Chat Log: R1, Fremantle 2.12.14 d West Coast 1.7.9

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simo_k: Looking forward to this one, dockers to win by a bit though
Diceman: Couldn't care who wins, long as some eagles step up a bit, I really like the look of Le Cras
willywilly: my eyes will be on priddis rosa palmer schammer m johnson hurn
willywilly: both are m johnson but ill rephrase it as michael
Diceman: Hurn Le Cras, Nicoski, and Gilmore from freo
CarltonKid: Diceman...couldn't agree more(about LeCras)
willywilly: le cras over rated imo
NT.Thunder: Damn, cant get the audio from working
Harold: where's cox?
willywilly: staker starting in the midfield ? weird
willywilly: cox rested
willywilly: pavlova startin well
Diceman: Nah the kids a gun, shame he has never really had a run in the middle, maybe he's not fit enough i dunno,
Hammer: rosa and hurn are ones to watch
Diceman: looks good whenever he's near it tho
NT.Thunder: Where's Gilmore playing
Harold: who's pavlova?
willywilly: im so caught up between rosa and priddis , really have no idea which one to pick , something says priddis
willywilly: but the more i see rosa ....
NT.Thunder: Where's Gilmore playing
Hammer: Staker in the midfield is not a good decision. Get someone else in there!
Zippy: Goat
CarltonKid: Either can I N.T. Thunder?????
Zippy: Goat
Diceman: ... whats going on?
NT.Thunder: What happened..was it just me!!!
m0nty: Sorry about that lads, I was afk
Diceman: Hmmm, supercoach scores have disappeared. I'm a fan of gilmore, anyone know whether he'll stay in the side?
Hammer: Priddis will have another decent year but Id pick Rosa, he's all class. Dominated pre season
andrew4443: I think Gilmore is playing in the ruck
Hawks08: If anyone doesnt know what AFK means - AWAY FROM KEYBOARD - just for anyone who didnt get what m0nty meant
Hammer: Gilmore will prob play all year, Im not sold on him tho
willywilly: not picking gilmore simply for the fact of sandilands , plus at 330k odd , bit of a rip off imo
Diceman: yeah neither, kinda expensive for a project midfielder, and especially for a project ruckman..
Harold: is jones an option?
willywilly: priddis turning me on early in the season , think ill be puttin him in
willywilly: jones is shower
Harold: shammer doing gun
Diceman: Brett Jones? I like him, regular influence tho...kind of a flanker type.. not sold
Harold: how about selwood and ebert?
willywilly: hurn way ahead of jones imo
willywilly: adam selwood ? his a bit iffy , ebert would be a good bench option
Hammer: Don't forget about Masten, banned from NAB cup, but will play in WCE midfield
willywilly: schammer could be a good pick up
julzyboy: not sold on ebert yet even though its early, muston, bird and palmer ahead IMO
Diceman: Mundy is killing it, wish they'd let him do that each week
willywilly: bird and palmer i agree , very worth while
Hammer: Mundy is v.good
Diceman: Muston only really scored in the 1st half today.. not sure if he was rested or ran outa juice
willywilly: hurns gonna be this years adcock
willywilly: muston had a bit of time on the bench , round 1 pick for me
onlyafl: watch out for headland this year
Hammer: Hurn should kill it this year. Will def get more midfield action
willywilly: headlands reached his peak for his career , handy player , does go missing some times though
onlyafl: freo need this game. they must perform this year
willywilly: mundines going sweet 44 pts already
Go DoNZ: I'm not sold on Hurn...
willywilly: thats y u support essendon
onlyafl: Hurn played very much under the radar last year
larkis: What the heck is going with Drum
Hawks08: I love watching Josh Carr play footy.
Diceman: Michael Johnson gone missing? Back to the backline?
willywilly: drum is playing crap cause drum is crap
Go DoNZ: that makes complete sense
willywilly: palmers goooooooooooooooooooooooooone
Jmend: yo
Hawks08: did u see headland bumped into selwood after his supergoal? love it!
Diceman: Ha ha, super goal to Drum!
julzyboy: what happened
julzyboy: to palmer
willywilly: drum up to 15 WATCH OUT every one
Hawks08: Headland 'accidently' ran into Selwood after his supergoal.
willywilly: palmers been stuck on 15 for 20 minutes
julzyboy: well is he on th bench?
onlyafl: no foxtel. have to wait until 1030 tonight to watch the game. speewing
larkis: is Palmer on the bench?
Oliver07: is hurn playing midfield??
Jmend: gilmore is a staaaar
willywilly: glass racking up the dt points as always lol
larkis: Haselby is looking good, possible DT material
Diceman: lol, glass actually had 12 at one stage very early on
Hawks08: hhaha i love having foxtel..even if you just get the sports channels its great value
julzyboy: PALMER
onlyafl: hey willy, as good as he was, chick also scored very low
Jmend: i had hasleby last year, veeery inconsistent
willywilly: palmer +5 here comes the p train
willywilly: hasleby not worth his price
julzyboy: lol he isnt doing too bad for first happy with 45+
willywilly: chicks to busy smoking weed
Dublin18: Is Lecras on the Bench? hasn't got a touch all quarter.
onlyafl: lol. yeh agree to that. i had haselby too, got rid of him early
willywilly: mcpharlin is so dodgey , i remember having him 2 yrs ago it was like 20,40,15,80,25,21,18,17,86
julzyboy: sicne im not is ebert looking?
