Chat Log: GF, North Melbourne 18.8.116 d Carlton 14.16.100

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antonc: Carlton and North?
R.Griffen.: noth will win
KruZin: Norf Melvin are shower
SirBanalot: this is tomoz
billd: gonna be a close on...
Since1864: C'mon Blues, you have shown little so far in 2012
mezzoculo: No Gibson? Keeeerist.
mjwant: Really keen to see Murphy run around... Currently torn between him & Scotty Thompson
Virgil: Ahh, monty, the game has started lol
clark: monty?
2 good 4 u: haha
Since1864: Must be played between the arcs, no scores yet LOL
2 good 4 u: monty wats goin on?
Since1864: Good to see Juddy leading the list!!!
2 good 4 u: quarter time and no-one has touched the ball yet. lol
E Kavastar: m0nty having a Sunday sleep-in?
R.Griffen.: lsitening to game game that according to Fanfooty hasen't started yet
chief: Judd best on based on these stats
TheoX: acoording to fanfooty this game was played yesterday, monty on drugs this week
Since1864: Cant believe Hungry Harvey no goals!!!
R.Griffen.: and the Essendon game is geting played today
Since1864: Monty must be at Hodgey's BBQ?
Dangeroo: dt scores are available on the match centre. just be sure to check back often in case monty gets back
rmayvis: Where's Kane Lucas? Not make the cut?
Adamant: what the hell just happened?
Meldrum23: rmayvis i think hes already done his amount of minutes for the nab, he will be back round 1.
Jezro: I wish Scotland was 20k cheaper - he'd be a lock.
myteamsuks: TheoX, this game scheduled fof yesterday and essendon today, but they swapped them because brisbane travelling
scrappers: who is on petrie
snowman123: Mitch Robinson maybe unque anyone??
snowman123: What is wrong with Marc??
Zarts: wheres ziebell?:S
Shift: should i get petrie??
Zarts: why isnt ziebell playing? :S
lozdaleg: @rmayvis hes the sub
lozdaleg: @scrappers Hendo is but was off for the last 5 minutes hence petrie kickiing 2
windigo24: Carrazzo such a great scorer when he ain't tagging.
Zarts: soz same question, chat spazzed for me :P
R.Griffen.: 5 goals for Petrie North in front
whatlez1: Wheres Sammy Gibson?
whatlez1: No Gibson again?
whatlez1: Why rant I talking?
scrappers: did bower take over from hendo for those 5 mins lozdaleg
tnuc: does anyone know if week one is a complete lockout since it is split over two weekends?
scrappers: blues not playing kids today! whats going on!
afl_freak2: fair to say gobson wont be playing round one!! hes better than half their kids they have
Zarts: lol petrie, carry harder?
afl_freak2: *gibson*
afl_freak2: not complete lockout
Virgil: Seven goals in a row to the Roos? Nice
tnuc: thanks
Punt: JR8 is going to kick a dozen against this mob in R1
Moondog21: 2 partial lockouts in rd 1
juzzo7: hmm anyone brave enough to tip richmond in rd 1?
Punt: Another spoon for the Blues...
afl_freak2: yeah i will tip the tigers
Virgil: Andrew Swallow 0 hit outs? What?
Moondog21: Richmond will win rd 1. Carlton too many players underdone and injuries to key players.
E Kavastar: Hampson: 1 handball, 4 frees against. Absolute potato
afl_freak2: wow thomas has kicked 2 goals lol
S_Coach99: will Carlton make the 8?
pavs nose: not a blue gaggers fan but think theyll win rd 1
Zarts: north are a substantially stronger team this year- keep that in mind :P
Virgil: Richmond have been impressive so far (yeah, it's only pre-season, I know). I think they might win
timwhatson: LOL @ Carltank...bottom 8 at best
Call96: What forward rookies are going to play rd1
Red Dirty: is Carrots worth a look this year! no tagging role it seems
thefoot: don't get too excited about the Tiges just yet
windigo24: They don't tag anyone during NAB.
thefoot: see how they're going after round 5
Since1864: Hampson Goal, finally warmed up
lozdaleg: @tim whatson Oh no I doubt we will win a game then
Virgil: @RD No one at North worth tagging :P
Red Dirty: @Virgil True!
Zarts: *cough* petrie 6 goals from 12 possessions *cough*
Meldrum23: carlton will be 2-0 at the start who cares about pre-season form, we get out warm up then. Kruezer looks nice..
snowman123: Roos for top 8 even though this is nab and means shizzle all.
E Kavastar: Richmond will beat Carlton in Round 1. Bookmark it
Meldrum23: if richmond win kavastar ill never be here again
nostrdamus: @snowy, there's no way roos will be top 8 this year
E Kavastar: Roos have probably the easiest draw ever. Gold Coast and GWS twice. If they don't make top 8, epic failure
Hutcho42: Hey is Ziebell suspended for start of season?
Zarts: I rate roos for top 8 as well :P
afl_freak2: kreuzer is def a handy ruck option!!! he will play a bit better than his price
Since1864: I rate Roos for ninth!
afl_freak2: top 8 will be super tight with crows swans and north all fighting it out
TheoX: whens warnock due back?
