Chat Log: R21, Hawthorn 19.15.129 d Gold Coast 10.5.65

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rooboypete: Man I am powered about Mitchell's late out. Surely this was known on Friday!!!
Dt God: Sh*t
DTFanatic: Bateman's last chance to show that he can play for the finals.
Jormas: GEEEZUS! i have flowering Franklin and Mitchell as my POD!!! flower you hawthorn
SydneyRox: Buddy a late withdrawl as well.. just heard on Fox
Schminja: Forget Schmitchell! What about Buddy! Why play these games???
mpollock: Ellis and Bateman are so not in our best team ...
Dazza87: Tory dickson as emergency, could actually work in my favour!
mpollock: What is the point of pre-match chat if people's posts don't show up ...
OnTheRocks: i wish suckers was a late out, have SShaw to cover :(
juzzy71: Buddy out with a drug related hamstring
R.Griff: at least Suckling not sub this week but it takes 2 to sub
LeHawk: Buddy was drug tested after his car crash. Is he really gone?
juzzy71: yeah strike 7
LeHawk: Over this bullshower. Either play or flower off.
LeHawk: Over this. Either play or go be a druggo.
Murf2Gibbs: Wow. The line has gone from 100.5 to 93.5 after buddy out
The Swert: Where does it say Mitchell is out? The afl site says only Buddy
Murf2Gibbs: @lehawk well said i hate drugs
Sloaneyyyy: buddy no chance to win the coleman now
Sloaneyyyy: mitchell is out replaced by Bateman
Sloaneyyyy: i mean savage
Murf2Gibbs: Get on Hawkins for Coleman dogs next week and then swans both at home and swans will rest some players possibly
mpollock: if buddy was 3rd strike he would never have been picked ..
Grazz: Youd think his dealer would say dont put the needle in your buttock Buddy.
The Swert: Haha buddy on drugs...tell 'em he's dreaming
NewFreoFan: Lewis + 81 v Boyd and Lake in SC, reckon I'm a chance?
Murf2Gibbs: Omg I'm projected to lose by 11 flower you griffin(freo) and buddy
gazz mvp: Murph@ cause buddy was only going to influence the game by one goal lol
Murf2Gibbs: I know gazz I thought it would reduce by more
grumpy_ass: mitchell you dirty cow flower
R.Griff: Gazz MVP buddy not playing Gold Coast going to win haha
Grazz: How are people still being surprised by Mitchell being out, was everywhere yesterday. Gotta say won me my semi. :)
teachrtony: lol Grazz, was thinking the same until Buddy evened up the score.
frenzy: franklin smells of a rat
R.Griff: GCS in front blow the siren
grossn: I think i would crap my pants if Hawks lost
tocca: need a huge game from jordan lewis to save my finals campaign
Murf2Gibbs: Yes suckling I need you both so bad
rooboypete: Franklin being out is a leveler for Mitchell being out too - at least in my matches anyway
Murf2Gibbs: *and roughed
frenzy: do I get a reserve score for buddy pulling out?
dawsy: just die birchall
Grommet66: need lewis and suckers to flop and have a hit one
goodes=god: i'm on the drug, i'm on the drug, i'm on the drug that killed franklins (career)
R.Griff: c'mon Birchall and Sucking lie down Lewis
IceDees: need big rough and birch to smash it
Murf2Gibbs: Yes birch being tagged
Warney: come on suckling, have a shower one birchall
Grommet66: flower off lewis
tocca: yes lewis
rooboypete: As it does so often, this one is going to come down to GAJ...
lachlan21: theres no way brown is tagging birchall
mrpig: gaj lining up
R.Griff: Gazza!!
Murf2Gibbs: Holy shower gaz + 19
M.Hurley: Was that an error with plus 19?
froggy47: wow franklin slow down please!
R.Griff: M. Hurley kick handball mark kick goal
Grasscutta: cmon suns
mpollock: Special G.Ablett scoring system invented originally by J.Selwood ...
mpollock: Slow start 3 weeks in a row by the Hawks ...
Jmachete: please let dogs and suns win
mpollock: Savage goal!!
jd985: who will win dt?? boyd+lake+smith+200 vs ablett (c)+dickson+horsley?
M.Hurley: Needed about 140 odd game from ablett. If he gets i might shave my head just to be like him
R.Griff: game over!! Hawks have ran over the top
MightyEss: hope suckling gets the vest.
Chipper23: no one cares jd985
R.Griff: mightyEss we dont want that
MightyEss: okay if suckling doesn't get vest, i'm hoping lewis does.
Murf2Gibbs: @mighty ess watch your language lol
Jmachete: surely the drugs are out of buddys system by now
mrpig: haha chipper is certainly not chipper
R.Griff: yea Lewis would be nice
MightyEss: ? i don't understand what you're saying murf2gibbs
Murf2Gibbs: @mighty ess don't worry attempt at a stupid joke
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon gaz get the cape you gun
mpollock: Gaz on track for 160+ i reckon ...
jd985: some1 needs 2 get on gaj
meziare: So who doesn't have GAJ captain?
