Chat Log: R8, West Coast 14.12.96 d Fremantle 9.9.63

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Archer11: hey
FlyCou: Pitt in for Ballantyne
FlyCou: Pitt and Masten subs
mh7690: dammit, we needed you ballaz!
moorey21: No Gaff :((
lazzaswan: hey
Danny_Bhoy: Any chance Broughton will score around 100?
dtownsend: why wouldnt they play gaff lol
newmie: emberly out shep in
vb22: embley late withdrawl did hamstring in the rooms, sheppard the replacement
LilLionMan: Apparently Embley out Hammy at warm up?
falcooons: cmon freoooooo
c-hawk: embley hammy in warm up didnt hear who is in though for him
nortons: surely you'd bring in gaff for mbers. shepard is poo
lazzaswan: wheres griffen for freo?
M.Brown#1: Embley out, Sheppard in
Tucker: only way gaff would play is if masten had the hamstring sub was already named
youl_R_FCK: Yeah got Pitt more then 33 this week. On bench anyway
GoLions: mundy please score less than boyd my opp has u captain
Dockerland: Embley is a massive out for the Weagles
Bunghole42: jack anthony spud
Memph: Why didn't the eagles pick Gaff to come in instead of Sheppard?
Dockerland: Might want to wait till after the game before you Mozz yourself Bung!
chasearoo: Mundy - 126
SJ=Freak: shoe icon for shuey
Sylvester: Worsfold said Gaff was going to play a bigger role.
ascari: i need fyfe to beat shoe by 80 to win league... i porb loose ey
Sylvester: How can he say that and then Gaff be the sub. Surely not?
Lionman: kerr gone in the warmup too
c-hawk: gaff in
boomz23: Ker injured in warm up as well lol
vb22: kerr injured in warmup as well
Bunghole42: Gaff in!!!
ascari: kerr out, gaff in
Sylvester: Where is Gaff?
Dockerland: Kerr is out injured in the warm up too!!!
Aaron1976: Eliminator - who wins - ME Lower, fyfe, sandilands, cox, pav vs sandilands +74
battler: Good luck Jack Anthony
Memph: Gaff to win the match for Eagles
Memph: If the Eagles win I get 8 tips right
eagles9294: no kerr or embley? trouble for the eagles :(
cantaloupe: aaron dont even ask such a stupid question nob
Memph: Um Darling was already in the team
Tittan99: Memph that is a good effort
YinYang: how much could i expect pav and cox to rack up?
Memph: Makes up for a week where i was sick at work and missed my tips. Got 1 from the away teams lol
Aaron1976: cantalope - i've seen millions sillier questions eg - does teh 0 count ? does ziebeels 110 count ? not so silly mate
buddyboyz: wasn't darling named already?
strikes91: kerr just lost me my eliminator
battler: Jack to kick 4
cantaloupe: mate Lower, fyfe,, cox, pav YOU WILL OBVIOUSLY WIN....
Aaron1976: if i lose my league matchups, least i wont lose my eliminator, not as bad
thedaveyb: Tight hamstring for Kerr
MercsPower: u stupid aaron, u will clearly win
Memph: Wow an extremely exciting league game for me: Darling, Cox, Lower, Sandi, Pav v Sandi, Lower, Mundy
W.Mantooth: pav and 150 points VS cox, lower, fyfe, sandi and darling... who will win?
Aaron1976: recently an essenon player got injured in warmup then the replacement got injured in warmup also. nothing new
Jedinak: jack anthony or jack darling to kick 4?
JarodTiger: big test for young Esles midfielders here
Memph: And i'm down by 18 points
pachichi: need lower and fyfe to have a crap one
JarodTiger: big test for young Eagles midfielders here
Sylvester: Nooo Gaff the sub.
Memph: Noo Woosha make Sheppard the sub, Gaff is way better
mtty: Hoping Duffman doesnt cop a tag
strikes91: can riciutoo flower off. he cant commentate for balls
Centurions: has gaff started this year?
Memph: Someone better be taggin Mundy
Sylvester: I got Gaff on the ground in DT and SC
gunners23: want big games from broughton and fyfe!
mrpotato: i am so sick of gaff being th sub
JarodTiger: got two best umps here in McBurnie and Kennedy.. obv expecting a bot of roughouse or biffo here
W.Mantooth: gaff is always the sub
gunners23: gaff hasnt played a full game this
mrpotato: worsfold is a flowering spud
nichanbri: Had Embly as capt this week WTF ?????
TaklingJak: Enough of Gaff as sub. GIve Masten or Sheppard the green vest
TaklingJak: I need Fyfe to get 150 and I'll be ok.
Memph: Nic Nat for a ton - I called it first
thornz23: so flowered that gaff is sub every game.. i dnt have him and it still poweres me off
Aaron1976: McPhee is soft
elvundir: come on pavlich, injure yourself
nathan11: why did i trade in kerr this week :(
W.Mantooth: mcginnity tagging fyfe... power off... kill him fyfe
Buck Naked: if shannon hurn gets 321 points ill win my sc game! he can do it
Danny_Bhoy: Cox to spank Sandi, Broughton to slap Darling come on
Herdy23: come on fyfe, sandilands and darling
masterhc2: need a big one from fyfe and mundy and cox to have quiet ones
Paliente: it's tag flowering central
c-hawk: oh ma darling
Thebiggf: Backed sandi most dt points for odds of 3.50 big game plz
Longy88: darling
Memph: Carn the Eagles
sullitons: yes gaffs inclusion saves me a zero
rainbow x2: monty gets tags wrong lots usually dont end up tagging
Paliente: c'mon Cox, capt. sandi and stay down enemy capt. Pav
Aaron1976: jack darling will be priced like a premium in 2012
Priddis: Eagles Flying High...Dockers Shockers
Joby1Kenob: c judd 3 votes
mrpotato: what sort of herosexual tags fyfe?
c-hawk: FYI shuey had 8 weetbix and a banana for breakfast he tweeted today
elvundir: enemy captain pav.. agree
Memph: J DArling 3 votes
Barlow: Lol there are padlocks on the only 4 players I have in this match.....
colonel78: how long kerr expected to be out???
lukew55: harden up cox
Jet11: fyfe is class
gunners23: fyfeeee
Lionman: 3 taggers lol fail
layngarys : dream team website is really slow
Herdy23: fyfe might be class but he is on 2
eagles9294: darling how good are you son
masterhc2: FYFE you Gun, keep going son
Jet11: here we come freo
Arradin: why is it a fail with 3 taggers????
hayes7: how annoying! i have the three freo players who are being tagged... :/
Herdy23: go fyfe
burner72: cmon west coast i picked ya this week, 6-7 so far
DatsNashty: ma mayne man tackling up a storm
proud_lion: why do i still have broughton.. FFS
Barlow: Are they allowed to change who the sub is just before the match? I thought Masten was their named sub?
Memph: I also picked the eagles and have 7 right so far this week
burner72: sandi vs cox, no.1 ruck vs no.2 wht a matchup
Seb78: Go Sandi - stay down Cox
burner72: you picked nth over melb? lol
boof12: come on cox
Shooba: Nico has been bloody good lately
Arradin: burner I think you mean no.2 vs no. 1 haha
masterhc2: great start big cox, keep goinglike this pls
Centurions: melbourne had lots of injuries...
Jet11: nicoski is a seagull
Joby1Kenob: they can change the whole team 40 mins b4 the match
lemon13: Darling is as good as curnow and heppell IMO
burner72: the way broughton is playin i might sideways him to suckling
Herdy23: darling, fyfe, sandilands <3
lessg123: fyfe/lower/cox cmon guys!
dipper5: cmon cox znd priddis Capt
cats81: broughton and mundy need 100+ from both of you flowers
burner72: darling starts well but then dies, needs to work on his fitness and his ego, good player though
PurpleName: hahahah this is funny... i have Mundy as captain
Aaron1976: dean cox playing injured, leg injury
BluesFlag: COx on bench??? injured maybe?!?!
vaficarra: Someone PLEASE take out Sandilands!!!!!
FantasyBoy: go broughton you flog
Grazz: Dont let the PNG curse get you mundy need a big one buddy.
buddyboyz: i hope broughton has a bad game
thornz23: mmmm looking like i should have had darling on over petrie this week
brooka: seriously duffield, ure out next week if u dont get least 70
masterhc2: please sub out cox!
Joby1Kenob: good choice mundy for captain, selwood good tagger though
vman33: I need Fyfe and Pavlich to have shockers! my Eliminator opponent has em both
kreuze_mis: FFS pav need 130 from u capt
Bunghole42: Cox up and about looking for action
Reidy: Cox looks fine, just rotations.
GoPies:D: sandi better play bad
RogerTwose: Looks like WCE are protecting Cox from Sandi...
vaficarra: Need Broughton > Sandilands. Any chance????
vman33: whats wrong with Coxy ?
mrpotato: fyfe....sigh
Tittan99: 1880 with Darling Fyfe Cox and Sandi LETS GET TO 2300 boys
rodallegaa: fyfe!!! get amongst it!!!
lukew55: wats wrong with cox someone plz tell me!
raph16: stuck with broughton for the year..honestly dont know how he is this bad!
Arradin: could pav be protected any more by the umpires
burner72: buddyboyz: Broughtons yet to have a good one yet this year lol
rodallegaa: sandi big game pls
layngarys : anyone else experiencing a slow loading time for the dream team site?
GoPies:D: cmon broughton im selling u nxt week
tiltraise: cox on fire getting +1 from bench talk abt go go gadget arms
Woody15: i would have thought most have Cox in their team ?
Essendon18: why cox so much bench time?
Grazz: Thornz after petries last couple of games that would of been a gutsy thing to do. hope coxy's ok for you.
masterhc2: need fyfe to stay with mundy
Digbee42: broughton please continue your horror season and pavlich, i need you to have a shocker! go fyfe and coxy
shents: cox appears to have a huge bandage on left elbow
Ferog: Hey mOnty your bench looks like a cow
Rated_RKO: lower and broughten vs lecras and darling + 50 ... c'mon westcoast forwards
demons13: flowering cox I NEED YOU!
Aaron1976: Grazz - wont even load for me and it added 100+ onto my eliminator opponent, cheats
Herdy23: come on fyfe - get your head in the game - same with darling and sandilands
Brady01: flowering hell traded crowly out for jetta (swans)
SaintsRGod: i think im giving up DT after this week
krakhead: broughton will come good this game cos I got rid of him.. watch
The Caners: I know the feeling Ralph16, however for me add duffield to the equation
Clark U: Umps love cox
masterhc2: come on fyfe, need a huge one from you
xumtinlong: Sandilands need to score 200+ for me to lose my league gme this week
Herdy23: i hate tags - they are so dog
Essendon18: who did everyone tip for this game?
dipper5: cmon cox priddis and lower in need to get to 2000
masterhc2: fyfe +65 vs mundy and cox, uff
NewFreoFan: Opponent has mundy captain. Want him to play bad but freo still win :)
thornz23: yeh definitely grazz theres no way i could have known :P but i was tossing up which one to put on
asglongden: Go WCE! Win this baby!
Joe B: was Cox bandaged up at the start of the qtr...or during??
Memph: I tipped Eagles and have 7 right so far
Grazz: Aaron76 i dont understand what you mean mate, sorry
The_Kid_05: Need big scores from Sandi and Fyfe today.
HarleyL: lets go Cox!!
thechief: Here comes big cox
Paliente: yay pav, more -3s pls
Billyho: here come the big cox
jmacks: in eliminator im up by 350: he has sandilands, darling, pav, lower
Sylvester: Pavlich Gaff and Lower Vs 255 points. Anyone ???
Dilen: Cox doin well for the time he has been on the ground
masterhc2: @memph i tipped freo and have 6 right
Essendon18: wow at memph
Billyho: eagles have big cox bandaged
lemon13: @ sylvester, 255 points definately
DaneSwan: @jmacks- how do not have any of those players?
thornz23: 255 easy sylvester
Joe B: Who's on Lynchy...other than himself??
Stinkfist: @sylvester i'd prefer the 255 points
TaklingJak: sylvester yur gone. sorry
buddyboyz: i need broughton to get under 51 dt points fro me to win
pachichi: need pav to get 115 + to have a chance of winning league
imageof007: lynch on lynch?
Grazz: Why is Gaff always sub, hows he supposed to get match fit, had him from the start and made nothing.
Tittan99: dam should have gone with Nahas over fyfe
Windy Hill: What's everyone looking to get this week? Oveer 2000?
joxstrap: M0nty needs a feature where Julia Gillard reads the score shanges out for the visually impaired
masterhc2: uff i'm stuffed. need fyfe to FIRE UP!
Bunghole42: Ricciuto on helium again
Sylvester: Supposed I asked :(
dipper5: priddissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss:-(
bigdaddydy: im screweed guys, its me: duffield, pavlich, darlings vs my opponent: Cox + 227...
farthers: My opponent had kerr on the ground with savage as emergency. Goddamn
Slashers: My opponent has McPharlin and Johnson! Whats going on. Thought they were spuds?
rodallegaa: fyfe!!! get amongst it!!!
BluesFlag: fyfe come on shake the flowering tag!
Harvey29: im on 1800 with pavlich and sandilands left... hopefully get about 2030
SaintsRGod: the reason johnson is doing well is coz i traded him this week
alekstah: come on FYFE!!!!
bert1: mundy better have a good game paid tho the teeth for you
elvundir: time to get injured pav..
Harvey29: i had atley over liba... im shattered.
Floor: any of you guys had PYOL and lost by a point? just happened to me....
PurpleName: serious question. does Gibbs' zero count if my opponent has him as emergency? and somene else emergency in th backline
How I Roll: Darling +9 vs pavlich.......... i think im f u c k e d
joosoo: im on 1924 with lower, cox and darling !
Joe B: my opponent had Kerr starting with Libba emergency...ffs.
layngarys : duffield i want to shoot you
masterhc2: lol! My eliminator opp has sylvia and liberatore on the bench
MoneyShark: Im on 2090 with Lower, Cox and Darling, anyone here got better ??
Herdy23: go fyfe
Centurions: who will win 47 + pav+ cox vs darling fyfe lower ?!?
Aaron1976: seriously dreamteam website is buggered big time
Jet11: stop wishing injuries on players!
Tigertuff: comeon capt Mundy! i really need you to shine this week
Tigertuff: comeon capt Mundy! i really need you to shine this week!
masterhc2: @how i roll join the club, fyfe +60 vs mundy +cox
Grazz: Good work Mundy, shat meself when i saw PNG on you.
Dilen: any signs of injury? want gaff to come on
froggy55: ROFL Broughton u stupid dud
Herdy23: what is this eliminator thing???
elvundir: ok, just a brief knockout then?
chinospot: lynch is on lynch?? O.o
TheBaron: Let's go Captain Mundy!
ascari: u have to log onto dt website sundya morning n jst leave it till end of the round
Khunt1vote: Nah, they keep the DT site slow to suit it's players
nathan11: 0 for emerg doesn't count as lowest if doesn't play
buddyboyz: really hoping broughton gets injured
alekstah: keepy going fyfe!
Dilen: was that a free againstt darling?
Flicka: gaff is a serious ball buster im trading him.
Bunghole42: Who is worse McPhee or Anthony?
Nick1069: duffman = useless, first thing i do monday morning will be trading him.
Seb78: slow down mundy
Danny_Bhoy: Broughton, Cox v Sandi, Darling + 50pts in SC - im gone
Grazz: Need Pridis to get 128 or im sunk. start bailing boys.
Harvey29: lift PAV
youl_R_FCK: We could see broughten get a half decent score for a change not that iv had him....
Flicka: no idea why they always have gaff as emergancy, he is talented.
Aaron1976: Fyfe will ton it up
Jet11: Masten skills are terrible!
elvundir: well done fyfe, flamed up
Dilen: gaff is a young player. give him time to mature into a great footballr
Joe B: who's leading the Glendinning Medal thus far??
Prospector: All good for Cp'n Mundy, but where's man Fridy?
C-Dogg: cmon lower u spud
masterhc2: good fyfe! catch up to mundy!
Tigertuff: Go Mundy GO!
alekstah: FLAME for FYFE, PLEASE
Grazz: @Dilen you gotta play before you can do that.
ashb23: need 80 from Coxy! C'mon baby!!!
Harvey29: hoping for a 40+ opening quarter for big sandi in SC
bigdaddydy: the one game i need darling, pav and duffield to really fire up... this is flowered
imageof007: lynch on lynch?
demons13: as to why i dont have mundy, i will never know
didak7: flower sake pav! lift u overrated spud
FantasyBoy: gogogogogogo broughton
Flicka: nick1076 why dont u wait until friday to trade, its stupid trading any sooner
jmacks: need pav and lower to fail
How I Roll: please pav have a very quiet game please!!!
potassium.: pav you are terrible at life.
cats81: go go david mundy de ne ne ne ne (to power rangers theme music)
Dilen: he has grazz, but as a sub....... most of the time....... 90% of the time
biggs2dujj: Priddis, thanks for nothing.
Flicka: i'll score only 2200 sc
chubbub3: need gaff to outscore cox to win eliminator. flower
Dangermaus: stay down pavlich, i wanna upgrade to you soon
bigdaddydy: this is fcuking disgusting
masterhc2: ooh. cox+75 vs fyfe and darling, should be close
Aaron1976: flicka - join the club, im trading out 2 players asap
GoLions: need pav and cox to fire up and mundy, broughton, hurn, and darling to fail
TheBaron: Let's go MegaMundy!
cRiSiSv3: lol duffield u are gettin traded down to a rookie this wk... >:(
bigdaddydy: what a disgraceful quarter of football
Grazz: Hope Broughton can turn the season around today. held of getting rid of him.
Nick1069: flicka yeah i know but he just sucks so much i cant wait
Dilen: last week darling didn't do anything after quarter time
jwill55aus: Broughton getting more lockdown roles this year. Doesn't bode well fantasy wise
DaisyCrazy: Just logged on... does anyone know if Kerr's adductor injury is serious or just precautionary?
sainters38: my sc 2118 of 19 nickoski darling and lower left
Brady01: need lower, pav and darling to score low
GoCrowz98: How many free kicks did Pav give away that quarter?
Shucuzz: Gaff=Kermit the frog in his green vest
mrpotato: ton from you today fyfe
bigdaddydy: Duffield you have caused me so much pain...freos game plan doesnt allow duff and brought to score big like last year
Buddy-Love: :(
m0nty: how's that PNG curse going? :P
Jimmy40: why was Cox benched a lot in first quarter
TravisBoak: sc scores?
potassium.: darling get the ball you spastic.
SunsGuns: what will be a good DT score this round? 2100?
Brady01: there is alot of fire on this page
timmybutts: can fyfe beat broughton + darling
Refused: Me too grazz but i think broughtons going to continue being shower
hawks_92: what is the png curse..?
yona100: 53 vs hill who is gonna win????
Jet11: Mundy in All Aust form
Buddy-Love: what is the PNG curse
Essendon18: freo dominated the play late in that quarter but couldnt kick any
craig22: any chance cox sandi and pav will score over 300 between em in sc?
kaisasosai: stfu u player haters. learn how to pick good players rather than speak shower
youl_R_FCK: Flower of cox like u needed the extra point Zac smith has done well for me
farthers: Mayne sub?
sundymundy: need sandi and pav to outscore darling by 250 in SC... seems unlikely :(
pachichi: im on track for 1850 such a crap week
preki1: 53
DangerousD: still on the png curse monty?
Dilen: m0nty, u should be concentrating on the game u sidetracked beaver
Prospector: Don't speak too soon m0nty - oops, you might have ...
GoCrowz98: Cox on bench again
Essendon18: craig22, that is likely to happen
cptFantasy: PNG Curse is Mal Michael!
yona100: love u mate! @preki1
Joe B: PNG Curse = Papua New Guinea Curse.
Pavlich#29: 1612 with Sandi, Pav, Cox, Lower and Darling playing can I crack 2000?
Refused: PNG is the curse of Papua New Guinea
krakhead: does Cox need a bandaid? whats going on?
