Match Report: 21.14.140 2015 - Collingwood 21.14.140 defeated St Kilda 10.6.66

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Collingwood Player Reports

Sore Scott Pendlebury
Tagged lightly by Weller... Helped all his owners out by not being the rumoured late out... 29 disposals and 5 marks with 3 tackles... umps paid him 7FF

Jamie Elliott
Roberton chasing him around and rotating into the mids often... 4.0 from 15 possessions and 7 marks plus 2 tackles

Hot Travis Varcoe
Rotating mid and forward swapping mainly with Eliott... 1.1 from 16 disposals and 5 marks with 9 tackles

Adam Oxley
Going to make you massive cash after this game... 22 touches and 3 marks plus 5 tackles... 1.0 as well

Patrick Karnezis
Late replacement for Taylor Adams... on at the end of Q3... 1.0 from 7 disposals. Started as a sub.

Hot Brodie Grundy
30 hit outs... also 23 possessions and 3 marks plus 2 tackles... 1.0 as well... not helped by 4 FA

Hot Jack Crisp
Head to head with Newnes on a wing... 23 touches and 5 marks plus 9 tackles... 1.0 as well

Tom Langdon
On Lonie in the back pocket... 20 disposals and 3 marks with 3 tackles

Jarryd Blair
Dempster on him... 1.0 from 23 possessions and 8 marks plus 4 tackles

Sam Dwyer
Savage on him... 2.2 from 16 possessions and 4 marks plus 2 tackles

Dane Swan
He's back... 39 disposals and 4 marks with 5 tackles... 1.1 as well

Jesse White
Fisher following... 1.1 from 10 touches and 3 marks plus 3 tackles
White also had 7 hit outs.

Jackson Ramsay
On Billings... 15 touches and 3 marks plus 5 tackles

Corey Gault
Geary on him... 1.0 from 7 disposals and 2 tackles

Tyson Goldsack
Playing on Membrey... 3 marks and 11 disposals

Tim Broomhead
1.0 from 22 touches and 2 marks plus 5 tackles

Alan Toovey
Rotating throughout defense to pick up mids
Toovey contributed with 16 touches, 2 marks and 5 tackles.

St Kilda Player Reports

David Armitage
Helped out a little by Steven but easily the best Saint out there in a largely bad performance... 33 touches and 4 marks plus 9 tackles... 2.0 as well

Sore Jack Lonie
Langdon following him... Pulled up very sore after Varcoe headbutted his knee in Q3... 6 touches and 2 marks plus 4 tackles. Subbed at 3QT....

Paddy McCartin
Number one draft pick making his debut... Frost on him... 9 possessions with 7 by foot... also 3 marks. Late replacement for Nick Riewoldt.

Sore Shane Savage
Copped a corkie to his quad deep in Q2... 20 disposals with 15 by foot... also 3 marks and 2 tackles. on Dwyer.

Cameron Shenton
Has the pickup role rotating throughout defense and picking up mids... 5 marks and 13 disposals

Nathan Brown
Got the job on the in form Bruce... 3 marks and 7 possessions. Subbed off just before 3QT.

Billy Longer
32 hit outs... also 9 disposals and 3 tackles... umps paid him 3FF... not helped by 3 FA
Longer also had 2 marks.

Jack Steven
Massive Q1... 32 disposals and 7 marks with 7 tackles... 1.3 as well... aided by 3FF

Luke Delaney
On Travis cloke... 9 disposals with 7 by hand... also 2 marks... conceded 3 FA
Delaney also had 2 tackles.

Tim Membrey
Goldsack following him... 1.0 from 11 disposals and 4 marks with 2 tackles

Josh Bruce
Brown on him... 3 possessions and 2 marks plus 2 tackles... 2.0 as well
Bruce also had 3 hit outs.

Ahmed Saad
Williams on him... 1.0 from 9 disposals and 3 marks with 4 tackles

Jack Newnes
Head to head with Crisp on the wing... 26 touches and 8 marks

Sam Fisher
Manning White... 18 touches with 13 by foot... also 8 marks
Fisher also had 3 frees against.

Jack Billings
Ramsay following... 19 touches and 5 marks plus 3 tackles

Jack Sinclair
1.1 from 11 possessions and 2 marks plus 4 tackles

Jarryn Geary
On Gault and floating away from him as he pleases
Geary contributed with 12 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 1.0.

Adam Schneider
0.2 from 28 touches and 8 marks plus 7 tackles

Nathan Wright
On at 3QT... 7 disposals. Started as a sub.

Luke Dunstan
22 possessions and 5 marks plus 4 tackles

Sean Dempster
On Blair... 2 marks and 18 possessions

Dylan Roberton
Following Elliott
Roberton contributed with 28 possessions, 7 grabs, 2 tackles, kicked 1.0 and 3 free kicks given away.