Murf2Gibbs: Yes gaz you star just 1 tackle now
windigo24: Ellis always gets injured.
StAnselm: I love the new icons. I think we can give Ablett the Atlas icon already
mrpig: hawthorn wont put anyone on gaj because he alone will not beat them jd985
mpollock: gaz cape but didn't hit the 50 mark yet ... what the mOntry?
Luke919: ablett will have atlas every week
Bomb3rs: Who else's season is over?
NDiddy: @mpollock - he has hit it - scores just not updated
Nigey95: thanks to birchall and shaw in the other game, my season's officially done and dusted.
mpollock: ok
jd985: gaj plz stop!!!!
MightyEss: flower, beams captain is not looking good anymore
Rigadonis: @ m0nty - Shouldn't Ablett have the DT talk icon?
Murf2Gibbs: Gaz sc please 60 odd?
Murf2Gibbs: @moghty ess don't feel bad mate I went pendles
JDolling69: I jsut need Whitex and Birchal to not let Gaz outscore them.... shower
R.Griff: c'mon Birchall match Lewis score
9294eagles: ablett only 43SC
Murf2Gibbs: Okay eagles thanks no doubt that will be upscaled as game goes on as long as the dt points keep coming
Murf2Gibbs: Omg gaz +7 already
windigo24: WhiteX seagulling it.
mrpig: gaz has himself captain for sure hahah
Kangas2012: gazzzzzzzzzz !!!!!
R.Griff: Gazz!! goal
yeragam: 9 Hawthorn players lit up, none of them mine
roo boys!: Gazza you are a star
mrpig: gaz goal
TheSaint: ablett +22 in 3 mins this quarter lol
tawk01: that CLEARLY hit the post
Dazza87: So who doesn't have the C on GAJ this week?
NDiddy: Get a move on Birchall
Libo: Yeah, clearly... if you're blind
Jmachete: its cute watching little ablett trying to make his team win
Keza41: didn't hit the post you goose
Murf2Gibbs: Oh yes gaz you might just bring me home should have choose you capt
Jormas: i have c on beams
snackkk: birchall gone missing
Murf2Gibbs: Buddy's dt record officially under threat
gazz mvp: And to think I was happy with beams as cap
IceDees: c on beams, usually have it on gaz though
Luke919: why would I choose this week to put the (C) on watson instead of ablett. I ALWAYS PUT IT ON ABLETT!
nwsnapper: Alister Clarkson has Gazza in his Dream Team!
Jmachete: i put the C on white x looks like its paying off too
preki1: don't stop lewis ffs you flowering cow
tommyg1994: Ablett single handedly destroying my DT final hopes unless Suckling can manage 120+ :(
luvfooty: FFS Birchall
roo boys!: cmon birchall! my season depends on you
mjbt: If you don't have GAJ you have a spud team anyway
JDolling69: Birch, Whitey, just get as much as gaj between you please?
MightyEss: ahh so this is what is feels like when you don't put the c on ablett....
luvfooty: power off Suckling
R.Griff: Birch and Suckling will get some junk time
jd985: tag ablett!! omg
CJEagles14: Dear GAJ, you are my captain, chances are that if you score 180+, I will win both of my Dream Team semi-finals.
preki1: every week same story with lewis.... i hate that cow
mrpig: cmon gaz 120 before the half haha
grumpy_ass: is suckling even on the field?
Murf2Gibbs: Gaz you are not human
mpollock: This is so Hawks v G.Ablett Jn ..
Seb78: Wtf Birchall?
mpollock: My oppenent has Birchall and i am touch and go to win ... loving the icicle!
dusty41: Gaj sc?
CatAttack9: give ablett the atlas already
mpollock: Savage now a bad late inclusion ... past 50 before HT! (not in DT/SC however)
mrpig: birch is getting a bit of a tag by the gc fwds, not allowed to get free
mpollock: * not
jd985: gaj 80sc
The It_123: just logged on WTF Suckling and Birchall and Franklin FMDT
mrpig: haha gaz is everywhere
Keza41: Ablett double cape!
R.Griff: gazza ton
Dazza87: Gaj well on course for a double Ton
Caddies: the lol moment when you have franklin and Mitchell on field with adams and smith reserves
haooyy: i love you gaz
mmmpoyi: give gaj the cape agaiiin
Caddies: and had mitchell C with ablett as vice such a lucky week for me
mpollock: Ablett needs DT, Atlas, Star, Gun and Cape .. and even the medal if there was one up for grabs!
Murf2Gibbs: Omg gaz you star
Mochasons: Give Gaz the Cape, Gun, Star, Atlas, Medal,
preki1: will u ever in your career get a cherry lewis? jesus
windigo24: Gaz needs a 'mini' gun.
IceDees: pull your finger out birch!!!
froggy47: ablett sc score?
