Chat Log: R18, Port Adelaide 10.12.72 d Melbourne 10.9.69

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Sloaneyyyy: Happy as a pig in shower today... had jelwood captain in SC and decided to bring it N.Roo for this week .
Sloaneyyyy: First bit of luck I've had all season
Redraptor: Sloaneyyyy: well done. I have jelwood as vc an am taking his score
Wends: Good going sloaney, I wanted to bring Nroo in but didn't get time y'day - was too tempting at his price. Argghh!
NDiddy: Newton and Kent are the subs
Wends: Subs Ben Newton and Dean Kent
McRooster: Today's the day you turn it around Ebert!
McRooster: Is Dom, was good. Congrats on a great career Cassisi :)
Blue Chev: Nate Jones - 120+ Brother
Sloaneyyyy: tipping Lobbe to have a massive game today
Blue Chev: Lobbe should kill it - 130+
HowI Rioli: Give Michie a game Roos! Been on my bench on the bubble nearly all season
McRooster: If players were awarded +1 for going to ground in a soft contest I'd have Watts in my side, as Captain!
Lions38: Go Lobbe!
Bovine: great start wingard keep going
Arch: how bout Mumford last night. 1 kick Zero Marks 110 S/C. Bullshower Champion Data.
jfitty: What's wrong with Gray lately? Running out of steam?
HowI Rioli: I traded hi,
grossn: Go dees hahaa
smoochy: so arch why did you not want to mention the 9 tackles and 29 hitouts. ;)
Arch: cmon smoochy watch the replay and tell me that was a 110 game.
GraysFan: Whats wrong with Gray, guess he only kicked 4 last week before being knocked out..
pietime!: all 12 of his possies were contested @Arch
Arch: all year being saying that champion data have favourites.
Arch: selwood 15 contested 40 possesion and 147 compare his game to mummy
pietime!: selwood had 71%de to mummy 50%
smoochy: Selwood butchered that ball all night arch. In fact he was way worse that Johnson so why was Johnson a lower score?
smoochy: mumford was dominant in the 2nd half and 8 tackles when the game was really on the line. blinkers off arch.
Sloaneyyyy: anyone still got Dom Tyson? I'd say most would have traded him out by now
Arch: rubbish smoochy. 50% efficiency with 1 kick and 0 marks says it all. give it a spell
McRooster: Anyone think that the goal ump at Ports end looks like Ricky Ponting?
smoochy: anyway I hope arch is right and CD have Lobbe. Go you good thing.
_wato: @Arch, 9 tackles= 36, Kick = 4, 5 effective handballs = 7.5, 15 hit outs to advantage = 45, 14 hitouts = 14 = 106 points
_wato: As an example mate, dunno the stats exactly.
smoochy: stop using facts _wato. they have no place here.
smoochy: selwood had only 2 tackles and no Hit outs. what a crap game he had. Easy to pull out only 2 stats arch isn't it.
Arch: what about clangers?
Heizenberg: Wow watto good stuff, that sounds pretty accurate
Springyboy: westhoff y did I have to trade u out this week?
Heizenberg: *wato
smoochy: clangers are generally from kick. He had one arch. bad luck nice try.
Jackwatt$: Wow u guys sure know your stats!!! But please keep the stats to this game, not yesterday's
_wato: Only counted 5 handballs out of 11 as he ran at 50% from 12 touches Arch.. Plus you add in scaling and there's your 110
Sloaneyyyy: Jamar is so poo
Arch: what u cant handball to an opposition Dufus!!
smoochy: ok jackwatt$. you have made 1 tackle. :)
_wato: Ebert to finally pull a ripper lads? Burnt a few!
Redraptor: _wato: clap clap well worked out
Sloaneyyyy: ebert should be under 500k this week if he doesn't reach his b/e
daniel87: cmon port top 4 spot up for grabs
BFAsh: wtf hartlett!!!
Lions38: Nooooo, Ebert i traded you this week.
colin wood: why would u trade out a 500k player this late in the season...
