Chat Log: R3, Geelong 12.15.87 d Collingwood 11.10.76

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owens4: Collingwood or Cats
ConnorZ1: cats
owens4: Collingwood
mace485: cats by 35
owens4: Heap of cash coming my way thanks to Langdon
OnTheRocks: langdon or mcdonald?
Heizenberg: Anyone here think swan most possies paying $4?
Heizenberg: Yeah cats comforotably
vartic: Go for it Heizenberg, Swan will bounce back tonight
Heizenberg: I think so too vartic okay im doing it
zadolinnyj: Swan proud man and will get most posies. Remember when they called him fat last year
itsOn: he still is fat
GJayBee: go swan, vomit points on the world!
GJayBee: pendles likes cats more than swan by memory hizenberg
McRooster: Do you have a crystal ball m0nty?
Heizenberg: Yeah exactly he always performs after being slagged put $50 on it at $4 won $750 last night so not too fussed
Heizenberg: Gj they both play well against them swan will get less attention though
GJayBee: respect heizenberg, im way more chill with my betting, love ya work
mr63249: can't see Geelong winning have only beaten two crap teams this year
Heizenberg: Cheers gjay
McRooster: Sandy Roberts looks like Skeletor
Heizenberg: Do you have any bets on the game gjay or this weekend?
korza: Ling and Bucks look like an oil painting gone horrifically wrong
Brown*Dog: Macaffer on Stevie J (LOCK)
zadolinnyj: I traded him out this week heizenberg so he will prob get 200
zadolinnyj: Going to be a high pass mark in sc this week I would think.
Raptorbalz: Swan like musical theater way more then the cats
dipstick: @heizen but 99% gamblers lose 750 to make 750. you seem to always win mate
Heizenberg: Lol zad always the way
zadolinnyj: See how relaxed swan is. Stopped to read banner before going through
cashcow: Cloke has had lonergan on him for 20 minutes without the ball being bounced
Heizenberg: I wish dipstick im just on a good run have made over a grand since 2 thursdays ago
mikke121: Need good round from Pndlebury, took the risk of putting him capt. and not Ablett. Ablett had very good round
Heizenberg: Bought zorko in this week for a 45 sc or so
mikke121: Pendlebury, please play well!
JGreezy: Taylor "the seagulls are roaming" as they show Pendles
mikke121: Of course Ablett plays well when I take him off captain///
JGreezy: I still see a giant didak when they show Grundy from behind
mikke121: Pendlebury look good or...?
McRooster: BT commentating, I'm gonna watch the other game- Rooster out
J.Worrall: Not on in Saigon - yet ...
cheers: Go beams and caddy '
meka100: Swan will be cheap in a couple of weeks
J.Worrall: Might have to move bars - universal not got footy yet, but I'm sure the spotted cow has ...
Heizenberg: Cmon swan lets start finding the pill
Jmachete: umps love geelong
J.Worrall: Only trouble is beer is more expensive there
raisedfist: coost
cheers: flower lift caddy
zadolinnyj: Sorry heizenberg but he seems to be forward for some reason????
Jmachete: holding the flowering ball??????
Tempaa: your flowering kidding me umpire how is that not holding the ball
beachedaz: is it possible to hide team scores? delayed coverage in perth
tamoz: Are the rucks going to do anything?
grossn: yes Beach, go press "teams off" on the home page
Tempaa: collingwood dont man up in the midfield so wouldnt suprise me if caddy goes for 110+
Jmachete: umps still loving geelong
rooboypete: Happy now Cheers??
Heizenberg: Yes caddy thats the shower cmon swan ffs
grubby: ankle maxwell
crazyet23: maxwell worst player on afl list
J.Worrall: Aha, delayed broadcast at universal .... Hmmmm.
Grazz: Having no luck Worrall
cheers: keep going beams and caddy
J.Worrall: Wc game will be on Aussie network in a few minutes - might see if the other bar up the street is live, Grazz.
Jmachete: selwood quack quack no whistle lol
GJayBee: go caddy, earn ya stripes son, need a big one or your name will offend me.
Jmachete: ahaha umps
Tempaa: these umpires are as soft as i ever floweren seen
Jmachete: 8 free kicks gell, 1 coll
grossn: Umps are on song tonight, said no one ever
GJayBee: Q Is Maxwell a premiership captain and All Australian?
zadolinnyj: Foxtel go on phone JWorrall
GJayBee: Q Does he still do double fisted punches when anyone else would mark? hahahah
Heizenberg: Cmon swan ffs
a1trader: geelong are a chance tonight
grossn: Yes to the first, no to the second
Tempaa: your question was just answered gjaybee he marked it. flog
cashcow: horlin-smith smashing it which clearly means he will be dropped for 8 weeks
MarksMen: I hope everyone traded Swan last week when they had a chance...I went Swan to Watson
Woosha 73: Swan +3 whoohoo
GJayBee: come on grossn, we both know he loves a double fister! it's comical. love the man, but . . .
meziare: two early red crosses in the other game :(
cheers: Go beams and caddy '\
GJayBee: swan is my hero but i didn't have him in anything this year.
zadolinnyj: Swan is moving now
echotracer: Bartel on 2 SC at qtr time, glad I dropped him completely
zadolinnyj: Lever as subbed. Arm injury
mmachida: Langdon and bartel sc?