CJEagles14: I'm absolutely loving this both of my opponents in semi-finals dont have Ablett as C, rookie mistake.
hacker: lets face it - ablett is just a little whore - racks up completely meaningless stats and will not play finals again
zeddyzed: lets face it...hacker knows very little
turnbull8: awww hacker is upset he doesnt have ablett
Demons15: @hacker 2 goals and 6 tackles, mm right meaningless
jimmeh3: ablett was the best player in the best team of the modern era give him some credit
windigo24: Tell me more about your afl carreer.
happychapp: must battle as a human being
MightyEss: hacker doesn't have ablett in his team.
M.Hurley: 4th and 5th year u will see massive
eza100: lets face it - you dont know footy, of course he cant play finals you expect him to play finals in that team
M.Hurley: Improvements for GC and GWS
m0nty: get around the Calvinator for his pock of GAJ for (c) this week!
preki1: the game lasts more than 10 minutes, lewis, you flowering plodder
Jmachete: mcqualter finally gets a game hahaha traded him in mid season then out again waste
SC_Champ: Hacker just got the reaction he was looking for.
mjbt: Hacker - Ablett will be 30 in 2014 when the Suns will play finals
froggy47: ablett 100SC
M.Hurley: Ablett has at least 5 years left
JDolling69: Lift birchal, lift whitey, die ablett
staggerlee: suns wonm't be playing finals in 2014, not a cvhance
hacker: lol @ u speds who think gc will make finals in the next 5 years - not a chance their list is d o g s h i t lmao
MightyEss: agreed m.hurley, however latter years of his career will probably be played int he forward pocket
CHEbber: hacker- you missed the 6 tackles and 2 goals mate. suns will plat finals before his time is up
mpollock: Calvin picked Ablett as captain .,. along with 1 million other people ... what a genius!
bbbb: doesn't everyone has ablett as captain
Luke87: Ablett u legend ur turning my loss into a possible win. Wat a champion
Mochasons: Not really Monty, Hawks never tag Ablerr so he was always going to go big, maybe not this big, but still 130+ was easy
preki1: you can stuff that +3 up your alps lews
bbbb: Looks like the 3 strikes against buddy must be true :(
M.Hurley: Yeah but ablett has shown he can be a really good foward target
PotLoser: @ hacker - ablett already has prem medals around his neck, now millions of dollars, who's the fool
baggers11: Go gaz
staggerlee: intersting that hawks only five goals up at the G. poor effort really
Luke87: Whys that bbb
baggers11: Starting to doubt my choice of Marc Murphy captain. Not sure 187 is enough
Grommet66: flower off ablett you cow dont get more then 160
hacker: gaj gets peanuts compared to average joes in other sports - will not play finals again, enjoy playing in a shower team
hacker: for the rest of his career rofl owned
M.Hurley: Those sports people
M.Hurley: Those sports people could build a house out of
M.Hurley: Those sports people could build a house out of money with their
Jmachete: ablett limping
bbbb: Luke, they are supposedly keeping him out week by week to hide it until seasons end
DTFanatic: @hacker, yet he still earns more then you :)
staggerlee: abblett has premierships, now he lives in the sun, getting around twenty thousand bucks every time he touches the ball
M.Hurley: Damn phone flower it
hacker: evertime he touches the ball no1 cares, cos they're 100 pts down - hence why the opposition dont bother with him
hacker: im on 5 mill a year atm haha more than gaj for his whole career
JDolling69: Is birch on 30 or 35? dt site says 30
PotLoser: i think we all agree hacker has made a fool of herself
Steino: gaz sc anyone im sure its been asked sorry!
MayhemFC2: 100 sc for gaj
tommyg1994: Suckling and +43 vs Ablett and Roughhead, who wins?
staggerlee: don't be too hard on ablett, he has a useless old man and an unemployable brother to support, of course he'll take the $
24incharms: Hacker you must be 12 yo!
MayhemFC2: well considering ablett is on 110 your in strife with that outcome tommy
staggerlee: hacker = tweenie
jpreed84: hacker = sunday funny
TheLegend6: Im up by 100 and my opponent has 2 uniques playing - birchall and whitecross. Who will win?
Caddies: what happened to mitchell?
PotLoser: jpreed is back, but where is the spud icon
jpreed84: like every adhd kid she is loving the fact we all keep saying 'hacker!'
staggerlee: mitchell is on three strikes too...
SC_Champ: Ablett vs Ellis, Guerra, Birchall, Burgoyne, Suckling and Bateman. Who wins?
Keza41: Need 80 from both Lewis and Suckling this half! I hate Goodes!
jpreed84: potloser, back on pridis with his great score of 80 mate
mrpig: ablett vs chuck norris who wins?
SC_Champ: Ablett.
yeragam: Suckling & Birchall vs 70 points, it's going to be close, need some junk
Fernyys: go suns
JDolling69: Whiey and Birch VS Ablett and 16 points. Who wins?
jballstars: gazza u freak
Woodie: Only spuds wouldn't have GAJ capt, he's a star
staggerlee: mitch robinson v chuck norris?
SC_Champ: It's a bit hard to see the Hawks tonight.
lock98: I think the new Atlas icon was created for Ablett, he has carried the Suns all year.