Jrobb: Lobbe already has 8 tackles wow!
Lions38: Cause he was doing crap and i didnt have JPK.
J.Worrall: ebert only 20% eff.
mijg: Good start for Wingard now kick some goals
Morefield: If polec could do something that'd be great...
Punt: Lobbe has been terrific. Would pick again
uptoolate: gday friends .....
Beast_Mode: lol why do u still have polec?
Bovine: lobbe 82sc
Jrobb: @Punt Lobbe was the steal of my supercoach draft league, can't believe i picked him up late in the draft...
Morefield: Because injuries and he was my last one to upgrade but swan
uptoolate: goooooo Oliie .... what a star !!!
jroo8!: Free kick against Ebert missed
daniel87: lobbe will be the next sandilands only better
jfitty: Jacobs-Lobbe could be a gun starting ruck duo next year
Heizenberg: Anyone else here think sandilands was just rested?
uptoolate: @daniel ..... big fellas = short use by (it's a hard job !) .... this can change v quickly ...
flowerchaiyya: lift Hartlett!
uptoolate: gdat Heizen .... :0) .... how can we know ? .... refer my past comment re big fellas ....
daniel87: i reckon they would of rested him heizeber give him a 2 week break in a game they excpected to win
daniel87: and paid the price
Heizenberg: Hi uptoolate yeah true i guess ill know next week may have to trade 5 trades left i have
wadaramus: Must have been sore somewhere Heizen, Lyon flirting with form if it was purely a rest.
Heizenberg: That was exaclty my thinking daniel87
wolfheart: cmon Neville, shut Wingard out.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Lynden Dunn to completely fool the ump into paying a free for a soft rabbit punch by Schulz
Heizenberg: And yes they did pay the price but still the team just wasn't on yesterday
wolfheart: I reckon long flights are tough on guys 7ft+
Heizenberg: Not sure wadaramus because the 2 weeks off probably a wise decision with an ageing body
Jrobb: Lobbe supercoach anyone?
Beast_Mode: Dunn back to his true form, 100% spud.
mstrbatten: lobbe 94sc
uptoolate: ruck=hardest job on the field.
wadaramus: SC red cross says sore back but who really knows!
Heizenberg: No way uptoolate full forward or full back
Jrobb: cheers @mstrtbatten, hoping for a 150+ game from him today to help stem the pain of my opp's Nroo...
uptoolate: haha Heizen .... noooo ....its the ruck who is airborne with eyes on ball ! .... a free, high target for lesser ruckmen
ReaperRage: brought in nick riewoldt thursday price was to low to resist finally traded up higgins. on 1012 off 7!
MightyQuin: Tyson Sc Please?
Heizenberg: Yeah you make some good points but a ff sometimes the ball doesmt go downthere a lot and when it does delivery can beshi
ReaperRage: meant to get 2700 ill probably get on 2400 know the accuracy on the projections
Heizenberg: Can be shower and also with full back if ball is going on with good delivery almost impossible to defend
Jrobb: @reaper very nice mate, my opp had him captain..don't ask me why but gee it paid off
uptoolate: the ruckman needs to attend far many more contests than FF or FB .... and is a target for knees (front on engagement !)
Lynxe: ReaperRage im on 1205 from 7 aye!!
Heizenberg: Thats true uptoolate big potential for injuries
ReaperRage: @jrobb thats so flukey! probably a time traveller :')
Lynxe: Lobbe 95 wingard 58 wines 58 gray 58
ReaperRage: awesome linxe!
uptoolate: that's it Heizen ! ... dont worry I played 30 years amateurs in the pivot and have watched this up close. I would never
Jrobb: @reaper he's done it every week..must be an avid saints supporter?
WizzFizz_: gray just lost 8 for that free against
ReaperRage: mm true probably is by the way he sounds though he cares about the team more than the game youll win
Heizenberg: @jrobb maybe its roos dad or mum lol
RooBoyStu: $ Riley & Blease
MightyQuin: Tyson Sc anyone?
