Chat Log: W3, West Coast 12.23.95 d St Kilda 7.19.61

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9294eagles: who is nic nat gonna slam dunk in this one
reddevil96: Luvn FoxFooty 3 games back-to-back starting from midday WST... this is the one I want to see
whatlez1: Shorter games today so expect shower
reddevil96: So is it 20min qtrs whatlez? no time on?
bert1: l thought that was a mark out on the full my a
DilenS: Y hasn't he game started et?
DilenS: Don't worry
reddevil96: It's on Dilen, Mcevoy and Riewoldt... BANG into each other
E Kavastar: Is Ledger a sub?
reddevil96: *No injuries tho
DilenS: Ha ha typical reiwoldt
Hodgeey: wheres gaff?
meziare: man these NAB cup rules ruin the game as a spectacle
bert1: sad not see saad
meziare: Gaff calf(?) injury, OK for rd1
DilenS: Breakthrough season for gaff I reckon
Demons15: not seeing ahmed makes me saad
pavs nose: kerr having a blinder
DilenS: Where the hell is dal santo. Get some ball!!!!!!!
Quanzo: settle down DilenS
Kraz: not a dt option...but will schofield is playing beautifully
DilenS: @quanzo- sorry mate. Lol
bomber5186: I'm goin the golfer's partner over gaff, Lucas or anyone around that price.
reddevil96: Cox v McEvoy will be interesting tonight... have cox in atm
Panther: thank flower Swift has had a haircut
9294eagles: this outta bounce rule is bullshower
bomber5186: Cox too expensive for me. Is Priddis a sub or just sucking?
Panther: Masten looking very good
Kraz: kerr doing his best to avaid leather poisoning....
Chadwickus: Kerr has a possy!!
9294eagles: kerr goal, like the good old days
SaintsRGod: arryn siposs is gonna be a huge cash cow this year
cdrobert: where the flower is saad
A-Dawg: masten breakout season this year
probably: masten looking good again, but priddis and shuey notin
chadwick: Not sure about nick riewoldt.
probably: *not in
probably: I would be very wary of picking any eagles young players this year
Kraz: @probbaly...ofcoalps shuey has nothing...he is injured and not playing this week....
meziare: Goddard worrying me alot for DT. Scotland instead maybe
pavs nose: i wonder which player will fall victim to the west coke drug culture this season?
Demons15: @meziare goddard is a champ, one bad game doesnt change that. specially seen as its nab cup
meziare: yeah but he has lookes out of form and not interested all pre-season!
probably: @Kraz, note my correction. I meant not playing today. I think masten will be pushed back down the order when they r back
pavs nose: i think you should lock masten into your team a-dawg
Meldrum23: nicoski will be revealed as the teams main dealer, rosa and darling will be caught using.
Demons15: @meziare he should improve, just watch for him next week
Panther: @ Pavs Nose - probably micheal johnson
meziare: did WC have a drug scandal last year, or the year before?? When was Freo's ;ast drug scandal?
CrozaN: Goddard has been shower this pre-season lol
pavs nose: former player adam hunter had his home raided recently. showere load of drugs found
kangars8: Embley calling his team mate Brett sheppard? Idoit
pavs nose: sounds like a sound prediction molly
meziare: Yes, FORMER player. Not a WC drug scandal
Panther: what happened to Lachie neale??? he out now???
pavs nose: haha its so easy to get west coke fans worked up
Panther: freo must have been crap as usual to lose to port!
Meldrum23: they need to do a few lines to loosen up
mooose: west coke eagles, flying high?
reddevil96: Lachie Neale seen on crutches with an ankle, Magner dislocated wrist or finger (not sure)
pavs nose: haha meldrum good call.
Meldrum23: anyone going waters or hayes?
LilGazza: how long magner and neale out for?
meziare: Manger I think will be OK for rd1
Panther: i wonder if freo will sack lyon now?
Adamant: @Meldrum23 - Lenny is very tempting at that price..
