Chat Log: R2, Sydney 14.10.94 d Fremantle 12.9.81

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dtownsend: Any new on the subs?
moorey21: Barlow & hannebery by the looks
TheLegend6: ffs barlow sub :( and very lucky i have giles on my bench as emergency to cover mummy and kreuzer!
billd: What no! mummy not playing!
DiPpEr3: Fuc* y is barlow sub again FUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCC****************
DiPpEr3: hopefully some one in freo brakes a leg
Catas: Any reason given for Mumford's non playing
myteamsuks: Wow no mummy, love to chanfe my tip now
s.n.a.f.u: Broughton starting on bench.Good luck with woring out where slime will play him
LeFtBehinD: mummmmmmmy!!!
barrylover: Flower mumford
97crows98: Mummy out will annoy some of you
myteamsuks: No mummy!! Love to change my tip
turnbull8: kennedy
GoldDigger: wotcher doin 'bout mummy?
chadsta112: On my phone - no Mumford?
david17: dam it no mummy oh well looks like giles n redden r both startin on da ground
feralmong: something telling me mummy carrying something. just downgraded to Maric.
lozdaleg: ledger or C.Smith ???
super dupe: Chad wingard or barlow on bench?
moorey21: You Can't SEABY!
SydneyRox: Mummy out, wont change the result - Swans by 26
SydneyRox: barlow as the sub is interesting??
colmullet: barlow having all these subs early will make his price nice n juicy in a few weeks
Sizzler: Mumford ate too many Easter Eggs yesterday
watt0: why the flower is barlow swub again
valkorum: Barlow had an interrupted back half of pre-season - smart choice for sub
TheoX: why the flower would you have barlow
Sambuccas: Freo to win by 10 goals today!
Sizzler: Broughton 120+ DT today
Phunk-star: Just logged on. Got rolled with the Mumford ommission! Nuts. Big fat 0 for me
Sambuccas: Fyfe for Brownlow!
Jawdan: Carn you mighty Dockers <3
wozman: underway yet ?
ShyOne: is this page working???
mufc: bombers suck
mufc: bombers are great and they suck
97crows98: Where's the crowd?
SaintsRGod: cmon rohan, fyfe and duffman
skirk34: where the flower are the crowd lol
Khunt1vote: *kick*
luke15: why is this not working
wozman: has this shat itself ?
rooboypete: Site is stuck again...
eza100: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh barlow sub again ohhhhhhhhhh
GoldDigger: gogoodesy
Khunt1vote: *prod*
Nigey95: keen to see how parker goes.
suck me: cmon monty!!!!
GoldDigger: hmm
JayTRayne: what the dick is wrong with fanfooty?
morrowind: Barlows price will drop even more you beauty
lion16: go mcglynn, malcaski,jack and pav
rooboypete: Hmmm
GoldDigger: yew bewdy
blackstump: what's with the no stats for this game??? Stupid east coasters.
scotty95: anyone elses fanfooty not working
LovesIt: If u can run the site don't have it
Muppet: go to dream - stats .com if you want a site that works!
watt043: how bout those blue boys
windigo24: Umpires have gone crazy with the free kicks haven't they? Haha.
BarlowGod: @scotty95: MEE FFs
koomy4: Alex johnson +56!!! WTF is going on monty!
kbbr: hey pavsnose you here mate?
insano: huge play from johnson lol
scotty95: finaly working again
G.Soreness: Broughton and FF - first one to show signs of life gets a cookie
BarlowGod: if this continues, im not gonna use fanfooty anymore
scotty95: ok not really
funf00ty: any alternatives to fanfooty?
CHEbber: cmon people get real, fan footy is still the best.
grumpy_ass: loving malceski. move your ass grundy. and freo are hopeless. cant win away from subi lmao
tezzer_j: everyone going to get rid of Broughton next week, i can feel it in my bones. He's banned never to return for me.
mifkin: Lol at everyone cracking their nuts over it not working for the first time in years
mifkin: If its not working where else are you going to go?
grumpy_ass: is an alternative to fan footy
dt2010: gee I hope Broughton gets one of these +50's getting thrown around
mifkin: no SC scores there though
grumpy_ass: ive got live sc score who do u want to know?
dt2010: wow. FF showerting itself hard
penguins00: mifkin I've seen it not work many times before
snoodler: what has happened to the site. ordinary!!!!!