Meldrum23: not for a while theo.
afl_freak2: why the heck di north get gibson if they never had any plan of playing him?? did they only pick him as backup??
matto76: melbourne then the crows have the easiest draw, but melbourne wont be in the position to use it
DiPpEr3: swallow went down to the rooms with doctors
E Kavastar: Havent heard Gibson once. Is he even getting a run?
Meldrum23: hes a rookie afl_freak2 not many rookies are picked to play.
afl_freak2: gibson is ahead of sam wright=dead set spud and also ahead of many other s in the bottom half of the screen u can see
darkness: @Kavastar , you are a fool if you think the tigers win , blues will win by 10 goals
Meldrum23: petrie having a day out without jamison, laider and duigan down there, riewoldt could kick a bag... again.
E Kavastar: Carlton will have no defense. Who's going to stop Riewoldt? Bower? Henderspud?
DiPpEr3: simo goal
afl_freak2: there is no reason the tigers cant beat them if hey do lookout your gonna cop some flack lol im happy to say go tigers
MontyJnr: @afl_freak this is sam wrights first game back after been injured for 10 months you muppet. ahead of gibson.
Meldrum23: kavastar riewoldt kicked 6 in round 1 last year, without jamison on him and hendos first game in defence.
darkness: Anyone can stop that sook !
Punt: Martin pick 3, Cunnington pick 5. Wow, what a difference
afl_freak2: im sorry sam wright is shocking!! dont hate me because your a north fan
Punt: Tigers will win
afl_freak2: punt lol
E Kavastar: Richmond were beating you for 3 quarters last year till they ran out of legs. I don't rate em much, but they'll win
Meldrum23: tambling pick 4, franklin pick 5 what a difference,
MontyJnr: cunnington had broken 2 legs as well. this was his first full pre-season, so wait until the real stuff to judge
MontyJnr: @afl_freak im not a north fan lol
Punt: mclean pick 11 - oops
afl_freak2: cunnington will never be an A grade player!! but he will be handy
darkness: Ha ha ha , it's always funny listening to Tiger supporters at the start of the year , so full of hope !
Moondog21: Cunnington will be a good player in time.
Meldrum23: then we beat them by 105 points later in the season
Kraz: is carrots going to finally break his tagger role.....and be more value than scotland?
Diamond: ??? Have Scotland and Robinson been subbed ?? ??
darkness: Well said meldrum23
afl_freak2: im not a tigers fan but i love watching he younf guys!! better than watching a ugly saints or swans team!!
TheoX: thought it was ziebell that had 2 broken legs?
Meldrum23: pretty sure scotland, robison, mclean we subbed for lucas and someone else.
MontyJnr: @afl_freak +1!
afl_freak2: carrazzo is to goo to be a tagger!! get armfield to tag
Meldrum23: carrazzo has always been a magnet but he will be suspect to negating roles.
E Kavastar: Carrazzo's also pretty good at putting the ball down rhe throat' of opposition players. Butcher
afl_freak2: he sould be hunting the footy or playing as an outside player every week
Meldrum23: hes no jobe watson thats for sure
afl_freak2: u reckon hes that back a kick?? fair enough
windigo24: Carrots' rated above average for kicking efficieny. Poor for inside 50 kicks.
E Kavastar: Jobe Watson kicked at 100% efficency the other night. Hasn't been a bad kick since 2009
afl_freak2: old drew carving up a c grade blues defence
Masten: Matthew Kreuzer......tempting
afl_freak2: is this the year judd starts to slow down??
Masten: Leigh Adams has a scary family
Meldrum23: why would he go all out in a praccy, same as swan not that hes in judds league.
R.Griffen.: Judd 3 votes today!!
afl_freak2: any1 here think the lockout setup is a turd!! gonna be a long week i tell ya
MontyJnr: judd will average 91 in supercoach this year i reckon
E Kavastar: Yeah stupid AFL giving Giants/Syd a stand alone game, then make us wait 5 more days for the real stuff to start
darkness: 29 - 26 scoring shots, one thing the blues need to fix this year!
Meldrum23: murph big last quarter
Zarts: late carlton charge :P 2 super goals to win it :P
afl_freak2: yeah kav its bloody crazy/stupid!!
E Kavastar: hehe, I remember when some Norf supporters said Atley would be better than Heppell
afl_freak2: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Meldrum23: its been 1 year kavastar, it wont be hard to beat a back flanker who plays uncontested.
Punt: Can't see many paying for Goldstein
The Bomber: has carlton kicked a supergoal...or just terrible shooting???
E Kavastar: Heppell averaged more contested possessions than Atley. Plus Heppell actually knows how to hit a target
afl_freak2: well the nab cup is over!!! hope everyone has their rooks lined up??? nothing gained out of todays game
barlow=god: carlton are 15 10, not 14 16...
Punt: End of practice. Now for the Tges to kick the Blues in the real deal
arzbar: the nab is over and very little rookies are to be found warranting selection..
Meldrum23: carlton are doomed :'( richmond by 75
afl_freak2: yep all i can say is load up on gws players or be left behind!!!
sasquatch9: Kane Lucas anyone?
spiggs: kieran harper? 0.4?!?! expect that from lindsy not you kezza! good win north!!!