CrozaN: Magner just a dislocated finger, should be fine for round 1 u would think
bert1: u would think so might miss 1 or 2
reddevil96: Definitely just a finger CrozaN?
kangars8: Waters or Grimes?
pavs nose: yeh lenny looking as if he never missed a game
MontyJnr: magnar needs to be elevated first though, they might not do it now with the injury
bert1: he and couch still rookies not no main list ..............yet
Panther: Masten looking very very good
Kraz: wangner dislocated a finger....everyone relax
SirBanalot: magner gone for up to 6 weeks just read on forums
CrozaN: pretty damn sure its a finger....
MontyJnr: so maybe couch might get elevated first..
SirBanalot: dislocated hand not finger
9294eagles: dislocated wrist they saying now
CrozaN: 6
S_Coach99: hey pavs nose....which freo player is winning a flag this century...none...same as the last
reddevil96: That changes things... finger is usually fairly simple!!!
Meldrum23: fingers can be a pain, dylan buckley did his at training 10 weeks sidelined.
pavs nose: my team is now dislocated
MontyJnr: cmon nroo!
SirBanalot: 6 weeks is a rumor, and i said up to which could mean 3 21 who knows
TheoX: must've been a tendon injury meldrum then
pavs nose: @s_coach99 - very witty comment. well done mate
cherries08: Nic Nat with red vest on
reddevil96: @cherries will be back second half
Kraz: dalziel is sooo bad
bennn17: Why is stevens still getting points with the green vest on?
Torpedo10: Nic nat subbed?
S_Coach99: is michael johnson racking up the lines this winter?
reddevil96: WC 4 subs used
bennn17: Masten turning it on again. Anyone seriously thinking about getting him?
tigerman28: is anyone watching this game? wtf is Goddard doing?
CrozaN: Cox is making it hard to ignore him....
bert1: legder goal
MontyJnr: no chance im taking a gamble on masten, he won't be a keeper
reddevil96: @tigerman not much barely sighted
rooboypete: Montagna or Hayes?? Both bit of a risk but for different reasons...
pavs nose: @s_coach99 - still a poor and predictable attempt at more try
Chadwickus: tigerman: goddards subbed
whatlez1: Considering not having god from rd 1?
CrozaN: Scotland > Goddard
pavs nose: me too whatlez. seriously concerned about him. a confidence player these days
Demons15: waters subbed?
whatlez1: @pav, it could free up money or get carrots?
pavs nose: @whatlez depends on who you have already. i already have birchall but may bring in suckers aswell for gooddard
bennn17: You can't base picking Goddard on tonights performance. I wouldnt even care if he didnt get another kick.
Kraz: have got rid of god....added another mid, I normally have the most rookies in the mids as they gain value the most...
arzbar: masten freaking teasing again
whatlez1: Benn I'm going on tonights, the whole nab cup and his attitude
SirBanalot: goddard at his price is a must for mine
Meldrum23: shhh bennn just let people do their stuff :)
Demons15: nah gerrick is the supplier of weedon the team ;D
m0nty: the NAB GF is to be played in Adelaide, whoever qualifies out of WC or Hawthorn.
Demons15: you had god in the mid? o.O
Panther: Cox>>>Sandilands
whatlez1: well goddard stunk it up last year... so... maybe upgrade to him and it will be better off.
Torpedo10: correct m0nty altho people who are listening to Grandstand already me. :)
MontyJnr: @whatlez what is the whole nab cup? his team didnt play last week. still an absolute lock.
MontyJnr: and whoever suggested picking suckling over goddard, what a laugh
SirBanalot: Goddard stunk it up last year????!?!?!???!?!? he averaged like 105
daniel87: sirbanalot he did do porr at the start of the year
sixxsixx6: watch everyone second guess their McEvoy/Giles/HMac/Jacobs/Mummy/Luenberger ruck combos - I know I am!
whatlez1: sirbanalot, come on mate dt and if you look at his dt stats it really picked up late.
probably: what options (aside from hall & d smith) r there for forward rookies? most of the early mid/fwd picks are disapointing
daniel87: poor*
reddevil96: The winners of both SC and DT last year didn't start with God did they?
MontyJnr: @daniel87 he was still the top defender playing 'poor'. says alot about him as a player..
rooboypete: Goddard had 10 centuries in the last 13 DT rounds of 2011...yep, that's smelly!!
whatlez1: @redevil96, my point...