Tigertuff: need about 550 (SC) between Shuey, Pav, Mundy (C) and Sandi. not looking good
tjp1447: @craig22 big chance
TheSalt: surely Sandilands is gonna be regarded as the most dominant ruckman to have played the game when he retires
Johnnysd: do we know why Kerr didnt play?
tnator: Thanks for clearing that up Joe
Floor: anybody know who the tiger was that punched the ball through at the end when he could've marked it? i owe him a punch in
Floor: the head
Harvey29: pav= 31... you beauty!
Shucuzz: @ yona. So both u and ur oppenent have neither cox or sandilands as one if not both of ruckmen? Brain damage much?
bigdaddydy: purple name game curse
Refused: Lol joe b. like minds
mrpotato: ton up fyfe, cox, darling
suarez7: need darling to outscore cox in SC
W.Mantooth: is cox okay?
dipper5: y the f*** is cox of
DaisyCrazy: Anyone know about Kerr?
jamin2813: on 1900 atm with sandi, cox, fyfe, lower and darling to go
beetle123: cmon lower i need you to score 21 more points
JarodTiger: Kerr has tightness in hammy and was kept safe
masterhc2: need darling and fyfe to fire up, cox to have a quiet one.
dipper5: why the f*** is cox off
YinYang: lets go cox and pav lift
DaisyCrazy: Thanks JT
The Lad: The Salt: Polly Farmer, will retain that title
Joe B: what is wrong with Shuey...conditions should suit him.
elvundir: pavlich 2 FA and 31 sc ??
StAnselm: I have Sandi and Broughton against my opponent's McPharlin + 46 = very close
hawks_92: no icons?
Bigal86: wooot, i have mundy captain :D
Grazz: 100 more Matt
jeffbutch: how pav has got 31 sc points has got me flowered
Shucuzz: Team Icons after half time?
dilz17: all supercoach scores at quarter time are INFLATED
Tigertuff: keep going Mundy!
Johnnysd: it says Adductor in Gaffs white T replacement for Kerr thats not the case?
StAnselm: Do you think Jack Anthony deserves the spud icon?
GExcell: dull match
shaggz31: SC point allocators must have pav in their teams
GExcell: jackson darling magic
Dtkingv2.1: dDARLING
jarman3: Time for cox, darling
elvundir: should be fixed up at half time, hopefully he gets >50 (opponents cap)
Prospector: thornz at 2021
leeroy337: get all the selwoods down at the cattery!
J.Bartel: 1st quarter SC are always out of proportion
Grazz: jeffbutch even though its only 31, 1st qtr SC scores always inflated.
remon tea: cox/pav and 12 vs fyfe/lower, thoughts?
tnator: Thanks Darling
Refused: Mastens SC score certainly didnt get inflated lol
buddyboyz: darling!
underdog11: darling!
Memph: Darling
benson6: lift pav
thornz23: need cox n lower to turn it up
proud_lion: why did i get bloody broughton god damn it!!!!!!!!!!!
tjp1447: if 1/4 time sc are inflated i fear for p.duffield...
masterhc2: yes jackyboy
Dilen: darling!!!!!!
fattony: whats with cox? injured?
Grazz: @Prospector just making me sadder, its a nice score with 3/4 to go.
TheSalt: yeah agreed how can pav get 31 from 6pos & 2FA when swan racks up 30touches & gets 98
Seb78: neither did van berlo's
the 29ers: whats everyones dt gonna score?
boof12: lift cox and lower
Longy88: can we stop hearing your scoring situations no one gives a sheight
Shucuzz: Cox and pav will take it tea
marce6: whats everyones sc looking like?
TheSalt: must be that inflation everyone talks about
dilz17: cause swan doesnt get much hardball gets THE SALT and his effenciany isnt that good.
jamin2813: looking at 2100+ for dt
Memph: Pav goal
JarodTiger: Pavlova
GoCrowz98: pav!!!!!
rodallegaa: come on fyfe, sandi
buddyboyz: pav goal
Harvey29: pav!!
LeFtBehinD: How about you play on Mundy Selwood! God damn!
boof12: my dt gonna score around 1950
Dtkingv2.1: pav
Refused: I hear ya proudlion. curse my decision
Jet11: the big pav!
mrpotato: @the salt, because swan is so innefficient with the footy, all his kicks are little toe pokes out of a pack or a clanger
tiltraise: go pav!!
suarez7: sandi, pav, fyfe, lower and darling + 350vs sandiC, pav, fyfe, lower
underdog11: pav flowering time!!
Grazz: @Refused lol looks like it burst on inflation.
TheSalt: yeah not good about 1850sc this week, thank god for buddy, hodge and suckling
Barlow21: pav had 2ff and very good effiency. lots of kicks too
colonel78: pav
rodallegaa: come on lower!! lift
Prospector: Yeah Grazz, terrible when I'd rather talk about the opponents DT rather than mine!
pottsie...: 1906 with lower and fyfe
Mico IV: flowering Luke te dud Shuey
Magaggies: I've got Cox +15 vs Fyfe... not feeling good about things right now :(
didak7: bout time pav!
Juggalo: Pav did something.. yay
Spite: rosa flame
masterhc2: if qtr time scores are inflated i fear for j van berlo lol
didak7: guys what num is lower?
dipper5: coxx
deekay: i need 31pts from broughton. im worried cause he always let me down.
Moondog21: u changed ablett to mundy as capt in sc hoping for 140 from mundy
Reidy: Pav and Sandi only need another 11 to win me the eliminator
TheSalt: word on the street is hodge has resumed FULL training & will be back to his best form - get on him
Trentc1986: No 4 Lower
antsnest3: didak7 34
bickies: Good boy mcpharlin! Get a move on shuey
drummond: lower is 34. come on nick stick with pav
tjp1447: lower number 34
Clark U: Didak7 click on him ya spud
beachedaz: lower 34
Reidy: @TheSalt I think everyone knew that when he made 132 today
Moondog21: i changed i meant
Grazz: @Prospector lol i know how you feel, id rather talk about to and im not playin him, now thats sad.
Seb78: flower off mundy
buddyboyz: flowering hell. i need someone to tag broughton!
No spuds: broughton is the biggest spud money can buy
masterhc2: @thesalt sounds right, did well for the mighty hawks today
eagles9294: more of that +6 broughton
Tigertuff: David Mundy +10 I could kiss you.
Magaggies: Got Mitchell instead of Mundy this week... hating life
Ferog: Lower is Number 34
Essendon18: cmon dockers!! and come on cox
wbfc: lower #34
ily g: did mundy kick a goal??
almax: word on the street about goose, it was in the paper and the AFL website, hardly "on the street"
Jet11: big timber the eagles have
masterhc2: damn mundy. need fyfe to stat with him
Joe B: Mundy tag really working...
mrpotato: flower, fyfe get to it
TravisBoak: whats wrong with cox?
JarodTiger: Selwood tag on Mundy aint working.. try someone else
Prospector: I just need Darling to get around 300!
WizMan: lol at all the guys with one arm sleeves. It's so 2009!
didak7: cheersl lads
NewFreoFan: SC site down?
lbar5: mundy on fire as normal, need cox and lower to keep there scores down though
Refused: Its on the street.. on the grapevine
chrissy_J: not watching the game, but is cox struggling a bit head to head with sandi? is he head to head?
Mcnna: Mundy is an absolute Star!!
LeFtBehinD: Scott Selwood. The worst tagger in the history of the game.
Barnzy: Why are people crying about Fyfe? He's 28 with 13mins to go in this quarter
boof12: darling is a gun
dipper5: cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox cox :-( :-( :-( :-(
masterhc2: @prospector that would be nice :)
chrissy_J: well obviously they are cause theyre both ruckmen
Grazz: and Mundy to get the same then i'll start talking about team.
rodallegaa: come on fyfe, sandi
DaneSwan: stfu wizman u fa.ggot
Prospector: SC site is up - slow on updates from Tiges match
thornz23: should have a pretti good shot Pros :P
wbfc: SC site not adding dogs/tigs numbers
NewFreoFan: never thought I'd be saying I wish I had Kepler Bradley instead of Broughton :/
Dasun: coz isnt doing much coz of natanui
alekstah: get going fyfe!!
potassium.: go nicky dal !
Prospector: Settle dipper every1 has big Cox
TheSalt: come on Freo...lift
Grazz: Magagies nearly went the same but went Mundy instead and lovin it, such a fine line isnt it.
buddyboyz: hill is hurt
shredR: fking do something shuey
dipper5: cox get above nic nat
Turkoglu: Carn eagles
krakhead: cox is gonna lose it for me.. yay
chrissy_J: @prospector thanks for the compliment mate :)
Jimmy B!: oh Duffield Duffield Duffield how you power me off so....
deekay: broughton just causes me stress... need 30 more points from him
Turkoglu: Dob it darl
thornz23: mmmm Pros i think i should have definitely gone darling over petrie :P
Stinkfist: never thought i'd be wishing i'd played smith instead of cox
How I Roll: yep supercoach site taking flowering ages
Woody15: power shower flower cow
halfacow: moo
demons13: cheers coxy im gonna lose cause of you
Jet11: Slappo Glen Jackovich is soooo biased!
Joe B: Priddis 'tagging' De Boer??
jeffbutch: hey prospector you might be a chance of Darling getting 300pts
Prospector: Yer dreamin', thornz!
Blairza1: @buddyboyz get lost, hill is fine everyone... attention seeker.
boof12: come on cox
goob: com'on eagles
Jimmy B!: At least I didn't get the spud double of Duff + Broughton that would have been disaster!!!
craig22: pros my opponet doesnt have cox he has ryder and bell
Turkoglu: Come on eagles goal we've dominated
thornz23: hahaha im just thinking of the possibilities with that and imagine smith instead of cox :P
Prospector: Now I'm dreamin', jeffbutch!
NewFreoFan: Why did I start Tappy over Darling. What the flower is going on with my team!
Spite: darling and sandi flame :)
bigmoo9: Score of 1995 with cox and lower. What are your thoughts on my total dt this week?
craig22: *bellchambers
Turkoglu: Yes
rodallegaa: im having an awful awful week
cfc1995: Chose to bring in Mundy for Curnow this week. Happy with the decision!
shaggz31: how did duffield just forget how to play footy in the off season?? benny cousins isn't back in WA is he?
Jimmy B!: why make Duff play defensive he is sooooo shower at it. Broughton is good at it.Duff siht...uselss at everything this yr
GoCrowz98: Bloody Hell Pav!!!!!
GExcell: freo are a good coach away from challenging. Harvey out of his depth
Clark U: @ freofan wat were u thinking?
JarodTiger: htf do ANthony and McPhee get a game... Coll and Ess rejects
cfc1995: wish Broughton would start doing something!!
superstar3: fyfe my capt this week, fingers crossed
GoLions: wow im gonna lose my SC match by about 20 points coz mundy is killing it and sandi and pav are failing epically
thornz23: booyah cox lining up :)
colonel78: cox
NewFreoFan: @Clark U, I thought Tappy would get lots more possessions out of the back line with Grimes out :(
vman33: coxy! have a shot mate
W.Mantooth: pull your finger out fyfe!
Clark U: Cox straight through the middle plz
Prospector: ah, thx craig, was wondering about bell
the eagle: think u will get over 2000 bigmoo
Jimmy B!: Honestly Duff looks weak, scared devoid of all confidence this year thats why hoping he'd be released but nooooo
froggy74: did many ppl get hit with injuries and ppl with the bye cause i had 8 ppl out this round
Memph: Cox
Tittan99: Cmon fyfe 50 by half time
wbfc: WC by 31.
Turkoglu: Went Watson instead of mundy/ selwood
Billyho: you beauty cox
Longy88: cocks
No spuds: YES That would be nice cfc1995
Clark U: @ freofan, didnt think of that, fair enough
Homerj: Keep spudding it up Pav & Hurn
corza013: look at darling go
Joe B: how is Sandi failing?? He'll be on 60 pts at half time ffs!!
craig22: ok so i need 340 from cox sandi and pav :( im done
Billyho: here come the big cox
W.Mantooth: big cox!
Gandog: Amp it up Pav, fyfe is your nemesis, squash him
The Bomber: Just wondering, who is brad sheppard late repplacement for, im on my phone and in apps it doesnt say
NewFreoFan: Thoughts on Darling vs Knights for 7th forward spot?
superstar3: froggy, i didnt even have 1 emeg. this week. carlton bye and injuries took everyone i had
GExcell: giant cox
Memph: Damn u Mundy
Billyho: try bradley sheppard
totcd: had fyfe captain last week. big mistake!
Grazz: the leg has to bothering Cox. Evryone has him no big deal but my score just got sicker.
patcho: regretting that change in tip to the dockers now... wtf
TaklingJak: No Embers or Kerr, no dramas :)
Aaron1976: sheppard in for Embley
W.Mantooth: magnificent cox
Billyho: freo cop the big cox
mrpotato: come on fyfe
Nick1069: glad cox stood up and put one right through
buddyboyz: @The Bomber Emberly
mesosexy: sc site still not updating
rodallegaa: come on fyfe!!!!
Grazz: Then he goes bang, keep it up Grazz yahoo
dipper5: cox
Memph: Keep both Darling and Knights to cover byes
knackerbag: shepperd in 4 embley
The Bomber: Thanks aaron
Mcnna: @ the bomber- andrew embley
thornz23: mmm i think i like knights more for the 7th newfreo but im thinking i could almost have both of them
Memph: LECCA goal
GExcell: freo in crisis
TravisBoak: lift fyfe!!!
Prospector: oh yeah, and i missed an opportunity there
wbfc: WC by 37
Clark U: Im keeping darling till the end but will upgrade knights eventually
froggy74: ye thats exactly what i had to do superstar, i just hope i make it through eliminator this round its close
Turkoglu: Yehhhhhhh boiiiiii
totcd: got cox fyfe darling pav lower.
cats81: gotta give mcphee the kermit
The Bomber: And everyone else who replied
tjp1447: muppet for mcphee please
Memph: Looks like i will get 8 tips
Grazz: only 83 more Matt.
Centurions: cmon hurn i need u to lift
NewFreoFan: Nah one of them to Sylvia, Matera remains as bench cover
Turkoglu: No kennedy!
Prospector: craig's opponent, and a few other people appear not to have big Cox
Tigertuff: No Mundy! don't go backwards! keep firing!
Priddis: pavlich = spud
buddyboyz: flower off broughton!
Homerj: I had Knights 4 awhile, traded him, a bit incosistent at times. Good score 1 week, crud the next
eagles9294: woosha coach of the year so far?
Prospector: gotta feel sorry for them!
Jimmy B!: Duffield is destroying my team completely, entirely flowered it. O say everything wrong with it comes back to him now
Joe B: surely Pav can't play this piggish for too much longer??
DangerousD: Knights is the original tampon, in for 1 and out for 3
s327374: C'mon Mundy. You beautiful captain, you.
kingbling: u mean james hird coach of thr year soo far
FantasyBoy: gogogogo broughotn
s327374: wtf duffield?
suarez7: eagles 9294 chris scott
bigmoo9: Is jack Anthony playing fwd or back??
nathan11: mmm need 458 sc from sandi pav fyfe and broughton cmon boys
Cman: eagles yes!
chrissy_J: i love broughton (now that hes not in my team)
Seb78: c'mon sandi keep movin p
vman33: Mundy for Brownlow! I would not be surprised
Grazz: Why wouldnt you have Cox, thats a rookie error really, all for the sake of a few dollars, silly.
demons13: damn freo cost me from tipping 8 this week
NewFreoFan: SC site has the tiges + dogs scores up
eagles9294: james hird? u mean bomber thompson, hird is his puppet
chadwick: Homerj knights has been good every week except 1
Refused: No way, worsfold has done more from where he was last year. Hird also has mark thompson also
Priddis: Jack Anthony to be delisted
kingbling: i had NDS as my unique Captain this week, did not pay off, bye bye top 400 overall in SC
Homerj: I'm hoping Pav is the potato farmer of all potato farmers this game! Need less than 200 from him & Hurn for me to win
Billyho: jack anthony how many minutes he played???
Rated_RKO: need 150 more from cox, sandilands, darling and pavlich, and i need lower to be subbed off .
Jimmy B!: ok lets try something. flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower flower u Duffield flowerHEADED flower
Centurions: cmon cox give it to hurn
underdog11: coxer
triple.d: cmon eagles
Joe B: who is everyone tipping for the medal??
Nick1069: actually looking foward to trading duff, dont care how much it costs me
Jimmy B!: floweren floweren flower wank flower flower flowertard flowerwonka flower flower
chrissy_J: sorry to say it boys, but i have a mancrush on darling
chadwick: Lower to puopolo?
Clark U: Lecras for medal
corza013: do something hurn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shredR: Shuey Killing me.. And Gaff :(
lagas: jobey
Jokulhaups: Hurn dropped away this year..playing like K.hunt
craig22: ohhh it gets worse :( sc site had another update i did 430 points from cox sandi and pav whhhaaaaaaa
bigmoo9: I traded duff this week for sam fisher. Great decision :)
Hirdy_FC: Get J Pitt on
GExcell: Ross Glendenning will decide the medal winner
NewFreoFan: Broughton +178 vs Sandi and Mundy. Gonna be damn close
Slashers: Might have no choice than to trade Duff at this rate! Why wouldn't Freo dump him?
Nick1069: cox is rising, now i just need him to shove it down darlings throat
IH8Ryderrr: cmon fyfey!!
pezhawks23: c'mon freo lift LIFT
Bowie_71: Duff been getting too much muff lately
chrissy_J: @chadwick id jump on puopolo he goes up next week. should get a few games
almax: ive got a 42 point lead and its Broughton vs Kepler and Cox vs Fyfe, who thinks i will win?
triple.d: I reckon u got it NFF
Essendon18: any1 tip westcoast???
D. Martin: i beat chuck norris
SadSadDay: cmon freo
lbar5: pav and kennedy. LIFT
Joe B: Shuey has been really disappointing...
Refused: C Judd's west coast ghost to win the medal in this game
rodallegaa: come on fyfe!!!!
hawks_92: these cox jokes are so lame
postmanpat: Duff got a touch!!!!!!!!!!
Turkoglu: Think most tipped ace
TheBaron: Get back into it Mundy!
Turkoglu: Think most tipped eagles
lagas: who cares almax
ashb23: I picked the eagles...
eagles9294: clearly broughton cant play shutdown role, why doesnt harvey release him?
LeFtBehinD: Mundy has dried up :D
GExcell: I prefer B Dick jokes
almax: i tipped west coast to win Essendon
W.Mantooth: big second half fyfe
Clark U: Cox jokes are limp*
fishnchips: boys im making a quic run down the shops who wants fish n chips
lemon13: @essondon, yep i did, shame i picked melbourne and collingwood tho :/
Constant: almax you wont win ya spud.
Grazz: Hold off till friday on Puo, someone mentioned he was very sore after the game,leg injury. Not confirmed though.
couchie14: come on fyfe....beat mundy by 23...thats all i ask :)\
tigersftw8: Got Darling, Mundy, Sandi, Pav and Cox looking good!!!
TheSalt: yeah fyfe needs to lift
Refused: Cos harvey cant coach. stupid move
rodallegaa: wow freo are getting slaughtered
ashb23: C'mon Coxy!!!
IH8Ryderrr: coxy
beetle123: go lower 1 handball will win me my match
TheSalt: @gexcell - im sure ya do champ
W.Mantooth: ill have a potato fritter
craig22: come on pav
Figga12: PNG Monty
Essendon18: hmm, why did i tip freo?? bugger im leading in my footy tips as well, which wins $250
Cr4zY ii: cox is comin
Priddis: mark harvey to get sacked
sam25: thats it captain cox keep going
Refused: Get me a fish cake
Barlow: If ONE match was going to suff up my perfect tipping round, I didnt think it would be this one!
mesosexy: go gb
dt2010: eede 115 from pav for the win...aint gonna happen
TheSalt: all of freo need to lift....was gonna pic WC too....frrkk!!
Grazz: Freo gunna cost me my 1st 8-8 for the year.
fishnchips: chicken salt boys?
hawks_2008: Geeez, Luke Shuey is playing Terrible today, In this quarter!!!
