Match Report: 22.14.146 2013 - Gold Coast 22.14.146 defeated Western Sydney 9.9.63

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Gold Coast Player Reports

Jared Brennan
18 possessions and 7 marks when forward on Davis... also 9 hit outs and 4 tackles in ruck support. Right ribs knock in Q1.
Brennan added booted 0.3 and 3 frees against.

Hot Danny Stanley
Playing straight midfield... 12 handballs among 25 disposals with 4 tackles... also 3.0
Stanley also had 5 grabs.

Andrew Boston
4.0 from 17 touches and 5 marks on Hampton... most of his goals in Q4 garbage time

Joel Wilkinson
On Whitfield on a HBF... 13 possessions and 4 marks. Subbed off in Q3 for Hunt.

Hot Michael Rischitelli
25 disposals and 6 tackles plus 7 marks and 2.2. Matched up on Scully.

Thomas Murphy
The first-gamer Stewart is his man... 17 possessions and 5 marks

Luke Russell
In defence on Sumner... 13 disposals and 8 marks with 3 tackles

Seb Tape
On Tomlinson.. 12 disposals and 6 tackles with 3 marks

Jarrod Harbrow
Head to head with Adams... 17 disposals plus 2.0
Harbrow also had 2 marks.

Rory Thompson
8 marks and 11 possessions. Following Cameron.

Karmichael Hunt
On in Q3 for Wilkinson. Started as a sub.
Hunt contributed with 8 disposals, 2 grabs and 1.0.

Jacob Gillbee
1.2 from 14 possessions on Haynes
Gillbee also had 2 tackles.

Sam Day
0.1 from 8 disposals on Edwards
Day contributed with 4 grabs, 2 tackles and 4 taps.

Tim Sumner
6 disposals on Gilham

Western Sydney Player Reports

Nick Haynes
17 possessions and 8 marks with 3 tackles... Gillbee is his man. Late replacement for Zac Williams.

Hot Stephen Coniglio
19 possessions and 7 tackles plus 7 marks and 1.1. Tagging Ablett jnr but shifted to Bennell in Q2.

Phil Davis
8 marks and 15 touches with 3 tackles. Has the resting ruck which is mostly Brennan.

Stephen Gilham
Responsible for Sumner... 11 possessions and 8 marks
Gilham also had 2 tackles.

Lachie Whitfield
Playing a HFF on Wilkinson... 21 possessions
Whitfield added 5 marks and 2 tackles.

Matthew Buntine
22 touches and 9 marks. Minding Aaron Hall.

Adam Kennedy
19 possessions and 8 marks plus 1.0

Toby Greene
23 touches including 18 handballs
Greene added 3 marks and 2 tackles.