Crabstick: @probably: Devon Smith, Jeremy Cameron, Tom Couch... Why isn't Saad playing btw?
raph16: surely masten has to be looked at now?
whatlez1: @rooboypete, he stunk it up at the start. Then got good. Getting him mid year would of been so much better.
daniel87: no one is doubting hes a gun i was simply saying he did have a poor start
whatlez1: daniel i said the same thing and got blasted...
daniel87: its a gamble really i didnt start him last year and got a nice pickup mid way through
raph16: is masten worth it...disappointed so many times during the season, but looking better than ever
lloydy28: goddard started weak and finished strong last year, hes a lock.
Kraz: only locks for me in the backline so far are scotland shaw hargraves and ellis....everything else is up in the air
reddevil96: For what its worth God is not a lock for me starting, in my team atm but he has 1.5 games to show something
R.Griffen.: Kraz what about Deledio
m0neyball: you guys are so full of it. Sitting here pmsl at everything I hear.
kangars8: kraz shaw and hargraves as locks? you have no idea
MontyJnr: how is hargrave a lock? lake might smash it tomorrow and you'll be all over him instead..
m0nty: give us some of your scintillating insight then m0neyball
reddevil96: @m0neyball nothing wrong with some robust debate about this stuff
meziare: wow, Saints will get the shower for this!!
whatlez1: shaw and hargrave aren't locks? You have no idea
lloydy28: what do people think about Marty Clarke this year?
cusch1: what about kurt tippett?
R.Griffen.: is Stanley meant to be the backup ruckman for St Kilda
whatlez1: Hey monty why don't you write ups on players when you click on their profile?
kangars8: marty clarke v paul bower for me cant decide
bigdaddydy: dustin martin the biggest lock. hes been outstanding.
R.Griffen.: Whatlez m0nty has better things to do eg continue Mr Football
m0nty: there are 843 of them! Give me a spell!
Panther: Dean Cox is simply the best DT ruckman ever!!
SaintsRGod: if u had to pick, with just those options, grimes or waters?
lloydy28: @kangars8- both will start this year i reckon.
reddevil96: Big Cox
MontyJnr: are people picking hargrave as a cash cow or geniune keeper? because hes not that cheap..
DirtyDawn: surest lock ever? Scott Chisolm, Freo!!!
whatlez1: haha I was joking monty, but yeah you should delete them. If you click on goddard it has all this stuff on him
lloydy28: cashcow
whatlez1: Get rid of hargrave after bye,s he will be around 350-380k i recon
MontyJnr: @whatlez1 in sc or dt?
kangars8: hargraves averages 70 every year except 1 year he average 90 when tops were top 4. plus he 31
E Kavastar: Ledger is scoring like a goose
bert1: save 100k and get bower ?
reddevil96: WOW.... that's a falcon
Chadwickus: holy crap
acroyale: Ball KOed McKenzie!!
Chadwickus: Mackenzie just died!
DirtyDawn: best falcon ever
whatlez1: save 100k get bower then bower doesn't play at all. Good idea.
Nigey95: get around fraser mcinnes!
boostboy: There's a lesson for all juniors when smothering, don't leave a gap between your arms big enough for the ball to go thru
Nigey95: goodnight eric mackenzie
pavs nose: gilbert this year anyone. i am seriously considering him
whatlez1: Hopefully Hargrave showers tomorrow
reddevil96: m0nty you have to get a falcon symbol this year
boostboy: @ Pavs nose - mot frustratingly disappointing player to have in all of fantasy football
DirtyDawn: Is Derrick Weedon related to Dave Swan??
whatlez1: where did mackenzie go? haha
Panther: the press has killed nroo just like video killed the radio star
whatlez1: Mckenzies name has disapeared???
pavs nose: @ boostboy did he burn you last year? if he is right in the head this year he may be ok
pavs nose: hahah dirty dawn i remember dave swan from last year
whatlez1: fwd rookies? Since smith will move to mids who can i put in fwds?
