Chat Log: R22, St Kilda 17.14.116 d Gold Coast 10.10.70

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Hawkatack: cmon Curren weat that little bald freak like a glove today and keep him under 100
ShyOne: Are my clocks wrong?
cashcow: subs ledger, hunt. lee out, ledger in. harbrow out, hunt in.
Hawkatack: cmon Curren keep that bald little freak under 100
lewis: tom lee out replaced by tom ledger harbrow out hunt in
Ninja!: will montagna get a tag?
Karlpov: Since I've lost my SC final I need NRoo to stink it up today
Woodie: How many points for GAJ tody? 165sc
owens4: need ablett to do Something well to get 150 my opp doesn't have hin
owens4: did anyone see nathan fyfe last night scored 52 in the first quarter and scored 9 in the second
Richy10: need an 80 from Curren as i had to put him on the field for Heppel
at#13: @owens4 I did see that, he had a stinker in the last 3 quarters!
at#13: lets hope BT Brian Taylor is on commentary today... BIG BOY McEVOY!
whitsy: here we go again...
Pies_11: Hi all
owens4: yeah thought he would get around 150 - 180
biggerz: Cmon Gazza, back to your old self today pls
Ninja!: need montagna to score less than 50 and griffin, bob murphy and martin to score 100
MarksMen: Lets go Cannon
owens4: c'mon ablett
biggerz: Jones is such a squib. Your team is out of finals, just let Gaz go. For fantasy sake.
Woodie: Jones had him last time & GAJ still pumped out 170 odd
scaledup: o'meara -6 lel
Woodie: Greedy Dixon
whitsy: cmon montagna lift
cusch1: Come on Bennell you're my massive POD this week
Pavalinco: Die Joey
at#13: o'meara is my emergency for beams this week fmdt!!
Pavalinco: Any word on Hanley?
YoungGun: McKenzie moved to tag Dal Santo monty
scaledup: this is an insight of what O'Meara will do next year with a tag for those considering him
Catter1234: Muppet Dixon!! GCS in massive trouble.
owens4: ablett killing ME
hacker: Stay down rowboat montagna
IWantPie: Gaz working his way back into the game. Should tonne up....just
9294eagles: ablett is almost fantasy irrelevant lately, dare i say it this early in a game :P
scaledup: ablett will be sweetly priced next year
bahodie: c'mon NRoo and Tags!
owens4: go ablett moving up
Woodie: True @9294eagles, put the C on him just to cover your opp
B.Pickett: Come on Captain Monty!
9294eagles: my opp change it to griffen so i followed him just coz i front by 72
bahodie: I really hope the Cannon comes good. Had to keep him due to other defense issues this week.
MIJG: Carn Saints picked you this week and I need the win.
Elephant: I need Cotchin and Griffen to outscore Montagna and Minson by 2 points to win, thoughts on my chances?
Woodie: @9294eagles, that's why I went GAJ Capt
Mash: that could go either way elephant
Sydney14: cmon ablett and cannon
Woodie: Jones playing the man not the ball, bloody spud
thommoae: Brought the Cannon in several weeks ago ... pop-gun, sadly.
Jair: my bets on you Elephant
owens4: my opp has grif as captin i had swan (95 x2
gdshifty: @thommoae same here mate. Mckenzie has been my worst trade for the year.
sbr5496: I ditched the cannon a couple of weeks ago, brought in kane cornes thank god
AT#13: ablett will be on 50 by 1/2 time
Woodie: 50 is that all :)
AT#13: @woodie 50+ i meant.. haha
Karlpov: Jones tank is going to run out and ablett will score big in 2nd halff
Punt: Ablett 36sc
owens4: imagine if ablett had the flame at quarter tim
old_shepp: Kept the cannon for SC - 31 at the moment
Woodie: Canon 31sc from 5 touches
biggerz: Jones already gasping.
bixler: loving the cheap ablett frees
BestCoast: Carn Nroo
Mcswains: come on Sainters!!
B.Pickett: Come on monty do something
owens4: c'mon ablett score 60+ by half time
m0nty: I'm giving it all I can, cap'n!
biggerz: regular updates on Gaz SC pls lads.
wolfheart: does Gazza look like his normal self, or is he obviously carrying an injury?
