Chat Log: R7, Gold Coast 18.12.120 d North Melbourne 11.11.77

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bulldogs11: Kade for another big game, suns by 18
lewis: mcdonald and russell respective subs
lewis: subs: mcdonald and russell
Presti(c): McDonald. That's a setback
Crow_Saint: Mcdonald sub ouch
furlzy: flowering Mcdonald sub does not help me!
furlzy: was predicted to get 2450 before this round now i will be lucky to get 2200 FML
vartic: Don't worry furlzy, that's me every week. I always score about 400 under projected :/
dipstick: this years a nightmare for me. give me that icon!! last year was always above projcted. this year always under :(
OnTheRocks: GaJ to get first double ton for the year as my captain!
frenzy: gonna be beaten by a team playing derickx onfield
Jair: Yes McDonald hurts, I was afraid of this
Jair: Sorry North but I hope someone gets a soft tissue injury early
OnTheRocks: if McDonald gets to his 63 BE i can do the trade i want to do next week, if not, gg
cashcow: i have the option of lmac or georgiou's score. and this has been another edition of getting to know my anus
Gotigres: nroo 31, mitchell 9, now mcdonald sub. oh dear.
furlzy: mitchel 9 impey 12 zorko 59 mcdonald sub.....
furlzy: and kennedy-harris on the bench. geeeee
23rookie23: Trading Lmac to Cutler not so bad now :-)
jfitty: Would love to see Goldy have a big game, will be cheap after his bye
meka100: Come on Swallow 100+
J.Worrall: Carn Charlie
snake_p: gotigres sounds like hansen bad injry mcdonald might be on pretty quickly
Ferog: McDonald warming up.
Catdog: Was about to trade Lmac out for Tippet missed lockout by seconds.
J.Worrall: Hanson down
coldog: Ok I did something stupid
JRedden: every player on my bench has avoided the sub, flower this week
timwhatson: Hansen injured yes for LukeMac
TheLegend6: I've had a stinker in DT this week
Inside50: come on gazza and swallow revive my team
danmaio: what is greenwoods tagging ability??
coldog: In a desperate bid to not lose to my mates mum I traded mac to kolodjashnij
LeFtBehinD: God damn GC are monstering
J.Worrall: Go Suns
m0nty: Broughton the only Sun not to touch it, five minutes in
Gotigres: thanks snake_p. that's good news for me. bad for hansen though.
YoungGun: gold coast are amaze balls
happytimes: Pressure is on
mace485: been an awesome week for me, apparently heading for 2400+
Jair: Suns a danger game for most this year
bobby98: hanson back on ground
m0nty: Cannon on Majak, that's an interesting match up
dipper33: Hansen back on :(
banta: please be ok hansen. stick him in the square so he can kick some goals
OnTheRocks: I love you Swallow and GaJ
danmaio: FFS GAJ, for once, just get a ton and no more
twsherrin: cmon KK
OnTheRocks: will we ever see KHunt again?
happytimes: Suns killing them
gdshifty: karmichael has played his last AFL game. No way Mckenna will play him when they are a top 8 contender
burgz300: north looking like a sub par team compared to gcs atm
hammers: Suns are looking very hungry and switched on
m0nty: If the Suns can stop kicking it to Hansen, they will score freely.
Gotigres: probably not OnTheRocks.
pies13: got boomer this week sorry 2every1 who had him ive got the curse!!
hammers: little budha you star
WrightWay: Ablett goal.
m0nty: Harley's boots are something special
Luke919: flowering hell come on north this is too easy
mace485: north are overrated
pies13: is harvey playing on the ball?
donsfan86: wasnt expecting to see this
krazykray: cmon harvey
hammers: Unless North stop the run, this will get very ugly
furlzy: Kangas win when they shouldn't and lose when they should win!
HawkTalker: was kinda hoping Gaz wouldn't have such a big day. Looking like he's gonna go large tho
Jair: Break out game for Suns? How many have they won in Melbourne?
snake_p: cmon Scott make some moves...couldn't coach pigs to be dirty!
mace485: is this an indication the suns have arrived?
hschugas: furlzy gold coast are in the 6 they are not a easy beat these days
twsherrin: cmon KK - get amongst it
cusch1: Bennell could be good to pick up soon
furlzy: down in melbourne they should be!
HawkTalker: Norf are truly the Jeckell & Hyde side and have bee for a decade
hammers: Mace485, this is a statement to whats to come for the next decade
Jair: roll the Dice North, bring on McDonald!
mace485: hammers- you're not convinced?
snake_p: furtzy you are sounding like Yoda on Star Wars day :-)
mdon11: Gee North need to apply some pressure
hammers: I am mace, they have arrived...scary to whats to come
timwhatson: Norf just LOL on the floor
burgz300: North just need to make the sub - then theyll be right!
TheLegend6: North Melbourne having one of their weeks.
m0nty: Aaron Hall is having a decent game
Kenny27: give north the witches hat
WrightWay: Na m0nty.