Jrobb: hahahah heiz wouldn't be suprised!
Jrobb: reaper yeah he hasn't won many games thus far
hrdkre_1: if wingard,gray or tyson can get 100sc ill be happy
Heizenberg: @jrobb lol
DrewMartin: 1205 from 7 is 170+ ave. only nroo has even scored that this rnd
Gotigres: Lobbe 95sc! Tyson 61sc.
uptoolate: a half time aside .... BIG ins for Dogs & Bombers ! Cooney, Griffen, Campbell v Goddard, Hibberd !?!
Gotigres: Wingard, Wines, Gray all on 58sc
Gotigres: Jones on 62
MightyQuin: thx gotigres
uptoolate: this is clearly a critical test for Port ! no win = come back next year .
eski_liddr: i used to like port..until i had the displeasure of attending a home game there this year..ferrals
eski_liddr: come on dees!
wadaramus: You'll never tear them apart eski!!
eski_liddr: lol cringeworthy stuff right there
wadaramus: They'll never ever give up either!
uptoolate: @ eski .... a bit norty you. Clearly Port is just the SA version of the Woods ?!?
wadaramus: You can drop it, throw it, flick it, you won't get pinged for holding the ball!
eski_liddr: unfortunately they are..seems bandwagon jumping is also in vogue
Hazza09: Playing someone who still has Tyson
RooBoyStu: how many more Points does Riley need before $
wadaramus: Ooohhh, body blow eski!! Will see shortly what the crowd is but it doesn't look great.
wadaramus: Playing dead won't win you a free Wingard.
mijg: 11mins of footy and wingard manages to go backwards
uptoolate: what happened Monty ? .... why are some comments not appearing .... ???
wolfheart: coast to coast - go dees
wadaramus: Coast to coast and back to back, go Dees.
uptoolate: that this site is heavily moderated is quite unfortunate. I Imagine that this comment will not appear & I will be banned
wolfheart: JKH!!!back2back goals. what has happened to port in recent weeks?
m0nty: how about you just talk footy instead
uptoolate: wow ! great comeback Dees !
uptoolate: thanks M. and yes .... I always have done.
mijg: Port may as well start thinking about 2015
eski_liddr: seems essendon games have little moderation and north (daw jokes aplenty!)
wadaramus: Lobbe has stopped this quarter, that might be Port's Achilles heel?
Redraptor: classic late season fade by port
eski_liddr: Vince should get a week if the MRP is consistent
D.Barwick: carn the ds!
Monfries96: I am disgusted
supervery: is ebert the worst kick in the league?
wadaramus: Yeah, it's a fair shove eski.
eski_liddr: seems port is just a "flash" in the pan
Lynxe: wingard hasnt even touched it for a decent time ffs !! LIFT YA flowerING shower cow
3rdstriker: dane swan supervery, ebert at least gets his kicks airborne
LovesIt: port playing to there listd
Jackwatt$: Cape for me?
LovesIt: port playing to there list ability the last month
Bovine: where was wingards last tackle?
Monfries96: Cassisi's last game, a chance to get back in the top four, and they dish this up. Not even in 2012 was i this annoyed
eski_liddr: over trained during the preseason? out of gas/momentum
supervery: the holding the ball rule ruins games.
supervery: @bovine it's not a tackle if they get an effective disposal
Lynxe: why do people claim that theyre an actual player LMAOO makes me laugh.
Redraptor: over half an hour game time since port kicked a goal
Dangeroo: I play afl... fantasy...
Magicsmell: Im actually Ollie Wines...
wadaramus: Great quarter Jack Watts.
wolfheart: speaking of afl fantasy - have not been able to see my team for 2 weeks. Is the site broken or what?
Monfries96: Who claimed that they were a player?
Lynxe: @Magicsmell!! NO WAY can i get an autograph?
uptoolate: gooooo Ollie !!!
flowerchaiyya: Watts best qrt of his AFL career
eski_liddr: im a season vet! some throw around legend but hey!
