Chat Log: R5, Port Adelaide 7.12.54 d St Kilda 6.8.44

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DAL=Super*: Go saints
torres: chad cornes is a spud
Armagizmo: go saints!
Jobe Watto: damn why didnt banner come in for davenport
Meister21: Go The Power!!!!!!!!!!!!
MarksMen: Davenport - Ray out.....Carr - Eddy in
thall: First!
higgins76: go zac dawson!!!!!!!!
gards: woohoo Lobbe finally getting a game
jasondevo: robbie gray, goddard
SpudMan: goddard captain, Lets Do This!
masterdead: port adelaide does not stand a chance
drywater: the last post is so moving .. and im not even australian !!!
masterdead: @drywater, where are you from?
WhiteViper: flower I hate when the Supporters yell during the silence, seems to be Port ones mostly
drywater: @masterdead.. im indian .. been in aus for 3 years now
Keza41: my eliminator opponent has 14 St. Kilda players...need them all to do bad except goddard! :)
Poor Timmy: Namaste drywaterji
PrimeTime: primey timey....primey timey....primey timey
RobsOverAc: chokria
Jobe Watto: yo namaste mehare gand bohot bada
corey11: $10 on hayes winning the medal
Alex7089: has this match started yet boys?
BERBATOV: damn carr and not banner comes in im so annoyed, would have meant no donut!!!!!!! goddard and thats it in this game haha
Poor Timmy: berbatov...showere happens huh!
Alex7089: Lets go saints and NDS
Milzo: @ m0nty boak is getting tagged by jones
drywater: thats it goddard .. an assist!!!
HES PEE: kozi 111 sc
Keza41: Big game goddard!:)
Poor Timmy: Geez, automatic spud for Zac Dawson, probably cost Saints the game!
Milzo: cmon i need a good game from armitage, and goddard
geelFTW: cmon hayes you've benn pretty disappointing this year pick it up!!
FANASYLORD: milzo: every game goddard runs out u can be ready for a 100
wazzbatt: Carn Dilbert!
wazzbatt: Goddard won't get to 80 tonight!
torres: chad cornes is a spud
BigV: cmon Goddard!!
Arky: where's goddard playing?
iwtfsp: goddard hasnt done well vs port in the past so maybe that will continue
geelFTW: so much for kosi beening the saviour :P
Arky: port really blowing their chance to put any kind of scoreboard pressure on the saints here
trixxma: @arky forward
mdm90: the saints have looked awful so far
Arky: kosi and raph clarke still as spudly as ever
Greenman: Stay there Goddard.
Hazza09: i hope armitage has a shower night!
Poor Timmy: Dawson = SPUD
mdm90: goddard has played forward so far
Ryderrr: goddard is always such a spud against Port
dkschrute: not 15 my alps, fkin twat umpires!
ocat1979: worst........match............ever...........
Keza41: C'mon Captain Goddard!!!
aces-high: i hate u hayes:(
Steelers7: booorrringgg
BERBATOV: lol dont doubt goddard fools. seriously chill out hel come good. wow carr doing so much more than banner would have
kovach: tredders you spud..
Greenman: Goddard LOL
Chekered01: i should be a shamed goddard as dt coach 2 but hope he will get into the footy
budgie63: the saints look shocking tonight. And why oh why does Raph keep getting games?
Keza41: I'm going to go, then come back, and goddard will be 50+ at half time!
wazzbatt: Keza41 - Mmmm? Don't think so.
SpudMan: cmon goddard!!!!!!
aces-high: cant believe i doubted k cornes this year:(
BERBATOV: wow high scoring contest this one
Sosa: I have never seen so many kicks straight to the opposition. Terrible game.
jasondevo: goaddard will come good.. gray needs to pick it up tho
JCK8: Koschitzke = SPUD
dvirulz: cmon nds
Chekered01: lets hope Keza41
HES PEE: fisher nicce
MsHighkick: thank god i didnt pick this game for my annual interstate trip
mricho73: goddard doesnt look interested tonight
wipz: is gray in the guts or up fwd?
karadoc: Come on Goddard
budgie63: gray's fwd
dkschrute: omfg clarke you are flowering useless
wipz: not much supply I take it?
kovach: that was one terrible quarter!
Rooke#33: not only did we lose riewaldt wen riewaldt went down, we lost goddard
HES PEE: has anyone picked up raph clarke in their supercoach??
BERBATOV: hows montgana playing any1?
Greenman: Goddard doing a Hurn.
BERBATOV: u dont ever pick raph clark, just watch the 2009 gf and find out why
boostboy: Never go to a home PA game as an interstate trip. Stadium always less than half full most of the time!!
dancasta: wheres jason grammmmmmm
Hydra911: Nice SC for Goddard :)
TeamZen: Thanks god my SC Captain Goddard pulled some SC magic.
budha69: why hasn't nds got sc scores\
geelFTW: hayes god dammit WTF??
dees5-10ys: @dancasta late out for eddy
dancasta: where is jason grammmmmmmm were is jason gram
billybob: how the hell do you get 22 sc points with 3 handballs no matter how good your efficiency is?
ls26a: gram injured
Rooke#33: NDS triple figures?
dancasta: thanks dees5-10ys
godders: PA average 30k, not a bad crowd boostboy
gards: cmon Goddard, ur my Dt and SC captain....
ls26a: gram was out during the week farren ray was the late out for eddy
Hydra911: BILLYBOB - He had hard ball gets / loose ball gets, handball receives, and shepherds.
fantasylad: what is dal santo on in sc?
nortons: your kidding godders p.a. lucky to get 20k!!!!