TheLegend6: Gaz having no impact on the game and still on 26 shows how good he is
hammers: I hope North don't use the WA travel as an excuse
furlzy: Nick del. Even on the ground is he, hmm?
meka100: Norf looking as shower as St Kilda
OnTheRocks: North are reminding me of what GC used to be when GC joined the comp. The shoes on the other foot
snake_p: not that bad Meka
banta: need you to kick a goal for by bet hall
grubby: is there a big wind?
Nocash: Well on the bright side.... LMAC could be coming on sooner than we think
oldfart: north are the most overated team ever
banta: classic jeckyl and hyde from north this season
happytimes: Or the blues meka
GJayBee: why aren't the nth players getting the hard ball and gifting it to dal??? hahahah
TheLegend6: grubby - its indoors
lozdaleg: the suns will play finals this year
Ben_Gogos: Bennell having one of the most productive individual quarters of the year from an influence point of view.
hammers: Grubby, 5 goal breeze inside a closed stadium :)
snake_p: legend I think grubby was taking the power
Inside50: gary what are you doin mate
daniel87: Don't see north come ing back from this looks like that tip is lost on the plus Bennett looks a must have already
NewFreoFan: get on there mcdonald, ruining a good week!
TheLegend6: how was that free against ablett?
west_coast: north are the worst team in the comp
pies13: hard 2way up the contenders from pretenders north beat port port beat cats hawks smash suins cats beat hawks???
Kenny27: lol that free was bs
furlzy: I'm a massive kangas fan but majak is no good.
TheLegend6: can never tell snake haha
snake_p: Fantasy site on fire again...says Gaz DNP WTF
danmaio: Time to rest Gaj :-)
pies13: suns
west_coast: most unpredictable season ever
Inside50: gaj playing for free kicks too much.
krapalot64: had the same here snake..logout and back..ok
HawkTalker: @ west_coast not if you're tipping the hawks, mate
WrightWay: Bloody Mcdonald.
snake_p: ok thanks kraps
west_coast: true mate very true hahah
hammers: Is it too early to let my fat old lady sing?
m0nty: so much for the footy pundits talking about boring, defensive footy... Suns are playing Blight style
mstrbatten: suns looking like they might challenge collingwood for 4th spot
TheLegend6: O'Meara will be one of the best players we will see
furlzy: poor form kangas. poor form :(
a1trader: North will still win
Stupendous: Harley is one smooth mover
happytimes: It's not to early to go on my bet of the suns at 24+
banta: suns my fave team to watch. if (when) essendon get banned, i'll follow them
Hazza09: Bring on McDonald you flowering idiot Scott
weca: bennell will be one of the best players of all time, dont see why people see cyril having more talent then him
circle52: Suns will knock boring football for six if they keep playing like this. Enjoying watching them.
beachedaz: 7 different goalkickers already for the suns
CamT: GC were paying $4.00 to make the final 8 on Friday.
Vlaemo97: start the chant "Bring on McDonald"
MarksMen: Anyone else can't get on live sc scores on fox ?
Costanza: Roos over $3 to win from here - tasty
daniel87: Interesting once you throw Benell in there Gold Coast look very powerful in the mid and ablett being held nicely ATM
JRedden: 7 marks hansen going for the record atm
TheLegend6: Hansen missed 6=7 minutes of that qtr too!
KingPetrie: to quick for us
snake_p: monty what do I get for being a witches hat wrangler?
HawkTalker: I hope McDonald sits on until the 25 min mark of the 4th and gets one handball. There. I said it
mardo23: where you getting 3s costanza i can only get 2.70
Spudanator: Anyone watching this game... GC on fire by the looks of it?
CamT: In a word or two. Who is more likely to make the 8 . West Coast or Gold Coast ?
hammers: Suns
Inside50: come on gazzza dont let the team down
Vlaemo97: greenwood tearing Ablett a new one
Ferog: What a boring game.
Jrobb: @spudanator in the first qtr yes, so far north sarting strong in the 2nd
MarksMen: Suns
HawkTalker: Come on Gazza, share it around. Important for your teammates to have a chance to lead. lol
danmaio: Well done Levi, keep the lid on ablett,
KingPetrie: greenwood to good for gaz
Inside50: gazza just gave lindsay thomas a good spray. gaj not happpy.
rooboypete: After Nroo & SMitchell, McDonald as sub just adds insult to injury
Inside50: thats bullshower umpire
rigs: ablett will lift and everyone be back on the gaj bandwagon
danmaio: love to see the -3 next to gaj, just for today
JRedden: hansen may set the record for marks today
daniel87: gazza to hulk it soon
coldog: Come flowering on kk
CamT: A player gets a -3 for a FA what does a player get a -1 for ? anyone
grubby: umps bringing norf back into the game
WooEagles: @rigs, couldnt have said it better myself! hypocrytes...
Jackina: -1 is probs when a player gives a handball and then gives away a free
gerva: CamT out on the full
manualdenz: -1 is usually when they're messed up and are readjusting the stats
mstrbatten: flower off norf u pretenders
CamT: Thanks Jackina :) That makes sense
JRedden: no out on the full doesnt count as free against
danmaio: i thought out on full was +3 for a kick
gdshifty: swallow on the ground?
