Match Report: 20.18.138 Andrew - Geelong 20.18.138 defeated Western Bulldogs 9.9.63

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Geelong Player Reports

Sore Cameron Mooney
Left hamstring tightness kept him benched for most of Q3 and some of Q4... four goals straight in first half
Mooney contributed with 12 disposals, 9 marks, booted 4.1 and 2 frees against.

Hot Andrew Mackie
Huge amounts of rebound work... 29 possessions with 13 marks and two bonus goals
Mackie contributed with 29 possessions, 13 marks and kicked 2.0.

Hot Joel Corey
Not much defensive pressure on Corey as usual... 30 disposals and two goals
Corey contributed with 30 disposals, 7 marks, 2 tackles, 2 hit outs and kicked 2.0.

Hot Jimmy Bartel
Handpassing too much and not marking enough but 38 disposals made up for it
Bartel contributed with 38 touches, 8 marks and managed 0.1.

Injured David Wojcinski
Limped off with corkie to inside of his left knee in Q2... did not return
Wojcinski also had 3 disposals.

Hot Gary Ablett jnr
Moved onto West and he ran free for 35 touches with 10 marks and a goal
Ablett jnr contributed with 35 touches, 10 grabs and kicked 1.1.

Hot Corey Enright
Matched up on Eagleton... a goal in Q1 and lots of work all game
Enright contributed with 27 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles and managed 1.2.

Hot Joel Selwood
Not getting great TOG... 23 possessions plus six tackles anyway
Selwood contributed with 23 possessions, 7 marks, 6 tackles and 2.1.

Cameron Ling
Tagged Cooney pretty effectively... a goal in Q1
Ling contributed with 15 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles and booted 1.0.

Brad Ottens
Smashed Darcy in the ruck but only kicked 0.2
Ottens contributed with 9 touches, 7 marks, 18 hit outs and managed 0.2.

David Johnson
Late replacement for Matthew Scarlett
Johnson contributed with 13 possessions, 5 grabs, 2 tackles and 2.0.

Tom Harley
Had to chase Johnson around all night
Harley added 16 possessions and 3 grabs.

Hot Darren Milburn
28 possessions after a slowish start
Milburn contributed with 28 touches, 7 marks, 2 tackles and 2 frees against.

Cold Tom Hawkins
Two points from six kicks
Hawkins contributed with 7 possessions, 2 grabs and 0.2 on the scoreboard.

Western Bulldogs Player Reports

Sore Scott West
Obviously struggling with sore groin but racked up 29 touches and 10 marks regardless... cramping up in Q4
West contributed with 29 disposals, 10 marks and 2 frees against.

Cameron Wight
Late replacement for Dale Morris... KOed in a clash of heads with Selwood in Q1 but went back on
Wight added 10 touches and 2 grabs.

Injured Mitch Hahn
Injured right shoulder in Q4... had previous trouble with that injury so it's bad news
Hahn contributed with 12 touches, 3 marks and managed 0.1.

Hot Brad Johnson
Stood by Harley... played Q3 on the ball... two goals in Q1 and finished with 3.1
Johnson contributed with 18 disposals, 8 marks and managed 3.1.

Robert Murphy
Plenty of half-forward link-up work early but drifted out of it
Murphy contributed with 13 disposals, 8 grabs and kicked 1.0.

Ryan Hargrave
Beaten by Chapman in first half... kicked two goals though
Hargrave contributed with 16 touches, 5 marks, 2 tackles and 2.0.

Hot Tom Williams
Five tackles and 11 marks boosted his numberston
Williams contributed with 18 disposals, 11 marks and 5 tackles.

Injured Lindsay Gilbee
Off with left calf injury in Q2... in a fair bit of pain
Gilbee contributed with 6 possessions, 3 marks and 2 tackles.

Nathan Eagleton
Matched up on Enright... played wide of each other
Eagleton contributed with 23 touches, 9 marks and 1.0.

Hot Daniel Giansiracusa
Six touches to half time... finished with 22
Giansiracusa contributed with 22 disposals, 8 marks and 3 tackles.

Hot Matthew Boyd
27 possessions after a quiet start
Boyd contributed with 27 possessions, 6 marks and 3 tackles.

Cold Matthew Robbins
Four kicks and no score
Robbins contributed with 5 touches, 3 marks and 2 tackles.

Luke Darcy
Well beaten by Ottens
Darcy contributed with 16 possessions, 8 marks, 7 taps and 3 frees against.

Jason Akermanis
No goals and 3FA
Akermanis contributed with 16 possessions, 3 grabs, 5 tackles, managed 0.1 and 3 free kicks given away.