CJHodgetts: damn it i didnt put surjan on the ground :(
geelFTW: KOSII!!!!! and he misses
Ripfart: SC is ridiculous. Impossible to see how they work out the scores, DT is simplified and easier to follow.
Richoman#1: billybob score assits and clearances are also really important in SC
#2LeCras: comeon goddard and gray
Ripfart: Lol, Goddard lowest scorer
SpikeFX: Goddard on 22 in SC despite having no impact on game. lol SC sucks!
FlaminLips: St.Kilda games are worse to watch than Sydney a few years ago.
BERBATOV: no point in tagging NDS these days, id tag montagna instead
Moondog21: Can somebody tell me how Goddard can be 22 sc
HES PEE: goddard dropped mark
Rokster: m0nty's FanFooty is superior to both DT and SC
HES PEE: cmon i want an average SC score for goddard, want to trade him into my team next week
Richoman#1: ye your right ripfart DT is a better for unintelligent people
CapricaFC: Goddard: 2 CP and an assist
mricho73: @moondog - goal assists
spence37: I just....Goddard.... after looking at Goddard's score.
hindsight: What is intelligent about a scoring system you don't understand??
buzz_kill: this is a sick joke. a sick sick joke
djwam18: having a shocker and gray and goddard arent bloody helping
Richoman#1: goddard hard ball gets and score assists thats how!!!!!
BERBATOV: please slow down montagna :(
Kenji: why do the SC elitists always come here and preach their crap? you think it's better? good for you, we don't need 2 know
craigib: cmon goddard, put u as captain cause boyd was out :(
masterdead: does anyone know why port adelaide cover some of thier stadium seats?
Richoman#1: i didnt say SC was intelligent i said DT wasnt
SpudMan: goddard!!!
Bassat: @masterdead money i guess
MORAISF.C: masterdead its sponsorship
TeamZen: I think Goddard was over the salary cap so is not playing tonight.
#2LeCras: nice kenji (Y)
BERBATOV: goddards a gun, no mistakes and contested footy = sc points
casha: schneider Mont kss :)
CFC 1979: masterdread - vandalism ?
nortons: yeh masterdead cause they dont get a crowd!
Richoman#1: there are alot more DT people on here who bag sc than vise versa im just making a case for sc
Moondog21: Cheers I've been watching melb and bris I just seen that he's had 3 handballs
Poor Timmy: C`mon, who gives a Rats backside what is better, SC or DT , both equally good!!
Greenman: This is why you have Ablett as captain.
The Lad: craigib - Why did you put goddard as captain knowing he could play deep in the forward line as a decoy?
Nigey95: what's with NDS SC score?
dkschrute: wtf how was that high?
Fenno: they cover the seat so it looks like they have a bigger crowd.
HES PEE: goddard ineffective handball... negative sc points
#2LeCras: carn gray and god
SpudMan: powers first
dkschrute: fking bullsht umps
jiun23: Lift Gargamel!
buzz_kill: goddard do something!!!
hindsight: What a crock "Richoman". SC uses a proprietary and secret scoring system which, despite claims, is no better.
Riker31: Shocking umpiring decision
SpudMan: goddard at least 30 at half time
B2ST: tru dat schrute
HES PEE: berbatov, 25% of goddards touches have been ineffective
singoman: poor decision then by the ump
Fenno: pitty the ground still looks empty cause who honestly wants to go watch the power play
Hydra911: HES PEE : Ineffective handball = 0, a CLANGER = negative
Jake Cast: ffs Gilbert your doing the same as last week :|
hindsight: SC has more hopeless coaches too. I have same team in both and am top 1000 in SC and top 10000 DT!
CFC 1979: guys - take this argument into the forum. back on the footy
masterdead: lol
Riker31: umps worse this year so far than any year I can remember- not favouring any team in particular, just rubbish all round
SpikeFX: SC = made up scores. Total of both teams must = 3,200 points. So they make it up to get that number. It's true.
Riker31: why would you make a guy a decoy up forward after kicking 5 last week? absolute rubbish
HES PEE: my bad hydra
geelFTW: m0nty plzz tell me how to change the delay??
Hazza09: Armitage, lol! About time something went right for me this week
singoman: riker what a load of crap the umpiring hasnt been any differentfrom previous years
WayneCarey: anyone know who got the highest dreamteam score ever?
dkschrute: if i see the word "effective" or "intellegent" one more flowering time..
foolysik: hindsight you stooge mate!!
Richoman#1: meters gained has to be part of the SC scoring system
jamster: whats up with goddard
HES PEE: sc award the same points to every game to eradicate favour to wet conditions, game time played, umpires etc
B2ST: i think one of the most underrated players alongside enright are mcqualter
FlaminLips: Liking the look of Hartlett
hindsight: Goddard, why pick THIS week to su*ck? Only team in my league without you is playing me!