Jackina: all good buddy
TheLegend6: no one wants north to win
jfitty: Double Superman for Hansen coming up
HawkTalker: Come on Harbrow. Get right off that leash
JRedden: yeah the player gets +3 even if he kicks it out on the full
CamT: Thanks everyone. for the -1 feedback.
LeFtBehinD: FFS North could be right back in this. Gimme gaol
Foss: I want Norf to win. I am more invested in my tips than SC this year
mstrbatten: half of hansens DT score is marks almost. so many +6's
Costanza: strong breeze that end
Stupendous: Boomer is the modern day Hungry Bartlett
HawkTalker: Hansen didnt touch the ball for his first 7 years. I'm surprised he wasnt cut. Now he can play? lol
danmaio: should be a flat zero if a player kicks it out on full, as is now, gets +3 for a FA
TheLegend6: lift gaz
rigs: swallow icicle
coldog: That's it kk keep it up
stocko12: @danmaio you'll find uits a flanger, not a free kick against.
stocko12: Clanger*
TheLegend6: how ablett didn't get a tackle then ill never know
jfitty: Did they give the tackle to Swallow instead of Gaz?
TheLegend6: yes jfitty, missed about 3 ablett tackles then
JGreezy: worst decision ive ever seen
Arch: ablett assist
Panther: champion data miss so mnay legitimate tackles!
banta: awesome lachy!! keep it up
TheoX: spud it up gaz
LeFtBehinD: Filthy umpiring. Complete scum
gdshifty: i swear some of these champion data statsmen play dream team too. Should have seen the bs Swan got away with...
Panther: rischa has been robbed about 3 legitimate tackles already!
HawkTalker: come on Harbrow. Keen going, son. 70SC by half time please
Ben_Gogos: Truly is a wonder how blatant ones are missed sometimes...
Ben_Gogos: Gary had 3 before, and wasn't even paid one.
Arch: of course they play as well. mycousin works for champion data
KingPetrie: what is the umps problem
mardo23: umpires are cheats thats why i dont care what anyone says
Vlaemo97: make to move scott. GAJ to tag greenwood
TheLegend6: umpires consistantly shower this season
Ghost: I still don't understand why a FA is -3 but a FF is only +1? Please explain?
gtsr: my understanding was if tackled player gets correct disposal
gdshifty: well they should be more professional and not influence the stats
gtsr: then tackle wont count
rigs: ablett 52 sc and no impact.
twsherrin: keep going KK - good stuff
mardo23: umpires will make sure north wins this they just didnt want it over at half time and everyone change the channel
TheoX: 52? rigged!
Dangeroo: @ghost Jelwood has to earn some points properly you know
Vlaemo97: what is beter smarties or m & m's
Ben_Gogos: Horrendous officiating there!
rigs: tackles count when ball turned over or ball up
hammers: I seriously dislike L Thomas - biggest pretender
jesseboy: Think of tackles as effective at causing a turnover or ballup, if ball is legitimately disposed of then it ineffective
TheoX: skittles
coldog: Get in front of swallow kk
snake_p: mardo that bs
WooEagles: skittles @vlaemo
Ben_Gogos: @Ghost that's the scoring system mate, I guess it works out well for fairer players.
footy is b: Ablett has zero interest today! Not even defensive mind set
gdshifty: so you can have ineffective kicks that score points, but not tackles. Great logic
Jukes82: since when is sc based on impact you muppet, gaj is at 90% effiency
KingPetrie: greenwood towelling ablett up
coldog: @hammers agree mate guys a total flog
Inside50: great game. ruined by umps.
Presti(c): Boomer 150
Jmachete: does incorrect disposal exist anymore?
rigs: its not a tackle if its not effective..... an attempt not complete
LeFtBehinD: Greenwood > Ablett
Ghost: Yeah Ben, I nlw it's always been like that, but just seems illogical. Surely a FF should = a Mark ?
mardo23: afl is the most rigged sport in the world and the only sport with a 1000 interpretations of each rule
TheLegend6: blatant dropping the ball
footy is b: Greenwood not towelling up gaj at all, gaz not interested today
banta: need goals from hall and black!
burgz300: @inside50 completley agree
TheLegend6: hmmm no mark either
furlzy: Majak must miss his leg days.. biggest chicken legs going...
rigs: @jukes correct 91% efficient....still no impact.
Arch: afl is a shower sport and fantasy sports is the only reason we watch this crap
mstrbatten: umps change interpretation of the rules every week. players don't know what a free kick is anymore...