Windy Hill: Damn it, got 7 atm with3 points margin, but tipped Freo
vman33: need at least 70 from Lower.. cant concede more than 70 from Pav
farthers: Collingwood was my only wrong tip
fatrab: Mundy & fyfe vs sandi + 56. Who wins ?
Refused: Always chicken salt
eagles9294: broughton slowly coming alive
Crustynuts: Mark Riccuto has the worst voice for commentary
Seb78: flower off cox
Shucuzz: Step up dockers. top 4 side my a$$
NoButYeah: Lets go Broughton, Lower, Fyfe and Darling. Need you guys to outscore Hurn by 262+
Clark U: Thats a solid copy on the chicken salt
W.Mantooth: i love bog cox
remon tea: probably mundy and fyfe
Floor: @ Crustynuts very bogan isn't he
proud_lion: oh broughton probably the first time all year you've been on track for 80!
Grazz: Cox your all heart mate.
Refused: Go broughton!!
BoredSaint: broughton, lower, cox, darling, sandi all doing great but hurn and pav :(
almax: fatrab, sandi + 56 ftw
No spuds: Need Darling, Nicoski and Broughton to get 194?
TheSalt: nah West Coast have recruited well was the word last year, they're a better side this year than most give credit
goob: nothing like a big cox
Aaron1976: Stephen Hill, leg injury, heavily strapped
Shucuzz: Cox is ridiculously inflamed
Joe B: Kennedy hasn't touched it since the knock...he off??
Lionman: yeah riccuto's voice sounds like its breaking like a 14 year old kid
elvundir: png?
W.Mantooth: FYFE! what are you doing out there! big second half son
J.Bartel: common freo you c sacks i need this multi to get my money back
vman33: Cox what a turn around.. struggling in the first quarter!! whata gun
D. Martin: ATTENTION PEOPLE: Dustin Martin has entered the Chatroom, be cautious of what you say...
buddyboyz: broughton needs another 15 points for me to lose. shower!
pezhawks23: sandilands & lower + 130 vs cox, butler, priddis & nicoski gonna be close!!!
Bowie_71: Roo is what Adelaide is all about...BOGAN
wbfc: freo are flowering shower
mesosexy: should b right nospuds
Grazz: May of been a good move to keep broughton in SC, Valk will be happy to.
potassium.: cox and darling <3
Seb78: Cox must get 10 points for a handball and 20 for a kick
LilLionMan: I have Fyfe and Mundy, my opponent has Pav and Lower +63. Who wins?
eagles9294: as an eagles fan, i am actually shocked by this, but happy also
Grazz: Are you at the game Valk
sam25: come on freo i put bloody 400 on you big 2nd half i got a feeling
Shucuzz: Jack Anthony haha great effort mate. No wonder the premiers wernt worried about u leaving their list
BartelCRAP: D. Martin, you went missing today. Well done.
BoredSaint: need broughton, hurn, pav to get 399 in SC.. not gonna happen :(
almax: d martin is a neck tattoo spud
Tittan99: At this rate Im gonna get 2270 OH YEH go cox sandi darling and Fyfe
No spuds: thanks mesosexy
kingbling: broughton and fyfe plz dont touch the ball
Hirdy_FC: Why has Hurn turned crap this season?
Herdy23: 417 vs Sandilands, Fyfe and Darling :( I am gone
mesosexy: fend me off from here dusty!!!
Phreophile: @wbfc and your team lost to them haha
SUPERSTAR3: team symbols, yeah
FantasyBoy: holy shower yes!!! go broughton
Steelers7: we are geelong
merkinhere: hurn doesn'ttuch it anymore cause they are using the press
bigmoo9: D. Martin you have a rotten head
OGARMAN17: fml freo
tjp1447: no ballantyne really hurts
youl_R_FCK: Flowering he'll cox has gorn off since I left. Take him out sandi
the 29ers: whats everyone on track for on dt???
demons13: sandi -7 :(
Aaron1976: why Sandilands -7 ?
froggy74: wtf sandilands -7???
Shucuzz: @ d.Martin couldn't find another place to put a tatoo besides ur neck? Face next target?
underdog11: wtf sandi
Joe B: Shuey should be subbed now for Gaff...he's not interested today.
JarodTiger: Cos Waters isnt htere to help him so he has to take a top forward and not a 2nd or 3rd stringer
thornz23: finally broughton puts in a good half
BoredSaint: -7 sandi? WHY/? :'(
dylsta05: essendonnn!!!
Turkoglu: Be happy with 2000
dilz17: <-------- ):
Fenno: merkinhere. Hurn didn't touch it much last year either
Jet11: bloody hell freo
rainbow x2: sandi gave tackle when it was actually high FA
fatrab: Herd 417 wins
Buddy-Love: lower and pav cant get 130 more points
Grazz: @valkorum are you at the game mate.
bigjuddy: upset brewing
Luke919: cmon pav liffffffft! you too lower
Rated_RKO: im 113 behind with sandi, pavlich, cox and darling vs lower... any chance ?
D. Martin: i will be the icon of fan footy chat
W.Mantooth: on target for 2100
bigmoo9: 2100-2200
Hendo2571: carn broughton!!!
Tucker: im gonna score over 2200 sc and lose
dilz17: aawhh, didn't get a team emblem ):
vbus26: C'mon pav your killing me....
mrpotato: fyfe went missing that qtr
croberts: who will win me: lower and sandi or him broughton and pav and 40 points
hanyi22: bwahhhhh
Grazz: Broughtons SC should be ok.
dipper5: on target for 2100
jeffbutch: its time to give gaff the kermit logo full time
Constant: My target is 2300 again this week
hayes7: good munfy!
J.Bartel: darling has been ripping it. possible keeper at 7th forward. him or petrie
D. Martin: everyone will know me, and if you don't, well then get to know me because i will blow your mind
mesosexy: I traded out shuey 4 mitchell & made him capt
almax: D. Martin, you will be the icon of the rainbow flag
Lions08: 1920 with cox, mundy, darling and pavlich left
pilchy: shuey off!
Aaron1976: so what has everyone picked Mundy on for PNG ?
Refused: Draw
Swann36: Dammit. Picked WC but took them 1-39. Not lookin good
No spuds: Its in the bag for you Rated_RKO
trollface: C'mon Cox, Sandi, Darling, Lower!
Reidy: broughton is n't playing well for once is he??
layngarys : whats png?
elvundir: 92
layngarys : dw
How I Roll: how the f u c k is pav on 55 super coach??
murph3: Carn the pav
elvundir: no wait, 104
Dasun: wth fyfe was on 40 at quarter time?
demons13: cox + 200 vs priddis, darling and pav....gonna be close!
BoredSaint: wtf at 1st coinflip.. what if west coast win by more than 11?
elvundir: you get a ppl name like mine :)
layngarys : mundy 112
krakhead: wow I come back and cox is on fire! ill never question the man again
Jokulhaups: Pav is a gun
Grazz: @mesosexy he'll repay mate dont worry.
mrpotato: go darling, cox, fyfe
GoLions: WHO WILL WIN? pav, cox, and 359 pts vs mundy(c), broughton, darling, and hurn
Shucuzz: D.Martin goes for the cats. Nice. If ur guna get in character u might as well do it properly ye
IH8Ryderrr: papua new guinea :P
croberts: needs more from fyfe and lower
D. Martin: watch us win next week against the bombers i am officially Ryderrr's enemy
chrissy_J: wow, walk away for 10 mins and now cox is ahead of sandi. nice
CraigH: I am a good chance to beat DR.Dipsh!t this week :D
potassium.: pav will hit the ton.
Jukes: Mundy has had no influence on the game what a joke
sp00n: mundy 119
lazzaswan: Lower fyfe and sandi all need 100 + for me to win
Essendon18: no way pav is on 55 with 3fa
c-hawk: ricutto worst commentator voice so boring
elvundir: lol first coinflip = retardism
mesosexy: 359pts
1870pafc: give dasun the spud, still doesnt know about the overated 1st quarter scores
halfacow: should be worried if you see cox on fire!
craig22: any chance pav sandi will each score 150?
fatrab: Go lions 359
No spuds: Mundy 129
walle: need fyfe to stay on 40 and Pav to score 150 to win - am i a chance
farthers: why are the scores going backwards?
SonOfAGun: gaff, darling,lower vs pavlich +50??? any chance
TravisBoak: sandilands,cox fyfe vs pridis + 40 points chances?
32Danger32: Go Sandilands (C), Broughton, Lower, Fyfe, Pavlich, Darling!
Hirdy_FC: Bring on Pitt Harvey ffs
NewFreoFan: lol tigers are no chance against the bombers next week
Stinkfist: me: lower + 60 him: pav - who wins my eliminator?
Aaron1976: Dreamteam website shows Sandilands on 58 dt pts
Dasun: need cox, fyfe and lower to dominate in the 2nd half
LilLionMan: Fyfe need you to be a magnet in the second half son
bomber5186: Come on pav!
craig22: and cox too sorry
burner72: looks like 7 from 8
Jukes: If NicNat ran at me I'd shower my dacks fo sho
Grazz: How does DR DT go none of my leagues have him in it.
Jet11: shut the flower up Ricuito
TheSalt: how do u get those symbols lads?
Shucuzz: Gaff would be on 50 if he started
Reidy: pick it up Pav!!
hanyi22: bwahhahh
trollface: Who will win this? Cox, Sandi, Darling, Lower VS. van Berlo, Kennedy + 277 ?
Essendon18: SonofaGun: if u have gaff darling and lower, than you win
Brady01: my oppenent needs 441 from darling,lower, pav
D. Martin: im on 2075 with Sandi, Cox and Darling I AM BEAST
Prospector: thornz at 2103
ashb23: Need 24 more Coxy. Please buddy....
BoredSaint: hurn, broughton, lower, cox, darling vs 349 in SC should have it in the bag
TheSalt: oh...i got one! nice
GoLions: awesome, thx guys. if only i had libba and matthew wright on the field, wouldve been an extra 100pts or so
sh!tburger: cox, sandi and darling good, pav and lower lift
Dasun: noone cares about whos gonna win your league so stop posting
NewFreoFan: I think I'm safe so long as broughton keeps reasonably in touch of mndy and sandi
Dmstr8: Darling is a jet
D. Martin: ATTENTION EVERYBODY: no one cares about ur league/eliminator opponents, ask someone who cares
Aaron1976: Dreamteam website shows Cox 57 and Sandilands 59 sorry
gfpies: symbooooooolllllsss
GoPies:D: wasn't fyfe 40 sc at 1/4 time
youl_R_FCK: Smashing doctor DT this week but he is up on me over all I'm 12000
Jimmy40: anyone guaranteed into 3rd round eliminator yet?
JarodTiger: Hill, Duffield, Mayne to lift... McPharlin to go forward.... do something Freo
Jedinak: cmon lower 70+ would be good
thesmasher: just tuned in another fizzer in the west i see
Grazz: Shucuzz had Gaff all year made no money but just hopping he'll start to play full games soon.
Billyho: how do you get your team icon up
lachlan21: why is sandi on 52 on here but 59 on dream team site?
Figga12: why is everyone SHOUTING?????
TheSalt: yeah fyfe hasnt moved
Cr4zY ii: on 2115 with cox and lower
Homerj: Off topic totally but... who should I get nxt week Judd or J.Selwood
Billyho: do you have to be a playing coach
trollface: Why team symbols last game of every round?
Prospector: doc Martin is the beast who creeps
dobs: mickey a i love you
pottsie...: lift fyfeeee
NewFreoFan: talking about your possible esult at half time of the last game of the round is fair enough
Billyho: cancel that...mine is up
ashb23: Is that the 7 that went off before?
Thebiggf: Can't believe I left darling on the bench instead of smith or tally
Jet11: hopefully wc run out of legs :l
TheSalt: @homerj - selwood
Refused: J selwood is better
Hendo2571: carn broughton, keep it up mate show me why i kept u!!
ashb23: Monty - gotta back yourself - you had Cox right on 57 and Sandi on 59...
Digbee42: broughton, take a hike dude!
SadSadDay: FREO make a game of it!!
thornz23: Pros u need a team icon :P
Essendon18: homerj: selwood, he is a gun
pottsie...: how do i get a team icon?
Lionman: trying to work out what the tigers icon is meant to be, looks like a richmond sash with a yellow blob on it
Essendon_43: ATTENTION D.MARTIN !!!! : suck my d i c k
BartelCRAP: nah prospector, he's just a creep
NewFreoFan: Same Thebiggf
Gooseman10: looking at 2200 in sc this week!
Smeedy09: wINNing eliminator and should just survive
TheSalt: thebiggf - if youve got darling on ya bench your teams going alright
jmacks: yeh boys im winning PNG :)
NewFreoFan: @Lionman, the tigers icon is the eye of the tiger apparently
Stinkfist: @Lionman the eye of the tiger
halfacow: icons next to chat names should be from your #1 team, not the team theme you are using
Billyho: cox has caught up to beauty!!!
sam25: freo will fight back in 2nd half
GoPies:D: i put tapscott on for darling and I. smith for libba :(
Pavlich#29: c'mon Darling, Cox, Pav, Sandi and Lower!
pottsie...: carn the dockersss
chubbub3: need gaff to outscore cox to win eliminator. flower
Homerj: Thanx peeps, shoulda got Selwood this wk, got Pendles instead, bit of a fail there as far as this wks concerned
Lionman: ahhh thanks
Hendo2571: broughton for the ton ;)
D. Martin: @ESSENDON_43- You're not worthy of my sumptiious lips...
TheSalt: @go pies - nah liber is a keeper in that midfield dude
Essendon_43: i love kardashian
Thebiggf: Yea okay got 2148 with cox in this game
BrennanBus: i started my sc game 24 behind, with cox captain and nicoski, and my opponent has sandman, lower, and pav.. i'm up by 3
TheSalt: pendles is a star dude - still top choice
Dasun: surely sc scores are wrong
Essendon18: i just put $10for dockers to win from here
nunya: need pitt to outscore duffield by 75pts - not looking good at this stage
LAP9: need lower to outscore ffye and pavlich i very much doubt it
Grazz: @GoPies hard to get it right every week mate,
YinYang: cmon pav lift
Billyho: was gonna buy pupolo but lucky i didnt as he got injured
asmodean: Only just signed on, wasn't Gaff promised a full game by woosha during the week?
Thebiggf: Monty do I get a hawks icon
cats81: LOL Brad Johnson is a truck of fail doing the half time comments with blockhead riccuto
thebestHT: fyfe mate u simply have to lift
Homerj: Yeah still glad I got Pendles, but had Dangerfield on the bench this week, what was I thinking!!!
Billyho: kardashian is a mega babe...would love to shag her
ajconodie: I'm 400 behind. We both have Darling and Lower but I also have Fyfe, Pav and Sandi. I'm gonna lose.
mrpotato: gaff $218k and a break even of 67 which he isnt going to get due to having a massive spud as a coach
rootopia: I can't wait for mark ricciuto's balls to drop...
Homerj: What happened to pupolo
Spudanator: @cats81 agreed.. both sack of spuds
antsnest3: only tipped freo cos i support them...blew my chance for 8/8
Tittan99: Mundy will get 126
TheSalt: the biggf - go to ya account settings and choose ya team
Centurions: please injure yourself darling i need the sc win
MightyDees: AFL says cox is on 57 and sandi is on 59 DT
D. Martin: FYFE IS A DUD! people who got him are spuds and should delete their team...
Prospector: Team icons? Under Pitt
GCSuns: check 1, 2
youl_R_FCK: Who was the Ladd tha needed gaff to beat cox bahaha
NewFreoFan: Brad Johnson has no soul. His smile never touches his eyes, evil.
RGriffen16: go Pav
trollface: blockhead riccuto! LOL
sp00n: fyfe has 37 at half in a side getting crushed... he's going well. ignorance...
thornz23: puopolo had a slight leg injury dno what but he came back on after getting it strapped
TheSalt: well after dangerfields game last week was probably a shrewed decision,
m0nty: geez, Spider Burton with Sandi in the rooms... that's 422cm of rucking goodness!
hanyi22: no mundy will get 107
brendsbest: duffy?????????
tigers96: lolz
dipper5: cmon cox and priddis Capt and lower
Centurions: in a close eliminator
Doc_Buso: ur a spud with that comment dmartin.. he aves over 100
Homerj: @thebigff, change your theme to your team in account settings. I just did it and got my Cats symbol up!
Centurions: dreamteam has cox on 57?
TheSalt: yeah i traded thomas for fyfe as fyfe was set to make $40k and had 120pt avg whilst thomas was 92
Buddy-Love: dont want high scores from lower and pav
Andonious: broughton fyfe vs Sandi Pav
Thebiggf: I'm on me iPad won't let me click on team icons
Dilen: kennedy subbed?
Seb78: Mundy will get 98 he wont reach 100
JarodTiger: McPharlin to FF..... put Ibbotson or McPhee down back. Hill to half back....
TIGERSFTW8: mundy will get 113
chadwick: Burton, cheers Monty. Was just thinking spider someone
sp00n: spider burton LOL, havent heard that name in a long time
Grazz: Its Land of th Giants in there m0nty
GCSuns: yep, and 22 inches of ladies pleasure monty...
Prospector: m0nty, that's bigger than huge Cox + our Darling!
NewFreoFan: fall in a hole priddis you flog, drop 20k and i'll trade you in
Dilen: kennedy subbed????
Hutcho42: Seb78, he is yet to score below 100 this season!!!!
TheSalt: this week thomas hits 127 - thatll teach me for trading sideways :(
Billyho: pupolo wont play next week imo as he only came back on because gilham was injured
ranga1son: iufhsdichk
shaggz31: does anyone think the blues have a chance against the cats next week?
BluesFlag: need cox to get 131 to win SC
rodallegaa: come on fyfe!!!! big 2nd half
JarodTiger: Get Mayne or Duffield in the middle... do something Harvs..... Mundy can't do it alone
fattony: good 2nd quarter by the big cox
theswiz: m0nty... sandi needs the giraffe icon!
corza013: good by darling
sam25: get lost new freo fan dont bag a player and then say you want them in your saide moron
TigersLair: 3 points behind in eliminator. I need sandi to outscore fyfe by 25
Grazz: Does anyone play the SportsBet fantasy comp.
Red Unit: this one time
bigdaddydy: gilham is injured again so yes he will
thornz23: mmmm i think u might be right billyho depends how he pulls up this week
carnport8: jack anthony needs a big half if he doesnt want to be known as a spud
Harvey29: keep it up big sandi
Doc_Buso: gilham was injured during the game u spaz
Buddy-Love: dont want high scores from lower and pav
TheSalt: lads - shane savage from hawks still cheap! playing good footy! hodge to return to best form, suckling still cheap
Seb78: always a first for everything lol
JarodTiger: he mighta done a shoulder... hurt like keck they do
Dilen: can anyone tell me id kennedy is subbed?????????????????????????/
Constant: why do people trade players cause they have one player play bad for a week or two?
tigers96: meh ..
D. Martin: # Fear of spiders is aracnaphobia, fear of tight spaces is chlaustraphobia, fear of D. Martin is logic
BluesFlag: .
Hendo2571: anyone backing broughton for the ton?
NewFreoFan: Turn it up sam25, want him to score low so he drops in value. You're a flog too!
Momo: gee it's raining spuds on here
localh: Go hawks
HawksStud8: go hawks,
theswiz: sandilands for giraffe icon!
Arradin: what do you mean carnport he always was a spud and will continue to be a spud
Billyho: @constant...i must say i did it to brennan in his first week and now regret it
fatrab: Lol d martin
bouts: A bloke in my league traded Judd for Pendlebury coz he had no subs - MUPPET
32Danger32: Carn Freo lift! I want 8/8 tips! :D
Thebiggf: Can any1 tell me how many gls lecras has kicked
theswiz: 1986 with cox, sandi, darling and lower!
Prospector: fear f a small yellow duck?