Hammer: Before anyone gets excited by Soloman, dont bother. Great last year for his price, too exp this year
larkis: I think he is on the bench
onlyafl: have to listen to the game through the afl web page
willywilly: glass +6 flower think his been seeing cousins around secretly
Hawks08: which midfielders are west coast missing apart from kerr because they are getting smashed!
Go DoNZ: What's happening with Rosa ??
Diceman: Mundy and Mattner, two high scoring wingmen that often play tagging roles. any hope this year for consistency?
willywilly: braun
larkis: Staker looking good, taking Drum out of my DT and replaceing him with Staker
willywilly: mattner new club new play , mattners awesome
julzyboy: fletcher too?..embley?
Hammer: Judd...
julzyboy: are u serious larkis...dont even think about staker
willywilly: stakers mcpharlins twin
onlyafl: eagles missing kerr, cox, embley........
hendo88: embley is also missing
willywilly: looks like palmer got tired after his +5 . gone missing again . needed a breather .
larkis: I think Staker could do good this season
grego: might be missing kerr for a while
onlyafl: here?????
Diceman: Yeh i think he'll be good (mattner) but will mundy still get the odd tagging role?
Hammer: Get Staker and he'll become one of your most hated players.
grego: might be missing kerr for a while
CarltonKid: Sandilands has a SC ranking of 0. Go Aaron :(
hendo88: and stenglein is missing so they are pretty undermanned in the middle
Hammer: Kerr should be back round 1 or 2
willywilly: personally i wouldnt trust mundy
willywilly: gota love the sandman
Diceman: B Jones and Gilmore are doing well, just can't bring myself to get gilmore, but i think he'll do really well this year
willywilly: if ya lookin for a cheap defender cant go past hurn mattner and bevan , bevans not a bad player at all , tackles hard
Diceman: yeah but is it trusting mundy or his coach, who could play him differently
hendo88: why are people still scoring even though it's half time?
willywilly: and if he doesnt play mundy differently your gonna be kickin yaself but if he does you will kick yaself too , risk imo
Diceman: its not instant, and things get reviewed, changed
NT.Thunder: Who benefits more with Malceski out, Bevan, Barlow, Kennelly mattner
Diceman: mmm, 410 for super coach, a kinda in between price, pretty hefty for a maybe - might look at as a trade...
Diceman: Meh, i hate supercoach already! too many players I want but just don't know!!!
willywilly: mattner , means he will get more time on the wing
Diceman: Kennelly and mattner, but all of them
willywilly: bevan at around 220 k bargain material
Diceman: Bevan was great for me two years ago... but butchers it a bit,
Diceman: Pavlich has done not much to be honest, and yet the eagles are getting owned! Don't look like going forward
simo_k: um, eagles are basicly playing there seconds, fremantle are playing there best side. Fremantle were always going to win
Hammer: Josh Kennedy has been very disappointing. Wasnt going to dominate but has done nothing.
Back2Back: how is marcus drum going? it would have to be his year
NT.Thunder: NE1 actually thinking abou not having Cox in yr team
gumby5: im going all out with my rucks... simmonds, hampson, meeson and bailey.. loading up everywhere else..
larkis: I swapped Cox out for Kozi
Back2Back: i will have cox, anyone without the best running ruckman in there team is crazy
NT.Thunder: Have to have Schammer with Hase out!!
m0nty: Probable ligament tear for Hasleby... not looking good
Hammer: I went for Lade and Sandilands last year. Regretted every minute of it.
NT.Thunder: If these 2 (hase and Malceski) out, good DT prospects 4 next year..Hope their ok though
Athomas: Who is getting Palmer?
Interista: ME !!!!
Hammer: I want to see him get more game time first
Athomas: Yeh agreed Hammer. Is Scott Selwood looking any good or not really?
Interista: I gotta feeling Butler will be playing RD 1 this is a half assed eagles side
Back2Back: what about brett peake........whats the go?
onlyafl: kennedy has been useless. waste of money
Hammer: Maybe not DT this year but def a quality player
kangas67: big wraps on brad ebert, think he could be one to watch..
larkis: Tempting to get Bones this year
Hammer: I agree about Ebert
Hammer: I had BJones last year, was good. Beau Waters missing too, solid player.
onlyafl: 6pr has big wraps on the young selwood. a good pick up by the eagles
kangas67: is shannon hurn in the eagles best 22..?
Hammer: easily, will do good things this year
onlyafl: hurn prob will be in their regular 22 this year
Evanescent: He played every game last year.
Cartman121: One C.Fletcher = possesion machine this year with no judd :P should be expensive, but still nice and affordable
TBNB: Looks like Haseby could have done his ACL, bad news especially after tearing it up in the pre-season
Hammer: has Priddis spent much time on the bench? poor numbers
TBNB: Unconfirmed reports of an injurybad news if true
NT.Thunder: Is LeCras on the ball or up fwd
m0nty: LeCras is up forward
Quigley: LeCras is onball atm with Priddis off.
Hammer: Kennedy took a mark!
TBNB: Hasn't impressed me tonight, but get on Palmer, absolute freak
NT.Thunder: How good a breeding stock r the Selwoods
onlyafl: strained right calf for priddis
gumby5: who are people looking at in this game???
TBNB: Priddis has a corked thigh it seems. Shame, was looking forward to seeing him play
onlyafl: ebert, drum, palmer
SAINTLY: where palmer playing? forward?
Hammer: Brett Peake is having a shocker
TBNB: Palmer looking like a very effective player, great for SC
onlyafl: WC were missing waters, braun, (priddis), cox, butler,embley,hunter,kerr and stenglien
davegross_: not too mention judd and cousins...:P