ChuanJ: was down by 300 with ablett (c) to play. I love the guy
PotLoser: @ jpreed - it wasn't the score mate u know that, it was the picking up at start of year mistake lol
frenzy: need 26 from the horse..any chance?
mrpig: wasn't it apollo who carried the sun
jpreed84: not wrong mate, i wouldnt have him at the start as a $500K player, DT or SC
goodes=god: ablett for 250 SC
The It_123: 50 point quarters from Birchall and Suckling please
staggerlee: campbell brown belted anyone yet?
PotLoser: omg jpreed u have done it again lol
badcorkie: ablerr gone missing as usual
Woodie: WTF GAJ, should have 20 pts by now
barlow4pm: ablett sc?
SC_Champ: Hawks had a rations pack at half time. Freeze dried steak and potato.
jpreed84: done what?
footyboy: lift gaz lol
rowshow: start gibson over priddis next week?
Luke87: Cambell browns a sniper
Woodie: Franklin gone for the year, 3 strikes
GoLions: keep going whiteX and suckling. stay down lewis and birchall
Jmachete: Franklin = drug pig
jpreed84: rowshow - yes
Luke87: Is it official stop posting it if its not
staggerlee: rubbish woodie. if he did have three strikes is thank you and goodnight. not just one year
mpollock: Love the Franklin rumours based on nothing ... why pick him if he is already on 3 strikes!
The It_123: cmon birch need a ton today
GoLions: @rowshow: so start a rookie over possibly the most consistent player in the comp? yeah i dont see why not...
TheSaint: magnifying glass ablett only 12 so far this quarter
footyboy: how are we m0nty burns?
Murf2Gibbs: Lol the saint
jpreed84: golions, look at 3, then 5 week averages, priddis belongs on the australian Olympic Team
rowshow: most consistent? what are you smoking apart from the obvious.. pole
LJ silver: need 91 total from birch to win! not going well so far :(
Bricktop: I heard Franklin hammy is custard
Grazz: Onya Gaj
hawks_12: go Hale. need him and ablett to get 400. gaz as captain
NewFreoFan: need roughly 90 SC from Lewis to win my cash league. Gonna be close!
Mochasons: I heard Franklin grew a 3rd leg and named it Buddy Junior Whopper
Jmachete: Franklin sacked by hawks
meziare: So what's par this week lads? I'm looking at about 2200
Luke87: Franklin will come back and kick a bag next week
Turkoglu: I guarantee to everyone here that Franklin is not on 3 strikes. And whoever said drug pig that's harsh for a bs rumor
nwsnapper: Gold Coast have showed nothing this year. Who will get first finals appearance GWS or GC?
snackkk: franklin on his third strike for drugs
badcorkie: who is buddy
mpollock: @Mochasons - lmfao
TheoX: how the flower would you know turk?
staggerlee: GWS @nwsnapper. Izzy wins norm smith
Jormas: franklin is on 3 strikes. he is gone for 2 years
jpreed84: hey guys, just heard franklin might have failed a drugs test and out in country leagues with travis Tuck soon
Turkoglu: I just know
Bricktop: I heard Franklin is currently on a plane to America to punt for Broncos in NFL. 2 million a season
staggerlee: franklin failed a maths test
Luke87: Some bs really coming out now stfu
BillyPick: just in...Franklin a cross dresser! Hawks would not let him wear his skirt today
Mochasons: LOL the commentators just called the suns the swans... BAHAHAHAHAAH
jpreed84: i heard buddy sees dead people
The It_123: thats it birch and suckling keep lifting
cptFantasy: What do you know Turk?
Murf2Gibbs: Heard buddy got a poor enter score
mrpig: keep going birch
M.Hurley: All bunch of schoolgirls with the "i heard this and i heard that". There just rumors FFS
Murf2Gibbs: Buddy still rents a house
staggerlee: ablett slowed to a walk
bebobagger: It's official buddies on drugs just found it on the website
masterhc2: m0nty give day the blue moon, averages 50
yeragam: Move it Suck & Birch, still need much more!
rowshow: i heard buddy was found dead suffocated from having his head too far up his own alps
TheSaint: 2 missed tackles for ablett :/ should be 131
SC_Champ: I'm suprised Monty hasn't said anything to quell the Buddy talk, considering litigation issues with social media lately.
nwsnapper: Great to see soo many Blues logos - we should all just keep posting at once!!:P
mrpig: got to watch out for those alps ;)
Murf2Gibbs: Sounds good news paper
staggerlee: da da da dada!
barlow4pm: ablett sc?
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon roughed let's go
JDolling69: whitey get to 80, birch get to 70 by the break
masterhc2: thanks m0nty
demonhell: ablett 123, may 109, next is daylight
Murf2Gibbs: Please don't stop ablett
Mochasons: Hawks in trouble now, Suns going to WIN!.....
piemandave: I think it is time for the rubbish bins mOnty
baggers11: Does everyone think blues or dockers will finish 8th???
BillyPick: just heard that 'Buddy' and 'Lance' are not the same people.
bebobagger: I actually got told buddy got his dick caught in his boyfriends ass
roo boys!: cmon hawks get it in to Roughy!