JarodTiger: Goddard dropped 35k DT and 60k SC.... if you havent got him jump on now
sam25: yeah i know that i understand i do that too but dont call him a flog and I am NOT a flog
Dilen: can anyone tell me iF kennedy is subbed?
localh: Go hawksstud
Jet11: cmon freo ffs
triple.d: Freo will drop to 8th if they lose this
TheSalt: @constant - what about didak (loss 125k + 45k this week) or gilbert loss 100k
TIGERSFTW8: richmond are gonna win the premiership easily
NewFreoFan: he's a high scorer for the team that's currently smashing my team, I'll call him what I want :)
korza: My first league win D/T
thesmasher: how do we rate darling so far this year
Momo: lift freo
jeffy11: come on freooo
Crustynuts: Sandi still 59 on DT website
chadwick: Dt tons from liber and swallow as pendles and chapman are falling in price. NICE
wcarey: dockers comeback
sam25: i know jet11 there better than this they should want to make up for that crap they served up last week
JarodTiger: @dilen.. not yet.... might get a needle if hes ok... prob did some tests in the rooms at half time
Grazz: @Korza congrats mate.
sam25: I sort of see your point then NewFreoFan
thornz23: yayyy korza u were due :) ure no where near the lowest points but still bot of the ladder
Jimmy40: sam25 seems like a decent lad on here to me. Good punter anyway!
TheSalt: @smasher - darling is a star!
Bigal86: ffs, i changed my tip yesterday from west coast to freo
WOOD: its fyfe time
theswiz: anyone else want a giraffe icon for sandilands?
TheSalt: the next johnathan brown
sam25: dockers will come back in derby special
TIMWHATSON: go bombers
TIGERSFTW8: im underfeated in my 3 leagues in supercoach and coming first in all of them and its looking to staying that way!!!
antsnest3: barlow please get fit again!
TigersLair: Darling = 2nd best first year player
carnport8: jack darling has been dubbed a younger jonathon brown
D. Martin: ATTENTION FAN FOOTY: Darling is not a keeper, only spuds keep him, listen to me im 72nd Overall
WOOD: big half from hill
JETpilot: Carn Eagles
korza: @Thornz :)
Centurions: cox on the benchfml
JarodTiger: beanstalk for sandi
LAP9: yes theswiz
TheSalt: nah sandilands needs PYRAMID - cos he's the sandman
m0nty: bit of shush please D. Martin
bouts: pi$$ off fyfe - no more than 60 for you
sam25: thanks mate jimmy40 yeah i dont cause troiuble on here like a lot do ive only started punting big this year
Bunghole42: Pregame prediction of Anthony spud is justified
Rated_RKO: c'mon sandi pav, cox and darling . 200 more and i'll be happy
farthers: Nobody cares D martin
antsnest3: d martin for spud
sam25: come on freo lets go
Prospector: thornz 2107, korza 1922, Pros 1814 - you guys!
NewFreoFan: darling looks more like a young pav
mrpotato: why i picked fyfe over mundy...
thesmasher: just put 20 bux on freo to lead at 3qtr time and fyfe kick first goal
jeffbutch: Your a spud D.Martin
Grazz: Sub Kenedy Woosha
trollface: ATTENTION D. MARTIN: Dustin Martin used streoids in U/18 footy, flower off
Jayman: i need sandi to score 32 more than darling! am i a chance???
TheSalt: yeah d.martin get a life - u come in here talking yaself up hahaha what a nerd
Cman: carn the eagles!!
D. Martin: spud me up m0nty if you want me to shuch, i am the future of this site
tyhwu: +1 d martin for sput
phunkk: get up pav!!!
Doovster: The Broughton to Suckling trade looks good today.
dilz17: @ D.Martin, yeah thats why your 72nd, cause you coach your team, so flower off about ours
giuly1: at this rate, youd be silly to trade off darling.
JarodTiger: muppet for Sheppard
strikes91: spud for anthony ?
The Lad: @thesmasher, if you didnt want your money givie it to me
korza: Nice score Thornz wish i played you this week pros
chadwick: thesmasher there goes $20
thesmasher: dam it main course first goal
Lions08: is there a breeze?
gwardy: Shush D.Martin
theswiz: lets go dockheads
chinospot: muppet for martin??
Spudanator: nice kick pavel
TheSalt: @d.martin having said that - this is my first year - any tips hahaha
W.Mantooth: come on fyfe, 70point half
Grazz: 1801 with 6 playing.
ridleypie: need pav to outscore fyfe by 70..
LAP9: d.martin stop embarassing us richmond supporter
LilLionMan: D. Martin if you are still 72nd at the end of the year, well I still won't listen to you...
aj11: i need cox 2 have more sc points at the of the game than fyfe or i lose 2 2nd bottom!!!!!!!!!
thornz23: cheers korza :) would love huge 2nd halfs from the big men to put me close to 2200
shaggz31: at least it's an accurate name; D.Martin is a flog in real life and on FF
youl_R_FCK: Flower Boyd score got droped back 5 to 115. There goes 10points
D. Martin: @THE SALT- Get Dane Swan...
Prospector: league ranked 591, Pros head of table - what?
rodallegaa: cmon fyfe, sandi.. big half pls
TigersLair: sandilands is going backwards
Thebiggf: Can some1 plz tell me how many if any goals lecras has kicked
emmawatson: A: Cox + 250pts B: Sandilands, Pavlich, Broughton, Darling - who wins?
thesmasher: @chadwick i put a hedge bet on to cover first goal now i need freo to lead at 3qtr time
myteamsuks: i need lower to get 38 to win!!!
thebestHT: 1
phunkk: 211 infront with pav vs fyfe and darling.. im safe?
chinospot: lecras has 1
fatrab: The salt get j selwood
justi: that's the brad ebert we know
Constant: come on eagles.
chadwick: Brad ebert is such a spud
Grazz: In one DT league ranked 42
sam25: thats it come on dockers
pgvan: Is anyone listening to the game with an iphone? I need an app to listen cause SEN's ap seems to no longer do footy
Billyho: i dont see many noth icons...any north supporters out there
Thebiggf: Okay thnks
chrissy_J: 2005 with cox, sandi, lower and darling. is that average this week?
mesosexy: you got a head like ebert pros.
bigdaddydy: le cras 1 goal
TheSalt: is anyone here looking at shane savage? 2goals in 10mins as sub last week, 136 this week playn good footy
Jet11: freo cmon
bigdaddydy: yeah mate north fan here
TigersLair: @thebiggf. he has 1 goal. hover your mouse on the icon next to his name
farthers: at least 1
Jair: LeCras I goal
Jayman: can sandi score 32 more than darling in sc???
oconnell: up the kangas
Jedinak: anyone willing to put money on freo?
thornz23: im up by 780 with pav sandi cox darling V lower.. will i win?? seriously.. just sit tight and see every lol
SpudMan: BillyHo shut your mouth
Rated_RKO: search 'radio' in the itunes store
Thebiggf: I wanna see a gws icon
tigers96: trading duffield for sure had enough
FlyCou: Cmon sandies your my captain
D. Martin: Sandilands, Cox, Boyd, Swan, Pendlebury and Hamish Hartlett are the Dream Team stars of 2011, get them in your team!
Constant: hahaha
LeFtBehinD: hit me up North icon!
bouts: anyone recko fyfe will get less than 93
fatrab: The salt, no
EZA100: the only reason coz isn't playing as good is cause he is up against the best ruckman in AFL (sandilands) :/
Shooba: @pgvan yeah SEN online via mobile is stuck in a pre-recorded loop
Grazz: @Chrissy_J i think thats very good to be honest for this week.
TheSalt: yeah my first year, didnt understand player value $$, and poor reserve choice meant i had to trade aggressively to cover
KraKBabY: Lower is on 34 in dt, 34 in sc and wears 34, spooky ain't it?
ChosenOne: cmon sandi
Billyho: @spudman...heaps of north fans now...all coming out of the woodwork
Thebiggf: Can't champ stupid iPad won't freaking let me
Prospector: enjoy the moment thornz - and the ranking boost!
jenno365: who for the medal?
GExcell: Cats top of the ladder
pgvan: I have heaps of radio apps but it seems like the afl has shut it down
TheSalt: to cover my bye rounds, as well as get good rookies like heppel, curnow, tapscott and darling into my team
dawsy: C'mon darling
Essendon18: i put $20 on freo to win $140
How I Roll: monty please please please ban D Martin- absolute beat off!!
Prospector: check the fanbase - eales say "I"
vman33: Mundy.
chrissy_J: @grazz cool. bet i finish like 20000 this week
chubbub3: Gaff on for shuey at 3qtr time????
SHARPY13: go blues
danpursuit: darling
Billyho: @salt...i did the same thing last year in my first year
big M+: need pav lower sandi n fyfe ton up big time
thornz23: thats the main thing im gna enjoy PRos is the ranking boost :)
bigdaddydy: BillyHo - what the flower has us roo fans got to do with this game?
Prospector: Freo say "I"
mesosexy: darling 4 medal
Tucker: im gonna score over 2200sc and lose my leage match soooo unfair
SpudMan: :d
TheSalt: ive had from 2 to 4 players off every week cept this round, and avg 1929pts
nathan11: cmon pav broughts and fyfe lift!!
justi: is jack darling the best second round draft pick this century?
D. Martin: Priddis for the medal everyone- you heard it from me first...
BoredSaint: all scott selwood needs is the name selwood and hes a superstar
pgvan: Bet if i paid for an afl pay per the month pass i could listen to it *afl up there with telstra for me atm.....
TigersLair: sub fyfe
chrissy_J: haha, that was 20k, not 20. stoopid thing editing what i say
Fabbo: no freo or eagles fans here?
kingcarey: i
soak: 90 up + Darling v mundy, pav and fyfe... what are my chances?
Windy Hill: Does anyone have a link to listen to the footy on the For a Mac?
Jayman: west coast win=lynch medal...freo win=mundy medal
Constant: Billyho finally realized collingwood isnt the best team after all.
Essendon18: i
TheSalt: i also made mistake of too many Collingwood players hahaha i had 9 of them!!!
Catas: Ted says hi
underdog11: lower mark
korza: If Darling kicks another one its his medal
Prospector: C'mon guys, I wanna see a wall of Eagles - say "I"
underdog11: darling mark
chrissy_J: @soak, you're gone mate
fatrab: The salt sc or dt
Thebiggf: Joel must of floged the other selwoods in backyard footy lol
underdog11: lynch goall!!
Lions08: lynch will not kick it from there...
KraKBabY: Q stick or the medal
ucantcme: priddis for medal as eagles win by 60+
Memph: Joel was the best Selwood
deekay: i
BrennanBus: coast win = nic nat medal dockers win = sandman medal
Tigertuff: Mundy (C) Shuey and Sandi VS 198 Cox Fyfe and Darling. i may have lost this one i fear..
mesosexy: i
Billyho: @constant...we sucked this week...very upset...wanted to be undefeated all year
TheSalt: supercoach - then put a team in for DT round 5 - thats going ok
Essendon18: i
underdog11: dean cox
antsnest3: i have lower in dt but needs to be dropped with kicks like that
lil_libba: lmao duffield is a spud
eagles9294: prospector is pointless
bigdaddydy: freo to win by 4 points, pavlich for medal..
theswiz: would be so funny if someone grabbed Q's glove and put it down his pants n ran off!
Memph: I stayed with the Selwoods next door neighbours in Bendigo and they said Joel would be the best Selwood (
Fabbo: need lower to beat broughton, fyfe to beat pav, mundy to bead priddis. Tight one right now
TheBaron: Come on Mundy! Get back into it!
jenno365: dt > sc
justi: eagles home?
Floor: @ Billyho lol undefeated, ur not that good im sorry
Prospector: not appening
TigersLair: someone knock fyfe out please
chubbub3: lynch for the medal for sure
D. Martin: @theswiz- thats immature, are you 12?
Grazz: Cmon Matt fire up son
LeFtBehinD: Cmon Cox... cover me in your sweet sweet warm possessions!
fatrab: Oh well.. always next year salt.
moorey21: Someone tell Riccuito they're called Marks not Cathes
Prospector: let's try pies - Pies fans, say I
Gandog: Pav needs to get those tree trunks pumpin
moorey21: catches
myteamsuks: theres my win, thanks lower, no frees against!!
theswiz: @D Martin do you have any friends?
TheSalt: i grew up with Paul Salmon - same street, his parents owned milkbar...shoulda seen him bend down to get lollies for us!
Thebiggf: Come on big cox get me close to 2300
Grazz: @Prospector they all must be at the game.
Jayman: lift sandi ffs
underdog11: cox u gun!
ucantcme: priddis for medal as eagles win by 60+
layngarys : big throbbing cox
underdog11: flower pavlich
eagles9294: eagle chant is looming
big M+: wat u on a bout moorey
jmacks: get pitt on!!!!! need him to get 30
ChosenOne: Come on Sandi
myteamsuks: big cox nice mark
Constant: all the collingwood supporters still think there undefeated. Geelong will win the granny this year i reckon.
korza: 69 for big Cox
phunkk: u said it gandog!
thornz23: coxy up to 73 :)
Prospector: did u look down his shirt?
SpudMan: darling, cox, sandi, lower and broughton!! cmon!
TheSalt: his friggin legs were higher than the counter! the big fish! his sister turned out hot too! haha
uncy duncy: herogots?
W.Mantooth: fyfe, please pull the finger out and get on with dominating please
D. Martin: im friends with M0nty... i click on the ads and get him some money... i deserve the star but don't wanna make you jelous
IH8Ryderrr: cmon fyfey!!!!
tyhwu: where he fk is broughton
sud-one: broughton cmon mate
Spudanator: flower pav cant get his hands on the pill
tigerman28: darling luvs cox
W.Mantooth: i mean really, who likes big cox?
layngarys : pavlich layed that tackle on nic nat
lenny20: @constant I don't know anyone who thinks we're undefeated
TheSalt: @constant - nah pies cant seem to beat the umpires this year yet!
imsilly: they dont mark it out west, they catch it
theswiz: @D.Martin i rest my case
bouts: haha fyfe -3
Thebiggf: Hawks very dangerous side especially if they make top 4
antsnest3: umpiring is rubbish!! he dropped the ball b4 push in back!
Thane: Come on broughton go get some cheap kicks
Grazz: 68 more Matt cmon You Can Dooo iiit.
Rated_RKO: c'mon pav.. just outscore lower. its not that hard
phunkk: learn to spell martin
Hutcho42: Constant, Pies missing Beams, JOhnson, Jolly, Macaffer, Maxwell and Brown. Just tinkering with the side early on
bigjuddy: to win i need fyfe to score lower than 100 sc
mrpotato: come on nat
Prospector: carton fans say I?
Floor: @ TheSalt lol typical pie supporter blaming the umps
c-hawk: imsilly i would say in SA as that was ricutto's comment (he sucks btw)
cdrobert: Monty please fix WA delay. Thanks
TheSalt: yeah hawks dangerous for sure!
BillyPick: pies will easily go back to back this year
deekay: i need 8pts from broughton
chadwick: Allowed to drop the ball these days. Never pay it
Peterdean: I need a 90 each from Mundy and Fyfe to win. Good chance?
mh7690: i wonder if dockers will one day learn to kick straight
LAP9: didnt beams get dropped?
JunkyTime: i swear darling goes missing in the 2nd half of every game
Constant: But i thought all of collingwood players are so good.
carnport8: pies also do not leave victoria until round 14...
Refused: Good quarter broughton, zero points so far
Thebiggf: Good record against pies n cats to
dipper5: cmon cox and priddis Capt and lower
DaisyCrazy: Jack Anthony, what a spud. So glad the Pies ditched him
How I Roll: where are u darling FFS
fatrab: Has mundy touched it?
bigjuddy: to win i need fyfe to score lower than 100 sc
Prospector: man fans say i?
Spudanator: FFS pav lift u f00kn spud
W.Mantooth: kick it fyfe, no handballing
The Lad: pav pav pav, where art though pav,
sam25: come on bloody dockers
north1: fmdt, can anything else go wrong :(
underdog11: flower pavlich
Hutcho42: Constant, your a c*ck - I didn't have to type that, had it from Friday
dizzy: I need to fart
BillyPick: geelong played the best they could. pies played at 40% capacity.
Fabbo: woman fans say i?
Joe B: Pav = very weak today.
Prospector: back to the game then ....
DangerousD: Man City ... "i" ... Man U - pllltthhh ... bunch of flops
Thebiggf: Who is this prospector bloke
TheSalt: @constant - we're the reigning premiers dude and our first loss (rolled by umps) in 21games or so...?
Billyho: @constant....sounds like you have a thing for the magpies
SadSadDay: sad sad day for me betting on freo
BlueGlory: Broughton teases then poweres off
Tucker: if we double the half time sc my team scores 2250 and loses by 5
DangerousD: HAHAHA @ Fabbo, awesome mate!
How I Roll: darling WTF??
Prospector: i i i i i i i i
elvundir: i need fyfe and lower to get 280 between them =S
DaisyCrazy: C'mon Pav??!!
JunkyTime: glass must give woosha good headys
Warney: because Geelong made collingwood play at 40% capacity
dipper5: i tipped west coast
sam25: stephen has one hell of a hill to climb if he wants a ton
jwiggle: gee you're great
boostboy: Pretty sure they were giving it everything they had on the day. No team goes out and allows themselves to get beaten
mesosexy: got eagles 20-39 @ 5-1. go close when the pressure comes off
Essendon18: go freo go, go freo go
Refused: Selwood smacking pav up like a bitch
GoLions: @BillyPick- but geelong kicked terrible at goal so not at their best
yertle: come on PAV, lift!!!!! flower you @dizzy you retard
SpudMan: constant is awesome, shut up collingwood scum
sam25: dont give up yet sad sad day i put on them too
eagles9294: back to your cave prospector lame as
Barnzy: wow Fyfe
arjy0: fyfe u beaut!
Jet11: fyfe is class
BOOMZ23: fyfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!
strikes91: what a goal from fyfe
IH8Ryderrr: cmon fyfey!!!!!!!
Floor: @ TheSalt cats played all over you, it wasnt the umps idiot. you were dominated
Barnzy: now do something Pavlich you absolute massive flowering hack
SwansTas: fyfey!
troyw: what a goal!
LilLionMan: fyfe!
underdog11: flower u fyfe
theswiz: nate the knife fyfe... what a call! :S
myteamsuks: wow fyfe!!! left foot
thebestHT: amazing
Moustachio: SEN commentators just jizzed.
Essendon18: prospector - you are embarrasing yourself. please stop
Shucuzz: Yallla MATTY PAVLICH! get a move on!
KraKBabY: fyfe goal of the year
Hirdy_FC: Great goal Fyfe!! Chance for goal of the year.
Herdy23: come on fyfe, darling and sandilands
IH8Ryderrr: fyfey goal of the year!
Grazz: @BlueGlory say it again mate wacked on 6 as soon as you did, keep it up mate.
Turkoglu: Goal of the year
boostboy: Show me the Fyfe!!
OGARMAN17: carnn fyfeyy lift the dockers
Jedinak: goal of the year
Digbee42: cox cox cox :)
Refused: Cats dominated, shoulda been further in front
jwiggle: so many great men
ryab: cmon broughton, smash it up for once
Essendon_43: GOAL OF THE YEAr !!!!!!!!!!
thesmasher: the knife goal off the year contender
070911: rolled by the umps, that may be but geelong had way more scoring shots and outplayed them for 3 qtrs
dipper5: i tipped west coast
Aaron1976: woooooooooo I might get 1800+ after all
Gandog: Where is Pav, tickling Clive Waterhouses' plums again??
dizzy: Need 150 from Glass to win! Cmon!
sam25: thats it dockers now string 2 together if they can be within 20 at 3qr time who knows
TheSalt: malthouse is managing our depth well...we're already planning our finals campaign - you're trying to avoid wooden spoon
underdog11: pavlich is gonna be subbed
myteamsuks: freo sub happening!!
Billyho: spudman and constant are shin boner buddies
Grazz: Cmon Matt just 2 points this qtr so far.
How I Roll: prospector= beat off
Luke919: that's bullshower, unlucky mayne
Aaron1976: Pitt about to come on
troyw: what flowering game are the umps watching!