Richoman#1: spikeFx its 3,300
Hellopplz: C'mon Gray, pick up your game. Got to get to that magical 100 mark
boostboy: That would suggest the opposite of the oint you're trying to prove hindsight!?
essendon2: spikefx - biggest load of shower ive heard = last week i got 2241 and my opponent got 2100
WayneCarey: flower
Turks: hooooooooot potato hot potato
larrikan: lol @hindsight..thatmeans there are more than 900 coaches BETTER than you in SC
lachybee76: NDS is on around 48 SC now
nick1408: Why has Tredders got the little phone as a symbol?
nortons: agree riker umpiring poop this year
Riker31: wayne carey from memory ... 220
smeangie: that's amazing baffles sme how diff DT n SC r
#2LeCras: kick mark tackle and/or goal goddard - all you have done is handball!!!
geelFTW: SpikeFX- You bse that on nothing lol both tems must eqaul 3200?? to bad my oppent last week got 2000 and i got 2100
Hellopplz: Goddard stuck up forward again this week
Ibanez: my opp has all port players with matt maguire nd jono brown and cassisi captain.
Rokster: I'd like to see ponts scored for for bouces taken in SC and DT
buddyforpm: glad i didnt wait for gray
bretta23: wake up armitage you wonka
dubs$men: change the delay by adjusting the minute number in the URL
WayneCarey: me.....your damn right riker
BratPack: Lobbe 13? Well on the plus side he's better than Jackson Trengrove
hindsight: @ larrikan - typo - top 1000 SC top 10,000 in DT
TheBigdogs: koschitzke to get 73 full time
aces-high: rokster i have been saying that for ages glad someone agrees:)
billybob: geelftw, what he says spikefx says is right, the two teams must equal 3200, the footy teams not your sc team
foolysik: ya still a stooge
hindsight: I will PAY someone to kick the ball to Goddard.
BigCoost: justin westoff looks like he would struggle to get a kick in country footy
boostboy: That doesn't mean the coaches are worse. You can't compare the two because the scoring systems are completely different.
Richoman#1: spikeFX means the real games like STK v PORT not your league matches, and all games are equal to 3,300 not 3,200
Riker31: Of course I know that, I'm a Roos supporter LOL
SpikeFX: lol. The AFL teams, GeelFTW. Not the coaches. Have a look. You'll see.
colonel78: Where's gram tonight anyone pleez??????
dkschrute: lmfao PORT SCUM
spence37: 7 tackles for hayes w0w
buddyforpm: lobbe>goddard
TheBigdogs: Goddard spudding it up
hindsight: NO kidding. But I have played both games for 5 years and always do better in SC.
FANASYLORD: colonel78: hip injry
MORAISF.C: wtf goddard what are u doing???????
geelFTW: SpikeFX- WTF you on?? who cares though i think SC and you like DT so watevr
torres: how many times have we seen goddard at the bottom? not often. get him into the backline ross!
lenny!: i was 742 from 7, and now im 805 with goddard, gray, rockliff and brown:(
dvirulz: cmon nds!!!
buddyforpm: hey Richoman, are you in DT TALK Vic 4 league ?
dubs$men: goddard should be ripe to trade-in in a few weeks with this looming score.. excellent!
larrikan: i hope port get in front and force Goddard into the midfield
colonel78: @fantasylord cheers how long out???
burst: where is del santo cant see the bloke.
bennyh: goddard will be chucked in midfield in the next five minutes
Poor Timmy: Bout Time people realised the true SPUD material Goddard offers.
burner09: No riewoldt goddards there to stay im afraid
SC ADDICT: ahh F*CK you jones, dirty taggers
Sleepsdogs: kossies a dud
spence37: haha yes buddyforpm
Ice War: How does Goddard not have a snowflake??
SC ADDICT: goddard is a bad forward
FlaminLips: Worst kick ever from Chornes
Greenman: Who else has Goddard as their opponent's captain :)
Kenji: why hasn't goddard got the icicle yet..
carterly: bloody goddard deserves to be shot
colonel78: wet tracks and fantasy sides don't mix :(
Kenji: nevermind.. ha
masterdead: now he does
Ibanez: This game is terrible to watch.
FANASYLORD: 1 week colonel.....
Sebelk: Oh Goddard you're killing my score!!! :(
c0ze: lol 10 mins till half time and a combined total of 39 points
DAmon: F#CKING do something GODDARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nigey95: and to think i tipped the sainters by 73. cmon ross fire up the boys at half time
Riker31: Saints probably have to put Goddard in the guts, they are getting flogged around the ball
pedro_0952: Dal Santo SC anyone????
buddyforpm: yes about what spence37 ?
mdm90: this has been the worst game to watch so far this year
Riker31: Free kick count ... port 11, saints 5 ... and I'm not even a Saints supporter!!