NewFreoFan: Get a move on Lewis you flog, need 90 sc!
nwsnapper: actually is short for nor west snapper! lol
Wends: Not a hawks fan at all, but can't stand the buddy hate out there :-|
Bricktop: i heard Franklin is starring in a feature film about aboriginal life in the mid 60's. Hugh Jackmen to direct
mrpig: I put money on blues at 10$ baggers, but fremantle have to lose by a bit against nm
adz11: Having Pendles captain has cost me a win
staggerlee: lance whitnall on three strikes at dominos
Luke87: All this talk about franklin is disgraceful really
masterhc2: even if buddy doesn't play we'll still win the premiership. don't believe the bs rumours though anyway lol
Seb78: Birchall, Burgoyne and Lewis all 3 of you have cost me big time
M.Hurley: Im one essendon surronded by a lot of carlton. I now know how jobe felt yesterday
Murf2Gibbs: Lol m hurly
rowshow: hes probably too busy buying twitter followers the flog
yeragam: Come on Birch and Suckling, 50 more points together needed
tbagrocks: tall poppy syndrome mech here?
Luke87: Wats ur team adz11
baggers11: @mrpig not really cause we will pump gold coast next week. Percentage won't matter
LIVERPOOL: i heard buddy's real mum and dad is stephanie rice and koby bryant :P
masterhc2: god what a shocking call against warnock. hate these deliberates
nwsnapper: Blues still an outside chance to make it. We will be good nuisance value if we get in.
LIVERPOOL: cute thats not dissing
Fury: Hawks are too good for this rabble
Guitarded: You're an idiot bricktop, it's JackmAn
Murf2Gibbs: Exactly baggers it's all about the points
R.Griff: need 96 more from Suckling and Birchall
staggerlee: hey liverpool, nobody at collingwood know who their real dads are
Mochasons: Blues no chance of making finals. I'm sorry that is RIDICULOUS.
preki1: lewis u're scum
mmmpoyi: gooo ablett
Bricktop: Guitarded. your mum is your dad
Murf2Gibbs: Blues % is 110 what's freos anyone?
LIVERPOOL: well thats sad isn't it Carltank
renuo: My game is Suckling+9 (me) vs Birchall.... who will win?
mrpig: fremantle have melbourne so if they don't lose to nm then we are no chance
Planking: heard buddy had $50 on pav for the coleman
NewFreoFan: Lewis! Do something! Bloody hell!
Murf2Gibbs: Correct mr pig
baggers11: Freos is 109 but when they lose next week that goes down and we will win and ours will go up
masterhc2: @planking i heard it was a lot more than that lol
monstrum: carn the roos!!
Murf2Gibbs: Thanks baggers so basically we need to beat gc by more than they bet doggies in last rnd
Adamant: how much time left?
NewFreoFan: Roos are playing great footy
Murf2Gibbs: And them lose to freo next week
Murf2Gibbs: *north
Demons15: pfft freo won't get close to us ;D
mpollock: 2min to go
monstrum: big game kangaz vs freo :)
NewFreoFan: Would be a calamity if we lost to the Demons haha
frenzy: who will get the vest for GC
nwsnapper: We will be jinxed by my slagging the roos off all my life. They will throw the freo game as payback!
baggers11: Not really, cause we have to win against saints anyway. Our % will be far greater than freo. It's ALL about the win loss
renuo: please sub birchall off...
rowshow: hawks with too much hollywood at the moment
.MorgioH.: Sucks, get the flowering pill
masterhc2: i reckon flangan will be subbed
pharmer: angry little man again!
Demons15: @newfreofan you'll smash us at subi but we wouldve beaten you last time if it weren't for jamar and bennell's injuries
nwsnapper: Love your thinking @Demons15!!
haooyy: hawks not even trying, get a move on!
Murf2Gibbs: Yes roughed goal go baby
nwsnapper: your earlier thinking that is.....!
enormohead: fanny
monstrum: ablett for vest
masterhc2: alright hawks time to put your foot down
mrpig: no way dees will get close, freo will just be much hungrier
NewFreoFan: yeah we're not the most consistent of teams
grumpy_ass: Suckling hasn't touched the flowering ball this quarter. Hawks are arrogant and showing no respect. And there jumper.....
grub: who here thinks the big ape should stick to after the bounce
masterhc2: superman for may, 3 goals this qtr m0nty
Tennant: Could be another hole in the wall soon
NO RUSH: come on whitecross i need a big last quarter
TheoX: freo will kick our heads in, hope carlton dont make finals cangt stand them
NewFreoFan: God damn you Lewis
Planking: and this just in, the afl has amended their policy to a 4 strike system
Bricktop: aMAYzing
NewFreoFan: How is Ellis with a bandaid beating you Lewis you idiot!
Mochasons: coffeeeee time!
jballstars: gotta love Clarko hes an angry flower lol
JDolling69: Whitecross and Birchall, please get 10 more then gaj!
baggers11: Ablett 139 sc
footyboy: S h i t quarter gaj
GoLions: suckling, need major junk from you in the last quarter after that
mjbt: Roughy SC?