BOOMZ23: Crichton subbed
chadwick: Crichton subbed off
Turkoglu: Pav having a shocker
jmacks: pitts come on!!!
vman33: I will die laughing if Pav gets subbed! fingers crossed
Jet11: fyfe's hands are superglue
phunkk: shutup collingwood scum
Hirdy_FC: Yay J Pitt on
jwiggle: gday simo
How I Roll: salt go back to the dentist and get some teeth you little bitch
sideball: fair game so far I reckon, judd gettin 3 votes too.
Danny_Bhoy: Broughton and Cox 30 possies between you last quarter, plus winning goal by Broughton - thanks in advance
Spudanator: f00kn pav the spud
fatrab: I need to move fyfe out of my midfield...
TheSalt: outplayed for 3qtrs - what you talking about? we lead the contested possession, cats got 4goals from free kicks!!
Mithrandir: They werent rolled by any umpires. No excuses - they lost. Far out...
Spudanator: snaps to no 1
lukew55: cmon lower go find the pill mate
dtownsend: Fyfe is a gun! i backed him for brownlow, doubt he will get it but his got potential to get a lot of votes
underdog11: no its lower!
deekay: seriously broughton.... 8 points is all i need. get them so i can stop stressing
Bigal86: c'mon mundy!
Juggalo: Pav is getting shut down :(
Shooba: shower Lower about to be subbed?
GoDogs2010: Geelong kicked a lot of points for the best they can play hmmmmm
JunkyTime: darling find the ball you flower
kreuze_mis: CMON PAV wharfie time!
layngarys : pav nowhere to be seen
boof12: phunkk the crows are going wicked this year
Prospector: Which bunch of supporters can get the most of their teams icons on the page at one time?
Priddis: Pav Icicle Surely!
How I Roll: monty ban salt now
korza: Fyfe you are a SUPERSTAR
Refused: C Judd's west coast ghost to win the medal in this game
Brown*Dog: Come on dockers
mrpotato: hey look its 'TheSalt' whinging about the umpiring again. Mate, if play is discontinous then there is NO adavantage
DangerousD: TheSalt ... whinging pies fan, sick of listening to it
Windy Hill: Lower
gutsy61: Nick Lower RED VEST YES!!!!
arjy0: lower not injured is he?
BOOMZ23: damn these commentators r shower.
keithy: lower subbed
LilLionMan: Yes Fyfe, keep going!
eagles9294: pie fanshave bought all the tissues from my supermarket, it's hilarious
tyhwu: no fyfe STOP
elvundir: LOWER nooo!!!
How I Roll: salt collingwood scum get off here
fatrab: Flame fyfe
justi: umps done themselves no favours this weekend
TheSalt: pendles gets holding ball trying to shrug 1st tackle, scarlett shrugs 2 gets caught in 3rd and nothing! in our fwd line!
dipper5: go down nic nat
1870pafc: @thesalt, good thing you know how to type. it could be heard talking with only three teeth
Clark U: Sore loser pies supporters stop ya bitching, u didnt get the four points
PIE WAZZA: InBred Adelaide Tosser's
DangerousD: Hawks
Pettiger: Lower subbed???
RGriffen16: sandilands on zero on AFL Dream Team site
rootopia: Not kangas
DangerousD: TheSalt ... enough alrady
Billyho: cats had more attacking opportunites and deserved to win...we played shower
Jet11: umpire flowering appreciation week wtf!
bigjuddy: stop fyfe pls
DangerousD: TheSalt ... enough already
PIESTORM: Pies will win last game of the year
BluesFlag: go fyfer!
Brown*Dog: More junk LOWER
BlueGlory: Lower subbed off
aj11: is lower coming off
How I Roll: Someone give me salts addres so i can go and break his face
JunkyTime: coming from a port supporter..thats rich
Hendo2571: freken dockers! lift!
chadwick: Umpiring has been good today, hardly noticed them
TheSalt: @1870pafc - if we were face to face itd be u shutting ya mouth and worry about your teeth kiddo!
Hendo2571: worst umpiring
jezza1997: lets go mundy
mrpotato: as much as i hate collingwood, the way they went coast to coast from kickouts looked amazing
proud_lion: omg lower being subbed could knock me out of eliminator ffs
Warney: lets all stfu about collingwood history says they lost
Cr4zY ii: carn cox
Moustachio: WTF why would you sub Lower?
dids77: good to see there is a challenger to the pies. football is the real winner
Shooba: flower, Lower gone
underdog11: sen said its lower
Centurions: lower off
dtownsend: The worst umpires
Shucuzz: Pav FTWinning goal ;)
eagles9294: pies never win last game in sept, only when in october
tyhwu: lower off?
JSMOOVE: nathan f ken fyfe
JDavey: @thesalt - almost makes up for the amazing amount of horrible calls that went your way vs essendon
ashb23: C'mon Coxy - 4 more points... PLEASE!!!!
Refused: Wow pies fans cant cop one loss and admit other team was better than night
phunkk: just admit u were outplayed salt u scum pies.. u lost get over it.. cats too good
jmacks: m0nty delete Blue Glory he said lowers been subbed off.... what a weak dog
bigjuddy: lower sub
OGARMAN17: OMG these bloody umpires
GoDogs2010: All players in form and not injured Cats r way better team than Pies
Prospector: how low can you get?
W.Mantooth: go fyfe!
strikes91: why is crichton got sub its lower
keithy: lower flowered me over
DangerousD: TheSalt ... cyber bully, pity you can't use a crowbar on the net
TheSalt: @dan d - yeah my bad im a pies supporter who lives in geelong, was a rough game!
vman33: lower is off! flower me
tyhwu: now flower move broughton
underdog11: it says crichton is the sub
JSMOOVE: lower subed mother fkers
Brown*Dog: Why is Gaff always the sub... got 40 touches in the WAFL
KraKBabY: lower subbed off
arjy0: lower subbed? or jesse crichton?
Grazz: How can Lower be subbed freo already dont it
Bunta: They have the sub on Crichton not Lower???
Prospector: training drill for Cats!
Windy Hill: lower is subbed u idiot
Floor: @ PIESTORM you having an exhibition match in october are you?
Mithrandir: A team only has to better than Collingwood on one day. Thats all
rootopia: Lucky collingwood supporters don't have any teeth to knock out hey salty
BlueGlory: jmacks, thats what they have said on ABC radio. go f.uck yourself
Brown*Dog: jmacks - give it a rest.. how old r u
Jedinak: anthony getting no go supply to him
ShowerTime: so who the flower has been subbed?
Refused: Salt=Keyboard warrior
vman33: what is going on ? lower or crichton ?
W.Mantooth: no dont sub lower!
tyhwu: sub lower off!
BOOMZ23: Commentators on the tv said crichton O.o now they just changed it to lower...
justi: flowering fanfooty
KCEB1980: jamcks lower has been subbed u fool typical st fail fan slow!
chadwick: Fox said crichton, but changed it now to lower
thornz23: flower it was lower subbed off :(
deekay: lower is subbed. on FOX
Lionman: yep lower confirmed on foxsports
LilLionMan: Foxtel is saying Lower got subbed?
JunkyTime: critchon just picked up +2
knighta21: lol crichton just got +2 so i thinki Lower subbed
Brown*Dog: Monty - What do I have to do to get a ICON????
BluesFlag: LOWEr off flower you!!!!
Hirdy_FC: Lower subbed it's 100% true :(
Juggalo: Come on the PAV!!!!!!!!!!!
razza12: lower subed out not crichton
buddyboyz: crichton has been subbed off
Axel Foley: is m0nty a computer?
Curnow: Grow up Jmacs !!
Grazz: Crichton is the sub isnt he
Rated_RKO: fox sports said lower subbed off....
unobrow: Lower subbed, great!
aj11: down fyfe down need cox to get more sc com'n
underdog11: farout
myteamsuks: tv saying lower subbed
Refused: flower you harvey
juliann: wtf duffield
Tucker: why do teams get there pants pulled down before they play the crows first melb now coll it hurts us so much
justi: and flowering jacko
TheSalt: @rootopia - your president is the biggest hero tryhard on tv and is all teeth no substance
Centurions: hurn racking it upkeep going!
BluesFlag: argh!
Warney: i need you Lower, refuse to put on the red jacket
JunkyTime: darling lift you flowering muppet!!!!
OGARMAN17: monty gets the spud? for messing up with the sub
jmacks: maaaaates calm the farm
LAP9: there goes my elimanator lower!
W.Mantooth: cheeses christ!!
vman33: flower! Why God? WHY?
alias: flower. Lower subbed off. i already had Smith play only a quarter as a sub, now Lower!!!
ShowerTime: flower my brown dog
Jet11: flower mcginnity is an ugly flower
Prospector: That will LOWER quite a few scores!
sam25: how long left?
Cr4zY ii: flowerin lower. i wont make 2200 now
Brown*Dog: Who got subbed??
aj11: ys lowers off might hav a chance of winning now
Clark U: Lowers exit from my team just got brought forward
TigersLair: is it true jack anthony was the only collingwood player not invited to a team mates wedding?
dids77: cmon darling, a few more goals
fatrab: Brown choose a team
Bunta: Lower subbed should save me unless Shuey gets subbed
JSMOOVE: Darling always goes to sleep after half time, wake the fk up son
elvundir: come on fyfe need a HUGE score from you
juz1978: Lower off and there goes my chances of winning this week.
TheSalt: fyfe starting to lift!!!!!
tyhwu: where has cox been?
rootopia: Thanks salty
Grazz: Everyone just about has Lower no biggy.
dtownsend: fyfe on fire
alias: that's the last time i have Lower or Brodie Smith starting on field
Hirdy_FC: Picture this. I have Lower, B Smith and Pitt. Can't understand why they'd sub Lower.
ashb23: Is cox on the bench?
buddyboyz: if broughton gets another 5 points, i've lost
xumtinlong: FU Harvey why did u sub Lower off? Anthony wasn't doing anything important on 19 sub him off
vman33: Warney! give Mark Harvey a call and tell him he's letting down thousands of fantasy coaches!
Fabbo: prospector with the funny, lol, but not too funny for me, since i have lower
boostboy: That's pretty rich coming from a Club with Eddie McGuire in charge!!
carnport8: geelong deserved the win since they were held up with the stretcher incident. they had the run on...
dids77: wtf. why did lower get subbed and john "call me jack" anthony stay on the ground
itsduftime: flower got the poo on the bench too. flowering harvey
MoneyShark: Far out Lower subbed wrecks my 2300 grrr grrrr
Axel Foley: hahaaha prospector your so flowerin funny
KCEB1980: had lowr as an emerg anyway not bothered
deekay: thankyou broughton. you just won me the match
Rated_RKO: need 70 from pav, sandi, cox and darling... easy win ?
Brown*Dog: No not lower..
DangerousD: How many sledges to TheSalt can we get in one session ... talk about fish in a barrel
elvundir: fyfe lots of kicks
Digbee42: cox has not had a touch in ages!
gutsy61: Yes Lower!! Red Vest!!
corza013: sif lower got subbed
Juggalo: Come on Darling, get in there
oldshepp: Not everyone Grazz - I needed about 60 from him to chase down my opponent. Unless Sandi Broughton & Pav really fire
RedRaven: Ton it up Cox, Fyfe, Pav, and Darling to make up for lower
W.Mantooth: come on fyfe win the game by yourself
colonel78: Broughton's back
myteamsuks: @grazz my opp doesnt and im just holding on, so it is biggy
sam25: freo goal
chadwick: Maybe lower to puopolo?
Brown*Dog: Monty - What do I have to do to get a ICON????
Hirdy_FC: Give Mark Harvey the spud
phunkk: @carnport couldnt agree more mate
Jet11: game not over yet
Cotchin: flower lower thats horseshower, spud jack flowering anthony should be off
dtownsend: come on freo!!! i want fyfe to win the medal!
GOOB: flower the sub rule it flowerken sux
Jedinak: johhno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SadSadDay: Jack Anthony should of been subbed, bad footballer at pies and has got the biggest head ever. your no good
Mithrandir: Mark Ricciuto souns as though someone is choking him when he adds special comments
Stinkfist: brodie smith & lower. phark me
chrissy_J: thats it, lower is gone this week
fatrab: Why is mundy on fire... .
TheSalt: @dan d - oh so now youre looking for back up - what a week frrker u are - watch the game ya sad bugger
Grazz: Pies shocking loosers. You lost just build a bridge and get over it.
Prospector: Poor Digbee Cox hasn't had a touch!
tyhwu: slow down FYFE!
dids77: turd icon for jack off anthony
m0nty: read the FAQ for how to get icons
trotto: Gahh Lower
Jedinak: lol @Hirdy_FC
johno69: Geelong won, Pendlebury robbed, tough for the toothless
ShowerTime: good call chadwick. do it now...
Spudanator: lower subbed is a joke
Refused: Fyfe cant win the medal, C "3 votes" Judd's west coast ghost already has it
Priddis: Jack Anthony will be delisted mark my words
DangerousD: TheSalt - kiss hug sunshine xoxo
Prospector: The sub is being used for player management more than anything
elvundir: fyfe needs to get 200+ for me to win =(
boostboy: @Stinkfist, I can go one better, I had B.Martin in my strating 22 as well as Lower & Thompson
W.Mantooth: fyfe due for a 40point last quarter
dtownsend: haha refused... good call
dids77: grazz, ade lost by 100 points to melbourne - of all teams - hahaha
lukew55: wtf why was lower subbed off??
Prospector: Lower is better onfield next week than injured this ...
thebrock: Pies fans ridiculous, clearly was not a free kick to wood to begin with. End of story
auxafembel: WTF duffield
carnport8: exactly @grazz
TheBaron: This game is lacking some Digby Morrell
Grazz: Cmon Mundy dont stop now.
alias: cmon Pavlich... do something
trotto: Does anybody here not have Fyfe?
RichoMan94: Y did Lower have to get the sub???? so many others that should of been subbed
Turn: anthony is good
jmacks: sorry people i was mistaken i apologize sincerely to blueglory
c-hawk: cox vs sandilands to win the eliminator GO COX
RedRaven: Pie should of won, Pendles disallowed goal in last few minutes, but then again, Cats deserved to win, dominated play
ascari: sub the shoe n pump out 50pnt fyfe
linusp: so...
Bennyy: id like to know what darling does at half time, he can never find the ball after the first half!
TheSalt: @dan d - thats did you hear the demons and hawks were gonna merge?
Fabbo: lol if it wasnt a free kick, then pendles goal would have counted
Aaron1976: m0nty - I have selected Essendon still no essendon logo up here for me
Flicka: Cmon COX and SANDILANDS
Clark U: Lower off has wrecked my shot at 2200 unless cox sandi and darling have monsters
tjp1447: time to offload duffield...
Woody15: Priddis you oracle. predicting anthony to be delisted.. amazing insight, wouldnt have thought it myself..
ShowerTime: cats should have won by plenty
Buddy-Love: m0nty give Jack Anthony the spud
TheSalt: ...but they didnt know whether to call them the "dawks" or the "hemons" hee hee
Stinkfist: @boostboy lower on the park, puopolo on bench & pittard on park
juz1978: At least Lower will get me more points then Hurley did for me this week.
jeffbutch: I love Supercoach!!!!
LilLionMan: -59?!
Grazz: dids77 atleast im not still crying about it. Were ordinary i know that.
youl_R_FCK: Smith to out score cox by the look what a gun
Shucuzz: Freo freoooooo coming back
fatrab: M0nty why put the icons on the front page but not scores? It's a spoiler even if it is fancy
1870pafc: @redraven, are you ravens on sc?
Refused: I dont have fyfe
jezza1997: jimmy bartel is the most underated playing in the afl.
LeFtBehinD: Lower subbed?! WHY?
Hirdy_FC: Freo = reject shop for Vic clubs. Mcphee, Kepler, Anthony...
Bulldogs10: poor quater mundy, have a huge last quater!
kreuze_mis: Huge qtr pls pav
vamos77: when do the collingwood supporters have to sit their naplan tests
Jukes: If Mundy gets more than 75 SC i quit SC
myteamsuks: @grazzno one has mundy so no biggy!
Aaron1976: testing ...
DangerousD: TheSalt - yeah i did, they're now going to be known as the Dawks!
chadwick: Darling usually slows down after half time
phunkk: sub off darling!!!!!!!!!!! cmonnnnnnn
Hendo2571: wouldnt say he is unerated... he4s won a brownlow
PIE WAZZA: Johno69 Like last year You can have this one &we'll win when it Matter's
DangerousD: Bwahaha ... jinx
dids77: the fact that you were is a litttle concerning, top 2 is all we want
Hazza09: Icicle on Duffield?
Clark U: Look at all the port boys on here. Where ya steal ur computers from? Haha
A-Dawg: carn darling, cox, sandi(c) and fyfe
RedRaven: @1870pafc nah dont play sc
Warney: eh..who under rates bartel?
C-Dogg: wtf lower
biggs2dujj: Time to go Lower. Thanks for everything
DaisyCrazy: Could be a close last qtr
Buddy-Love: m0nty give Jack Anthony the spud
imsilly: need Fyfe+Broughton to outscore Pav+Duffman by 34 in the last win......need a cape for Fyfe
aj11: i agree jezza1997 way 2 underated
Hawkatack: collingwood tossers admit that geelong were a better team, played better and won
thebrock: @ redraven was not a free to wood, pies got the better rub from the ump all game
bouts: Fyfe - your draining my life
Joe B: need Pav to score 27pts in the last...I'm trading him out if he doesn't....don't give a sh!t that he's averaging 95.
Axel Foley: nrtdns tdi
Harvey29: come on sandi + pav.... i need 200 between the 2 of you.
sam25: well said jezza how he is not up there with judd and co is beyone me
C-Dogg: flower u lowetr
Aaron1976: ah brilliant, done
kreuze_mis: Wtf when did lower get subbed. Killing me
How I Roll: darling f u c k you cost me a f u c k i n win!!!
elvundir: can lower get his projected 69?
tigers96: lift duffield u flowering spud
hayes7: mundy is dying! need him to fire last quarter
Shucuzz: @ jezza. He won a brownlow idiot. That's not an underrated player in my eyes don't know about u
Grazz: @myteamsuks thats why your team suks, i do and luvin it.
youl_R_FCK: Pitt score will prob go down getting no game time ruff ruff
proud_lion: i will be shocked if brought gets 80. would be amazing.
Khunt1vote: More port muppets on here than at games!
Prospector: fk, all the big player either have mundy, or bought him this/last wk
Hutcho42: Haven't heard from Constant, his parents mus have called him for dinner...
lukew55: guys u think lower is a keeper?
eagles9294: i dont have fyfe or mundy, they spuds to me, like whole freo team
GOOB: comon sandi its up 2 u now,sub rule sux!!!!!!!!!!!!
C-Dogg: nooooooooooo nicholas lower
antsnest3: free kick count 22 eagles freo 10. umps always pay kicks for the crowd, it'll be the same when freo have the home game.
Digbee42: 1 point up. cox + fyfe vs pavlich + broughton. i better win!
RedRaven: If it wasnt a free to wood pendles would of kicked the goal anyway?
korza: Im guessing Sandilands to get 90+ Supercoach
TheSalt: @hawkattack - yeah their first quarter was brilliant and shoulda been more up - but the umps did kill us
justace: carn darling a massive last quarter would be great
TheCrow17: are a lot of ppl's dt and sc games down to the wire this week?
oldshepp: You idiot thebrock - if you could count past your fingers you would have seen Cats had more frees
Saint Dos: had mundy from the start pros
imessenger: Sub masten for gaff pls Woosh
OGARMAN17: how did jesse crichton get a game?
Pendlez10: alright guys, enough with cats v pies game already.... cats won and that's that
Buddy-Love: m0nty give Jack Anthony the spud
TheSalt: come on fyfe point up son point up!