Blue_Steel: broughton is a flowering spud. one of the 1st trade outs of the season
rooboypete: @penguins00, yes but it's never done this sort of weird stuff before
pmpkinpach: @grmpy ass me
grumpy_ass: which players u want to know pumpkinpatch
97crows98: ROK & Barlow will be good trade in targets around round 5
pcuz999: guys go on dream stats for better scores
Dazza87: Broughton you shower head!
grumpy_ass: haha suck freo. after what you dished out last week...thought you won the flag. eat up a 10 goal loss you spuds
pmpkinpach: fyfe
mifkin: my apologies penguins
SaintsRGod: is the duffman dead, i dont think he has moved since midway thru the 2nd term
msiys: yeah we wud of won last week cept scarlett wanted to punch on
msiys: freo comes interstate and they cripe again
jroo8: Flower you fan footy. Worst website ever
Munza: Duffman was subbed at HF injured
Keza41: what is going on with the scoring?
jroo8: I have seaby as captain
MightyEss: broughton is already shower, why would you give him the png curse!
grumpy_ass: freo CANT play away from subi - they will never win a flag. funny really
msiys: scarlett punch cost us a goal
afl_freak2: duffieled done nothing after qtr time
afl_freak2: mellington was subbed not duff man
Munza: afl_freak2: Duffield is subbed injured
grumpy_ass: why did scarlett snap?? coz ballintyne said he was finished after he got run down?? scarlett = 3 flags
Keza41: Duffield has been subbed off
S_Coach99: Fremantle are rubbish. They always have been.
afl_freak2: he might be injured but not subbed
port4spoon: goodes is a bludger
msiys: cause our coach has gone soft he wudnt of let that fly last year
TheoX: didnt mellington get subbed?
afl_freak2: duffield has not been subbed,mellington was subbed
msiys: he got a flag under his belt
97crows98: ROK red vested
G.Soreness: What's with the Pavstick? Is he playing mid? Not watching game
msiys: scarlett wudnt of done that round 1 last year
TheoX: rok will be cheap later on sweert
Cabri44: Freo now only 28 behind
msiys: cats coach's main prob this year is getting the players to get the hunger again
afl_freak2: freo are a joke away from home!! they will never be any good
DarkLegend: interchange breach
grumpy_ass: look what geelong have over freo. 3 flags. why did they let ballintyne intimidate them?? makes no sense
msiys: we lost our first 5 games in 2007 wen we won 1st flag
msiys: plus we have 5 or 6 newbies
S_Coach99: how can you be good when you run onto the field dressed in purple
Keza41: Lift Broughton!
Cabri44: Freo now 22 behind
msiys: we learnt the hard way in 2008 that there is only one game u need to worry about
97crows98: Come Fyfe, 80 by 4/3 time
TheoX: broughton sc?
msiys: fyfe is a gun
msiys: wasnt he only 100k start of last year?
97crows98: only 17pts now
tezzer_j: Barlow only 14 points behing Broughton and he's played 22 minutes
davemooga: whats fyfe SC?
Morts54: broughton 47sc
Morts54: Fyfe 65
Dazza87: fyfe stuck on 65 for a while now...
raiden_696: Broughton in defense again?
c-hawk: broughton in the mids now
Dazza87: anybody considering sandi?? bloody killing it
97crows98: 11 points, Freo kicked the last 6 goals
localh: Whats malceski sc?
DarkLegend: Forward line bargains soon to be. Goodes, Pavlich and ROK if they look ok by round 8-9
Cabri44: 11 points in it
Morts54: Malceski 80
97crows98: 10 points
raiden_696: Thanks c-hawk, any1 got Broughton's SC?
Cabri44: Broughton 46
raiden_696: Terrible score, but thanks mate.
leovo21: goodes !
Cabri44: No worries - I've got him as well
cptFantasy: Matthew de Boer x4 amazing! 4 Fyfe's would have been better
Dazza87: broughts 55 in sc
DarkLegend: Commentators saying Duffield may take no further part
suck me: how was that not counted a tackle for bolton
Virgil: dazza, of course he's killing it, he's against Seaby.
daft_play: PAV . .Back to his very best!
SaintsRGod: duffield has flowered me over
S_Coach99: so glad I went Fyfe over Pav
Cabri44: 17 Points at 3QT
Dazza87: Goodes 58 in dt and 90 in sc...go figure
windigo24: End of 3rd. Swan's by 17 points.
mufc: so flowerin angry with mummy and then no emergency, knew i should've gone with Jacobs!
sporte04: Anyone know first goal scorer?