LIVERPOOL: news in they have seized a shipment of buddy balls and found coke laced inside the balls :)
The It_123: 50 point quarter from suckling and/or Birchall would win me my final
4rekl: Roughy and WiteX SC?
Jukes82: roughy 70 sc
mmmpoyi: someone tell me what the go is with buddy
afl_freak2: hing going on with buddy! end of story..... shut the flower up
baggers11: Roughy 70 sc
grumpy_ass: What's suckling sc anyone please??
.MorgioH.: sucklings SC?
m0nty: go the vein sticking out on Clarko's neck!
Fernyys: go suns
4rekl: Whitecross SC?
mrpig: 29 point qtr for ablett yet if seems shower
frozensage: birch and gaj sc score please?
JD985: my opponent needs 180 from ablett (c) and horsley in dt. :):):)
chadwick: That is a massive vein
baggers11: Suckling 49 birch 62 sc
MightyEss: maxwell the dirty dog had inside knowledge on sam mitchell, has him sitting on his bench!
cptFantasy: What's Whitecrosses SC?
Pokerface: maxwell does this every year
teachrtony: Whitecross 62
grumpy_ass: Thanks baggers
JD985: whiecross 62sc
thepigeon: Franklin late withdraw means I need Roughy to score 22 more than Lewis in SC...damn this game
Fernyys: go garry
Grazz: @MightyEss should of been a big clue he had Roughie on the bench last week. sus
gards: hope suckers can pull out on of his 50 point quarters
Murf2Gibbs: I knew this line was a bargain flower you dogs flowered my line multi
wazasmith1: Franklin has had three strikes to his name and AFL have swept it under the carpet. Buddy won't play for the rest of the
cptFantasy: Thanks guys, what was Ablett's SC?
m0nty: go Changa!
baggers11: Ablett 140 sc
Tennant: Might as well give Roughhead the trash can now
MightyEss: is there actually a reason why they do late changes? unless it's an actual injury? poweres me off every week.
afl_freak2: franklin has got aids from rooting a bird from africa
luten: The Franklin rumour is BS, has been going around for 2 years. Stop propogating it.
Hazza09: my opponent had Simpson, Griffen, ROK, Goldstein and Grimes this week....season over!!
wazasmith1: @ luten. we'll see if he plays again this year. clarko looked to over zealous at the press conference
LIVERPOOL: an afican swallow or a european swallow? freak
cptFantasy: thanks baggers
Bricktop: Franklin loves racking up the pill on and off field
The It_123: start the junking birch and suckling
frozensage: if ablett gets 170 I lose... hating life
Luke919: predictions for ablett SC score?
yeragam: Suckling has been the worst pick up for me, massive mistake not going Hepppel/anyone who can flowering score
R.Griff: 80 more Birch and Sucks
CJEagles14: Come on GAJ and Harley! Season on the line here! Birchall and Roughy stop right where you are please
Archer11: On any other day Birch and Suckles +40 vs Hale in SC would be no contest.
megawatt: ablett will nudge 200sc
cougar37: no padlocks?
baggers11: Ablett will crack 200 I think
Escapist: i can actually confirm franklin will miss the rest of the season..just not allowed to say why, not suspension though
Munza: Ablett 160 sc atm
Pokerface: oh he is out then. Escapist says so.
MeetNova: franklin=drugs
24incharms: thanx munza your a legend !
roo boys!: Anyone got Digital Pass?
9294eagles: what gonna be franklin excuse for not playing nex week i wonder?
m0nty: Enough with the rubbish Franknlin rumours, please. I have been banning.
BillyPick: who cares about franklin. leave the kid alone. get a life
Luke87: Suprised monty isnt banning yet since i got banned a while back for talking about a burger at half time
rowshow: monty has buddy in his rape dungeon
Murf2Gibbs: What he's gonna get 40 in 20 mins be realistic
tbagrocks: lot of people with tall poppy syndrome on here
ImSoHood: I need 203 SC from gaj to win - any chance?
JRedden: going for 2300 DT if birch and suckling perform here...
goodes=god: m0nty only banning because it's a hawks player? ;)
baggers11: Lol what burger???
9294eagles: tnx for nothing lewis only needed 190SC for me to get up
ImSoHood: don't talk ill of burgers around m0nty - rule #1
roo boys!: Could I have the SC for Roughy and Birchall?
m1tch robo: I heard a rumour that franklin was pregnant and he pulled out today due to morning sickness
LIVERPOOL: burgers have rights too
BillyPick: i got banned once for saying the blues should trade kreuzer.
lemon: birch 80 rough 95
Bunta: Ablett star noy Hale
Krafty: ban b/c its true mayb!?
.MorgioH.: sucks & Hales SC anyone?
Grazz: Cmon lads only a cpouple of rounds to go lets not clog it up with rumours and inuendo
Luke87: I dont wanna get banned again so i wont get into it but it was the tender crisp
baggers11: I really need to hear this burger banning story?????