Ghost: Mardo, there's a 100 interpretations of the word "deliberate" !!
feralmong: What a fluke. I put McDonald on the bench.
mstrbatten: at least make statements to the players about what the umpires will be cracking down on. give them a chance.
mardo23: true that
whitsy: your gone after the bye swallow !!!
cusch1: Feralmong I swapped Langdon onto the field and took LMac off last minute...hows that for a fluke
Foss: KK in trouble, down to the rooms
3rdstriker: Kk in trouble - knee
mijg: get up there Thompson ya pos
thommoae: You need to get out more, Arch ...
mardo23: what is the difference in the umps signal for holding the ball and dropping the ball?
banta: suns gotta lock down on gibson and ziebell
Jmachete: does incorrect disposal exist anymore?
meka100: flower you Swallow uncited
Jrobb: Norf's success is in large part due to cunnington; he is killing it in the middle!
feralmong: Good stuff. I emergency loopholed langdon. Lucky Langford was out.
snake_p: machete I think the umps have thrown away the rule book this season
thommoae: 'Uncited' is good for Swallow - means he plays next game; 'unsighted' is bad = no points!
coldog: U flowering serious kk injured? I'm giving up on this shower
Inside50: norf fans booing ablett when he gets the ball. what a disgrace.
gdshifty: you didnt loophole anything, you got lucky.
cusch1: There isnt Mardo
Arch: thommoae im at a cafe reading your muppet comments. your probably sitting in a cot with a dummy in your mout loser
rigs: @inside50 amen
m0nty: pull your head in please Arch
feralmong: True
Inside50: cheers rigs
rigs: ablett 60 sc green wood 51 sc ablett>greenwood
Jonesy pan: Greenwood tempting but so up and down
cusch1: So much hate goes on in this forum for people stating their opinions...tut tut
HawkTalker: uncited = plays next week. lol. that was funny
Kenny27: your at a cafe? harden up and have a beer you muppet
TheoX: 60? joke hes done sfa
Lynxe: rigs greenwood has been better on the ground lol
Costanza: 'making an effort' over-rides incorrect disposal, until it doesn't. confused
coldog: Any news on kk guys who are watching this game?
MarksMen: So many Keyboard warriors on this site...
snake_p: give Arch a spell checker for his next birthday or perhaps an education?
daniel87: Greenwood won the first half will ablett win the second ?
danmaio: happy for gaj to double his score by games end
Seb78: Ablett 60sc? wtf??
Gigantor: greenwood 53%DE 5 clangers GaJ 92%de 2 clangers
mstrbatten: clangers include frees against
godsofwar: so if north ends up winning does gaj still crack the ton in sc...
Jmachete: shutup marksmen
Arch: monty we need an over 10's chat mate. over trying to communicate with children!!
uptoolate: wow ~! Gold Coast suddenly a serious finals contender ?!?
MarksMen: Agree Arch.. See below comment
snake_p: which group are you in Arch?
JGreezy: Ablett is clearly playing a little better, but consider GW is keeping him fairly quiet and hurting htem back the other w
Lynxe: @uptoolate no, north didnt turn up in the first qtr gold coast wont hold out the game north will over run them
frenzy: majak not the answer norf, spud firrito off aswell
snake_p: Swallow SC?
rigs: 40 swallow
snake_p: thanks rigs
MarksMen: Swallow 42
hammers: Anyone have KKs SC score please
MarksMen: 37 mate
Lynxe: Kolodjashnij 37sc
hammers: Thanks Marksmen
Spudanator: Abletts SC?
hammers: cheers Lynxe
Arch: cheers marksmen
MarksMen: Ablett 58
rigs: cheers arch
rigs: sc score always adjusts in the breaks, was 60 now down to 57
daniel87: Steven may sc anyone
Lynxe: Steven May 29
Spudanator: Cheers
tor01doc: LMc SC score anyone?
MarksMen: same as Russell's ;
Slightly01: Lmc sub dude
daniel87: Thanks
cashcow: lmac none of his possis when score was close so his 0 might get scaled down
tor01doc: Cheers. MarksMen - Sc to scale up to around 45.3 I guess.
tor01doc: Is slightly01 slightly ....?
MarksMen: Yeah prob :)
tor01doc: he he he.
hammers: goalscoring end
Ferog: @tor01doc LMc still on zero.
tor01doc: Let's hope he stays there.
MightyEss: lift ablett...never thought i'd be saying that
Ferog: LMc and Russell having a chat on bench.
tor01doc: A Luke-warm bench?
Jimbo boy: stay down ablett
Catdog: C'mon GAJ gave up Beams VC for you!
cashcow: the 2 lukes as subs is no way to be celebrating May the 4th
TheLegend6: @cashcow quality hahah
Thanatos: Nice Cash
Pokerface: oustanding cashcow :)
Drenthe FC: ahah boomer got hammered
hammers: huge don't argue
tor01doc: cash - I don't think I get it.
mstrbatten: hahahaha lynch just chokeslammed harvey
bulldogs11: It doesn't really matter what gazza gets everyone has the cape on him
Lynxe: Are the umpires one sides today? Like 3 free kicks for north I saw not paid in 2mins
Dreamweavr: Umpires on the take?
coldog: Come on kk another big qtr
NewFreoFan: use the force Luke, jedi mind trick yourself into getting subbed on!
mstrbatten: +18! wow ziebell
TheLegend6: +18 Ziebell wtf
meka100: Swallow 34 a qt time, wtf are you doing
hammers: chase of the year
Pokerface: tor01doc - may the fourth be with you
mstrbatten: hahahahah go flower yourself boomer you shower cow
TheLegend6: Sam Day superman
banta: lift kk
NewFreoFan: bennell hurting Swallows scoring you think?