Exodus: Goddard, Rockliff, Brown, McKenzie & Brennan for me tonight. >__<
c0ze: would never have goddard as captain
BERBATOV: so much for montagna going down in $$ tonight :(
Exodus: I just traded Goddard in this week, and this is what he does?!
torres: lucky nearly everyone has goddard
aces-high: yay gray got a touch lol
colonel78: @fantasylord no worries all good
dvirulz: flowering hell nds
hook: Goddard you ugly poof, run up the ground and take the ball off someone
dubs$men: is anyone else loving goddard's score besides me.. its pleasure to my eyes
BratPack: Ahhh Kosi spudding it up, all is right with the world again
colonel78: wet tracks and fantasy sides don't mix :(
BigCoost: yep give goddard the captaincy and this happens typical
chucknorris: chucknorris: Wallace's special comments sounds like an old lady selling bread or Uncle Arthur
FlaminLips: Ibanez - it's St.Kilda's game plan - makes for a horrible spectacle.
Nigey95: FFS. peake is doing better than gilbert
geelFTW: man port is playing sooooo much better then the saint
burst: is dal santo hurt off?
FlaminLips: I hope Port win this
buddyforpm: well he will go down unless he gets >156
Jim Jam: dal santo SC somewhere between 29 and 32
buzz_kill: common brendon
aces-high: pearce lookin real good this year been consistent so far
HES PEE: goddard ahahhah
Riker31: goddard's gone into backline ... taking kick-out
buzz_kill: getting murdered by goddard and rockcliff tonight
DAmon: same with me BigCoost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chucknorris: flower ooff you captain loving sycophant
Cicjose: Riewoldt to O 'Keefe :) but GODDARD needs a firecracker up his ass
shurg123: Maguire -> Goddard in 2 weeks.
pedro_0952: cheers Jim Jam
masterdead: is it just me or is this game like watching a vfl game?
Riker31: gooooooooooal schneider
dvirulz: nds????
WhiteViper: if Goddard keeps this up for a few weeks, he will be a great upgrade target
Riker31: everyone seen the Melb v Lions scores? ahahahahaha
Nigey95: yay! my opponent has Goddard as captain in SC
HES PEE: i agree master.. but the ball is as sloppy as lara bingles hoohoo
Jim Jam: so true masterdead
Tiges08: i wish chad cornes would stop handballing
FlaminLips: It's like a juniors match with 30 players around the ball. Rubbish
c0ze: stupid to be in a position to upgrade to goddard
Riker31: Viper ... he scored 120 last week, just because he's average at the moment doesn't mean he's in a rut
GJayBee: Does Del Softo ever play well when the Saints are under pressure? His mum should give him a rev up!
lachybee76: NDS quite for 20 mins straight
RobsOverAc: NDS Cant Shake a Tag!!!!
burst: seriously has anone seen dal santo?
hungryJack: cmon captain goddard do something
buzz_kill: i think im gonna be sick
masterdead: doesnt those injuries look like hickies on the port adalaide player?
chucknorris: #Whats with goal kicking these days - no-one part from Browny, Aker, Fev and Hall these days are accurate goal kickers
Nigey95: should i trade sam gilbert or is he just having two bad weeks in a row?
trixxma: goddard needs to kick the ball
Keza41: Gets some marks, tackles, kicks and goals goddard!
DAmon: LIFT GODDARD you usless THING!!!
chucknorris: all Lyones cares about are his freaks (Milne) and his Peakes
wipz: kornes is the best tagger in the league mate
trixxma: lol at goddard being put as captain.
Warnie: this is awful to watch!
SC ADDICT: flower i hate taggers, drive me nuts
kuraban: Nice Gumy. Beat me by like tenth of a second. :)
BigCoost: ffs goddard
budgie63: trade hinm Nigey. If I had him he'd be straight out.
juddthejet: goddard gray brennan and brown all sucking!!!
BERBATOV: montagna please dont score sumthing too huge in sc :(
godders: PA taken Goddard completely out the game, good footy
freeman23: yes the person who i'm playing this week has goddard captain
Ryderrr: dal always struggles against kornes and goddard always struggles against port
dillon: Fk Goddard, Rockliff all killing me!!
Riker31: Goddard needs a brain transplant ... why would you go a half a game of football and not kick the flowerring thing
Spazb0t: saints gamestyle is horrible for us as footy viewers, regardless of whether it wins games
GOGOS2GAJ!: haha agreed Warnie
dillon: Any chance Goddard will double his qtr time SC??
budgie63: Too bad they don't award positive points for clangers, then this would be a high scoring game.
Nigey95: alright budgie ;) who for? matt maguire?
Gerrardino: flower look at god go....must be cold over there he's frozen!?
buddy23!!!: dawson is on ebert not tredrea montey..robert walls wont stop complaining about it
master6842: i think the guys at champion data have goddard in their team...
BERBATOV: 8 handballs for 39 sc hahaha
Milzo: @m0nty get rid of the ICICLE on ARMITAGE
buzz_kill: someone tag montagna!
geelFTW: hayes you blooding hack...
Sosa: Gee, I'm having a great night > Boak, Goddard, Brown, Rocky & Goose.
burner09: whats with dalsantos scores not bein up, is the bloke in charge of him at champion data asleep
GrimeS=LeG: why doesnt NDS have a SC score?
Riker31: why the frack is it so bad to have Goddard captain? He got130 last week UP FORWARD lots of pretend experts in here
ubol5: i put a nice bet on... total game score under 173 points!!!
masterdead: yeah. goddard has been consistent with his points.
buzz_kill: dont give goddard such a high sc score. its only encouragin him!
burner09: yay
divvydan: the dal santo sc score is a regular issue, if you want an idea of his score see which player is above and below him
Greenman: RULE NUMBER 1: Always pick G Ablett as your captain.
