Match Report: 5.8.38 2013 - Fremantle 20.13.133 defeated Melbourne 5.8.38

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Melbourne Player Reports

Injured James Strauss
9 possessions and 3 marks... left shoulder dislocation in Q2 and did not return. Minding Walters.

Matt Jones
Starting on a HBF on de Boer... 19 possessions and 4 marks with 2 tackles

Jack Grimes
Head to head with Barlow... 19 disposals and 7 marks plus 2 tackles

Nathan Jones
Tagged by Crowley... 13 possessions and 6 tackles... 2 FA as well

Hot Dean Terlich
26 disposals and 11 marks plus 6 tackles. Running off Ballantyne.

Aaron Davey
On in Q2 for Blease... 0.1 from 13 disposals. Started as a sub.
Davey also had 2 marks.

Colin Garland
Has Mayne... 13 possessions and 3 tackles... 4 FA as well
Garland also had 2 grabs.

Jake Spencer
22 hit outs and 11 possessions with 2 tackles and 0.1

Hot Jack Viney
28 possessions and 5 tackles with 5 marks and 1.0

Shannon Byrnes
One kick in Q1... 0.1 from 7 touches and 2 marks

Jordie McKenzie
17 touches and 8 tackles plus 0.1. Tagging Fyfe.
McKenzie also had 2 marks.

Troy Davis
1.0 from 6 disposals and 3 marks on Dawson

Tom McDonald
20 touches and 4 marks. Following Pavlich.

Luke Tapscott
12 disposals and 3 marks on Spurr

Fremantle Player Reports

Aaron Sandilands
First goal... 3 hit outs and 1 possessions plus 1.0... ran his head into the elbow of Spencer leading to a cutleft eye in Q1. Concussion sub for Sheridan in Q1 and then subbed for good in Q2.

Injured Hayden Ballantyne
4.2 from 14 touches and 5 tackles with 4 marks on Terlich.... 2 FA as well... right shoulder knock late in Q4

Lee Spurr
Minding Tapscott... 17 disposals and a rare 1.0. Cutright eye in Q2 which spilled claret.
Spurr also had 2 grabs.

Matthew Pavlich
4.1 from 18 possessions and 8 marks on McDonald... most of his goals in Q4 garbage time

Nick Suban
Head to head with Sylvia in midfield... 19 possessions and 4 tackles... 3 FA as well
Suban also had 2 marks.

Danyle Pearce
32 disposals and 7 marks with 4 tackles... also 1.0 just before the final siren

Paul Duffield
22 possessions and 11 marks plus 0.1. Does not have to pay Blease much mind.

Nat Fyfe
Tagged by McKenzie... 9 handballs among 22 possessions... also 1.2
Fyfe also had 4 grabs.

Hot Michael Walters
Strauss on him... 1.1 from 23 touches and 11 marks with 4 tackles

Zac Dawson
On Davis... 11 disposals and 3 tackles. Left elbow knock in Q4.

Colin Sylvia
Head to head with Suban... 26 disposals and 3 tackles plus 0.1
Sylvia also had 4 grabs.

David Mundy
34 disposals and 8 marks... also 2 tackles and 2 FA

Michael Johnson
19 disposals and 10 marks. Zoning off Fitzpatrick.

Stephen Hill
25 touches and 4 tackles plus 8 marks and 2.0