Chat Log: W1, St Kilda 3.18.36 d Geelong 0.15.15

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Crim-I-Nal: Hi everyone :)
onthegear: my top 3 midfield cheapies are ....j mac , horsley , zorko ..thoughts????
GoCrowz98: Isnt Zorko injured?
Crim-I-Nal: First post for the game :)
onthegear: dunno ???
E Kavastar: Chad Cornes was saying the older blokes will play 5 games then rest. That means no no for J-Mac for me.
whatlez1: Kav - what?
PowerBug: @E kavastar: Except him, he's a Tank!!
onthegear: j mac will be the biggest cash cow in history !!!! absolute lock in for me
E Kavastar: Cornes said on radio the old guys (he said him Brogan JMac) will play 5 games, take a week break, then another 5 games
s.n.a.f.u: doubtful he will out do Barlows 1st year
onthegear: chad cornes is off his head man, dream on !!!!
Pokerface: interesting Kav, didn't hear that
onthegear: chad cornes talks like he plays..... RUBBISH !!!!
whatlez1: @kav, not that bad then. I thought you meant they will play 5 games and that's it haha
s.n.a.f.u: smedts selwood not playing
Crim-I-Nal: onthegear your name is offensive to me, as I have a close friend with a drug problem and he refers to drugs as 'the gear
E Kavastar: Still, if that happens, it'll put J-Mac one week behind other rookies in terms of price increase. Could be bad
PowerBug: Some of the rookies will do similar.
dudio: Crim-I-Nal your name is offinsive to me, as i have a friend in jail, and they call him a criminal
PowerBug: @Criminal - Maybe that's what this guy refers to drugs to aswell ::)\
onthegear: CRIM-IN-NAL your name is offensive to me as my father is doing time in barwon
Pokerface: crim-i-nal - i have a friend who steals things. he's called the Crim. be more sensitive please.
Crim-I-Nal: your father is a cow onthegear
froff-king: stup up cu nts gotyour back crim-i-nal
PowerBug: Ok guys, game is underway. Fantasy talk time.
s.n.a.f.u: play nice guys
Pokerface: froff my dads an alcoholic. his friends call him beer froff. be more senstivie
froff-king: sorry boys. how good is goddard !!
Qwop 7: big win for onthegear if his father is a cow, free milk!
Trouta: monty you really gotta have 18+ for this get rid of the kids
onthegear: change your name CRIM-I-NAL for you my friend are a rookie ! suggestion ....pokahontis ?
m0nty: back on the footy please lads
dudio: pokerface my dad has a gambling problem
Pokerface: bartel - a norm smith, brownlow medallist, DT gun. but selwood/pendles/swan means he will be in no teams
PowerBug: Thanks m0nts! :)
PowerBug: Unfortunately yes Pokerface. :(
Morts54: U forgot Ablett Pokerface
Pokerface: Morts - Ablett bye is rd 13
peteywest: Goddard or fisher.. Seriously...
Ace Manuva: Isn't Tom Curren on the LTIL?
tabs: who has the vests??
froff-king: god luck nicky winmar
m0neyball: petey - im going fisher.
Pokerface: peteywest - why or? take both
JuddMyBud: Goddards price is cheap but this is putting me off a little
JuddMyBud: Noweone should take criminals name personally it's just a name
peteywest: To save cash.. I was top10 last year and just thinking about not starting with Goddard to save cash, he just looks slow.
froff-king: what kind of name is farren !!
Pokerface: froff - an offensive one
JuddMyBud: Goddard will prove to be a good buy I think ore season just blowing out the cobwebs
Pokerface: saad that was quality
Pokerface: not sure on his JS, but if named rd 1 saad has played his way into my team
twsherrin: Westy!
froff-king: its a shame james baren didnt get drafted
sida: who kicked the supergoal
Pokerface: gram
M.Brown#1: dwayne russel such a shower commentator
peteywest: Aaaaaashhkmeeed lol so close, so locked in
E Kavastar: Saad will be one of those 12 possession, 2 goal players. If he has a quiet game he won't crack 40
JuddMyBud: Correct kavstar like Eddie betts
Pokerface: he'll score more than orren
E Kavastar: Bit like Matera last year, except with a bigger starting price tag and less job security..
Morts54: Donuts for Gillies & Burbury
Antman: rookie goalsneak? why would you bother? no thanks.
froff-king: saad is a freak ! he will rack up touches all year of halfbck averaging 100+ DT
Antman: Saad is a rookir thanks.
Morts54: froff u had enough
Boodetime: Any radio broadcast for this game guys?
Legend008: yes but in a better team if he gets games will have more oppurtunities than GC did.
Pokerface: 120+
E Kavastar: Stephenson into the ruck this half, West subbed
Morts54: sen
froff-king: tom ledger has sarted well. shame about his cousin heath :/
M.Brown#1: bartel -7 lol
Boodetime: ty
E Kavastar: Man, NAB Cup is so easy to make money from. The team that plays games 1 + 2 hasn't won yet...
E Kavastar: And only one team has won both games 2 + 3... Collingwood... against GWS...
Pokerface: youve been taking some short odds then kav - hawks over north, collingwood over gws...
froff-king: purple name game !
E Kavastar: When you can make multis worth $7+, those odds don't seem too bad
JuddMyBud: That's the way kavstar Ido line multis
Legend008: I think wev'e all learnt tonight to stay away from wilkes and walsh.
Pokerface: ahmed!!
E Kavastar: Milera fighting for the same spot as Saad... he isn't so much of a lock now...
froff-king: this is like watching the 09 grand final replay !
mabo: Why bother bringing in a goal review process and not have a camera covering the plane of the goal?
Pokerface: whats the point of this third umpire when everything is 'inconclusive'
m0neyball: the 3rd umpire camera is like judging a runout with the stump cam
Morts54: Who kicked the super goal for Cats
Pokerface: burbury
Ace Manuva: GOod onya SImon Hogan... just youtubed the guy... depression problems
Pokerface: call a doctor kingie. jones is about to die
E Kavastar: West was one of the sub-offs m0nty...