Dangeroo: Port reminiscing '07
Dangeroo: site works just fine
wadaramus: Jackwatt$$!
mijg: Great round if your not good at tipping.
LovesIt: wispers wingard will play for the vixens next year
Lynxe: wahey wingard finally
eski_liddr: i dont normally condone gambling but jeeze whoever tipped these games would be pretty happy
JGreezy: The one time Jack Watts plays to his potential and JackWatt$$ isn't even here to tell us about it
LeFtBehinD: Imagine if that free kick was on the Q4 siren. My God.
Theo X: umps are flowering cheating bastards
wolfheart: demons dudded after the siren
eski_liddr: cannot believe the umpiring in Adelaide. Consistently terrible
wadaramus: He's here JGreezy, he asked m0nty to "cape" HIM, hence the talk of people thinking they are players!
Bovine: not facing the play and hit him in the head - by the book free kick
heppelitis: Too funny JGreezy
uptoolate: wtf monty .... ? u let some pretty heavy stuff come thru on here and cant print my comments re footy ???
JGreezy: oh, ok, I just logged on a few minutes ago
Lynxe: wingard please do that last 3 mins of that qtr throughout the last kty
JGreezy: I expected every second comment to be from him
Monfries96: I think it was a light-hearted joke @Wadaramus
Bovine: i dont support either team but it was there - soft but correct
Theo X: resign wayne camplbell you flowerheaded flowerer
supervery: dees get the short end of the stick week in week out
mijg: Need wingard to pretend he is on 15 and do the superman last Qtr.
Sloaneyyyy: Darn, could have gone jackwatts or pavlich for my elite side, and I picked pav, dammit
Morefield: Polec with a solid 0 that 1/4
eski_liddr: I think we lack 3 things in AFL... quality commentating, consistency in umpiring and HD telecasts
Dangeroo: reckon the dees will run over the top of port, 5 goals to 1 last qtr
_wato: Wingard 81sc hahaha wow
daniel87: come on port dont lose this i wont be able to show my face in public for 2 weeks dont do this to me
uptoolate: Watts is still young ..... & an absolute gun going forwaed !
Morefield: And he's starting on the bench...
wadaramus: Big call Dangeroo, but I hope you're right!
Stuart88: Never thought watts would pull an 80 pointQ out and be 100 at 3Q time
Sloaneyyyy: upset round
supervery: @eski agree. you can live without hd and great commentary but how can new people to the game understand these rules?
Dangeroo: Crows fan @wadaramus ;)
wadaramus: Err...yes.
Boydosanes: Broadbent 35 point qtr please
eski_liddr: Surly in this day and age with the amount of money thats in AFL ..people could watch it in HD! that gives me the ships
supervery: flower off seriously how is that holding the ball???
Dangeroo: Referring to myself there but nice to know
mijg: Nice Wingard for a crap qtr managed a good SC
Hazza09: How the hell is Westhoff on 102
wadaramus: Lol, didn't notice the missing question mark!
eski_liddr: Jack Watts is kind of like Carlisle - good at both fwd and defense..could be woeful could be brilliant
Gotigres: Joe Daniher out
Dangeroo: seems to be quite a few of us on here watching this game though
Sloaneyyyy: how is Salem not getting a game over half of these guys at Melbourne
dapto: I'm watching in HD
Theo X: he had no preseason sloaney
Dangeroo: why did they sub matt white? he's critical for their gamestyle
uptoolate: J Watts a champion in the making. Draft pick 1 ! @18 yo. Never been punched, 1st game was against Collingwood !!!
Theo X: was 17 actually
eski_liddr: BIG out for essendon .. even if he cant kick straight his got an influence on most games
uptoolate: @ Sloaney. Totally agree. Salem also a gun !
Sloaneyyyy: $ for Newton
wolfheart: Salem was going missing for whole quarters too often
uptoolate: agree Wolf, he was. They were not using him on the wing !?!