Cicjose: this game must be crap compared to the bris melb game such low scoring from everyone
Riker31: ubol5 i reckon you would havebeen safe at 73 points
freeman23: just keep handballing goddard
TheBigdogs: Goddard lift it mate
SC ADDICT: what a horrible game, adam schneider on top. next please
Verti: Goddard change his role every week whereas GAJ does not
Nigey95: who should i trade sam gilbert for in SC?
Verti: GAJ is a legend every week and he knows it
buzz_kill: mark kick goal brendon mark kick goal
billybob: goddard 39 sc, load of bullsht, should be 25 max
tapper: Did someone just gilbert is having another bad week?
TheBigdogs: I think 2200 this week in dt
BratPack: @Greenman: I thought Rule Number 1 was You don't talk about Fight Club? :P
HES PEE: thats flowering bullshower that goddard is on 39, SC is rigged by the twats tallying the scores
masterdead: GAJ gets points for sneezing
BigCoost: all goddards possesion s hit targets so his sc is always better than dt
noffle: Fight Club is ridiculously overrated
Greenman: Coaches who scrimped and didn't get Ablett...Suffer in your jocks!
HES PEE: 5 points per handball is ridiculous, most of them were uncontested
Slashers: Goddard not too bad in SC. Could be worse.
mdm90: my team has started well except for goddard stinking it up!
Alex7089: I have Drummo, Brown, NDS and Maguire in SC- FMLLLLLL
Greenman: Suffer in ya jocks!!
SpudMan: goddard terrible in DT but not bad in SC
master6842: i have lost faith in SC scoring system, Ablett in next week, they clearly favur him and goddard
essendon2: wtf is dal santo doing
cotdog: what does FML mean?
Slashers: my opponent has NDS as captain - yes!!
masterdead: @noffle, what does fight club have to do with the afl?
B2ST: fml means f*** my life
BratPack: @cotdog: Flower my life
tapper: Tonight another example of why the SC scoring system is a joke
torres: cotdog: Flower My Life
masterdead: @greeman, geelong supporter?
Greenman: No..BL
DanF: nearly pcked up Tredrea this week. Looks like it'll be a while before his price starts going up.
cotdog: cheers fernando
GJayBee: SC scoring is easy to understand, just figure out which players get favored, and whalllah! you have a good team
paul23: to all the fools that said ablett was a rip off. HAHA !!!!!!!!
SC ADDICT: sc scoring system is the only real system u tool
GJayBee: (don't bother telling me they reward accuracy, i am not a freaking storm fan, i have a brain)
SC ADDICT: dt is for cheap possies
asglongden: oh for flowers sake, GET THE flower OVER SC VS DT
mx187: half time score????
dvirulz: finally nds gets a point
tapper: Wouldn't have a bias would you "sc addict" tool- that's hard core
GJayBee: SC addict, by your logic DT does not have a scoring system, it's not real!
DoorKnob: NDS lives now if KCornes would just flower off
B2ST: how the flowering hell was that 15 metres?
geelFTW: this is the lowest scoring game ive seen... 27 to 28
Kenji: well said asglongden - everyone else doesn't want to have to read this shower
masterdead: sc vs dt debate is more interesting than the game
master6842: goddard another 10 SC for that handball...
lachy18: corned and gilbert loose men - loving it
GJayBee: I'd love to see Port and Melbourne get up tonight, don't like them much, but I'm over Saints ego and brissy coach Toss
geelFTW: omg i just solved the dt vs sc... football>dt and sc combinded
Greenman: Suffer in ya jocks!!
craigib: cmon dal and god!
chucknorris: about SC v DT - I got teams in both comps - what an immature argument - no one under 18 should be allowed here
dkschrute: what a fking joke, diving litle showers
ascari: go armitage bit 2nd half get up to 100
jasondevo: m0nty can u ban anyone who talks about dt vs so over it
aces-high: hayes lookin like a good upgrade in sc
masterdead: do you win prizes in DT?
NADO95: what the hell goddard?????????????
dubs$men: i don't think bris are top 4 material at all..
jasondevo: omg get gray and goddard in the middle!!!
Nigey95: last week when port played cats all my players in that match did shower
AceHimself: Goddard is past it
dubs$men: @ geelftw.. you might have something there
budgie63: For such a mistake riddled game, I fail to see how the total SC pts will still total 3300 at nights end.
Nigey95: same thing happening this game
Greenman: Those with Goddard...cry me a river.
CFC 1979: Kosi out of a job next year
AceHimself: armitage should concentrate on his badminton
BratPack: Rodan. nice to see you back my man
tapper: Great to see Rodan having such a good comeback
Grazz: Jasondevo then who would you talk to//
jasondevo: thats it robbie!
dkschrute: omg how did the unps not see the ball pop out ffs!
Cicjose: melb and bris a good game to be following right now
watthewatto: no spoilers for the brisbane game. im watching it delayed and u little shower.s are telling me the score. just up!
Slashers: thats awesome greenman ;-)
dubs$men: @ greenman.. so true..
CFC 1979: this is how melb storm played before being exposed. saints for spoon?