1870pafc: all collingwood supporters on here. return the computers to the people you stole them from
elvundir: @monty I've changed my settings in account, but i dont get an icon? is it bcoz im purply spesh already?
sam25: hes underrated by the media is bartel hes one of the few brownlow medallists who has a ctually kerpt consistent
DaisyCrazy: C'mon Pav??!!
myteamsuks: how do you know it suks, what score you on?
dids77: geelong deserved the win, just glad there is a challenger to the mighty pies. Jolly in next time for some jolly goodtime
WizMan: Vamos 77 Lol, they will have to steal a pen first to fill in the answers
Jet11: 22-10! Not surprised axtuall
Bulldogs10: does anyone know how serious embleys injury is?
aj11: A-DAWG im not gonna beat ur brother im wining at moment by 40 but he got 5 in play and i only got cox and sandi
sam25: who thinks freo can bring it home
RogerTwose: What's everyone look like getting? I'm 2042 with Sandi, Cox, Darling and Lower.
TheCrow17: i have cox v naitanui + 5.. close one
cats81: Masten will win the medal
linusp: so can broughton crack the ton?
Woody15: the umps cost us a game we didnt deserve to win. cats were better team on the night no doubt. still..
DC_Magsy: lower to poo and harris to prem next week?
Grazz: Need Broughton to ton up to make up for Lower.
johno69: Brave guess Korza?
Hendo2571: come on broughton, sandi, darling and cox
youl_R_FCK: Saints v Geelong push in the back last goal, shower happens that was a final not round 8
DC_Magsy: how do i get a team icon? :)
Warney: bs Bartel is underrated by the media
Mithrandir: @thesalt - no mate - the umps didn't kill you. It was six to one, half dozen to the other all night
HawksStud8: i agree with sam25
Refused: True story: in SA they now have port power bay cover quilt covers for sale
PIE WAZZA: We will see when it Matter's!!!
jmacks: wce andrew gaff on mcginnity off
BOOMZ23: McGinnity subbed off
Pavlich#29: 1835 with Pav, Sandi, Cox and Darling can I crack 2000?
The_Kid_05: Gaff on for McGinnity.
OGARMAN17: mcginnity subbed
Aaron1976: yes ! +59 in eliminator. wont get in top 32000 though this week with a score of 1800+
deekay: GAFF on
mesosexy: smith 4 sub
lcynic: Deadset. Unless WC players get the plague, they'll be the most underrated team in the league
flagpies: does anyone have duffield ? he has cut his hair and cut his form too
McRooster: Has there been any melee's or blues? Bring back the biff!!
Turn: jobe watson
beachedaz: mcginnity off for gaff
deekay: mcginnity off gaff on
myteamsuks: gaff on mcginnity off
TheSalt: @ cant stand taken crap about welfare/no teeth from people that live in Adelaide - worst city in Oz!
phunkk: stop blaming umps salt.. pies get looked after more than any club in the afl sho shutup
Shucuzz: Lovin pavs sc.
remon tea: doubt it pav
Grazz: did77 agree, Pies lost nothing really in the big scheme of things.
tonycam: No way did Cats play at there best. Think of what it would have been if they kicked straight
kreuze_mis: Go pav need 120
Jokulhaups: has anyone ripped the hammy off the bone in the warm-up?
raisedfist: Coost
thebrock: Had more because they played a lot better and fairer. The difference should have been more
Axel Foley: broom broom broom i am a car
deekay: what do you think a good DT score is this week?
Shucuzz: Not lovin gaffs game time -.-
antsnest3: umps stay out of it and freo might have a shot.
carnport8: @pavlich easily mate. if u add it up now its probably 2000 ahaha
Grazz: Gaff cmon ton up lol
TheSalt: @lynic - yeah their bottom ladder placement last year is very decieving they're a good side
#9dees: so is freo still a chance or wat
SJ=Freak: gaff on miginnity off
Prospector: no - i have same players, and am 1860 - i won't crack 2k
ReggieOz: Kermit is on
SonOfAGun: darling, lower,gaff vs pav+53???thoughts
eagles9294: ashley smith needs $ icon
sp00n: 45pts infront of my opp who has sandi and fyfe, i think im fcked
Pendlez10: get up broughton!!
rodallegaa: come on fyfe!!!!
Flicka: cox 83 & sandi 86 carn guys i want 100 minumum
dids77: jack anthony averaging 4 sc points a quarter, i did a turd on the ground last week and it averaged more
boostboy: Anyone have, or considering getting, Nicoski?
Nigey95: Lower being subbed might cost me my league game and my undefeated streak :(
carnport8: i live in adelaide and i have teeth....
Swann36: On 1998 with Lower, Sandi, Fyfe and Darling
Thebiggf: Pav have shower last q so ur price drops bait n I'll bring u in next week
benty83: lift for me please pav! and gaff anything is a bonus!
DC_Magsy: how much would nick lower go up in value this week with a BE of 12?
Bomber21: what has happened to duffield this year??
Turn: watson
juz1978: How is Bartel underrated? He's won a Brownlow.
Prospector: yes, freo still a chance
FLOPITOUT1: Frigin lower
sam25: come on freo bring it home
RedRaven: Can guarantee The Salt has never been to Adelaide.
McRooster: Who has the breeze in the last? If any..
W.Mantooth: fyfe due for a massive last quarter
ShowerTime: don't do it boostboy
Axel Foley: broom broom broom i am a car
bickies: Darling always goes missing in the second half.
antsnest3: put johnson forward harvey, hes doing nothing!
chadwick: Free whiners umps been fine, eagles harder at the footy
TheSalt: all im saying is that the Blues v Saints game was a ripper! the umps put the whistle away in the last - what a game!
Brown*Dog: Thanks - Monty... I always though it was to do with your favourate team
Ih8carlton: go gaff need a quick fire 50
GOOB: harvey u sux 4 subbing lower flower u
linusp: what is this utter bullshower scores that nicoski has been getting this year
Bulldogs10: see luke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sam25: at juz he seems to be underratewd in the media etc
oldshepp: Good to see all the Cats fans getting excited about the win. Probably excited when they beat us early last year too :)
deekay: im 1965 - with cox sandi broughton darling and lower (gaff on bench) should hit 2050?
carnport8: @dids77. hahahahaha
Axel Foley: broom broom broom i am a car
thornz23: about 10k DC_
Jet11: cmon freo 8 in a row!
Magaggies: C'mon Coxy!
Prospector: swann - you will crack 2k
farthers: Hope darling bins it
Grazz: @deekay ask Thornz hes flying, 2200 id suggest would be ok. I wont get it though
mrpotato: darling seems to go missing in second halves
Aaron1976: what do you all think will be a score needed to finish in top 32,000 for his round score for dreamteam ?
GOOB: carn the EAGLES
J.Bartel: he said unrated by the media not the umps. he is never talked about on all those showerty program about afl
Axel Foley: oh no pitt is my captain
Refused: Lol the salt still crying
WizMan: Why wouldn't havey sub Jack Ant? I though it would be a no brainer he can't get near it.
dipper5: i need nic nat to get under 100 if i want to win
fatrab: Mundy & fyfe vs sandi + 56. Who wins ?
1870pafc: @carnport8, kahlin?
Cruise_on: Pav scores 114 or less and i win my SC
Prospector: thornz is 2153
deekay: @Grazz, 2200 is a big score!
thornz23: yeh im on 2152 with cox n sandi's last quarters to come.. but it looks like a good score compared to my leagues
Gandog: C'mon Pav, hose fyfe in SC!!!
Nigey95: im up by roughly 350 and i have pav and lower. opp has mundy, sandi, cox, darl and pav :/
RogerTwose: How the hell does Pav have 78 SC? Need him to stay under 106 to win!
TheSalt: @redraven - yeah been there a few times, getting into 2 birds from Adel used to fly over to visit
Joe B: is Cox still starting on the bench?
johno69: Salt.
Priddis: Eagles spirit of 2006
NewFreoFan: More of those +6 broughton!
Bulldogs10: go freo!!!
The_Jerks: on 2058 with cox and darling, buckley and danger on the bench is costly though
Tucker: im on track now for 2250 sc
Turn: Port Adelaide
hayes7: go mundy pav and fyfe!
tiltraise: cmon pav big last 1/4
Grazz: Has Priddis gone to Hillarys Harbour
lukew55: lower - keeper or no keeper?
Axel Foley: im 1328 with sandy, pav, cox, mundy, darling and lower will i crack 2k?
sam25: its all over goodgye 400
Jet11: johnson was pushed in the flowering back
Memph: Game over
Scratchy: flowering duffield. should have dumped him (sc) already.
RedRaven: I'm not listening to Calvins Captins next week. Boyd all the way.
Axel Foley: woof woof i am a dog
TheSalt: @redraven -ya DJ's were all Melb rejects, highest "weird death" capital of the world, not much goin for it
omen77: monty can you please update the WA delay...
chadwick: Game over
antsnest3: did shuey not just push johnson fair in the back!! umps suk!
Bulldogs10: cmon mundy, get some goals!
Brown*Dog: 2000 par for deamteam this week i think
mesosexy: Think we're nearly as good as carlton at tanking
Memph: Go Eagles
Hirdy_FC: Thats the sealer from the frenchman I think WCE are home
BluesFlag: need 130 from cox SC! dobt it hey
omatty: Lower will go up 13K to 272k DC
thornz23: lower is definitely not a keeper
carnport8: @1870, whats kahlin?
Swann36: Sandi will get the ton by 1's
linusp: lowers out of my team this week...
DC_Magsy: @lukew55 i reckon not a keeper. a good cash cow. dowgrading him to puopolo this week
Hutcho42: I'm on track for 1250 SC... just when I trhough I got the hang of it, sigh...
johno69: Salt, the umpires didnot use the whistle because their teeth fell out like you know who
Jedinak: johnson = soft, spud, muppet and crab
GOOB: go eagles !!!!!!!!!!!
vamos77: the salt, they aint girls at davoren park champ
youl_R_FCK: 2087 with darling n cox to go, 2100+ good or par this round?
Spudanator: Pav what a f00kn hack
Axel Foley: friends are like potatoes, if you eat them they die
Twin Peaks: i am on 1834 with tony abbot, vivian richards, germaine greer and hermione grainger, think ill get 2000?
chrissy_J: where did darling go?
Bulldogs10: nooooooooooooo lecras
TheSalt: @redraven - in the nightclubs everyone was facing the DJ! haha was like I was in alabama or some backward shanty town!
GOOB: ton up sandi
Jet11: you will get no flowering appreciation from me you maggots
FlyCou: No birds from Adelaide want anything to do with toothless pie fans, cmon sandies
Nigey95: looks like a wce win, which means 5/8 in tipping.
Ih8carlton: go gaff need a quick fire 50
Joe B: who's winning the medal for the Eagles?
Refused: Ask libba whos better at tanking. "Tanks a lot"
Prospector: big viv is good for 150+
Barlow21: I hate West Coast
chrissy_J: 2074 with cox, darling,sandi and lower
Swann36: agreed Lower to go
cfc1995: Really need Broughton and Mundy to fire!!!!
Turn: how many trades should we have left?
McRooster: m0nty - it's not just me or SA about delay - WA has issues it seems
OGARMAN17: mundyyyy... gun
Barlow21: I really hate West Coast
Hirdy_FC: @ Jedinak I loved your goals in the asian cup mate :p
RedRaven: @TheSalt Hmm, we are rated the most livable city in Australia though.
linusp: cmon broughton, go push up and do some running play
tiltraise: n1 mundy!
Hawkatack: pavlich is a big poof hero ass flowerer
DC_Magsy: darling 80+ sandi and cox 95+ lower :| so i can get 2100+
farthers: Just passed my eliminator. Sweet
Barlow21: I really really hate West Coast
Shooba: Does Tim Gossage support Freo?
bigjuddy: will fyfe reach 100sc
Nigey95: @ Twin Peaks: Not with Tony Abbott in your team
TheSalt: @johno - you probably condone all that diving, acting for frees the cats players go for - stand up in a tackle > diving!
Barlow21: I really really really hate West Coast
omatty: Lower still has cash / backup value depending if you still have Stanley, Heppell, Duigan
Juggalo: I'm burning trades but I'm already loaded on guns thanks to my strategy
willii: you'r trippin eddie murphy
sam25: excatly jet11 there are having a shocking round i understand when they get hard decisionds wrong though
theswiz: well 2100 seems to be a decent score this round... but 2200 plus will be a great score
Joe B: Cox lack of game time is killing me.
Jedinak: lol u said that twice barlow
GOOB: i hate freo, GO EAGLES
raisedfist: Neeson bought a new shoe rack today, its in the hallway
Barlow21: I really really really really hate West Coast
Pavlich#29: @Barlow21 Im with ya there
eagles9294: priddis for brownlow
JunkyTime: WCE should just sub darling @ half time of every game, spud
alias: how bloody good is Mundy DT-wise.
tyhwu: cox+broughton+37 v sandi+fyfe
TheSalt: @redraven - cos ya house pricing, cos' no one wants to live there
Dafty: lower out??
sassypants: I really really hate Freo.
carnport8: @turn, i dunno but i only have 10. traded every round for cheaper and higher scoring players ahah
sam25: freo lining up
Axel Foley: hey curtis ward
Jet11: @Barlow21 ditto
neilc9913: And barlow i really really hate freo
banj: Wharfy time?
linusp: heppell is almost a keeper
Thebiggf: I have 16 trades left using 2 this week bringing in either chapman or pav
sn0wyyy: to whoever said why mundy is on fire, that is y mundy is on fire
GOOB: i cant stand freo really hate their guts
Arradin: here we go the umpires are winning it for the dockers
chadwick: Freo with a free kick, long to another free kick. Still complaining?
sam25: freo goal here they come
Jedinak: cmon dockers
Grazz: Cmon Broughton ton it up.
FLOPITOUT1: Goodbye Lower
tiltraise: cmon dockers
Junktimer: Go DOCKERS!
Jet11: cmon freo
Barlow21: Go Freo. West Coast suck
Prospector: mundy a good prospect in a few weeks now ...
tyhwu: cmon COXY!
Swann36: I hate both teams. Go WC 1-39
dblfsh: here comes the dockers
phunkk: subed off dafty
joosoo: cox darling lift!!
Twin Peaks: talk of barlow back in a month :D
TheBaron: Let's go Freo and Captain Mundy!
BluesFlag: whos lids? Kenellys 0 count? judd 3 votes! pitt is my captain!
Prospector: sad 4 those that put him C
jenno365: should i trade out barlow ?
Jet11: @Arradin kidding right?
TheSalt: @red raven - just jokes - Adelaide was cool but yeah couldnt live there mate
FlyCou: Least in SA we have Aussies living. Not foreigners, c'mon sandilands
Jedinak: get lost arradin, mate you got no idea
ridleypie: jack darling.. work
1870pafc: @carnport8, kahlin?
RedRaven: Freo way to go.
Barlow21: West Coast is a pure and utter disgrace to society
remon tea: gilbee looking a good option, hitting some form
linusp: 16 trades and still doing another 2? jeez.
Reidy: Come on Pav, Darling, Sandi and Cox!!
thornz23: agreed Pros think ill bring him n Boyd in to round out my mids
sam25: dockers get the next one ANd its on for young and old
Grazz: Mundy tuesday wednesdy lets go.
Cruise_on: Slow down Pav
mesosexy: dont get ur hopes up hazeys
dids77: what is lower breakeven for SC?
Bulldogs10: cmon freo!
Refused: Go osama !!
Flicka: freo suck dogs balls
Woody15: ooo dockers
eagles9294: barlow21 scoreboard says it all really, freo are a disgrace
GOOB: freo are shower , car eagles
Grazz: @remon tea to up and down for me mate.
Flicka: Cmon COX and SANDILANDS
Nigey95: i'm trading matera, lower, cripps and maybe libba in the next couples of weeks. Gonna keep Heppell and Kraks
Refused: Adelaide has the best blend of everything
Beastiano: i have enough $$$ in bank to upgrade both lower to and duigan to s.fisher this coming week woot
boostboy: @TheSalt - I'd say the same thing about Melbourne....shower weather and Victorians all have their heads up their own alpss
BluesFlag: get he pill FYFe!
carnport8: @1870pafc, what is kahlin aha?
tyhwu: where the flower is cox?
raisedfist: SC is ng
TheSalt: @remon - hodgey returned to full training - was at 80% capacity till last week, he'll be back to his best
Billyho: damn...lower subbed
north1: darling faded out again :(
mrpotato: keep going fyfe
PurpleName: Lower's BE is -16
youl_R_FCK: Geelong could of been 30+ if kicked straight. Its only one game flower pies fans love them flowering selves
jarman3: Awesome handball Darling
neilc9913: Freo should go way down below in the gutter like their crap song says
BluesFlag: fyfe kick + free! come on
chrissy_J: go gaff, ton up
Prospector: junk time for osama
underdog11: predictions Sandi: 114 Cox:89 Pavlich: 94 Darling: 89 Fyfe 92
linusp: hodge will be ok, but suckling = new hodge
Grazz: Hodge is a bargain in DT
Prospector: bin laden!
Nigey95: oh and probably gonna upgrade D.Swallow too
lazzaswan: plzz fyfe ton it up
Axel Foley: broom broom broom i am a car
Joe B: Lynch medal??
McLovin_: good job pav keep it up fyfe!
ridleypie: game sealer..
Centurions: lower subbed of gives me the eliminator win :)
RedRaven: Never been to Melbourne, so wont say anything, But I like Adelaide better than Perth, Sydney and Gold Coast
ShowerTime: lowe always was just a cash cow. don't get too attached
phunkk: @nigey95 dont u think libba is worth keeping?
elvundir: watson was my cap, subbed, lower was my last hope, subbed, im limping over 2k
Hutcho42: Cats smashed us, end of story
Cotchin: ton up coxy + sandi
remon tea: yup but i'll give hodge another week to see how he goes
standogga1: come on Freo! give me 8/8 tips!!
BoredSaint: pros are you a bit drunk? :P
Cruise_on: Axel, nice revs
Axel Foley: @prospector hes dead
trollface: weeeeeee areeee geeeeeelong
chrissy_J: my predictions - your mama: 69
Jet11: the eagles must have found some good quality coke last night
Turn: jack anthony must be playing well
antsnest3: freo back to their old skill level, useless, put pav forward harvet u tool!
chadwick: Upgrade d swallow after his highest score? Don't want to wait a couple more games?
McLovin_: are freo any chance?
tigers96: who will win the dream time at the g game
Grazz: Whats with Darlings fade outs. & news already saying WC win doh
TheSalt: Collingwood most inefficient scorers last year = win flag! also brisbane beat us that year...settle down cats fans
NewFreoFan: God my SC game is going to be ridiculously close
Jedinak: lolololololol @Jet11
Prospector: Cats smashed pies, end of finals
Hutcho42: Chrissy J - LMAO
Billyho: with you but at the end of the day 3 points is nothing to worry about...cats just better on the day
carnport8: nothing wrong with adelaide, there are just stereotypical people around
Arradin: Jet11 probably got it off Johnson
McLovin_: big cox lift
Nigey95: @phunkk: hoping to get somebody like priddis or mundy in for him. but i might keep him. not sure yet...
Joe B: is Cox even on the fcking ground!?
IH8Ryderrr: look at the desperation from my man fyfey
GExcell: Geelong princely ladder leaders
swan__007: broom broom im axel and look AT ME im reterted
linusp: adelaide proves tasmania inbreeders can swim!
Flicka: ffs cox & sandi ton up u soft cox
lazzaswan: nooooo josh kennedy :(
Axel Foley: thanks cruise_on
GOOB: @JET11 yeah got it from michael johnson
rodallegaa: come on fyfe!!!!
youl_R_FCK: Eagles are killing it this year them and essendon would almost put ahead of harks
Jedinak: how was that play on, he didnt even touch it
antsnest3: advantage!! he didnt have the ball!
Hutcho42: No need to be playing Sept footy in May
Reidy: Harris to Hodge and D Swallow to Ablett
chrissy_J: thankyou thankyou, im here all week
mrpotato: priddis cops the dick
johno69: Salt,lick your wounds. The Cats are refreshed and Daisy will need new teeth shortly lol
Clark U: Adelaide craps all over melb and syd for day to day living
Herdy23: come on FYFE!!!
trollface: Wet Toast Weagles > Aint Killda
Prospector: my team to win dreamteam at the G
bigjuddy: will fyfe reach 100sc
Milney44: 1900sc with pav, sandi, priddis, broughton and lower
demons13: cmon coxy need ya mate
McLovin_: whos tipping miami heat for the championship?
chrissy_J: @Joe B, yeah theres at least 18 on the ground
boostboy: Go f*ck yourself linsup. Wish I supported the Suns.....