Piethon: Just where exactly is this match up to?
bowsaints: what possy is G Poorton playing?
f1-77: Duffield disappeared, been off since half way between 2nd qtr, must be injured- commentators didn't even mention it!
windigo24: 24 possessions to Fyfey.
mufc: cmon mzungu 90+
Cabri44: 3qt
windigo24: Goodes+4.
chademan: de boer doing well
bowsaints: go de boer!!! hehe
panaman1: so much fail going n here..
Morts54: Reid first goal
koomy4: no wonder freo is losing is its de boer vs the whole sydney team!!!
LovesIt: Parker = let down
Spudanator: Fyfes current SC SCORE?
bowsaints: oh broughton... you shall be my first trade.... straight swap for heppel? or d/grade?
windigo24: Kennedy what a goal!
DarkLegend: Parker>ebert looking like a viable trade
S_Coach99: lol Broughton - The super mad awesome midfielder of 2012
windigo24: *Sorry, Lewis Jetta* Kennedy assist.
msiys: lots of mathew de boers on this side
windigo24: McGlynn goal.
Smoke Dogg: gotta get rid of Golby and Broughton this week FFS
97crows98: How is it that the guy who does the reviews sounds the same at every game?
Vincent: Does anyone know what broughton is on in SC, thinikng of getting rid of him
windigo24: Zac Clarke lying up......
CHEbber: where can i get SC scores from?!?
djaj17: Fyfe SC is 80 due to his 52% disposal eff.
windigo24: Broughton +6.
thespudman: 52 broughton
mufc: was rok subbed out or something
GoldDigger: hmm
thespudman: herald sun
mufc: seaby has flowered my week, y mummy whats this soreness shower
dickitch: Broughton 57 SC
Dazza87: broughton on 57, he's on the first train outta of my team thats for sure
darthmann: goal to crowley
GoldDigger: goodesr!
windigo24: Goodes goals.
@fmome: Did Duffield fall asleep or something?
raiden_696: Sounds like a Broughton > Dempsey trade!
darthmann: swans are going to win :(
bowsaints: broughton needs 30 more points to stay in my team.....
windigo24: Duffman injured.
TheoX: duffield injured
@fmome: @Theox. Thanks for the info
Dazza87: cmon FUYfe ton up son!
darthmann: mayne lining up
scrappers: will broughton still be in any ones team next week? doubt it
windigo24: Broughton +2. Fyfe +2.
DiPpEr3: cmon barlow get over 70 in sc
TheoX: broughton will be the most traded out player next week for sure and rightly so
panaman1: broughton to heppel for me
bowsaints: broughton to ANYONE
Keza41: Sandi has 48 hitouts! :O
TheoX: no doubt he'll smash it next week playing midfield tho
TheoX: keza hes against seaby ffs
trevor1257: any of you experts in the top 10,000 sc?
DiPpEr3: im thinking broughton 4 birchall
bowsaints: broughton on the ball next week
Dazza87: @Dipper +1 mate
DiPpEr3: my brother is 728 in the world
Keza41: Still impressive, Seaby used to be alright
bowsaints: broughton for darren glass
windigo24: Broughton +6.
Dazza87: broughton for anyone really
windigo24: Broughton another +4.
panaman1: in b4 broughton for relton
TheoX: im gona go broughton to a gws rookie
windigo24: Fyfe +2.
trevor1257: 598 & hopefully rising
Grazz: Broughts equalled last weeks score
raiden_696: Broughts to Dempsey, hold on after tonight's game i may be faced with Lake > Dempsey!
bowsaints: when did barlow come on?
Smoke Dogg: im doing Broughton for Birchall and Golby for P. Hanley
darthmann: cmon ibbotson
c-hawk: im going to keep him if he makes 70
TheoX: thats not gonna save his alps grazz
ReggieOz1: broughton for Mohr..will free up a heap of cash
bennyq: broughton biggest let down in my team by long shot
darthmann: flower of kennedy
TheoX: do a scotland broughts
josh111: broughton vs brisbane, stkilda and goldcoast in next 4 i dont know about getting rid of him....
bowsaints: yeah but broughton playing showerty lockdown role
fattony: is duffield injured?
DiPpEr3: Broughton is on 69 sc lol
gazz mvp: Go sandi
raiden_696: Whaqt'
DarkLegend: Yep Duff injured
raiden_696: What's Broughton on now?