Baker10: all HALE gary ablett
Bricktop: I heard Franklin buys used cars and sells them on ebay
hacker: another memorable game from ablett in a badly losing team *clap clap*
JDolling69: whitey? hello!
megawatt: hale 135 rough 95 suck 60 birch 80
ImSoHood: ohhh KFC. Now you're getting personal luke
mrpig: birch junk
I<3Sausage: i got banned for calling m0nty a fat ranga
barlow4pm: ablett sc?
Fernyys: ablett star
preki1: hale just flowering kills me every time my oppnent has him... easily my most hated player
Luke87: The tender crisp from hj
liverpool: you got banned twice now for that :P
Baker10: who will win a premiership first GC, GWS, North melbourne or Essendon????
R.Griff: loving Birch get a goal son
24incharms: Mahahaha
Luke87: Thats fair enough sausage
hacker: lift suckling you useless fat piece of shower
Hodgeey: ablett 169
Bunta: What is the icon on Ablett?
roo boys!: Need 212 SC from Roughy + Birchall. Am I a chance?
9294eagles: hey liverpool, go west brom, sorry back on this game, go lewis another 100 pleez
goodes=god: GAJ more than double 3rd placed GC player in DT. LOL
Krafty: id luv gaj at the bombers!!
bombrblitz: need GAJ to outscore Puopolo by 111 SC...Currently 108 go GAJ!
Grasscutta: trash time birch
baggers11: Tender crisp!! That's awesome
Pokerface: hehe, good call m0nty
Pokerface: junk chat
ImSoHood: if gaj gets 34 for SC it'll be a miraculous win. I may even share the story upon request
cptFantasy: You poor garbage speaking fools!
Luke87: Have we got bins next to our name
R.Griff: I got ban for saying Andrew Embley was my capt when he started off sub in round 1
rowshow: liverpool? more like bin dipping loserpool
hacker: gaj playing for himself again today - great captain (n)
GJayBee: love the atlas symbol! it's proof that one champion does not beat a champion team
liverpool: they played well wba pitty 10 man liverpool and its game over
nolan: hahaha liverpools a loserpool so good!
Baker10: GC or GWS?? better future?
9294eagles: i was at that game R.Griff cant believe they subbed off smith were they tanking?
piemandave: Thanks for the rubbish bins mOnty should have been there 30 minutes ago
Adamant: cmon sucker, 20 more
Hodgeey: garry definately brownlow, what you think?
goodes=god: i got a ban for saying Koschitzke is elite.
LJ silver: 11 more birch!
24incharms: Hacker you have no idea , got put your bib back on !
luten: R.Griff that's because that's the lamest/most overused joke in the book. Deserve to be banned.
hacker: gary will never win another brownlow.
Luke87: @r.griff thats a bit harsh
winkipop: GAJ no way a brownlow, gets cheap possies when the game doesn't even matter..
rowshow: deservedly goodes=god hes a flog
GoCrowz98: 174 dt ablett
hanyi22: yay gaj
bombrblitz: needed GAJ to outscore Puopolo by 111 SC...Currently 111 up go GAJ!
baggers11: I got banned for sayings David Hille overdosed on snag
meziare: so what's everyone going to score in DT lads?
23rookie23: I need 8 more points from Brad Sewell will I get there????
hacker: nearly got the team over the line gaj - try again next week
ImSoHood: Kosi a little underrated in these circles IMO
Pokerface: gaj gets cheap possies. that deserves a double bin.
Ledgenads4: Birchall or Abblet SC?
JRedden: griffen is the gun, 47 possessions if you dont mid, new club record
Luke87: Lol baggers
R.Griff: Luke87 it was true aswell
grub: 41 of abletts touchs mean nothing
Baker10: will 2350 be above average this week
megawatt: gaz180 birch90
footyboy: Gaj
BillyPick: suckling would have to be one of the most over-rated players in AFL
roo boys!: Roughy and Birchall SC?
JRedden: probably baker because of some of the late outs, for DT right?
Luke87: O got banned for two. Lucky montys not on the MRP
mrpig: c'mon gaj and birch, 10 more each and i will get to 2300
SC_Champ: Ablett to get 200?
BillyPick: ...and that will most likley get me banned for next week.
Fernyys: 4 more shiels
JDolling69: Why oh why did i not put ablett captain
Pokerface: if abletts touches mean nothing, why does he dominate SC scoring which is about whether touches are influential
grumpy_ass: What's the icon next to abletts name?
R.Griff: need 40 more Birch and Sucks
ImSoHood: 23 more gaj. Kick a goal. Get scaled. Do whatever it takes!
Pokerface: the haters who don't have him captain
Ledgenads4: thanks megawat
Hodgeey: But if gary didnt geet those 41 it would have been shared amongst them. So yes gary is influential
mpollock: Hawks move to 2nd spot!!
JRedden: yeah right r.griff, honestly 40 more with 5 mins left
haooyy: is whitecross even on the ground?
Seb78: Lewis SC anyone?
Luke87: Anyone else here pull a win outa no where here cos of ablett
dtfreak: gaj's touches clearly do mean something, if he wasn't playing gold coast would be getting smashed by 30 more points..
renuo: cmoooon sucklingggg
Baker10: GAJ best in the afl KOSI worst?
