Match Report: 16.13.109 2012 - Gold Coast 16.13.109 defeated Western Sydney 12.7.79

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Gold Coast Player Reports

Jack Hombsch
Standing Brennan... 15 possessions and 4 marks with 2 tackles. Late replacement for Jacob Townsend.

Anthony Miles
18 possessions and 6 tackles with 3 marks... tagging Ablett jnr in Q1 then moved to Caddy

Jackson Allen
First game... matched up on Clifton... 15 touches and 4 tackles with 5 marks

Hot Danny Stanley
26 possessions and 12 marks with 2 tackles. In defence on Tomlinson.

Jarrod Harbrow
Matched up on Darley... 14 disposals and 3 marks... also 3 FA
Harbrow also had 2 tackles.

Jared Brennan
15 disposals and 4 tackles with 5 marks on Hombsch
Brennan also had 3 ruck taps.

Kyal Horsley
23 disposals and 3 tackles with 4 marks and 0.1

Campbell Brown
3.0 from 13 possessions and 7 marks on Cornes

Hot David Swallow
24 touches and 7 marks with 3 tackles and 0.1
Swallow also had 3 hit outs.

Matthew Warnock
Following Cameron... 20 touches and 5 marks

Jeremy Taylor
On in Q3 for May. Started as a sub.
Taylor added 8 touches and 3 marks.

Liam Patrick
2.0 from 10 disposals on Hampton

Western Sydney Player Reports

Stephen Clifton
Late replacement for Stephen Coniglio... matched up on Allen... 11 possessions and 5 tackles plus 4 marks and 1.0

Phil Davis
19 touches and 11 marks with 2 tackles. Has the resting ruck which is either Dixon or Lynch.

Sore Jeremy Cameron
2.0 from 13 possessions and 7 marks on Warnock... right knee knock in Q1... also 3 FA

Luke Power
On in Q3 for Folau... 17 touches and 3 marks. Started as a sub.
Power also had 3 tackles.

Adam Tomlinson
First goal... 1.0 from 13 possessions and 8 marks on Stanley

Adam Kennedy
13 disposals and 5 marks. Moved to tag Ablett jnr in Q2.

Israel Folau
0.1 from one touch on May. Subbed off in Q3 for Power.
Folau also had 1 disposals.

Chad Cornes
Brown manning him up... 22 disposals and 7 marks
Cornes also had 2 tackles.

Matthew Buntine
Chasing Hall... 12 possessions and 5 marks
Buntine also had 2 tackles.