Dazza87: lets keep talkin shower on broughts, looks like we're jixing it
darthmann: crowleyyy
j0sh34: wouldnt trade broughton. It would be a waste of a trade.
stkfcKINGZ: ffs PAV/FYFE! Pav= 80, fyfe = 100
trevor1257: mohr is value
LilLionMan: A bit non-plussed over Parker's performance
jebuswhosj: a freo loss followed by an eagles win would be a good weekend start
raiden_696: If he can pull a 80+, i'll keep him.
panaman1: freo still in it
bowsaints: right. f this. fyfe has vanished, broughts sucks. im gunna watch eagle game.
gazz mvp: How many hit outs has sandi had today ?
windigo24: Broughton on 63. I'm updating his score as I hear his name.
dt2010: I have Brougtobmn, Golby and Tom Lynch from the crows. not sure where to fix first..
korza: clap sandi 50 hit outs
mooose: lol?
darthmann: matthew de boer having a good game
bennn17: Why are the scores not coming up?
bennyq: wow this site takes f'n up to a new level
CHEbber: bloody Matthew de Boer
chelo77: wtf just happened
panaman1: de boer you beast
cptFantasy: Do you have de Boer m0nty?
j0sh34: @ gazz mvp, last I heard he had 48 hitouts
W.Mantooth: wow de boer +77
chademan: dont trade broughton
NewFreoFan: De Boer you star!
cptFantasy: some sort of hacker?
bennyq: freo will be around 8-12 this year nothing special
raiden_696: Thanks Windigo, what's Ross Lyong thinking, play's him in the Mid's during NAB, & then Def when it counts!
stkfcKINGZ: zaccy van embden clap clap clap clap clap
panaman1: wharfie time ladies
bennyq: sandi 50 hitouts so far
windigo24: 6 minutes left.
trevor1257: < E Kavastar: Broughton floating around Half Forward but can't get his hands on it
Grazz: Score and how long left
josh111: broughts has been mid most of today so dont complain about ross
DarkLegend: 5 left 13 points
mooose: 94-81 5min
panaman1: 94 vs 81 5:00
j0sh34: syd 94 fre 81, 5 min left
trevor1257: had 15 boers here
dt2010: Broughton not worth trading with adcock, hanley, shaw, enright etc not showing a heap just yet
bennyq: barlow def upgrade target when he drops in value
Grazz: Cheers people
gazz mvp: Thanks bennyq had a feeling
mossssssy: C'mon pav, a couple of quick goals
DarkLegend: Mzungu murdered in goal square ????
dt2010: holding the man AND push in the back on mzungu there
chelo77: comon fyfe where is he?
panaman1: bad call caro
raiden_696: Oh, with the muppet score he has, i thought his been up back sitting in the grandstand watching the game.
bowsaints: jeeez frreo stiffed there
korza: Barlow going well straight swap for Magner in 4 weeks
windigo24: Josj J has the ball on a string. Haha.
E Kavastar: Broughton kick the 2 winning goals you dud
W.Mantooth: sydney are a protected species
DiPpEr3: barlow 50 sc
bowsaints: josh kennedy looking super smooth this year
windigo24: Lot's of junk.....
panaman1: whats barlows b\e gonna be
DarkLegend: As an eagles fan even I can say some tough ones against free at end here
Grazz: Barlow looking very good, hopefully no sorness in the leg over the next couple of weeks.
tjp1447: umps have there sydney jumpers on this afternoon...
dt2010: adelaide fan but this umpiring here has definitely helped the swans
windigo24: Broughton +3. Or 6. Think it was just a kick.
mooose: including that dodgey interchange call?
bennyq: barlow be is at 151 at this point
Caddies: whats wrong with duffield?
DarkLegend: apparently the interchange was incorrect number on some paperwork
crabapples: Pathetic umps, pretty poor skills as well imo
Grazz: he looks ripe for the picking benny in a few.
dt2010: dodgy or not the interchange call is on the swans steward. dumb mistake
mooose: should be a fine not a free goal
panaman1: barlow could get close to 150 with a full game
jebuswhosj: he plays for freo, hes soft
justi: shocking umpiring
gazz mvp: So do you say freo loss is as bad ass GWS not looking good for us cats. Still should knock of hawks
bennyq: he BE is now 143
E Kavastar: Broughton 75-odd SC aint TOO bad... he needed a 100+ though today
windigo24: Siren.
dt2010: should be but isnt. the rules there, someone flowered up. meanwhile mzungu gets assaulted and no free
DarkLegend: Pav got to 75, Not tragic
dt2010: 44 point half for broughts?
gd.39: I want to trade broughton but then he will smash out a big ton the week i do.
tjp1447: duffield 55 for a half isnt too bad
Sizzler: Kennedy for Brownlow?