Jukes82: whitecross are u alive?
megawatt: gaz 182 lewis 96 rough 106 suck 70
SaintsRGod: @baker10, cale morton or luke mcguane just worse than kosi
WizMan: Haven't put dinner on or put bins out but have had 6 beers. Wife home in 5 mins. Will I win?
tawk01: how much time left?
hacker: no, gaj's stats are completely meaningless - every team don't bother with him cos they know he wont change the result
.MorgioH.: its ur time to shine suckling!
Adamant: cmon suckling!
dtfreak: suckling is an inconsistent dream teamer
grub: cause standing behind a pack is influential?
preki1: any chance of lewis being within 40 of hale in SC?
roo boys!: what about Birchall megawatt?
SC_Champ: Give the gun back to Ablett. That icon is crap.
Baker10: wheres bock these days?? just kicking it in the gold coast making good $$$??
JRedden: so hacker if GAJ is shower then who is good? bloody idiot
james585: c'mon birch all
baggers11: Testing
hacker: give whitex the magnifying glass - spud hasn't touched it for a half
Kris K : its obvious that hacker doesn't have ablett (C)
ImSoHood: WizMan sounds like a usual evening for me. I lose more than Port
Luke87: Swan or ablett C next week?
teachrtony: WizMan's flowered
R.Griff: 42 to win Birch and sucks
JRedden: hacker umad bro? :) haha spud didnt put GAJ captain
Baker10: 9:30 tonight steven baker on open mike gonna be a good one
GoCrowz98: Does anyone know gaj's highest dt score?
tomzoy: How did Megamind get the star over Gaj biggest joke m0nty you absloulute clown
rooboypete: Bloody Gazza. I had a faint hope before this game that he extinguished singlehanded
24incharms: Hacker stop rubbishing a legend of a player and get back in your crib , go to sleep its past your bed time !
hacker: whereuranked bro? im top 100, have gaj captain, and heading for 2450
Grasscutta: swan wont do well at pattersons go gaj
Horin123: how long left?
pants42: hale 143 lewis 100 sc
hacker: doesn't change the fact that gaj is a useless mercenary
JRedden: whats your overall score?
dtfreak: calvins captains going to be tough this week
Fernyys: 1986 lets go garry
dtfreak: hacker shut the flower up
renuo: crap im down by 7... cmon suckling!!
monkebuket: hacker = hack
Scratchy: is whitecross on the ground? im 5 points behind and he is the only POD in the game
Luke87: U reckon hes been out for two though he will be hungry
Mochasons: i'm 4th overall... though not sure about where i am after this week.
JDolling69: donuts for whitecross
m_snowy: i know its only gc but they are showing no respect
MaryHinge: WizMan, You should know you can never win!
tbagrocks: to bad you know jack about footy hacker!
Adamant: @renuo - im down by 7 with suckers aswell!
Grasscutta: whitex no score this qtr
JRedden: hacker is currently looking up what a top 100 score is, hahaa what a liar top 100 my ass
old_shepp: Why won't swan go well at Pattersons grasscutta?
Hodgeey: Hacker you hack. Come on Gaz ten more points for 200!
dtfreak: mochansons what did you score this week
R.Griff: what are you on Mochasons
hacker: lol dogs fan, enjoy bottom 4 next 10 years m8 lol
CHEbber: whitecross has scored 15 points in the second half, pathetic. lucky i got gaz capt
The It_123: another superman for GAJ he was on 130 something at the last break
dtfreak: team name hacker?
Mochasons: just got back from getting a coffee... and need to add my Martin and Smith bench scores on for Buddy and Sammie.
JRedden: next 10 years? wait who made 3 prelims in a row buddy? :)
Grasscutta: scooter tag and pies will get thumped
frenzy: needed the horse to get 26 after half time... and stuck on 25
Mochasons: 2260 atm roughly. Absolutely terrible :(
24incharms: Dont worry HACKER your team port will be lower !
BOMBRBLITZ: when do your emergencies get added??
hacker: lol, u know ur team is bad when ur clutching to failed efforts in prelims
murphhh: lewis birchall ablett sc please?
Hazza09: thats my season over!!
JRedden: im 2260 overall right now for DT with 41601 overall score...
hanyi22: u know ur a douche when ur fighting with people over the INTERNET
hacker: what a gr8 week of dt, seeyaz nxt week! xo
JDolling69: Well, flower you whitecross, i need 6 points from you
murphhh: dont worry..
renuo: i think i just lost by 3 points... dammit!
9294eagles: 2367 it will have to do :/
Baker10: i thought saints had a bad history honestly WBD are a joke
frozensage: omg lose my game by 1 point thx to freaking ablett
IceDees: should top 2500 this week... just
Mochasons: 45,560 total points... roughly... assuming no +/- scores.
Slashers: Was Hale ok? Will be good for next week?
cdrobert: yablett forever
bombrblitz: need GAJ to outscore Puopolo by 111 SC...Currently 108 go GAJ!