Match Report: 2014 - Brisbane 1.14.13 defeated Gold Coast 0.8.11

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Brisbane Player Reports

Brent Moloney
Head to head with Martin... had an excellent Q1 with 11 disposals and a goal... 24 touches and 9 tackles plus 1.0... benched at 3QT for management purposes

Nick Robertson
Very quiet first half with not much TOG but much better after HT... 12 possessions and 3 tackles plus 1.0

Luke McGuane
First goal... 3.1 from 8 disposals on Cameron including three big ones in Q1... also 3 tackles

Daniel Rich
Tagged by Lonergan... 17 touches and 5 tackles plus 1.0. Right ankle restrapped in Q4.
Rich also had 2 marks.

Claye Beams
Playing in defence... slow start but cranked it up in Q2... 14 possessions and 3 marks
Beams also had 3 tackles.

Justin Clarke
Following the resting ruck which is mostly Gorringe... 13 possessions and 6 marks

Dayne Zorko
17 disposals and 8 tackles plus a supergoal... also 1.1

Daniel Merrett
Responsible for Dixon... 14 disposals and 2 tackles
Merrett also had 4 grabs.

Marco Paparone
10 possessions and 2 tackles with 4 marks on Murphy

Trent West
23 hit outs and 9 possessions plus 3 marks and 0.1

Mitch Golby
Responsible for Russell... 20 touches and 4 marks
Golby also had 2 tackles.

Ryan Lester
19 disposals and 4 tackles plus 4 marks and 0.1

Jordan Lisle
May on him... 1.2 from 11 disposals and 3 grabs

Michael Close
3.0 from 7 possessions and 3 marks on Warnock

Ryan Harwood
24 possessions and 4 tackles with 5 marks

Jordon Bourke
Standing Lynch... 13 touches and 3 marks

Tom Cutler
9 disposals and 2 marks

Gold Coast Player Reports

Danny Stanley
Played pure midfield with most of the first choice Sun engine room not playing... 19 possessions and 4 marks with 6 tackles... also 0.1

Sean Lemmens
12 disposals and 4 tackles... accidental kneeleft ear in Q2 by Martin. Minding Green.
Lemmens also had 2 marks.

Hot Pearce Hanley
26 disposals and 8 marks plus 0.1. Sweeping in defence with Matera manning him up.

Greg Broughton
Is not fantasy relevant in his current role... 13 disposals and 3 marks
Broughton also had booted 0.1.

Thomas Murphy
9 possessions and 3 tackles... 2 FA as well. Responsible for Paparone.

Tim Sumner
7 disposals on Patfull. Reported for a high bump on Rockliff in Q2.

Jarrod Harbrow
Head to head with Rockliff in midfield... 14 touches and 9 tackles

Sam Day
7 disposals and 2 tackles... also 5 hit outs in ruck support
Day also had 3 grabs.

Jack Martin
Head to head with Moloney... 11 touches and 8 tackles

Karmichael Hunt
Started in midfield... 11 disposals and 3 tackles

Josh Hall
6 possessions and 4 tackles... also 3 hit outs
Hall also had managed 0.1.

Tom Nicholls
24 hit outs and 11 possessions with 3 tackles

Jesse Lonergan
Tagging Rich... 11 disposals and 9 tackles

Luke Russell
14 touches and 3 marks up forward on Golby
Russell also had 1.0.

Jeremy Taylor
13 disposals and 5 marks... also 2 tackles

Matthew Warnock
Close is his man... 8 touches and 4 marks

Clay Cameron
In defence on McGuane... 4 possessions
Cameron also had 2 grabs.

Jackson Allen
17 touches and 4 marks... also 0.1

Alex Sexton
1.0 from 7 touches on Adcock