SaintsRGod: @pav nose: not a good choice for gilbert, with dawson leaving he will take a more defensive role, wont be loose at all
sixxsixx6: flower Dermie is annoying... He really has no idea.... At least BT was entertaining.... Dermie = Boring!
boostboy: Yes, burnt me badly, 90 one game, then a sub 50 score the next, with below average performances occurring way too often
Torpedo10: nic nat!!!!!!!!!
pavs nose: cheers @saints are god. i trust u being a saints fan and all. what about fisher then?
DirtyDawn: hahaha pav, good times!!! Derrick might be the 2012 version
reddevil96: 666 - Dermie has some of the stupidist (new word) comments ever
WCarey18: @Whatlez, the KO was that big that it knocked him off FF as well... LOL.
pavs nose: soounds like what broughton did to me last year @ boostboy
SaintsRGod: fisher a better choice, always been a big socrer
whatlez1: monty what have you done with mackenzie? lol
Hodgey947: are people thinking of getting rid of Goddard
sixxsixx6: Must be hard to commentate with a runny nose ;-) Dermie & Carey can have a foxfooty show together - "White Line Fever"
reddevil96: @Hodgey yes, have a look at the chat recap at half time later, big debate
CrozaN: Goddard has been crap this pre-season, doesn't look interested. lets just hope he will fire once round 1 starts.
reddevil96: That's gold 666
whatlez1: what just happened>? hahaa
WCarey18: Now, thats different...all the names have gone! O.o
StrudMan: whats going on monty?
whatlez1: redevil96 where is chat recap?
SaintsRGod: dont judge goddard on pre-season, its never been a big part of his game
whatlez1: mackenzie is back yaya
reddevil96: after the game you can recap the chat and see everything that is said
whatlez1: goddard is back on?
whatlez1: can you check it out now redd?
CrozaN: Are people trading out Magner? Apparently he is gone for 6 weeks....
reddevil96: Don't think so I did it a few times last year after games were complete
whatlez1: yeah crozan but for who?
E Kavastar: Ledger needs to pick it up or he's gawn from my team
m0neyball: crozan - bit early for that diagnosis isnt it?
Hodgey947: also swan has been crap this preseason whose picking him ?
swan__007: all this bitching about goddard need i remind you all that the winner of supercoach last year did not have goddard
reddevil96: God fianlly got the ball
whatlez1: kavastar your back man
CrozaN: Gibson maybe
Meldrum23: Ledger was in your team? and you bagged people for picking Guthrie?
tigerman28: I think I need cox this year!
reddevil96: How many ppl have Cox... I have him with 3 rooks atm??\
m0nty: There is no diagnosis on Magner yet. No bogus injury info please.
E Kavastar: Yeah, a 113k player who is in their Best 22, is older than other rookies, played well in 2011 NAB Cup...
E Kavastar: ...played well last week, a was a good scorer when he was younger, is comparable to a 150k player who's had 1 good game
E Kavastar: Guthrie isn't even a lock in Cats best 22 lol. Nothing alike
tezzer_j: everyone needs Cox in this year. too expensive to start with him though
whatlez1: Lachie neale in doubt for opener....
sixxsixx6: Looks like I may go Cox/HMac - I'll take donut rnd11 to get him in
reddevil96: @ tezzer even with 3 rooks
tigerman28: I'm hoping manger doesn't play rd 1. make the noobs work.
WCarey18: Bit annoying with all these mid rookies going down....Neale, Magner, Shiel etc.
lloydy28: i do @reddevil96
m0neyball: with the number of bargains going around, everybody should be able to afford cox.
WCarey18: Who's been subbed off for both teams btw???
Kraz: saints best side with west coast missing 8 of our best 4 here we come
whatlez1: and when they wrestle in the rucks and there are more throw-ins/easier holding the ball, he will score heaps more
john90: Saints will finish bottom 6 this year they are boring and horrible to watch
reddevil96: Gilbert off Winmar on
boostboy: What happened to Shiels then?
meziare: if this is the best the Saints have got then they might be in some trouble!
m0neyball: saints wont make the 8 this year. Coll, Geel, Haw, WCE, Carl, Syd, Ess, Frem all in front.