MarksMen: Why isn't this updated live? My foxtel already 1/4 time 4 mins ago ??
PAPz13: swan is back bsabbbbyy
mmachida: Cheers echo
BoatsNHoes: shut up about the other game
zadolinnyj: Lecras sorry. Auto correct
Heizenberg: Why doesnt it have swans possies on his icon?
echotracer: Langdon 15, bartel 2 at qtr time
Heizenberg: Hes had 5 by my count
zadolinnyj: 5 confirmed
zadolinnyj: Harry 9, Steele 7, beams 8
Tempaa: 20 points is nothing if you even the free kick count, bloody umps
mmachida: Cheers again mate
Heizenberg: Thanks zad
Jukes82: bartel 2 sc shower
Tempaa: typicle johnson off the ball absolute dog
J.Worrall: Nope, Aussie network ha this game ... Just saw Geelong run through the banner.
J.Worrall: Colder beer, better wifi, live footy - spotted cow wins. Now if that one pom wasn't listening to soccer,
Tempaa: ohhh elliottt
Jmachete: massive!!!
J.Worrall: Life could be politicking
grossn: Jesus Elliott is a freak
J.Worrall: * poifick
Ewoks: @J.Worral Australia TV gotta love it makes living in SEA during footy season bearable
zadolinnyj: Steele 11, swan 6
Heizenberg: Wow zad sidey was paying $26 to 1
Jackwatt$: Who's the most annoying, Richo or BT?
Tempaa: my patience with steele in sc is paying off you ripper
Heizenberg: Cmon swanny
J.Worrall: But it ain't live tonight, Ewoks - that's why I changed bars.
Redraptor: beams ok should be out soon
owens4: sidebottom SC
cashcow: here in czech republic all we get is chelsea
rooboypete: BT is more annoying by far....
J.Worrall: Correctiion Ewoks - both are Aussie network, but one bar is using the delayed feed, the other is live ... Go figure
Tempaa: haha johnson you flog, elbow your own team mate cos his trying to cool him down, absolute flog
Redraptor: go selwood and langdon and beams
Ewoks: yeah ATV is pretty much always on a 30min delay due to the 7 and Foxtel contracts
J.Worrall: Pies rallying ...
Jair: Someone needs to tell BT it's not all about him
PAPz13: lets go piggy
J.Worrall: Who is that Ling lookalike?
joshu12: good game thus far
cheers: lift beams and caddy
owens4: sidebottom SC
Redraptor: both teams have a lot of heart
J.Worrall: Chat broke. Minty?
Rilian: Question for those playing VS/Real DT, does it have live scoring and set up like years on
wadaramus: Sidebum 57sc.
J.Worrall: Nice one Stokes
meziare: Zorko to Varcoe might be looking good this week
Redraptor: go lonergan
J.Worrall: Swan surely not match fit?
a1trader: I'll be getting Swanny back next week after a price drop
JGreezy: lol at trading out zorko,good one
Redraptor: best match of the year so far
meziare: Sorry, should say that is in Fantasy. Don't have him in RDT
mmachida: Bartel and pendles sc?
Tempaa: great 2nd qtr pies good stuff
daniel87: zorko will be bounce back to good not to
Jukes82: should've kept landgon on the bench ffs
ConnorZ1: why would you pick swan up next week? surely you would wait until he has at least 1 swan like game
Jmachete: umps let up that qtr and the game was actualy fair
wadaramus: Bartel 24, Pendles 54sc.
bomber5151: pendelbury needs to lift
wadaramus: Langdon 31sc.
linusp: beams sc?
wadaramus: Beamer 44sc.
wadaramus: Cracking game of Saturday night footy, beats the rubbish the Crows served up today.
Redraptor: lonergan doing well on cloke even though his score is low
Darius: Anyone else had a good week ruined by Tom Mitchell?
TheoX: pathetic score pendles
GJayBee: should have had selwood for every game of his career. i remember thinking i should. of course, id didn't
daniel87: i have tmitchel betts and zorko
wadaramus: Errrrr......yes Darius! Personally, I would have subbed Cunningham if I was Horse!