W.Mantooth: come on fyfe, ton it up
GOOB: give COX the viagra woosha!!!!!!
LAP9: haha at clark u adelaide is a dump
sn0wyyy: youl_rFCK u seriously think both essedon and wc will finish above hawthorn?
dids77: melb craps all over ade for night to night living
Hirdy_FC: Natanuiiiiiii
Memph: I called Nic Nat ton at the start of his game - GOAL
thornz23: niiiice NicNat
unobrow: nicnat!
Warney: Adelaide is a showerhole is had power power team there
almax: thats all Adelaide is though, regular day to day living, no excitement
linusp: yeah adelaide might, but the people remind me of that movie "the hills have eyes"
razza12: one good thing about melb is the road back to ade
W.Mantooth: if miami will ill vomit
vamos77: the salt, what are you gonna do with swannies budget cuts to the unemployed
Axel Foley: mooooooooooooo my name is mr cow
Voices: Freo been raped last 2 weeks ;(
Junktimer: the silence when a tourist asks what there is to do in adelaide...
tigers96: lol Clark U at least we have good drinking water
Pavlich#29: I really really really hate West Coast! I cant stand them now!
vman33: did I just see a Gold Coast fan ?
flagpies: duffield GET THE BALL:
eagles9294: adel is a morgue, especially on a sunday
fatrab: Dockers ftw
Flicka: is cox on the ground?
RedRaven: Gold Caost reminds me of Jersy Shore
BillyPick: adelaide....young people cant get ot of the city fast enough!
lazzaswan: plzz win freo i tipped you :(
tyhwu: cmon cox and broughton!
alias: game over, freo out of it now.
Hirdy_FC: Lets face it Melbourne craps all over Adelaide in every category
Jet11: too many passengers again freo, power poor
the 29ers: who wants to go to cragieburn?
mh7690: ohwell this aint the year of the dockers, with 14 out injured and half of the team under 70 or so games
sassypants: i wonder what the result would be if both teams had no injuries though
Refused: And the whole basis of living is the night stuff? theres enough of that anyway
eagles9294: eeee.aaaa.gggg.llll.eeeee.sssss the chant begins
Clark U: Who the flower drinks tap water anyway
pezhawks23: in dreamteam ME=1872+sandi and darling Opposition=1871+Pav and Rosa SO FRICKEN CLOSE!!!!!!!!
GOOB: freo been shower the last 2 weeks
johno69: Adelaide-Snowtown without the bodies
Gandog: easy fyfey, Pav still runs WA, wait your turn
GCSuns: Woohoo vman! we're everywhere...
TheSalt: @johno - yeah its just a game - blues will smash you next week we'll be back on top
BillyPick: eagles9294.. it is a morgue everyday of the week
W.Mantooth: adelaide has a lot going for it and will improve heaps in the next 10yrs
boostboy: You morons do realise our population is vastly smaller than Melb or Sydney. Hence no so much stuff on?
tigers96: hahaha
NewFreoFan: Keep going broughton! I NEED YOU!!
McLovin_: pavlich is looking for the cape
The Lad: there were no budget cuts to the unemployed, just an instisnce they study/train more often
Reidy: Hey warney hows the eliminator going?
Nicksta: hmmm cold wet Melb or sunny Ade?
tyhwu: sandi and fyfe you are KILLING me
trollface: Need 110+ from Cox and Sandilands
phunkk: @nigey35 i think hes worth holding onto for a few more weeks.. he could b a star..
Jedinak: OMG, typical bs
GOOB: ton up sandi plzzz
underdog11: lynch 4 medal?
sh!tburger: c'mon darling, need one of my kids to ton it up this week
Flicka: duff has to go he has been chit and lost a fortune
chrissy_J: adelaide, melbourne, adelaide, melboure, who cares. FOOTY FOOTY FOOTY !
vman33: lol good on you guys!
pezhawks23: god freo r a fail
boostboy: @HirdyFC- Bullshower. Melbourne is old, decrepit and dirty, with shower weather.
Priddis: We're the Eagles, we're flying Highhhhhh
BlueGlory: nothing wrong with adelaide as a town, great place.
linusp: yeah its awesome, when i marry my cousin i know exactly where to move!
lbar5: need pav and kennedy to outscore cox and lower together by 61
Luke919: naitanui x factor?
hazza92: come on coxy.. get the flowering ball
remon tea: coxy gone a bit quiet :(
Hawkatack: i drink tap water through my ass like bear gryliss
Twin Peaks: freo just need to win next week, if they can get over (its the power im pretty sure) being +2 wins handy when barlow bac
proud_lion: adelaide has sick beaches, and i live in QLD
Memph: Nic Nat will ton
Refused: And the whole basis of living is the night stuff? theres enough of that anyway
Warney: there is a reason why its smaller because people leave as soon as they can
McLovin_: love it fyfe
G-MAN: FYFE + COX ton it up!!!!!!!!!
pottsie...: adelaide is amazinngggg
keithy: knocked out of the eliminator by a team full of crows and hawks players..
GExcell: Crows suck
strikes91: adelaide is a crap hole
GCSuns: we only have 500k population on the gold coast, and there is tooooo much stuff to do ;)
underdog11: pav'll crack da ton
raisedfist: Day bow bow......chic, chica chicaaaa
almax: @boostboy so what, you want a handicap for havng a smaller population in Adelaide?
sam25: who wants to guess how much i have lost on the punt this round?
TheBaron: Gun for Mundy coming up!
Swann36: C'mon Fyfe and Sandi. Elim opp has Cox Duff and Broughton
McLovin_: what will be a good score this week.... 2100?
Jet11: freo need 8 of their best 22 back
vman33: Cox so flipping quiet!
The Lad: Cox time to junk it up, junk time very much needed please
Prospector: go doctors
sn0wyyy: street talk in fremantle , end of convo
Hirdy_FC: @ boostboy because you support Essendon I won't argue with you.
TheSalt: @linusp -- hahahaha too true, or when ya wanna retire to life in a barrel just head there
Clark U: I can DRIVE into town in under 20 mins and theres no toll bullshower
trollface: "What would Keppler do" - ABC radio
Grazz: Victoria never has an original idea they run around stealing others i.e Grandprix
W.Mantooth: @sam 300?
IH8Ryderrr: oh!! no fyfe! as if
BLAIRZ DT!: Ban linusp!!!
Turn: port adelaide power
Bulldogs10: @jet11 who are those 8 players?
JunkyTime: every1 goes to the gold coast because all the girls are sluts...
chrissy_J: bet the winner for the week overall will somehow jag 2500
Nicksta: Melb - showerty and cold one day, crappy and wet the next.
boostboy: No, but you think we sould have everything you have, with only a 1/4 of the population. Nonsensical.
Twin Peaks: yeah blokes like pitt palmer crichton really shouldnt get a game, even johnson
Thebiggf: 8 of there best 22 ?
Junktimer: adelaide is a human, fly- ridden, dirty watered, boring shower hole
Shucuzz: Crap scoring game
c-hawk: need cox to wax in Junktime
mesosexy: what would keppler do?...b a good tshirt that. love it
3.votes: go fyfey, lift son!
sam25: w mantooth keep going marte
Muneem: damn, gaffs my captain
Lionman: adelaide people have such an infertory complex
Warney: adelaide stole two teams into the AFL
Refused: Youre making too much sense though boostboy lol
kingbling: i was born and raised in melb, but now currently live in Adelaide, melb is a dark dirty whole
IH8Ryderrr: ohhhh what a mark fyfe! i think i just jizzed
OGARMAN17: fyfe, what a player
RedRaven: Next they'll want the Clipsal 500 and the Fringe.
PurpleName: Grazz... maybe because nobody would want to stay in Adelaide, for anything
Jedinak: feel sorry for fyfe and mundu, really tried hard
mrpotato: come o fyfe, 15 minutes left, T0N up
dtownsend: FYFE BOG in my opinion does all the hard work
Swann36: Agreed Chrissy J. Heaps of big scores this week
Twin Peaks: im from perth but beach aside give me melbourne
Junktimer: minus the human.
Nicksta: The problem with Melb is Victorians live there.
Essendon18: cmon cox
Roo rocks!: c'mon darling and smith 80 and 85+ from you both
Jedinak: mundy*
D.Barwick: grazz adelaide is only known for serial killers! place is scarey
JSMOOVE: fyfe coming hard, 110 coming up
Magaggies: Cox 4 in the last 40 mins?
McLovin_: fyfe, sandi, cox, pav and darling...... ton up
GOOB: comon SANDI ton up already!!!!!!
Clark U: We just make our city look crap so all u interstate spuds stay away from our iced coffee
Bunta: Come on Shuey score
xumtinlong: Clark U...STFU don't tell them that didn't yu see the Beer commercial?
Bowzer: Fev kicked 5 today against bendigo bombers.
kappa6198: go nic nac go
johno69: Well said Junktimer!!
Meister21: If you live in Melb, Syd or Bris you are pretty much sharing not much oxygen between alot of people, that = braindead
chrissy_J: well my tips started out well. 5/5 and i picked geelong by 3
deano69: i lived in melb for 1/2 my life and moved to adel, and would prefer to live here than melb.
phunkk: heart for fyfe
TheBaron: Gun for Mundy, please!
eagles9294: eagles going for percentage
vman33: cmon West Coast, get the ball in your forward half!
GExcell: pav will accept 90. come on
Thebiggf: Injurys no excuse every team has injurys this time of yr
Refused: That sums it up well kingbling. Adel is easy going, bright, clean. Melb-pfft
TheSalt: i lived on the GC - went back after 15yrs hadnt changed, dirty! and the whether wears u down!
Warney: best thing to come out of Adelaide is chicken salt and even that is average
JunkyTime: melbourne is known for hairy backed greeks
OGARMAN17: mundy gun
Lions08: supercoach looking good, 1920 with mundy pavlich cox and darling left
Grazz: @Purplename baahahah your to funny.
razza12: adelaides got a better state league
leondavis1: barlow, mzungu, hayden, palmer, grover,
Junktimer: oh im sorry, what is it you adelaide blokes love? footy. where did footy start? Melbourne. Best city in the world.
Hawkatack: anyone else notice when "passing through "Adelaide how backward they are
GExcell: I like the youghurt at adelaide market
vamos77: the best thing about living in adelaide compared to melb or syd is that english is our first language
Lionman: all you adelaide plebs with your mullets stfu please
Turn: farmers union iced coffee
carnport8: yeah, has anyone else noticed the amount of afl guns that have come out of adelaide?
TheSalt: *weather
Luke919: give fyfe and mundy the gun
chrissy_J: kerr is carving up tonight
sam25: anyone still guessing?
Phreophile: Coopers is the best beer in Australia. But Westend and Southwark are the worst. Terrible water in SA
Prospector: i love hairy backed greeks
rootopia: Chicken salt is the bomb!!!
Reidy: Hey warney hows the eliminator going?
m0nty: back on this game please
Blairza1: hahaha vamos you just owned that guy! I like your work!
Jedinak: Mundy = Gun
Roo rocks!: mundy star sandi gun
Refused: Lionman shouldnt you be working to pay off the Fevola debt?? haha@ lions
Bulldogs10: give mundy the gun monty
D.Barwick: new movie at cinemas this week! its called snowtown! who would want to move to adelaide!
BlueGlory: cox and pav are killing me
tigers96: best city is melb now shhh
macmate: i lived in adelaide 3/4 of my life and much much prefer melbourne takes me 10 min to drive to city and yes NO tolls
Nicksta: @JunkTimer - its debatable where fotty started
imsilly: need Broughton and Fyfe to play kick to kick
chadwick: Lionman hope your boys win a game eventually
xumtinlong: yes Lionman we have mulleys so please stay away
Muneem: whats with all the adelaide hate?
mesosexy: go tassie!!!
Hardzy: lol vamos, too true
boostboy: Best city in the world - That's the funniest thing I've ever hear. Even Sydneysiders laugh at you
Jet11: haven't heard that eagles chant for a while
Warney: Happiness is Adelaide in a rear view mirror
sh!tburger: @rootopia I agree
Hutcho42: Freo miss Ballantyne the igniter!!!!
McLovin_: there is nothing wrong with sa's water
Nicksta: lol @ vamos 77
razza12: vb worst beer in the world
BlueGlory: westend beer is for bogans
chrissy_J: @phroephile i agree with that call and im from SA.
GExcell: I like an Argentinian restaurant in Gouger st too.
IH8Ryderrr: whos your 3 2 and 1 for today? apart from judd
sn0wyyy: brang mundy in for curnow, very happy
sniffer64: closen housen bootso houusen
deano69: the women are happier in adelaide than any other state
jezza1997: fire up cox
#9dees: its all good
Joe B: I can't believe that Jacko is paid by Channel 7 to do what he does...
LAP9: why are all the big event held in melbourn?eg.grand prix, australian open
OGARMAN17: Luke Spies is a hero
Fenno: vamos77 im sorry I love Adelaide and live here but the people of Adelaide have their own language and its not English
Crowbot2.0: Swan BOG
Ozzy: Can everybody slow the blogs down so the Adelaide guys have time to read them
Swann36: Mundy has become a gun. Picked up Pendles. Shoulda looked at Munds
JunkyTime: the best thing about being from adelaide is our ancestors aren't convicts
Lionman: haha deflection much. whats my team got to do with your shower city
n1ck: saints are killing me
rizza1: vic is way better than adelaide we have real water
the 29ers: corona best beer!
TheBaron: Do they still sell that "Crowbar" ice-cream in SA?
Khunt1vote: Goucho's
johno69: You hear that " duelling banjoes ' music often in Adelaide
trollface: C. Judd 3 Votes, J. Pitt 2 votes, A. Gaff 1 vote
Lions08: we are a developing team, not having brown kills us since we have no key forwards
almax: best thing to come out of Adelaide is the road to Melbourne
Costanza: Gouchos
W.Mantooth: GExcell - Gauchos
Clark U: Vamos lol correct was in sydney last week, well atleast thats what the signs said, but i couldnt find an aussie anywhete
kingbling: melb sucks because of collingwood
tyhwu: cmon coxy!
unobrow: McPhee is Scottish for spud
Turn: j lo
TheSalt: @boostboy - dude haha everyone says the same thing about melbs, move outta mums place and come see some real sluts!
boostboy: @GExcell - Goucho's - Awesome steak
Prospector: mclovin, keep saying that - after a while u'll b'live it!
Refused: C judd- 3 votes
Hawkatack: enough about the retard mullett donning sister rooting south australians
sh!tburger: darlings alive
Memph: 8 tips right, cracked 2000 for DT - good weekend for me
Herdy23: just noticed that kerr isnt playing :)
Refused: C judd- 2 votes
Jedinak: C. Judd 3 Votes
snake_p: Fyfe 1 more point please
leondavis1: anthony for spud, lynch for x-factor, mundy for gun, priddis for star
Nicksta: @Fenno you been to Syd or Melb lately? heard the saying 'its all greek to me' lol
Meister21: Tasmanians are just Victorians who learnt how to swim!
McLovin_: need coxy to beat smiths score
joxstrap: brang lollolololool
xumtinlong: my German Sheppard won't drink VB either preferring instead to drink Coopers pale ale
Junktimer: ummmmmmmm, its not ridiculous seeing as melbourne was #2 on world's most livable cities. bitch
proud_lion: melbourne is sweet but no beaches is a con
Refused: C judd- 1 vote
rootopia: Perth is great. We have... We have.... We have.... flower all. Gee Perth is great
phunkk: best weed in sa
Roo rocks!: @lap because we're special
Digbee42: melbs = wog city
No spuds: lol unobrow
Ace Manuva: cmon fyfe 21 points more please!
thesmasher: 3 lynch,2mundy1,selwood and close one for the knife fyfe
krakhead: omfg stop scoring fyfe... gonna cost me the game
eagles9294: ashely smith $$$$ icon come on monty
Ozzy: go cox
boostboy: @TheSalts, what and move into your mum's then?
Prospector: i lived in c'wood - it was great!
GExcell: yes thats it gouchos. very nice with ,ultiple bottles of red
vman33: Petrie straight swap to Sandilands this week. Tapscott to Pavlich
J.Bartel: obviously people that love Adelaide have never been to another state. its like a new none 3rd world country
kingbling: kick a Vic
OGARMAN17: Mundy's lowest score is 87 in rd 1... all other scores are over 100
sh!tburger: C Judd 3 votes C Judd 2 votes C Judd 1 vote
proud_lion: im gonna get knocked out of eliminator because lower got subbed FUDGE
sniffer64: hi
Muneem: D.Swan- 10 votes
vamos77: vamos77 had a whopper of a round tipping 8/8
Fenno: Vamos77 example the word Lego. in adelaide its pronounced laygo how that works i out I don't know how do you say leg?
linusp: srsly, nicoski... how is that spud getting 80+ each week
merger: i am screwd, playing against Mundy as C in SC
strikes91: smith binning up
Prospector: go to st. kilda - beaches and biatches!
underdog11: 3 lynch 2 priddis 1 mundy
W.Mantooth: go fyfe!
boostboy: @Junktimer, so one bullshower list means it's a fact. I see rats running around the city every time I go to melbourne.
asmodean: 18 points from fyfe, sandi and gaff for a win. Bet I won't get it
hayes7: i need mundy to get 120... come on
TheSalt: geelong sucks cos all the nightlife is full of kids drinkin $11.50 alcopops talking about how tough they are...
McLovin_: pav kick some goals son
Turn: how long left?
leondavis1: anthony for spud, lynch for x-factor, mundy for gun, priddis for star
Nicksta: Melb is dirty and filthy - have you been down Brunswick St lately? and its friecking cold dark and wet, great place NOT
Phreophile: Coopers Pale Ale is next best to my home brew. Now that is a good drop. VB is shocking.
sniffer64: bye
Hirdy_FC: Melbourne = sporting capital of the world
trollface: C Judd's mouthguard - 1 vote
IH8Ryderrr: brian taylor just did a junk time footy reference
RedRaven: How good is Fyfe for a second year player.
Gandog: Pav you are no longer the Sultan of the Sandgrovers, remove your crown. Mr Fyfe, you may occupy the throne
Grazz: @Prospector have you got all your stuff back yet.
GOOB: comon sandi ton up fella
MTTY: Lift Duff
Memph: Mundy is a real gun. I think i have too many Dockers though.
carnport8: won eliminator. yeaaah!
Dudge: the only good thing about victoria is she gives good jobbies
jarman3: BT calls junk time
Prospector: boostboy, they are the pies fans!
sn0wyyy: if a football club has 70k members u will have some spuds
xumtinlong: the only thing good about Melb is Rebecca Twigley-Judd even then she's screwed
J.Bartel: i see rats walking on two feet and are over 5 foot when i go to Adelaide
Arradin: so whos going to win the medal????
Clark U: Yeh i saw rats outside the flinders st station, wtf
Junktimer: @boostboy, probs cause the only places you go are disease infested comission flats, after all you are a hobo
JunkyTime: in nsw/qld you say pewl and skewl instead of pool and school, flowerwits
TheSalt: @prospecter -agreed! lived in St.Kilda for 4yrs was best time of my life - awesome place!
mesosexy: nice grazz
nathan11: cmon pav 2 quick goals
m0nty: hard to figure who will get the medal... thoughts?
FiveStar: whos gonna win the medal?
fatrab: Mundy & fyfe vs sandi + 56. Who wins ?
dudz: cox gone cold LOL pun
demons13: stay the f down pavlich!!!!
Bulldogs10: monty you should make a symbol for a courageous act
Lions08: mundy for sure
Grazz: Fyfe and Rockcliff have changed the 2nd year rule this year.
Modd: i must have missed the memo saying that 'NOT' jokes are funny again???
korza: Nic Nat for the medal
tnator: The Q tip monty
Refused: C judd environmental ambassador recycles his votes, thats why he gets so many
Prospector: grazz - my stuff is in the mail
linusp: Nic Nat?
Milney44: Where is Clive Waterhouse? i had him captain!