Pimageddon: Is that all?
cusch1: come on bennell
Woodie: Ablett 40sc atm
Changeling: ablett 40 sc
MIJG: Thats enough for the Qtr Gaj, go have a rest mate.
Ghost: Ya canna giv it anymore, Monty!
biggerz: cheers boys
owens4: woo go ablett
IWantPie: Montag - feel free to sustain a small 2 weeks injury - thnx
biggerz: Changeling - riewoldts pls mate?
Woodie: Nroo 56sc
MIJG: Lets go Saints. Show some respect for the year.
wolfheart: Nroo is gonna kill me.
BestCoast: Nroo that a boy
Mcswains: Good boy Nicky Roo
biggerz: thanks woodie
Ninja!: come on montag!!!!!!!!!! score under 50
Sydney14: cmon gaz and cannon, more please
tor01doc: Come on Eileen.
Woodie: Cmon Suns keep going
wolfheart: all saints atm
biggerz: Cmon Nick, kick straight mate. Need a big one from you.
Woodie: Nroo 68sc, kicking hurting him
BestCoast: Nroo is firing me back into the Granny go you good thing
Woosha 73: Loving how I traded McEvoy when I could've traded ROK
tor01doc: All over her face.
Woodie: Cmon Ablett take control mate
Mash: dreaming ninja he's a gun
B.Pickett: yes montagna!
Jukes82: c'mon jaeger get to the 30's by 1/2 time at least.
MudDawg: Big Boy is on the charge.
Ninja!: i know mash, i know
Sydney14: lift cannon
BestCoast: Hearing you @Woosha73 ROK is a rock sinking fast
MIJG: Now bury em Sainters
wolfheart: Ablett has gone missing
Mcswains: Smash em Saints
MIJG: Tats the way Gazz, backwards.
Soulman: This game isnt up to AFL standard.
BestCoast: Gold Coast have tired in the last month big time
BestCoast: Joey & Nroo show keep it going
Catter1234: Saints on fire! Game over.
R.Griff: Soulman and the next game won't be either
tor01doc: What do people need / want from Ablett?
wolfheart: Ablett cracking the showers on the phone apparantly
itsduftime: great first haalf curren. keep it up
Jukes82: I just need gaj to scrape to a ton
Sydney14: lift ablett
rg144: whats ablett, Riewoldt SC?
Woodie: Don't care what he gets, all my opp & me have him capt
MIJG: As little as possable from Gaj would be great.
knighta21: 100 from Gaz will be fine
biggerz: I need 130SC from gaz
MIJG: As little as possible from Gaj would be great. I went Jelwood opp Gaj
Bort: traded gaz this week (DT) had to change it up for the win
IWantPie: keep prestia on your radar next year guys he is getting very reliable
BestCoast: Ablett misses would be ok if he gave me her
wolfheart: travesty! suns robbed.
tor01doc: Best comment -> Bestcoast.
AT#13: @bort who did you trade gaz for?
Karlpov: no changes in next game
Bort: selwood
Aceman: ablett looking ordinary. not tackling, not running hard. letting team down
tractorfac: ffs roo and montagna killing me wtf
wolfheart: Magnifying glass for permacaptain. Has gone backwards in the last 15 minutes
scaledup: prestia hasn't got 100 since round 14..
BestCoast: I love my Nroo today
AT#13: j selwood or scooter?
Jukes82: good recovery o'meara
BestCoast: @tor01doc we can only dream
Bort: joel. so its a win atm
TIMWHATSON: Riewoldt is killing me
Sydney14: ablett searching for a flower to give
tor01doc: I'd gladly have her ring.
BestCoast: @tor01doc which one ??
MIJG: Sub Gaj for Hunt Bluey
Chucky2010: Abletts last kick didnt count
lubby: @timwhatson you are killing yourself by not having him
tor01doc: Your imagination - your call.
wolfheart: damn. Ablett nearly got a kick but the siren beat him.