Gerrardino: one flowering game AceHimself
geelFTW: goddard KCIK!!!
aces-high: yay god kicked it lol
master6842: gddard gets a kick!!!
buzz_kill: clearly the saints forward options up front throw goddard back or mid at least!
Grazz: Those of you bagging Goddard simply havent a clue. Grow a brain.
jasondevo: its just that it doesnt really matter at the end of the day, pick a comp that suits u
tigermania: someone tell goddard he can kick it
masterdead: both teams equally suck
buzz_kill: arent firing
Keza41: First week i've ever captained you Goddard and you do this to me!!!!
BigCoost: westoff will get delisted
Redlegs: Goddard is the man, give him one bad game for sake
SpikeFX: Turn the chat off then watto you little girl.
jasondevo: about time!!! goddard!
Ibanez: another 1
BERBATOV: what was your logic behind captaining goddard?
WayneCarey: yes keza he did it to was his plan all season
jasondevo: Here comes brendon... could have a big quarter
watthewatto: do not tell me thelions score please everyone! cmon goddard> woops sorry for caps jus realised then haha
RobsOverAc: LOL a Carlton supporter talking about teams cheating hmmm
Pointer: Keep going BJ
dpops: goddard will end up with 70
DoorKnob: flower finally goddard starting to move
BERBATOV: told you bout brendon, gun plain and simple
BigCoost: the logic behind captaining goddard is that he is averaging 130
hook: watupwatto 82 75
watthewatto: how do iturn chat off?
spence37: whatthewatto, you are a nuffie. Why are you on here if you don't want to know the score mate?
craigib: +14 in 1 minute :) keep it going goddard!
Grazz: Redlegs i agree, if hes not in your team then your team isnt that good, Hes a gun.
BERBATOV: gilbert or fisher is an impossible call!
bennyh: goddard will get 100
WhiteViper: ive got a feeling Kozi is going to be traded to the blues for next year
dkschrute: how about some flowering consistency umpires you maggots
buzz_kill: goddard wont get close to 100. can hope for 70 at best
tigermania: leave watto alone he is australias greatest cricketer
RichoMan94: Dal Santo has to lift and try to play off Kane Cornes
Slashers: goddards surge will slow when port slow it again
Redlegs: The blues dont need kosi whitewiper
dillon: Lift Montagna need 150
Chekered01: goddard finding his way back into the game
dubs$men: flower off goddard..
BERBATOV: lol play off kane cornes, good luck with that hes like superglue.
skahl000: flowering umps are shower
WhiteViper: I know we dont Redlegs, but Ive just got a feeling that it Could happen
jasondevo: cmon gray, move it
watthewatto: anyone think these umpires are in both gamestonight?
Chekered01: at least dillon
Sosa: Thats a start Goddard, the icicle has melted.
Alex7089: tredders
dkschrute: the umps pay that shower against gwilt, then let the port player just drop the ball, far out
chucknorris: tigermania: leave watto alone he is australias greatest cricketer I used to despise him - now I really respect his game
skahl000: watthewatto agree
Jim Jam: goddards SC is a joke
skahl000: fu.ckin umps are
tigermania: goddard melted the icicle, now needs to remove the down arrow for a note pad
budgie63: Why did tredrea get that free?
tigermania: exactly what i said chuck
watthewatto: whoever is watching this game, where is goddard playing?
verda32: holding the man
chucknorris: Go back and play for Drouin Goddard you shameless bogan and marry a Shazza
TheBigdogs: goddard bad perfomance shocking
budgie63: port 15 FF 8 FA hmmmm
BERBATOV: 9 tackles for lenny already,
Ropes: Goddard playing well. SC wise :)
Rodders: Nicky Dal, do something...anything.
asglongden: goddard firing up
brownidge: goddards just started to play in the middle
Milzo: goal of the year OMG
geelFTW: goal of the year
lachy18: huge goal
MORAISF.C: milneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mdm90: goddard played the first half up forward and now he is into the midfield
B2ST: milne goal of the century!
Narnair: goal of the year milne
dvirulz: flower u nds
Pendlez10: wtf luckiest goal ive ever seen
MsHighkick: that is ridiculous!!!! how did he do that????
budgie63: goal of the year??? WOW
damozdukez: mILNEEEE
brownidge: goal of the century
buzz_kill: do something with your life goddard
Steelers7: tip rat
jasondevo: goddard has scored 28 this qtr
BERBATOV: how can u complain bout goddard, hel get 70 dt and90 sc, and easily best bak in both comps? only noobs would captain him
WhiteViper: Milne, Goal of the Year rite there
DoorKnob: goddard picking up 26 this quarter already
NoButYeah: Milne's goal... Wtf
Poor Timmy: Yep, Zac dawson the SPUD, for sure!!!
SpudMan: goal of the year milney you star
fatrab: Rofl chuck. Love your commentary
ascari: armitage makes or breaks me, this better be a 100 week
BERBATOV: love not having the game live :( explain the goal guys
fatrab: Turn back into an icicle Goddard so I can buy you.
spence37: flower me that gola was amazing!
bennyh: gray injurerd
B2ST: you cant give dawson the spud. he is playing a massive defensive role on treadrea
BigV: goddard bin
watthewatto: why would zac dawshim to be playing onthe ball andaveraging 130 like ablett? hes a defender.on be spud, do u want
dkschrute: milne didnt even control the ball, just tapped it out in fron of himself dep in the pocket, snapped it through the middl
dubs$men: f-off goddard.. i want to trade you in at under 400k
wipz: what happened to gray bennyh?
