone know why? rocket not happy he is going to GC maybe? - TheWest - 97 months ago
    Doesn't have a particularly favourable run home with Freo, Sydney and Geelong to come. - Rojo - 98 months ago
    big_cox21: Look I'm just trying to make the point that he has started off slower this year than last. He could have topped his highest scores by now (and I was expecting him to have a higher average in SC this year, but so far, he doesn't). I understand there is half a season remaining, that's why this is a MID SEASON REVIEW. He scored 5 100s last year, so naturally I would think he'd have at least 5 by now due to improvement, but he only has 3. Hopefully for the remainder of the season he smashes it, but at the end of the day, he shouldn't have lost 53k so far in SC, he should be in the green. He's young and should have propelled himself into the next level. He still has half a season to go to push his scores higher than last year though - xavjustice - 98 months ago
    That's a good review. I would have expected a 90+ average this season. He's 21 going on 22. - CamT - 98 months ago
    his had exactly 2 bad scores in 13 weeks and your expectations isnt the be all and end all, his role in the team may not allow him to increase his scoring. ide say he has been a very solid scorer in supercoach. your also unsatisfied that last year he scored 147 and 120, but this year he only has got to 118. omg, this is an outrage, and still with half a season remaining. 2 points of 120 thats way to much haha. he does share his position with lindsey gilbee, dont forget that when you scruitinise his game - big_cox21 - 98 months ago
    harro87: I know you and I have history.so I'm not dignify myself with a response to your comment. Texas and hamisht: I'm more a supercoach man, and I was expecting Harbrow to take the next step this year big time, but he hasn't. Last year he scored a 147 and a 120, but his highest this year has been a 118. He's a player that shouldn't have dropped his price tag at all, but he's lost his owners $53,0. I reckon his run home in 2010 will be swell (hence why I have him), but if he starts spewing out 42's and 56's like he has every now and again.there won't be too many happy campers around. - xavjustice - 98 months ago
    shockin job xavjustice. really lookin forward to some more of your player reviews - harro87 - 99 months ago
    is xavjustice carro wilson? sounds like something she'd write - wcarey - 99 months ago
    agreed, that is a sh*t review. - migman19 - 99 months ago
    lol, it says his SC price has dropped by more than his price is currently.. cant be that good!, although its clearly a glitch - tickford - 99 months ago
    Why did you post that spew m0nty? Texas is exactly right. He has improved his average nearly 10pts, has played every game and has just 2 scores below 70. I'd say that is a very consistent back, if you want inconsistency look at Heath Shaw. - hamisht - 99 months ago
    Mid-season reviewer is being a little harsh. Harbrow has been serviceable this season, indicated by the fact that his price has been maintained. Should end up averaging 85 which is a 10 point improvement on last season. Premium next year if he stays at Dogs. - Texas - 99 months ago
    gold coast - Bassat - 99 months ago
    Greed, can't believe only 4 points in the last quarter though... - Alex7089 - 100 months ago
    GUN! - The_Jerks - 100 months ago