BestCoast: all three i am greedy
Woodie: Ballon knot :)
BestCoast: Nroo SC anyone please.
essendon-4: cape reiwodlt 63 this otr
Mash: 95 bestcoast
Woodie: Nroo 95sc
BestCoast: @Mash a miilion cheers mate
Mash: no probs
sbr5496: name game isn't working
essendon-4: where the carlton supporters at haha
Costanza: they'll be here next week when we're not
Woodie: Their getting ready for September haha
MIJG: Yes, They will be playing finals I think.
essendon-4: idc if we dont make finals aslong as we beat carlton im happy :)
Woodie: Atleast GCS, GWS, North, Dogs & Melbourne can say that they played in September :)
scaledup: I never seen a team that's going to finish last celebrate so much
itsduftime: shouldnt roo have the cape
essendon-4: finishing last but beating u twice wow use are great losing the twice to a team thats last you dont deserve finals
AT#13: making finals doesnt really matter if you dont win the thing really...
Escapist: essendon-4 and scaledup, none of our teams can make finals so stfu
scaledup: I hardly care, I follow the real football more than afl nowadays, afl is not as good is it use to be with rule changes
Pimageddon: But the Carl vs Ess bitterness is so funny!
Woodie: Really feel for the supporters of EFC, but not the club
essendon-4: exactly AT13 its not like we were going to get far in the finals but atleast now we get good picks
cashcow: good picks... lol
Woodie: Lift Ablett, slow down Nroo FFS
Kenny27: all your picks are gone lol
tezzer_j: ess will not be getting any picks
essendon-4: no there not idiot
Gigantor: mcevoy.... fantasy yoyo lol
Pimageddon: Well pick is junkie slang for a syringe....
Kenny27: all your picks will be stripped Hird will be gone for 12 months and you wont be playing finals
essendon-4: haha coming from a collingwood supporter junkie dogs
Khunt1vote: All your picks are belong to us!
greenbaron: 2.6 million fine and points this year plus no drafts this year and next from very good source.
Bort: f sake montagna, lift
owens4: lift ablett
Pimageddon: Oooh, good one!
scaledup: essendon fans think they can get away with it lol
Woodie: They'll still have draft picks, at the end
Ninja!: @kenny i dont think all that will happen considering hird is trying to sue them back..points will be lost
Kenny27: It will happen they have damaged the reputation of the game
old_shepp: Just when you thought GAJ couldn't get any worse. Hope it costs him the Brownlow
Sydney14: cmon mckenzie ffs
Woodie: Some -3's please Nroo
a1trader: Ablett doesn't look interested
Karlpov: @Ninja, Hird is basically suing for defamation. The points, draft picks, suspension and fine are all penalties to the cl
greenbaron: @woodie they have accepted fine and points but dont want 2 years of drafts just want one. But afl said these are the ter
Kenny27: Great goal Tagna
Jmachete: guilty retirement for milne
Aceman: Milne will have to go down as one of the best small forwards to have played the game.
Woodie: @greenbaron, they must still have picks, what happens when retirements cut their list
owens4: ablett sc
greenbaron: @woodie first and second round picks
Woodie: Ablett 47sc atm
bahodie: C'mon Suns, I had you with a 50 point head start...
Karlpov: @Woodie, it's only 1st and 2nd round picks (for 2 years). They keep the later ones
AT#13: @aceman and a rowboat...
bixler: All of the following, please go forth and get flowered: Chris Mayne, Nick Riewoldt, Gold Coast, Ablett and McKenzie.
Aceman: Ablett looking for the easy kicks. U r not playing Pies this week Ablett.
Woodie: That's what I thought, Thanks @Karlpov
bahodie: Change the word 'forward' to something else, and I think you're right Aceman
Woodie: Nroo hurt, Knee
BestCoast: Cannon is the worlds biggest seagull every week
owens4: oh comon ablett
ozgamer: Ablett gawn. Going for a POD for next week.
cashcow: Essendon must be looking forward to the rookie drafts lol
Woodie: Lift Ablett FFS +6's mate
Jmachete: Ablett playing like an essendon player
essendon-4: dont think ablett will win brownlow think selwood will
Bort: lift montagna
Woodie: @essendon-4...Agree
bahodie: I actually thought the Suns had a chance this arvo. C'mon Gold Coast, and by that I man Ablett, lift!