J.Worrall: Mitchell has not ruined my week
Tempaa: give pendles a break, 182 last week. can still come out and have 50 point 3rd qtr
J.Worrall: I have Sammy
IWantPie: The focus on Stevie J seems to be working. That man IS geelong
Heizenberg: Cmon swan big 2nd half reign in sidey
meziare: thoughts on Stokes being one of the tope 2/3 fwd's for the year?
Tempaa: lets go pies big 2nd half
cheers: lift beams and caddy
a1trader: Maxwell should be all Australian.
Demons15: maxwell with a sun icon o.o
kuraban: Maxwell all australian??? What kind of team are you selecting, cause it surely isn't Aussie Rules!
spudaroos: Joel Selwood is bloody elite. Whaddaplaya
linusp: something wrong with beams tonight?
J.Worrall: Tommy a bit lucky there
cougar37: Anyone else reckon C.Data has missed plenty tonight?
casey22: Stevie's going to smack somebody soon.
Redraptor: i think that was a pretty importsant goal
cashcow: gaz rocky and lib in my mids - beams hard act to follow
cashcow: oh and gun for selwood
daniel87: caddy gone to sleep
Redraptor: adams on dwyer off
cheers: lift beams and caddy
J.Worrall: Bucks is v cheerful ... Not
wadaramus: Wake up Caddy.
TheoX: pendles you useless cow
Redraptor: brown out blicavs on
Jodd: Can anyone tell me where Mitch Brown was playing before he was subbed? Was he forward again?
J.Worrall: Nice grab, good goal, pies
dezza33: Caddy where are you!!!
Hawks_13: does anyone know what clinton youngs sc score is?
chrisj911: who made pendles captain intead of the little master because of his score last week, lol, not me
spudaroos: Cut Beams a break, he is going head to head with a superior midfielder.
Hutcho42: young 47 sc
runners47: Johnno & Caddy MIA - shake a leg, guys!!
dezza33: caddy!!!!
daniel87: had gazza captain not that it matters having a very ordinary round
mmachida: Pendles and bartel sc?
runners47: Neither me, chrisj911 - stuck with GAJ!
chrisj911: pendle 80 bartel 49
Hawks_13: thanks hutco42. thought he wasnt doing much
Redraptor: keep going lonergan
jimmyflash: Fasolo is so overrated. Better off on the pine.
J.Worrall: Cats setting sail for home?
mstrbatten: caddy fallen asleep this q
mmachida: Cheers chrisj
carlton_99: macintosh and bartels sc score pls
chrisj911: i need pies to get within 25 for my multi, they better run this game out
Tempaa: sidebottommm booomm
chrisj911: tosh 74 bartel 51
FlagDog: run it out? they might win ;)
J.Worrall: Sidney to keep pies in it ..
Tempaa: steele sc baangg
chrisj911: if they win my multi is still alive, just have to get within 25
chrisj911: but they have been chasing tail all game, can't see them winning
J.Worrall: JimBob says slow it down
FlagDog: how many frees against grundy now? :/
cheers: flowering lift beams and caddy
jimmyflash: Grundy really immature, has a lot to learn about how to ruck properly.
Jmachete: he was getting held grundy should of been his free
Brown*Dog: The "PIG" looking better tonite
mmachida: Pendles sc?
chrisj911: pendle 94
carlton_99: supercoach scores for bartel and macintosh please
mijg: No shower Grundy still a rookie really
mmachida: Cheers again chrisj
Tempaa: pendles 94 sidebottom 96 swan 69 selwood 117
chrisj911: 52 and 78 for tosh
Tempaa: mcintosh 78 bartel 52
ryderwato4: How does caddy get -2 sc for that quarter????
chrisj911: langdon 53 as well if anyone interested
Redraptor: I love selwood
Jodd: Be great if you could snag a few points this quarter, Johnson. :(
sheedz85: come beamsy, finish with a big last qtr please
daniel87: caddy sc?
TheoX: adams is gone!
meka100: Give Adams 4 weeks, your flowering with a gun you parasite
WizMan: Thanks Chrisj911 was just about to ask.
OnTheRocks: lawl, stay there Beams
runt: Brave to come out on this forum redraptor
runners47: Leaving your run late,Pendles...
FlagDog: You can knock out a no name player and get nothing, knock over a gun and you get weeeeeeeeks
Redraptor: go lonergan big last q
Jackwatt$: Pendlebury just farted 25 points
JRedden: what a start to the quarter by langdon
Jukes82: thats it bartel junk it up!
Jmachete: selwood dive lol
frieswthat: give me $200k a year I could be 1/5 of Cloke...
chrisj911: langdon shoots to 65
Tempaa: goo langdon
JRedden: langdon 25 points in 3 mins
FlagDog: langdon going for the ton
chrisj911: cloke 26, lol
rooboypete: Is Pendles your capt Runners47?