Poor Timmy: B2ST...Treadrea, ya reckon hats a plus????
freodocker: cmon goddard 60 by 3 quarter time
jamster: X Factor for milne
ascari: hurry up army
Chompah: goal of the millenia, close to goal of human of existence to milne. he could be part alien.
dkschrute: flowers sake dal santo
fatrab: Hey what's zac's icon? Mobile phone? Never seen it
BERBATOV: montgana slow the flower down!
buzz_kill: do something goddard. common. your better than this. go away montagna
BigV: Moblie Phone is
jasondevo: so gray, do u wanna do sumthin or just not move off this score for the rest of the game
dkschrute: these umps are ridiculous tonight
matty80: LOL Milne... Part Alien. part rowboat
jamster: fatrab its warren tredrea
Grovesy: Has Gray touched it this quarter?
sacka: lol @matt80
watthewatto: explain milneys goal someone plz
Chompah: ..well - the aliens go the probe on the odd occasion apparently
B2ST: goddard like 35 pts this Q
SpudMan: @freodocker agreed, cmon goddard
darpy: get in the game Robbie Gray, couple of quick goals
SC ADDICT: anyone else lookin to supercoach 2011? i chose gray over higgins.....................
ascari: demonds win
bennyh: I think gray is off injured
matty80: @ Chompah:... LOL
fatrab: Ah cool. What's the significance to tredders
bennyh: listening to the radio and they said that gray looked like he had tight hammy or something
ascari: no umpire heer will b in the GF
fatrab: Can someone tell me why port are this close? I don't have tv or radio? Is it wet?
#2LeCras: cmon grayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Buff Nuts: what a boring game....
sacka: @ascari , neither the one's in the melb v bris game, shocking
VegasMagic: Yes it's wet fatrab, but it's St Kilda lucky to be this close. Port's kickig has been weak
ascari: its dry,
ascari: just a plan 'ol shower game
chucknorris: fatrab: Is it wet - teeming - get an internet radio broadcast on the PC
mdm90: on the channel 10 coverage the boundary rider said that robbie gray had some thigh soreness but would continue to play
IfYouSaySo: Fatrab port are outplaying saints, saints are boring and flooding their forward 50 when it gets locked in
sjstats: @fatrab has been showers all day in Adelaide and a few during game.
BratPack: So Lobbe is doing shower.....on the plus side he's not Jackson Trengrove
newatthis: rain just stopped
SC ADDICT: geelong are clearly still the best team in the comp, all my faith in dogs and saints is gone
jasondevo: flower off gray just flower off
craigib: thank god dal and god are up to 50 at least
sharpie: what's with the purple underscore?
bennyh: ok cheers mdm90
godders: because st kilda are terrible without Roo, PA poor kicking keeping them in it tbh
READDAPLAY: gray looks like he cant sprint
CFC 1979: spud nominations ? or just all 44 of them
WatsamataU: saint kilda dont deserve to win
070910: sc addict you are spot on and they will really turn it on later on in the finals.
sacky35: come on Dal
jasondevo: great qtr from goddard 33 pts
fatboys: agree sc addict. the others are all pretenders!
chucknorris: I reckon Death Adders are great snakes
roguless: Goddard gets SC points for breaking wind, I bet he's on something stupid
masterdead: how can milne have 0?????
TheBigdogs: fail by both teams
brownidge: goddard 74sc milne 0sc
Ryderrr: i hate you kornes. power off and tag montagna or something
master6842: goddard 74 sc LOL so gladi have him
sacky35: Come on Dal
buzz_kill: 2 quarters too late brendon.
Milzo: big quater goddard and armitage please...
Alex7089: lets go NDS I ned a big qtr from you
chucknorris: Goddard 74SC - WTF ???
SC ADDICT: goddard 72 sc
SpudMan: cmon goddard!!
buzz_kill: hopefully brendon can pile on 51pts in last quarter like stanton did a few weeks ago to make his score look respectibel
SC ADDICT: crazy dt sc ratios is because of the persons good kicking, like shannon hurn today
chucknorris: Tiapans and Tiger snakes are good looking beasts
brown_dog: What's Robbie gray been doing the mast 40 mins?
10lana: dal and goddard need a huge quarter
Jim Bean: Worst game to watch. It is painful. Especially the first half.
MORAISF.C: big qtr for montagna
Ryderrr: goddards SC is a joke. deserves nothing more than 50
damozdukez: Goddard n Gilbert tonite not too bad
chucknorris: 5 Sweethearts at 90 credits
Tiges08: so even after milnes freak goal hes is 0 SC that makes me laugh
10lana: go port
B2ST: fanfotty stuffs up now
blisk: 120 atleast please montagna your my dt captain
sacka: wtf is with Hayes this year
damozdukez: Goddard n Gilbert tonite not too bad
chucknorris: I crave reptiles in my life
Keza41: c'mon Goddard! 80+ plz!
Sosa: C'mon Boaky, give him a rest Jones.
byjingoes: Goddard 74 SC? This sytem is rigged.