meziare: agree moneyball, and maybe Adel and North too
reddevil96: Agree that Saints look pretty average, but only early in the year and it is hot out here
Panther: freo wont make the 8
Kraz: id put the tigers above them too....cotchin martin and reiwoldt will drive them
m0neyball: even tigers will finish ahead of saints. And panther, dont forget how well freo were doing before all the injuries
Panther: barlow and mundy are both cooked. fyfe wont be full fitness till halfway through. they do have an easy run home tho
brent_bren: im starting to get on the masten train!!
m0neyball: i wont be betting on tigers making the 8 though - every year im convinced this is their year.
rooboypete: I have Montagna in atm. Should I put L. Hayes in instead??? Thoughts?
meziare: commentator saif NRoo done for the night, might be for more than the night!!
brent_bren: goddard WTF?????????? bloes died in the ass
sixxsixx6: Eagles will win minor premiership maybe, reasonable draw with 12 at subi - Could win 18 games
Beastiano: masten played 1 qtr????
reddevil96: NRoo subbed thats all I have heard
reddevil96: Hayes done too
KingPetrie: is gaff being rested
lloydy28: L.Hayes= LOCK
reddevil96: Masten played about 3/4
KingPetrie: lenny hayes is one 48, the hole saits team is going crap, whats he showing?
reddevil96: @ KP what's the saints showing?
m0neyball: 13 disposals for a $420k player and he's a lock? righteo then.
kangars8: any 1 picking scott selwood? could be a good unique
sixxsixx6: I think there are better mid priced option then Lenny, especially for DT
KingPetrie: reddevil there showing that there bottom 6 material and none of them should be selected!
reddevil96: "Lock" is the most over-used word in fantasy footy forums... it's defined as someone who will NEVER levae your side
reddevil96: @ KP good synopsis I agree
Ace Manuva: hard to ignore cox... head a shoulders above the rest
reddevil96: Cox and Kerr done for tonight
m0neyball: lol some old lady just got pwnd by siposs' kick
Chadwickus: lol the footy is taking people out all over the place...old woman wore it in the face
m0neyball: first target the saints have hit all day
Kraz: give coxy the gun monty
Ace Manuva: put it on YT please
tigerman28: Kim duthie would have scored well in this game - lots of wc drugs and dumb saints players
sixxsixx6: Milne's a window licker.... that is all
sixxsixx6: Wonder if Kim Duthie incorporates the Sub Rule in the gang bang?
KingPetrie: M0NTY loving the ads
reddevil96: Gold... the old lady sledging the player and got falconned
m0nty: fairly good day for footy highlights today, Buddy and NicNat
whatlez1: Who says dermie isn't funny?
reddevil96: They will be on the highlight reel for most of the year m0nty
m0neyball: naitanui huge grab
whatlez1: God big quarter?
reddevil96: So gf noght is st patricks day? That could be interesting
WCarey18: Amazing that St. Kilda is only 5 goals behind, yet their highest DT scorer is just 53....
tigerman28: dermie is a fool
reddevil96: *night
KingPetrie: i hate Derm as a commentator
swan__007: 490465 this is supercoach league enter if you want did this last year was a strong comp
WCarey18: Jeez, Goodard has raced to the top...junk time perhaps?
whatlez1: After so much shower, Goddard is almost top haha
Meldrum23: it doesnt matter how you get your points.. hes getting them
swan__007: monty you join as well and compete against your admires of your site
kangars8: remember these are very short quarters @ carey
whatlez1: Is cox subbed?
SirBanalot: yes cox asubbed
reddevil96: Cox and Kerrr both subbed 10 mins ago
tigerman28: yeah, he's raced to 52 Pts. wow. Worth 600k. Not!
WCarey18: @Kangas, didn't know that...thought they were regulation sized quarters....
whatlez1: Hayes getting tackles as a sub
WCarey18: @Reddevil, subbed for who?
reddevil96: Dunno who came on Fox just told us they were done
swan__007: 490465 anyone is free to join it is supercoach league
m0nty: that's enough thanks swan
whatlez1: Swan if your getting randoms from chat, it won't be a very successful league
whatlez1: You tell him Paul
reddevil96: How much time did God spend on the bench m0nty?
KingPetrie: wayne Carey is the 2nd best player to ever play the game, behind leigh mattews
Jezro: How much of the game did Weedon play?
m0nty: I don't have TOG stats, you guys know that.