Drenthe FC: Majak!!
MudDawg: Blue moon for Pauline.
twsherrin: cmon KK and Swallow
MarksMen: Boomer having a great 5
cashcow: darth vadar strong mark at CHF
cusch1: Lynxe it has been like that all week,,,did you not watch the game last night?
rigs: swallow a spud
TheLegend6: Whats the Record amount of marks in a game? Richo got 22 one time
Sydney14: Swallow caught an early flight home
furlzy: majak's first pack mark all day.
heppelitis: not touching the ball kinda hurts scoring
tor01doc: Oh Pokerfaith - I get it now. V Good cashcow - very good.
MarksMen: Lol @cash
Aceman: i took 24 marks in junior footy
jfitty: 24 is the most marks in a game apparently
rigs: swallow magnifying glass
hammers: muppet lynch
furlzy: nice Aceman! i took 33 marks one day playing AFL live on the PS3
Dreamweavr: Furilzy that's one more than you goose
hammers: sorry thompson
TheSaint: aceman did you play for east sandy? or for monash blues?
Mattyo: Good call rigs, he's gone right off the boil
moorey21: That's it! Ablett's on the bench next week
Aceman: Furlzy has it...33 mrks in a game of footy
creeker: nathan Bassett had 22 marks one day also, hansen on target to beat this today
cusch1: I kicked 24 goals with Pavlich in AFL live once
Seb78: kk sc?
flowerchaiyya: stiff gaz
furlzy: Dreamweavr I'm not the one pretending to be an afl footballer..
MarksMen: I bowled Don Bradman on PS4 today also Ace ;)
TheLegend6: Joel Bowden took 21 and 23 in the same year
cusch1: I won a game with Man U in Fifa today as well ;)
Aceman: De La Salle
moorey21: Didn't know it was on ps4? Xbox one too?
HawkTalker: stay down, ablett, you seagull
flowerchaiyya: I rejected yao ming with earl buykins on nba live 10 today.. so....
Dreamweavr: Furlzy ummm he's out there your not wnker
manualdenz: Nipper Congrats! You've just earned the NIPPER BADGE for checking in on FanFooty during a live match for your 1st time!
tor01doc: I lost a tennis match against Pat Cash.
MarksMen: Not sure.. Not bad on PS4 but bloody hard to bat
TheLegend6: needed 150 from gaj just to score average in DT this week :\
Pokerface: i won mario kart on rainbow road today in a field that included donkey kong and luigi
manualdenz: ffs
Aceman: cusch1, must of been man u 2013
HawkTalker: Swallow having a shocker. May is terrible. Harbrow hasnt touched it for 20 mins...
moorey21: Yeh I've heard that. Gets easier as career goes on though
NewFreoFan: I died a lot in dark souls 2 :(
DrewMartin: greg parke & brian lake hold the records at 24
KingPetrie: lift nds
Pokerface: newfreofan :(
Kj_11: That's it GAJ, go slow.
coldog: Is kk even on the field anymore
Ben_Gogos: If they don't count that tackle for Gary, I'll be majorly annoyed!
cashcow: i had a bat on the couch
furlzy: Dreamweavr thats my point he is on the field doing flowering all
Aceman: Poker, is that a great racing game? "Rainbow" road?
HawkTalker: Ablett muppet!!
Drenthe FC: ablett you lucky muppet
MarksMen: Yeah I hope so...nearly thrown the control 10 times an hour..haha
tor01doc: Gaz off the boil this week.
cusch1: Aceman juan mata was playing as a cam in my lineup...does that say what year it is or?
Gotigres: Ablett Muppet!
LeFtBehinD: OHHHHH Ablett almost turn over of the century!
footy is b: Ablett sub yourself off! Your having a shocker. Worst game in years.
Pokerface: aceman - its a track on Mario Kart
Dreamweavr: Furlzy = idiot
mstrbatten: lachie hansen 9 marks off equalling the record in a game
hammers: Gary is lifting, his team and North :)
Hotham: Nth by 5 goals +
2xxRinga: @ Aceman . . clearly you know nothing, mario cart is vintage!!!!
HawkTalker: Russell on, Ablett off would be hilarious
MarksMen: Gaz will still get 100sc
Dreamweavr: Majak 53pts nothing ? Hmmmmm
furlzy: Dreamweavr = 10 year old?