MIJG: Ablett looking a bit like Hird. Golden boy one min nek min .
Schillaci: Aceman got it right. Milney undoubtedly one of the great small forwards...38th on all time goalkicking list
Aceman: Selwood deserves brownlow. Easy to be the best player in a shower team. not so is a top team.
Slightly01: I'm going to be sick
Jmachete: Ablett will win like Judd, big fish small pond
bahodie: Ablett will reveal he's playing with some sort of weird injury after next week
Aceman: Brennan needs to give the game away.
Hawkatack: suck shower Ablett you bald little flowering cow
Mash: Selwood only been best player for 5 weeks, needs to be someone who has been doin it all year
biggerz: Ablett and NRoo SC pls lads?
MarksMen: What is Abletts sc
old_shepp: Took the risk with Ablett for the C in SC. Great way to end my season !
essendon-4: maybe pendels ?
Woodie: Ablett 50sc, Nroo 102sc
AT#13: @mash thats a guaranteed 15 brownlow votes, plus others he has picked up here and there, i reckon hes a chance.
Moondog21: @Mash, surely you're not serious.
Aceman: @mash. if you are getting '3' votes, u really don't need to be best overt he whole season
Mash: might put something on pendles for brownlow
AT#13: someone else to think about is pendlebury..
old_shepp: I wouldn't write Swan off for the Charlie either. Umpires love him
Mash: he's a chance, wouldn't say he's fav or 2nd fav though
Moondog21: Selwood has at least 7 BOG's and for what it's worth I have him on 27 votes.
AT#13: is omeara guaranteed rising star? surely you'd have to think about brad crouch aswell...
Aceman: watching this game, i will say unlike Ablett, Selwood does not have very poor games.
old_shepp: Selwood is a mouth. Umpires usually don't like that
banta: crouch has been good bu only played like 8 or 9 games. surely he can't win it?
stixy53: What's Mckenzie SC score please.
Jmachete: O'meara to win brownlow
Mash: think about it AT but omeara 1st crouch 2nd, crouch missed some games and started sluggish
I<3Sausage: i also have Selwood on 27 votes, Swan on 26 and Ablett on 25.. Next best is Jack with 20
AT#13: @banta I do agree, but crouch has been superb in all of those games.
Woodie: Canon 44sc
IWantPie: gotta say I am considering trading ablett this week for my GF....looking very average
RooBoyStu: I think Sportsbet paid out Ablett bets for Brownlow too early, his last month has been shower
Mash: yeh true aceman but its still only the best 3 for the game so good games wont get you there
banta: yeah great both great players already, hard to know who will get it. criteria for that award always ambiguous
IWantPie: This game isnt over either GC finishing this quarter strong!
woofy: Where do people see griff finishing in the brownlow?
scaledup: is this the beginning of the end of ablett as a fantasy relevant player ?
Sydney14: cmon cannon need atleast 80 sc from you, lift
AT#13: I reckon it has to be scotty pendlebury this year. He is an absolute gun.
RooBoyStu: give Ablett the Down arrow icon
stixy53: Anyone know Mckenzie SC score.
IWantPie: @scaledup - are you smoking something?
old_shepp: Cannon 45sc
Woodie: Cannon 45sc now
Changeling: mckenzie 45
woofy: Alberta form over the weeks have been weird. Not like he hasn't been tagged before...
CamT: @I<3Sausage ... How many votes do you have StevieJ on ?
biggerz: Huge last quarter by Gaz pls, including the winning goal.
MIJG: Dont stop saints. Only 21 points
HBTD22: no one mentioning jelwood? hes had probably 8 BOGs at least this year
I<3Sausage: I have Griff equal 9th with Johnson, Fyfe and Watson on 16 votes
RooBoyStu: Joel Selwood to storm home like Kiwi in the 83 Cup
stixy53: Thanks old shepp
Mash: griff atleast top 10 imo
scaledup: ablett has got 89, 64, 82 and now this in the past month, hardly premo status
bahodie: Pretty sure Albett's playing with an injury
AT#13: @woofy, I reckon top 10, no higher. Hes been really good. But not brownlow good.