WBFC: Mundy will get it, no doubt
Junktimer: commission*
thornz23: mundy in a losing team for the medal perhaps??
Centurions: m dt eliminator is a draw atm !!!!!!
Essendon18: scott selwood for medal
Arradin: you copying me monty???
Roo rocks!: @m0nty mundy
imsilly: Jack Anthony for star
McLovin_: give the medal to the Q
strikes91: nic nat star ?
vamos77: fenno who gives a fook you plastic brick building nerd
vman33: Mundy, Fyfe or Priddis I reckon
Bunta: Mundy a certainty
kreuze_mis: Spud for Jack Anthony
FiveStar: will mundy win it? i hav money on him
MTTY: Matt Priddis for the medal i reckon
trollface: Kepler Bradley for the medal
#9dees: mundy best pick ever
lil_libba: Priddis will get the medal
proud_lion: rockcliff is in his third year. played 1 game in 09.
Lionman: whenever you go to adelaide say you're from melbourne and women will be all over you
RichoMan94: Had Mundy as captain then swapped to Swan at the last minute...FML
Hawkatack: Any one been to the "World class" Adeliade casino Bahahahahha enough said
boostboy: @Junktimer, I was in the Melb CBD clown. That's the best you can come up with?
swan__007: me for roughie nic nat
JSMOOVE: you can add Martin aswell
Jedinak: mundy to win medal
Luke919: bulldogs10 is a spud
youl_R_FCK: Pitt u a flowering shower
Thunder: 211 for the medal
Thebiggf: Priddis for medal
thesmasher: fyfe it will go to the knife monty regardless off the coasters win
IH8Ryderrr: i went with both fyfe and rockliff this year! sooo good
leondavis1: lynch priddis, mundy or nic nat for medal
Joe B: Lynch will get huge odds...~$40/1.
rootopia: Lynch
fatrab: And martin
TheSalt: massive turnaround for McPharlin 9pts last week to this week
lazzaswan: @grazz dont forget dustin martin
Stoned: naitanui will win the medal
rednuts198: the big Nic Nat Monty
Lions08: what 2nd year rule?
Dtkingv2.1: Ty fife
DIDS09: Q Lynch and M LeCras caught planking on top of the goal posts
remon tea: priddis maybe
LilLionMan: Think Nick Nat could win it
sn0wyyy: mundy
merger: Selwood is a n underrated gun
cptFantasy: Q Ball for the medal please m0nty
Bulldogs10: scott selwood for medal
nathan11: nic nat medal
TheBaron: Fyfe - future Brownlow Medalist
woodz84: nic nat will win it
Ace Manuva: Yeah & Rockliff will be next lions captain
clayts: smith short, cox
Turkoglu: Scott selwood or rosa
Digbee42: cox is single handedly losing me the game.
Bulldogs10: keep going mundy!
Joe B: is Cox out there?
OGARMAN17: pavlich should take a leaf out of fyfes book
GOOB: sandi you big frankensteins monster ton up ffs
swan__007: fyfe has amazing hands like glue they are
RedRaven: Priddis
unobrow: Medal for Jack Anthony, for worst ever preseason draft selection
korza: Nic Nat is a certainty
shredR: cmon gaff +10
carnport8: d.mundy
omen77: go the west coast
Cousin Ben: Worsfold has finally used his ruck duo. Cox and Nat have tag-teamed Sandy Pants and killed him. Good work Woosh!!!
EZA100: spud anthony monty!!!!!!!!
chadwick: Rarely goes to the losers. Selwood (a) on pav, or priddis
Jokulhaups: Jack going backwards
BluesFlag: yeh fyfer!!!!
WBFC: Stop bagging J.Anthony. He has one of the best defenders on him (D.Glass) and its Anthony's first game this year.
eagles9294: smith $$$ icon
lazzaswan: jack anthony is a spud
Aaron1976: Priddis for the medal 27 touches
Hutcho42: very hard Monty, stats wise it's Freo players. Q Lynch was crucial in setting up the win
bouts: does anyone know if embleys 0 is replaced by a sub
The Lad: @Monty: Priddis wins the medal
Grazz: Anthony should of been subbed. Done nothing for 3/4's
GExcell: Other thing s love aboyt Adelaide are Haighs chocolates and 5AA drivetime with Cornesy and HG
IH8Ryderrr: fyfe tonnnn!!!!!!!!! wooooooooo
Centurions: cmon boys cant draw this ! Carn pav cox
ShowerTime: what's mundy been taking in the off season? from dud to gun...
sn0wyyy: scott selwood trying to tagg mundy....
GOOB: give the medal to THE BIG NIC !!!!!!
vman33: what a bloody boring game! wish i had somthing better to do.
underdog11: who will win the medal
Jet11: What did the dockers selectors see in anthony?
roodav: more junk cox please
SUPERSTAR3: lower subbed, that hurts real hard
Aaron1976: well done fyfe, ton !
RedRaven: Could Mundy win in a losing side? Not sure if that's happened before.
WBFC: Stop bagging J.Anthony. He has one of the best defenders on him (D.Glass) and its Anthony's first game this year.
NathGB1979: Mundy at Bombers next year!!
Jackg7: Whats happened to cox??
hazza92: Creeping over 2k..
Stoned: nat or priddus
Smeedy09: Darling and Sandi suck
Nicksta: My dog just farted and it reminded me of the smell of Flinders Street
sam25: thats alrigth vman nbeither do i
Jedinak: give anthony another go next week, u watch
Gandog: flower off Fyfe you chicken wing!!!!!!
giuly1: in adelaide, they have this amazing souvlaki place called souvlaki-bros. must go to the place. its a premium ;)
Turkoglu: Nicnat medal
W.Mantooth: told you fyfe would have a 70point second half...more points to come
Stoned: creping over 2300
linusp: haha gimme a break, anthony is an absolute spud
Hawkatack: @bouts do you change your undies when you soil yourself?
chrissy_J: lol, zac smith scores more than cox and sandi this week.
omen77: west coastaaaa
Beastiano: cox gone soft?
sn0wyyy: nath mundy said NO
J.Bartel: if nic nat gets it ill never watch a derby again
Thebiggf: Priddis has metal in bag no one from freo west coast supporters wld create havoc
vamos77: @jet11 they sore a massive oversized forehead or fivehead if you will
carnport8: yeah, mundy in the losing side i reckon
Hutcho42: Good call WBFC
Ace Manuva: Fyfe 12 more please mate!!
sam25: yeah judd won the medal in a lsing side once
tyhwu: slow down fyfe!
phunkk: give fyfe the heart.. dooo itttt
Jet11: Mundy signed a 3 or 4 year deal mate, sorry
vman33: Cox +6, just what the doctor ordered
PiesGOGOGO: @RedRaven He gotta be a massive chance...
Clark U: Fruchocs mmm, and we dunt have 7/11s on every flowern corner with taxi drivers behind the counter
McLovin_: fyfe and cox, slutting it up... pavlich get in on that action
A-Dawg: lift cox, darling, sandi and fyfe
kingbling: souvlaki bros down the bay is sensational..
McRooster: Nick Lower owners should get Pitts additional points
Centurions: kill urself fyfe
jmacks: need 23 in total from pitt
IH8Ryderrr: mundy? rosa? lynch?
Centurions: cmon pav
the 29ers: 26 more from darling fyfe and cox!!!!
Woody15: how long left
Centurions: cmon cox cant losethis eliminator
leondavis1: gaff for the bin?
Muneem: just noticed lower got subbed off.. FML!
Jet11: vamos77 haha
GExcell: nick lower sucks
jezza1997: chriss judd 3 votes for this round
strikes91: crowley gone with a quad strain
OGARMAN17: will the voters have the balls to give mundy the ross glendinning medal?
eagles9294: 29 already for gaff, imagin if he played 4qrts
thesmasher: 20 more pts to crack 2000
GOOB: @macrooster ....i agree
dragonfly: or Pitt owners get Lowers :)
Shooba: Why Smith $? His BE is 62. Not massive bux.
giuly1: souvlaki bros is amazing.
NewFreoFan: SC - broughton +178 vs Mundy and Sandi, what do you think?
Jeffo1123: Lecras a chance for medal?
Jackg7: darling cold..
vman33: 12 more from Cox/Darling
Refused: C Judd to win the Allan Border medal this year
Thebiggf: How many goals lecras plz someone n who has kick the most
macca0008: Melbourne kebab station is the best
sn0wyyy: if a player gets subbed, u shud get their average
LeFtBehinD: Surely sub Athony over Lower you spud Harvey!
MTTY: Junk it up Duff, Sandi, Cox and Darling
chadwick: 0:50 left
J.Bartel: gonna get mundy on munday
giuly1: what was cox on at 3/4 time in DT?
demons13: come on priddis, 5FA please
sam25: ill just tell everyone this week i LOST $1755 on the put OUCH ill be back thoguh
NathGB1979: snowyy that was last year now we have hird and thompson etc its a given!! how could u resist the way we playin.
krakhead: gonna be eliminated by someone ranked 77000.. fmdt
PIESTORM: Fyfe, Fyfe, Fyfe! You have won me my game! Well done!
Luke919: darling dollar sign
The Lad: Junk time goal cox please
NathGB1979: Mundy will neva win a flag at freo
TheSalt: that "sub" rule has to go...its stupid
fatrab: Who don't have fyfe
merger: who will win battle of the Ruck?
Hayes001: cox went in hard just then!
Jet11: c judd 3 votes
strikes91: star up nic nat monty
lazzaswan: siren!!!!!!!!!!
KiLeAk: ONE tip wrong :( Damn Richmond...what was I thinkin!
Dtkingv2.1: Cmon 1 more point for 2100
trollface: Darling get some of the footy!
mrpotato: yes fyfe
GC4LIFE: cox 76
RedRaven: Freo will charge home at the back end of the year
Grazz: @Sam25 didnt you get on Black Caviar
GExcell: Cornesy and HG are the best most incisive football analysts going round. Just wish their shw was broadcast to Victoria
gwardy: Shuey on ya boot!!!
deekay: come on broughton... few more pts
TheSalt: fyfe = big finish!
merger: HO vs marks and tackles
Barnzy: Mundys numbers will decrease when Barlow comes back in about a month
Spudanator: Eagles chanting like the colliwobbles
Hawkatack: @sam25 you are so full of shower
Nicksta: yeah I got double shafted by the Lower to Pitt sub
tnator: nice one jet
Twin Peaks: yeah fyfe won me my game as well, and dont worry about freo, if they get everyone on the park next year look out
mrpotato: haha gaff scores more in half a qtr than glass does in a game
WizMan: Sam25 I missed the footy quad by 2 points in the Syd Port game. Feel ya pain.
MTTY: Duff get a few cheap touches
Refused: Sub rule is shower. Bring in limited number of interchange would be better
sam25: no mate i just do footy mostly dont know much about horses not my thing
david95: the bye will go next year thank god
McLovin_: just hit 2100
Dilen: darling has gone a bit quiet
Jokulhaups: DT should allow us to Sub in a player mid round
lazzaswan: siren!!!!!!!!!
Aaron1976: cant believe it, had Mundy for 115 :(
NewFreoFan: Siren
Prospector: thornz 2171
IH8Ryderrr: hahahahah! fyfe goal on the siren!!
imageof007: 5AA on the internet
strikes91: fyfe after the siren !
jmacks: fyfe goal on the siren
Dtkingv2.1: Fife goal on siren
Bulldogs10: i had westcoast but changed it to freo, woulda had 8!
lil_libba: haha fyfe you star!
GOOB: sux shower and die docker fools
OGARMAN17: fyfe late goal yeow
lazzaswan: siren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dtownsend: fyfey
pachichi: eliminated by someone ranked 120 000 im ranked 12k.. thats how bad my week has been
trollface: All over
EZA100: fyfe kicks goal last secind
WBFC: Fife goals just before siren, you beauty!!
Pavlich#29: fyfe goal on siren!
W.Mantooth: won eliminator by over 200
Bazzooka: Monty fyfe star
elvundir: fyfe last goal!
swan__007: fyfe on siren yay
shredR: I wish Gaff would play the whole game :(
jwiggle: knifeeee
tnator: GExcell, is that HG or KG. Either one he aint on the show!
McRooster: GExcell- It's Cornesy and Stephen Rowe - HG (sic KG) left the show years ago
SwansTas: Fyfey capped off
sam25: oh mate wizman hows thids for pin asweli put 7 on rth unde 39.5 missed it bu 2 points i was shattered
PiesGOGOGO: Fyfe goal points!
Thebiggf: Who kicked most goals for match someone plz n how many to lecras
RedRaven: Fyfe your a bloody legend.
proud_lion: broughton 12 point 4th quarter far out man.
joxstrap: In case you missed it, Fyfe kicked a goal
Centurions: NOOOOOOOOO FYFE lost me my eliminator
Refused: Fyfe garbage bin
BluesFlag: fyfe massive last qtr
GExcell: Fyfe goal may have ramifications for comps around the nation
NewFreoFan: Gotta admit, well played by the eagles. Can't wait till we get some players back
McLovin_: fyfe ftw
Centurions: nooooooo
W.Mantooth: fyfe!
Ace Manuva: god what a bad song
Digbee42: fyfe you are living legend. i love you.
sassypants: give fyfe the heart
Memph: Called the Nic Nat ton :P
Rated_RKO: thank god lower was subbed... i won by 5 points with kerr out and brodie smiths 11
Dilen: gaff is a gun, 29 in half a quarter, imagine what he could do in a game
TheSalt: @twin peaks - yeah a mate outta WA told me they were inj ravaged expect them to slide, they're hard to team to tip
Tank23: HG... That would be KG
lazzaswan: 33 to the peagles :( i chose the dockers
thornz23: think i ended on 2185 in the end Pros :) preti stoked with that
tyhwu: wtf fyfe
sam25: i meant 700 on noerh
Cman: west coast domination!
leondavis1: fyfe will be on 130-140 in sc now cause you get like 20 points for the last goal in the game
trollface: So much passion in the WC song
thesmasher: fyfe bog
Gandog: Fyfe is wank
lil_libba: star for Priddis, his SC will be huge
c-hawk: lost eliminator because of sandis tackle you mungrel
Shooba: phew cracked 2000
Shucuzz: top 4 side dockers? Naaaa. Bombers can take their spot :)
GExcell: What! No mnore HJ or KG or whatever he is? What a tragedy. I hope S Rowe is a good replacement
chadwick: Jackovich, "youse guys", idiot
bigjuddy: since fyfe kicked that i lost because of the last kick of the round i flowering lost
Ace Manuva: fyfe's goal on the siren got me a ONE POINT WIN I shower you not
triple.d: WCE song almost as bad as Freo's
Warney: 8/8 foottips im having hungry jacks this week!
WizMan: Ouch, that hurts big time. I can't seem to crack the footy quad.
Refused: Fyfe garbage bin
Ozzy: jordans a poof
mesosexy: we're flyin'high
RedRaven: Worst score in a year for me. 1860 odd.
tyhwu: flower you fyfe
Cicjose: no one from freo should get bog
MoneyShark: 2223 for me in dt, any bigger ou there ??
colonel78: kerr will be ok next week according to worsfold
Ozzy: go richmond
A-Dawg: dam had sandi captain
Jackg7: who won the medal?
Turn: that goal got me 2000
RedRaven: Rowe and Cornsey are flowerwits.
Thebiggf: Cox over 100 I'm a happy choppy
McLovin_: flowering smith beat cox and sandi
fatrab: Gaff is super sub. Woosha uses him well
lazzaswan: who got the medal?
Thebiggf: Cox over 100 I'm a happy chappy
NewFreoFan: lol chadwick
Danstar: if Lower didnt get subbed i think i woulda got close to score of fthe round
Centurions: if fyfe hadnt goaled in the last minute would have won
cramers15: haha i had west coast in my multi by under 39, thank you fyfe! geelong and north were also in my multi! and i tipped 8!
Wild Thing: Fyfe won't get more than a normal goal score for the last goal, it didn't have any effect on the result of the game!
JSMOOVE: thanks to fyfe i scored 1610
Globes: @Dilen to do that, he would need to not start as sub... for a change!
marce6: you all smell like poo!
GExcell: Nat medaillist my tip
the 29ers: scores for DT???
FlyCou: 2226 in DT
Bulldogs10: @jsmoove solid score...
JIMMEH3: YES that last goal from fyfe won me a crucial game
Centurions: flower i lost by 5 points stupid fyfe the cow
LilLionMan: 2128 DT pretty happy
Wild Thing: @cramers15, I assume you would have had them under 39.5 so the last goal means nothing to your multi!
Jedinak: still waiting for DT page to load, less than 10 points last time i checked
Thebiggf: Most goals plz someone on me iPad won't let me look at symbols
marce6: suprrise medal winner.... SAM BUTLER WHATTT
RedRaven: Won in two leages and lost in the big DTTalks one. the opposite of last week :/
trollface: Chris Judd 3 votes
xumtinlong: finished on 2182 DT happy with that
MoneyShark: What did you get dunstar i got 2232 with lower aswell
Muneem: gonna trade out buddy for Anthony? good trade?
merger: dockers . saints, demons all in the same boat
sullitons: priddis star
OGARMAN17: how the hell did Chris Judd get the 3 Votes?
cramers15: @wild thing, yea ur right just saw that but still a great round for me ..except for the stupid saints
Dilen: u suk muneem
McLovin_: 2127 DT nice
merger: demons have no future
Lions08: 2341 for SC this week
nathan11: fyfe 122 sc
dids4545: i
Homerj: Knew I shoulda tipped WC, goodbye 8 tips, stupid freo. Although think I scraped through in league game, just, maybe...
Ace Manuva: lol @ OGARMAN17
dtownsend: Priddis was not as good as fyfe. thats bs
LilLionMan: Priddis medal
OGARMAN17: hmmmm priddis?
dids4545: Mundy!
The_Kid_05: Give Priddis the medal symbol m0nty :)
lil_libba: i told you m0nty! Priddis for the medal
Shucuzz: @ merger. For the round yes. but saints no where near demons or freo on the ladder, even with the better list
thesmasher: priddis getting medal good on him
trollface: downgrading Nick Crywoldt to Mayne i reckon
RedRaven: 1875. Thats flowering shower worse then I did last week when I had Swan and Pendles out.
Shooba: DT Analyser was spot on with my score
Memph: Priddis won medal
Tittan99: 2235 decent score :D
chadwick: 2180, high scoring round
mrpotato: 2100+ this week
Dilen: gaff very unefficient
NewFreoFan: Won my SC game by 18! Thank you Broughton!!
Tucker: i got 2241 sc yeah baby
Jedinak: who got medal?
unobrow: Paavlich 110sc???? What a joke, he was nowhere in the 2nd half
OGARMAN17: Chris Judd 3 votes
Jedinak: dw
Centurions: priddis medal
sp00n: im an eagles supporter and i think mundy deserved the medal, eve ntho they got thrashed
Shucuzz: I'd rather gaff didn't play n giv me the 12sc so his average and price didn't crap itself. Load of bullsht
NewFreoFan: who's lids?
trollface: Does Pitt's score count?
flopitout1: yeah who's lids
demons13: pavlich sc bullshower! lost by 40 points :(
flopitout1: Yeah who is lids pmsl
Jedinak: omg i won by one point
superstar3: next reet who says judd 3 votes needs to spend time in the room of mirrors
Dilen: eyeye
Dilen: lol, they added some points
Shucuzz: @ jedinak. Omg bro no way?! Amazing! Omg teach me bro teach me
TheSalt: yeah sc is a joke sometimes
fatrab: Lids deledio
Shucuzz: @ thesalt so r u
Jedinak: i cant believe it. kerr being out saved my ass
thesmasher: got 2341 in sc well stoked
da cooler: bullflowershowercock
sullitons: told you priddis bog
da cooler: bullshowerbitchflowercockdickshowerflowerdumbdanmshower
Paliente: flower off Sandi, your capt. score for me is shower
rodallegaa: yeah fyfe
Tigers!!!: Mundy should have got MVP
Tigers!!!: testing..
T-HeaveHo: without kerr and embley we were beaten... we were pure Shower!
SonOfAGun: u bunch of rats