NewFreoFan: anyone looking at bennell as a pod maybe?
happytimes: L mcd time please
moorey21: Nichols knee
poolboybob: Ablett muppet
2xxRinga: kart*
Pokerface: 2xxringa yes!!
mijg: S D Thompson dssapponting
bobby98: my op had watson i have gaj
Hazza09: When will LMac come on? Joke
Dreamweavr: Furlzy = irrelevant lol
Aceman: Ringer, I know. But didnt realise Mario was herosexual.
cusch1: I will be FreoFan..had him last year and one me my GF
Pokerface: at least lmac is going to get sc points during clutch time by the looks
HawkTalker: get a kick, Harbrow
Aceman: i cant believe you cannot say G A Y on this chat. it isnt a rude word.
2xxRinga: aceman . . . when games are the great, they are played by all! even the duds haha
rigs: cape up ablett in the 4th
furlzy: Dreamweavr i'm not claiming to be relevant. just voicing an opinion.
Seb78: cmon kk do something
MarksMen: Russell on
bulldogs11: Russell is on
cashcow: nicholls subbed
krazykray: nicholls subbed
2xxRinga: does anyone know how much dixon will drop after this week?
Aceman: monty killed the joke. "Rainbow Road" on Mario kart.....haha
NewFreoFan: stay down kade kardashian
godsofwar: hows gaj sc looking
hammers: hhahaha Thomas you blouse
TheSaint: lol seb78 he's on track for a good score you flog
cashcow: north spending the next 33 minutes figuring out who to sub off
Dreamweavr: Furlzy maybe a racist ?
Mattyo: Let's go L-Mc, everyone needs you to break your BE before you get traded out
Seb78: go kk
Pokerface: no aceman.. i think you did...
coldog: power off freo fan. Come on kk
tor01doc: Sub activated.
furlzy: Dreamweavr thats laughable
Drenthe FC: how is that a free?
bulldogs11: Kade is a gun he will score 80 odd
Dreamweavr: Umpires ruining a good game disgraceful
woofy: Get to 60 swallow ffs!
LeFtBehinD: Without a doubt the worst umpiring performance I have ever seen. I cannot believe what I'm seeing.
cashcow: gibson having a hard time keeping up with the kade kardashians
rigs: lol hansen and ablett even on SC
Lynxe: Umpires killing north
mstrbatten: come one suns get this! can't stand norf
banta: lift kk, 30 touches
furlzy: @LeFtBehinD agreed.
KingPetrie: umps have lost the plot
Seb78: @saint he was on 43 for a qtr and a half then just went boom after I posted you half wit
tor01doc: Jaeger no Meister - yet
Ghost: Two shocking decisions - one against Dixon and one for. Both wrong.
tor01doc: KingP - umpires never had the plot to lose.
kuraban: Couldn't help notice North not hand back the free that Daw got in the ruck a couple of minutes ago though...
Mudkipz: GAJ climbing
Arch: just showed an image of all of norths members
mstrbatten: 7 marks needed for hansen to equal the record in the last qtr
TheSaint: watch the game seb. he had gone +14 in 3 mins before you posted
rigs: ablett 90 sc swallow 57
cashcow: norths members look like one big family. literally...
mdon11: How bad is Nicholls?
Seb78: ok mete
TheSaint: Also to the flog who said trade swallow...this will be the first game all season he doesn't reach the SC 100 (maybe)
Ghost: What, both of them Arch?
a1trader: cant see any problems with the umpiring. Are we watching the same game?
Arch: nah i of them it was a mirror image
2xxRinga: @ mstrbatten . . might get the record due to junk time at end of last qtr as well
thommoae: Nice, Ghost. Cruel but fair...
Arch: adams S/C?
tor01doc: Swallow has been amazing. Not that I was clever enough to get him. Bad bye for my team.
Dreamweavr: Lift majak your having zero influence on the game ? Lol
rooboypete: The last goal by Dixon was NOT a free. Umps gave that one to GC
mstrbatten: I like seeing records tumble. 24 uncontested marks is a shower record to have though :D
frenzy: one 1/4 of tough footy norf
Dreamweavr: Lift Hansen , poor game lol
footy is b: Gaz to rack them up in the last and get min 110
rigs: adams 39
rigs: ablett for 127
Pokerface: gtf on the ground lmac. ffs.
godsofwar: wats gazza sc please
tamoz: north will win from here i reckon
Holzman: GAJ score is bull. He should be on 60 SC
tor01doc: PCL for Nicholls.
rigs: tippet subbed
mdon11: How bad is Nicholls?
furlzy: Dreamweavr trolling?
tor01doc: Stay down LMc.
cashcow: records to tumble, after the north members screw them up and throw them at the players race
Dreamweavr: C'mon umps bring the suns home
WrightWay: Just a note, m0nty doesn't seem to use the Temporary sub. This player spent some time off the ground as a temporary subs
tor01doc: PCL is usually 3 - 4 weeks I think.
mdon11: So how bad is a PCL? Weeks? Months?
mstrbatten: ablett highest sc on the ground. more than hansen ziebell and greenwood
daverudder: instead of complaining about Abletts SC score...just get him in your team and enjoy!! I love how he is 69DT and 90SC.
mdon11: Hmm drats. Looks like I have to drop him in Draft. Especially with the byes.
bobby98: tippett subbed
rigs: rack em up lmac....30 min
rupink06: McDonald on for Tippett
Ben_Gogos: Not his game @WrightWay but I don't think there was a temp sub today
tor01doc: Grade of the PCL strain is the key to recovery.