Hadouken: nice qtr roo.....
a1trader: Swan still a chance too
RooBoyStu: m0nty give Ablett the cactus icon lol
Escapist: scaledup- i hope you arent questioning ablett's premo status..
BestCoast: @bahodie i agree
Grazz: @bahodie i agree, he's carrying something no doubt in my mind.
MIJG: Ablett can still get 100 SC from here unfortunately.
Mash: got montag vs omeara and cannon and he outscoring both :D
knighta21: Yep, Selwood will get brownlow I think
woofy: Hope Griff wins it during his career
BestCoast: Ableet to win Brownlow by 5 votes
linusp: rischitelli, worst GC pickup ever. Been a hack for his entire stay, being outgunned by new kids.
RooBoyStu: I don't care who wins the Brownlow, just as long as Jaba Watson doesn't.
linusp: ablett still leading 'contested possessions' for this game... JOM's on a whole 50sc, abletts beating him.
spuddddddd: How the flower is ablett on 62 SC and o'meara 50?
Mash: Ablett still averaging 3 more points than next best so i'd say thats premo
BestCoast: @linusp Brennan very close second
AT#13: @woofy griffen is the best player in the afl to break a tag... if he consistently does it, a brownlow isnt to far away.
linusp: cos omeara is outside receiving 'seagulling' and abletts winning his ball with someone hanging off him?
woofy: Gc only 20 points down. Bring it home Ablett!
BestCoast: Earth to Nroo come in Nroo
Mash: rischitelli was awesome first year, reckon injury has stuffed him
linusp: @bestcoast still think brennan has something to offer... maybe 1 good year to come. They just need to find his niche pos
MIJG: Put the boot in Saints
footy is b: lets see if we get another montagna last qtr fade out
Mash: you need seagulls linusp, they call it outside run
linusp: rischi should be in his prime, with the best footy from him right now.
footy is b: gary your last month has been a disgrace. cant believe they paid out on him to win the brownlow, selwood to win
BestCoast: @linusp GC have had bad luck from most of those early recuits. they will bounce back big time next couple
linusp: @mash like Bennell... that how you outside run. Not like JOMs doing unfortunately. the 4 FA dont help
Bort: standard last quarter fade out from montags coming
footy is b: ablett leading the brownlow by a mile at half way point and then a massive crash.
BestCoast: Fickle crowd on Ablett. eryone has him if you dont your team is shower
TheLegend6: Khunt's been good since coming on
Slightly01: Not everyone has him as captain BC.....
owens4: ablett sc
scaledup: sure everyone has ablett but the smart ones don't have him captain
AT#13: i got griff as captain, expecting 120+ i reckon from him today!
old_shepp: Ablett 75
BestCoast: @Slightly01 i agree went pendles SC Swan DT
linusp: griff captain with raines playing? griffs been down lately... tired from breaking tags day in day out
owens4: go ablett
GEORDST3R: was gonna lose but swapped captain from gaz to cotchin and opp has gaz c
BestCoast: Anyone Nroo SC please
Hawkatack: Have Ablett but not as captain ..took Selwood 131 like any true sc would
scaledup: broughton has gone from bad to worse
AT#13: @linusp he is the best in the afl in breaking a tag... he'll do it again.
poeticking: yes owens4 ablett get sc scores
MIJG: Cant go past Jelwood as Capt ATM
biggerz: Finish off strong Gaz and Nroo
NewFreoFan: Yep, happy I chose Jelwood this round for C
linusp: yeah agree, but he's been tired lately. Hasnt been breaking tags as well in last couple of games.
Mash: nroo 105 3qt
RooBoyStu: what's the status of Dal Santo and Montagna's contracts?
grossn: Would anyone risk trading Ablett?
linusp: broughton's like suban from Freo... if you stuck him into the mid he'd have a blinder.
TheLegend6: Well, it's fair to say Danny Stanley was a good unique pick up this week..
IWantPie: I have Griif + 53 vs Rockliff in my semi - winner? (me?)