Sloaneyyyy: looks like Wingard thought the game was over... is he having a shower in the rooms ?
wolfheart: always the way. Both teams use their subs unnecessarily and players start dropping like flies
ReaperRage: jamar actually winning in hitouts by 7...
thommoae: Broadbent must be in the next shower along. Port down to one on the bench?
uptoolate: Ollie u are an abs gun !!!
mrpotato: lol the wheels are falling off the port adelaide bandwagon
Lynxe: Wingard get atleast 12pts and wines 16 more please ill be happy.
JGreezy: the ball dont lie horrible umpiring
thommoae: Wingard hogging the soap - Broadbent back out there wearing his towel?
Morefield: Polec you are a potatoe
Morefield: *potato
mijg: Wingard the most frustrating player this year. A full solid game would be nice.
uptoolate: not yet MrPotato ..... Melb are a strong & up & coming side with the best coach in the league ?
Stuart88: So glad the umps are looking after Port would hate to see 3 upsets this round
Morefield: Polec hasn't touched it for 1 half of football
Changeling: you have to be joking wingard
thommoae: Melbourne strong? Easy there, uptoo; on the improve maybe but remember they're coming off a very deep low!
Sloaneyyyy: come on Gray , a couple of last quarter goals wouldn't go astray
JGreezy: Port are getting some of that home cookin from the umps
Sloaneyyyy: Any goals now, will be worth about 20SC a piece
uptoolate: haha thommo ..... fair enough ... was prolly a slight over statement ? ...:0/
flowerchaiyya: what a sausage!!!
_wato: Lol Chad
daniel87: cmon port
mijg: Stuff you wingard..hope the Dees win this. lazy flog
wolfheart: nice hard running from Bail late in the game. Cmon Melbourne.
Morefield: Polec icicle
Sydney14: go dees
JGreezy: Tyson is a superstar in the making
daniel87: com on port finishing combo
Affliction: Go melbourne
MightyQuin: Tyson Sc anyone?
mstrbatten: give me a game winning snag gray!
krazykray: how long left?
wolfheart: Chad's heart isnt in it. Doesn't love football. Ultimate primadona.
wolfheart: more home cooking.
Morefield: 4 mins
uptoolate: within 1 yesr Roos has converted this previous rabble into a contender in every game ? .... thoughts ?
JGreezy: 4mins left, tyson on 140
casey22: I reckon Jones just got a week off for a cheap shot
_wato: Tyson 142sc
daniel87: please port dont let me down win
barlow4pm: tyson 142 sc
wadaramus: They are definitely more competitive now uptoolate.
Munza: Gat a touch Wingdud FFS
Lynxe: so umm wingard can go get flowered unless he kicks the match winner.
Redraptor: uptoolate: dovale boy like me
cougar37: how many times over the next 5 years are we gonna see wines and tyson at the top?
Redraptor: *donvale
uptoolate: @cougar. I suspect many times !!!
NDiddy: big sc points up for grabs here
mijg: 16DT since HT for wingard.
daniel87: yes schulzy
old_shepp: Jesus Gray couldn't you have stayed down just one more week?
MightyQuin: So what does Tyson back 40 points now
JGreezy: regardless of the outcome port are not a top team anymore
Save-Lo: cmon lobbe finish it off with triple figures
lozdaleg: Good effort wingard spud
uptoolate: @Red. :o) .... spotty born here. Doggies man. .... :0/ .... but still always luvya work.
wolfheart: c'mon Demons. You deserve the 4 points.
ReaperRage: how long left
wadaramus: Very lucky Port.
old_shepp: SC are scaling like crazy !
Stuart88: Umps cost Melbourne that game joke
Theo X: umps are a disgrace
grossn: Shame
_wato: Wow Tyson 153.. Wingard -13sc for the quarter lol
mijg: Disgrace wingard. flowerng disgrace
wolfheart: disappointing.
JGreezy: that last quarter all line ball decisions from the umpires favoured Port
phiz3: I felt the need to log on simply to day that wingard is a goddam flog!
MightyQuin: Tyson wtf