Mattyo: C'mon Macca, time to turn it on
NewFreoFan: im sure sticking fat with goldstein will pay off eventually
casey22: GAJ geting mauled by very, very dirty Roos
TheSaint: 30 please Lmac. Could be the difference in my cash league
cashcow: hard ball gets, i50s = scoring GAJ
tor01doc: Goldy or Jacobs in after round 8 in SC???
WrightWay: @Ben, Yeah but I mean, like other matches. The match yesterday, rockliff should've had the Temporary sub.
KelCO: Chances McDonald somehow makes his BE?
mijg: Big last qtr Thompson your opp is on top
rigs: jacobs doing real well
Ben_Gogos: @WrightWay he did get the temp sub when he was off though mate, when he was brought back on it was just added in the inf
furlzy: give majak the Burger icon
krazykray: need a huge last qtr from harvey
Jonesy pan: When was the last time gaj didn't hit three figures?
Sydney14: do something mcdonald
WrightWay: @Ben, right. Cheers.
cashcow: wow mcdonald scores
TheSaint: Round 2
cashcow: umpire muppet.
Drenthe FC: holding the ball..oh wait it was ablett
tor01doc: Yaaabbllleeeettt.
Lynxe: These umpires are shower!!
mstrbatten: gary you are a god
Mudkipz: flower yeah ablett
Drak: aaaaaaablet
HawkTalker: north wont win this now
LeFtBehinD: How was that not ball!!! FFS
WrightWay: Norf's booing ablett, that's nice. :/
cashcow: huddo muppet. how can you take a mark and not have prior opportunity.
banta: rischitelli used to be good at brisbane. down hill big time
Jonesy pan: Well my memory sucks
Ben_Gogos: Wow Gaz, just wow!
Dreamweavr: Umpires disgrace
Seb78: comon kk lift
cashcow: ablett lol
tor01doc: GAJ - never ever doubt him.
Jmachete: suck it norf
thommoae: Norf's supporters oughta be ashamed; booing = jealousy.
a1trader: Ablett = Legend
casey22: GAJ racks up a LOT of SC points
Fernyys: gary sc
Torz: Gaz taking this game by the scruff of the neck.
cusch1: Umpires have been useless this week
Arch: u ripper!!
Drak: stop whinging. that was a free
MarksMen: Ablett 110 sc
Arch: great umpiring
Munza: lol Ablett you star
daverudder: Ablett = Gun if you don't have him in the words of Apu nahasapeemapetilon "what were you thinking"?
maddo: round 2 this year, he got 80 for the person who asked about Ablett
Ben_Gogos: Gary has just proved to be the difference once more with this last few minutes
mstrbatten: 10 score involvements fox tells me. amazing gary
Pokerface: lol daverudder
mijg: SC will call that the sealer just coz its Gaz
Seb78: ablett seagulor bin
cashcow: ablett in words of Apu: "thankyoucomeagain!"
MightyEss: hahaha @daverudder +12 for you
Stupendous: Ablett you bald headed beauty
NewFreoFan: Swallow lives!
2xxRinga: seagul and bin? more like hulk and gun . . contested footy mate
rigs: already called ablett to finish on 127
Arch: swallow s/c anyone please?
Pokerface: seb78 you are a joke
TheLegend6: what did ablett start the qtr on?
banta: 150 hansen cmon!
coldog: flower off swallow
thommoae: How many tags can you have and still be called a seagull, Seb?
HawkTalker: Stay down, McDonald. Dont go scoring ANY points, son
Drak: comments from none ablett owners pretty funny
kuraban: How has Ablett only been credited with 2 tackles for the game? Think he might have been ripped off a little.
rigs: swallow 71
Dreamweavr: Hawk talker he's been on 5 mins goose
cr14: Why the flower would they give Mcdonald the flowering vest
rigs: who in their right mind leaves ablett out of their team?
cashcow: rookies always miss early with general soreness. playing a quarter as sub is lmacs version of it
Dangeroo: all good boys, mcd's done his job and the cow needs culling. ty for your services good sir
tor01doc: Agree with you HawkTalker. Loved yesterday. So did m0nty so he can't ban me
Arch: if gold coast win by less than 6 points GAJ's score will increase dramatically
rigs: ablett 4!
banta: few more marks hansen!
furlzy: golden boy gaz can't touch the kid
Arch: bahahahaha!!!
Torz: You've got to at least watch the ball Greenwood.
Vlaemo97: what u smoking Arch?
Dreamweavr: Omg forget football can't deal watching umpires win
Priddis: yaaablett!
TheSaint: Give the man a CAPE
Newmie73: Cape
2xxRinga: cape hulk gun star heart?
tor01doc: Ablett - OMG LOL PermaC like never before.