NewFreoFan: So many players owned by 0.xx% of teams... Is any player owned by absolutely nobody I wonder?
BestCoast: @Mash champion effort mate
woofy: @Linesup His efficiency has been abit down. He still gets plenty of the ball.
AT#13: i want pie you are safe as houses mate.
linusp: yeah i'd say you've won that @iwantpie
biggerz: changeling, woodie. SC scores pls boys?
BestCoast: @NewFreoFan Zac Dawson
RooBoyStu: semi or prelim? lol
R.Griff: Schneider owned by 0.20%
linusp: Nick maxwell, surely no one owns him
Changeling: ablett? 79
MarksMen: Cooney out guys...
Mash: no fade out for joey so far
linusp: more people would own morabito thinking he'd play this year then Nick Maxwell
biggerz: changeline, yeah ablett and NRoo
BestCoast: @Changeling love your work mate
Jormas: i have McKenzie and Daniher vs win my league game. Thought i was a shoe-in... Fk you Mckenzie.
Changeling: nroo 116
Changeling: no probs mate
AT#13: bestcoast is throffing everytime he gets a SC score update.. lol
cusch1: Changeling mate do you have Bennell sc score?
MIJG: Yah, Hanley not a late out
biggerz: Gaz get 90+, come on mate, one time.
linusp: you got the Big Easy? wowie oh boy oh my
Changeling: bennell 95
arbel: changeling ... what about cannon
MIJG: Who to win the Brissy- WB game?
Mcswains: Great stuff Sainters!!
cusch1: Thanks
Aceman: Ablett not 1 tackle today......what does that tell you.
Changeling: mckenzie 53
BestCoast: Star for @Changeling love his SC updates champion
Torpedo10: Anyone have Cannons SC score?
linusp: got a feeling the bullies.
biggerz: Hopefully Riewoldt scaled up for early impact.
AT#13: @MIJG Doggies surely on their late run of form. They're in my multi!
arbel: @aceman ... tells me that he is yet to lay a tackle :)
MarksMen: Cannon only 53 :(
schmicko: lions...
whitsy: @chageling...relton roberts ?
RooBoyStu: Dal Santo should have a HUGE sc score
MIJG: Hope so. Gives me 8 for the week
Changeling: roberts -5, dal 109
NewFreoFan: Bugger, Relton is my captain ;)
Hawkatack: montagna sc please and thankyou
whitsy: @changling lol
Changeling: montags 142
KelCO: would anyone know Ablett's SC score?
Bort: more tagna
Changeling: gaj 91
RooBoyStu: if Ablett scores over 100 in sc it's bullshower
biggerz: changeling, one last set of scores pls mate?
Jair: anyone with Hunt's sc score?
linusp: late goal Nroo? hows about it son.
KelCO: Thanks Changeling
NewFreoFan: Stay under 100 gaz, cash league opponent has you as captain
arbel: @rooboy ... all his possies are usually contested so that counts for more ...
linusp: that'll do nroo, that'll do.
MIJG: Yes under 100 is all he deserves.
RooBoyStu: blue moon Hickey lol
essendon-4: cooney late out anyone have him ?
B.Pickett: Riewoldt and Captain Montagna, thank you very much boys!
linusp: I wish, always knew cooney would come good... had him last year when he didnt so steered clear.
MarksMen: Gaz will score 102
MIJG: Holey cow Nroo could get 180ish?
RooBoyStu: MIJG na mate 1 min left
MIJG: SC i mean
masterhc2: absolutely loving the nroo+joey combo outstanding stuff boys
Changeling: nroo 141
linusp: hoping for 150ish @ MIJG, higher the better tho
Changeling: gaj 93
NewFreoFan: only caught the last qtr, why is milne x factor?
linusp: rapes a hell of a drug... i mean cocaine
B.Pickett: Because he kicked 4 goals
linusp: nroo will scale to 150 methinks
MarksMen: Cannon 68 bullshower
linusp: christ @ JOM v Ablett... pathetic
RooBoyStu: yeah bad call re Milne x factor, should be Montagna
ozgamer: SPF Factor 30 to Gablett coz he got burned