Adamjomi22: Anyone watching? Why the fail on Steve j
Jackwatt$: Selwood ineffective kick +20
ConnorZ1: lift caddy 80+ please
FlagDog: Collingwood fumbles have ruined them, if the all fumbles were clean possies they be in front
Redraptor: lonergan got the rock..well deserved
Jackwatt$: Tagged by macaffer. Wish he had of tagged Selwood
Tempaa: dont forget the umpire decisions aswell flagdog
rooboypete: Pendles down the race...
cashcow: caddy second half switch off has been epic
cheers: lift beams and caddy
Jimbo boy: lift pendles
TheoX: do something u joker pendles
Jackwatt$: Caddy is Dusty 2.0
runners47: Not at all, rooboypete - I stuck with GAJ, gladly. Could've gone for Rocky, but don't want to be greedy
chrisj911: pendles came in sore and now he's more sore
FlagDog: Time for Cloke to earn his keep, take a couple BIG grabs and kick some goals. Only way he can rescue his nightmare game
Gooseman10: New rules are killing clokes output, he get scruffed, dragged and held with no reprecussions
rooboypete: GAJ was simply amazing, even with a quietish last qtr
GJayBee: the mare would better suit cloke!!!!!
chrisj911: most colliingwood supporters used to say the old rules killed cloke
J.Worrall: That's a better kick,Tommy
Hutcho42: That astronaut icon - give that to Bruest every week MOnty!
rooboypete: THose with Stevie J as capt will be unhappy...
runners47: Who's your capt, rooboypete?
carlton_99: can i please have the supercoach scores for bartel and macintosh
J.Worrall: What's new there, chrisj?
cheers: lift beams and caddy
rooboypete: GAJ of course. He was always going to rebound after last week's frustration...
MarksMen: The defender killed Cloke
chrisj911: bartel has stepped it up with 84 tosh 79
J.Worrall: Nice one Tom
ConnorZ1: frustration? he got 121 last week
muntedmyke: cant wait to trade cloke in as a bench warmer
runt: Good on you Hawkins.
lawrybeard: go easy on jodes tonight hutch... it's only a game
jimmyflash: Lonergan has given Cloke a bath
J.Worrall: Nice tight defence, cats
rooboypete: Talking AF ConnorZ1, not SC
chrisj911: what's new?
thommoae: Connorz - it was 80 DT
Redraptor: great round of footy
Redraptor: couple of more marks lonergan
J.Worrall: Lots of claret for Vardy
MarksMen: Guys what's Swan be...on ipad
Jukes82: t.cloke is a joke worse than jack rooey by a mile.
chrisj911: grundy can hardly move
Hutcho42: Chipper! Harsh but fair! LOL!
Redraptor: well done beams and langdon...great games
chrisj911: swan 74
Redraptor: varcoe coming back on
chrisj911: elliot has kept my multi alive so far
alftiles44: Grundy is crap
aj11: Will Pendles even make a sc ton.. Please tell me he will since his my (c)
cheers: lift beams and caddy
TheoX: adams is a dirty little cow
cougar37: Elliott the X, the Target and the gun
bigsandi: Elliot you lil star
chrisj911: pendles is 105
Redraptor: here we go
Tempaa: power off theox. dish it back out to selwood he does the same
Heizenberg: shower go away pies
Hutcho42: Like your mum theo...
J.Worrall: That Elliot kid seems to be able to kick!
Tempaa: hahahaha hutcho42
runt: Strange game, Collingwood seem flat but can still win
MarksMen: Not called for Hutco42
chrisj911: pies won't win nor deserve too
runners47: Elliott for star, even if in losing team???
Hutcho42: Yeah well, I don;t think Adams is a dirty little cow.
ConnorZ1: caddy a massive let down in a game that needs winning
TheoX: tempa ya toolbag
runt: Hawkins 50/50 usually but Collingwood supporters fired him up to be a sharpshooter
J.Worrall: Tommy brings the cats home
Heizenberg: Caddy why?
Redraptor: hawkins and jroo similar stories today
tiltraise: cape for tomahawk
MarksMen: Insert Collingwood excuse here....
dezza33: x factor hawkins
Hutcho42: BTW - I don;t know Theo's Mum. Heat of the moment stuff. Sorry Theo!
runners47: Langdon still a keeper after today
Ewoks: @Worral what makes it more impressive is how rare accurate goal kicking has been this year to date
meka100: Adams is showerhouse
chrisj911: I think most of collingwoods wins will be close games
J.Worrall: Sosadpies
Redraptor: thanks coll. and gee. great game
GJayBee: Langdon is a stud.
cashcow: hawkins will ton in sc
J.Worrall: Agreed Ewoks, has been great to see a bit of a shoot out!
jimmyflash: Collingwood and Richmond 1-2. Too perfect!!!!!
Jukes82: caddy you spud you're gone
Jmachete: one opp youll next beat.. umps
carlton_99: why u bagging umps frees were very even