Arch: shouldve been 50 for abuse of umpire
Kenny27: Scott crying in the box again loser
daverudder: Any Ablett haters care to comment??
Lynxe: North flowered over by umpires such a shame.
Drak: free kick was there dream weaver. Stop blaming the umpires. Took his eyes off the ball
TheLegend6: 3 Votes G.Ablett for playing one quarter of footy hahaha
Roksta: ablett on 130
cashcow: 3 kicks 3 goals. man imagine if he had his usual 35 possie arvo
MarksMen: 124 ablett
Magicsmell: Gaz needs his own icon
KingPetrie: ump must have ablett has his captain
WrightWay: Gaz cape, 3 goals in the fourth?
Dreamweavr: Dark which one ? Lol been plenty
Arch: thanks marksmen! swallow score???
rigs: blame mcaffer for these soft frees at stoppages
thommoae: Agree Magics. Something resembling the World's Most Talented Roll-on Deoderant?
Jukes82: do you want a tissue you muppet kingpetrie?
Sydney14: Ablett's should be on about 150 sc, he's won the game off his own boot
TheLegend6: 3. Ablett 2. Ziebell 1. Bennell i reckon
mdon11: Can we agree North are poor
cashcow: lmac only on for 10 minutes and couldn't chase shaw in the middle. soft
frenzy: old fashioed bath norf
Lynxe: Umpires 287sc can they reach over 300?
Priddis: suns home
claysymo9: carn gaz need more as capt
Drak: gaz goal assist
MightyEss: get to 85 swallow!
HappyDEZ: inconclusive lol
mstrbatten: should have gone for that yourself gary
cashcow: "I believe it was a goal, I just want to waste everyone's bloody time"
Dreamweavr: What next lol
Arch: anyone know what swallow is on
rigs: gary almost had the target icon if he slotted that one...
west_coast: how long left
daverudder: Ablett will have about 14-16 Brownlow votes this season already after this other players near him...
rigs: swallow 74
thommoae: Where's Whitey? Norf by 5 goals +?
2xxRinga: 4 mins left
tor01doc: Stevie J Brownlow?
Arch: cheers rigs
Drak: stevie j has had a good run, but the umpires hate him.
salver11: Majak runs under the ball at every marking contest!
Lynxe: Umpires currently on 293 SC points. should of made them my captain.
frenzy: goldy gun pppfffttt you guys are a good judge= not
cashcow: goldstein sole ruck average 85 and just squeezes. gun? gimme a break
tor01doc: Get back on Ablett you lazy flog.
Wends: Dead heat between the two teams... since the Suns went into 1/4 time w 6 goal lead anyway.
mr gor: lel goldstein gets the gun even tho he's avg'ing 70 for the year :v
a1trader: junk it Gaj
bobby98: why the flower are they booing gaj
Magicsmell: Should be a Zeus icon for Gaz.... God like
Torz: Gaz junk!
cashcow: goldstein has half the game with no recognised ruck opponent... 103.. what a gun
TheLegend6: why are norf fans booing gaz?
kano22: give lynxe the tears icon
coldog: Good stuff kk
cripdogs: @ slaver 11. thats more of a ball delivery problem. majak is maintaining front possie which is what he is meant to do
Kenny27: Norf Booing Ablett realising he is better then 3/4 of their team put together must be hard to Swallow!
kingfarno: if goldy gets the gun, gaj should get a nuclear warhead
cashcow: daw goes too far because he runs in expecting contact and everyone poweres their pants and gets out of the way
Lynxe: kano tears icon? what are you on about, This team was good until the umpires flowered north over.
salver11: @Cripdogs, I know the delivery hasn't been great but watch him closely, guys 15kgs lighter can work him under the ball
Jmachete: did lmac make his b/e
Arch: need thi for over
meka100: Norf top 4 contenders power off you flogs
kano22: cry more you flog
hammers: good won, despite the margin calls - suns did well
Arch: u beauty
coldog: Mitchell to Bartel?
frenzy: freo one week poo the next
coldog: Sorry wrong game
KingPetrie: will still finish top4
west_coast: nth bottom four outsider hahahahahah
Lynxe: Why would i cry? my teams winning. haha
TheLegend6: well done Arch
Drak: If you are blaming umpires for 42 point losses. You are kidding yourself.
cripdogs: @ slaver ive been watching, he is quicker and stronger and in the right spot they need kick to the lead
MarksMen: Ablett 137
TheLegend6: lol power off King Petrie
salver11: He needs to do less curls, more squats. I watched himin the flesh last week, for a guy his build he poops his pants alot
Wends: Suns highest score for 1st qu of any team this yr. That's what did Nth in.
NewFreoFan: 13 lmac? power off
casey22: Just saw the North rooms; there's a cage in there with people in it!!!!
cripdogs: yeah he doesnt realise he is a massive unit
hammers: 10 off Marksmen, good effort
Priddis: Ablett 46 points in the last quarter.
kuraban: Bennell only 88 sc?
MattyZ: We need a Swallow icon for the Swallow brothers and a lemon for Lemmens