Carlton10: Come on Captain Montagna
Alex7089: PLease get 90 NDS in SC PLEASEEEEEEE I already had to deal with Brown
Hydra911: milne: 8 clangers and 3 frees against hilarious
BigCoost: goddard is the type to put in a big quarter could make a reasonable score for sc captain
HillHero13: Goddard might crack the sc tonne :D
sacky35: saints always painful 2 watch
Scotty1: LOL Milne 0
mricho73: apart from milnes feak goal, hes turned the ball over 4 times that ive seen
ascari: such a bad game collingwood v dons better b good 2morro
SpudMan: keep it up goddard
chucknorris: Hydra911: milne: 8 clangers and 3 frees against hilarious - I wish he'd just die
jasondevo: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! ROBBIE!
Alex7089: Why is NDS SC so low seriously normally with that DT he would have 70+SC
Nigey95: C'mon Boaky
FlaminLips: Carlile - he's a gun.
YoungGun: how the f!!! is goddard on 74 sc
kinkwah: here come Port
B2ST: scores level
mdon11: @BigCoost: Why no Ablett captain?
lachy18: Rodan for X factor
sacky35: Port or Saints?
gilbert_19: Brisbane Lions couldnt kick the winning score tonight
Lion09: Cmon NDS....!!!!!!!!!!
shurg123: Saints are so boring to watch. Watching Melbourne gut run and destory the Lions was so much better.
Nigey95: i want Goddard to get under 100 points in SC becoz my opponent has him Captain
The_Dohnut: Close game :O
Sakic19: mhaha my opponents captain has Goddard captian :D myself, Swan :D:D:D:D
READDAPLAY: get into it gray u flowering cripple
CFC 1979: tip rat 0 SC ha ha
FlaminLips: A.Joseph does a good job tagging Ablett
sacka: Bris woefull, dees on fire
mdon11: Why is there no love for Ablett in SC
merkinhere: i think goddard in carrying an injury
barlow=god: thought id put the VC on goddard this week, god i hope ablett doesnt tear a hammie pre game :P
hungryJack: @YoungGun because he's good
FlaminLips: Schulz - such a hack
SpudMan: cmon goddard big last quater!
sacka: @mdon11, this week? bad record against op
penskifile: totally agree shrug
mdon11: Still he is Ablett you have to back him
chucknorris: Trengrove fa fa fa fa fa life
Moondog21: Goddard just got another 10 points in sc because he was within 5 metres of the ball
BlUeBoYs=1: his my captain too alett but i would want him too for my team
mdon11: Remember his bad record against Freo, what happened this year?
Tiges08: i just looked at the person im versing in eliminator and there entire team is adelaide bahaha
SpudMan: lol at milney and lobbes dreamteam scores
chrisjjj: rodan has to be best on field
Bluehawks: hahaha
FlaminLips: The hack hits back!
Grazz: Ablett is cpt everyweek in SC never chahge him ever,
Lion09: Cmon NDS....!!!!!!!!!!
penskifile: two big upsets on the cards tonight
juddthejet: worst decision ever persisting with gray!
chrisjjj: goal port
myteamsuks: every goal this qtr probably worth 25 sc points
HES PEE: goddard 74? yeah fn right. the sc scores are rigged
ascari: flowering hell armit get a move on rack up the tackles
FlaminLips: Tiges - I've got the same - opponent all saints except Sandilands!
jaack025: im a lad until i die surze one tell ya mum
kinkwah: Grazz: agree, why change? guaranteed 100 plus every week
merkinhere: Justin Koschitzke is one of the worst going around!
Poor Timmy: Go da Power Go.
PrimeTime: carn the mighty prime time
TheBigdogs: this is the upset week
JBails: shut up penskif!
Tiges08: i dont know why people bother doing DT if there gonna do that
lachy18: Rodan easily BOG
ascari: sc dont tell ne1 one the score formula do they ?
Mico IV: jesus god dard
burner09: Davenport be back in for Carr next week, Carr's nroken, End of career i hink
PrimeTime: its good to be the king
chrisjjj: koschi is sh!te
FlaminLips: Kosi really stepping up tonight in the absence of Roo. Surely he's the most over-rated player in AFL?
mdon11: @kinkwah: Ablett hasn't let me down for how long now. Why change a winning formula.
recon86: lachy18 - i love it how you say that when the commentators just said it.
burner09: Koschitzke overrated by the media
Grazz: Congrats on 69 PRIMETIME,look good in purple haha.
mdon11: @ascari: I know how its weighted, but getting the aggregates I have no clue over
FANASYLORD: cornes i need 110
Mico IV: who is more overated. Kosi or Dale Thomas?
sacka: @flaminlips, couldn't agree more
FlaminLips: Tiges - Flower 'em, good for us.
penskifile: flower off jbails
burner09: Remember winning goal gets 50 SC points ;-)
kinkwah: mdon1: agree! my point exactly
chrisjjj: RODAN is killing it with clearances. UNSTOPPABLE!
juddthejet: gray plz do something i am 25 behind my opponent and u are the only player to affect the gap
PrimeTime: ringa ding ding...Prime Time's the king
sacka: @mico Kosi imo
mdon11: Kosi is more overrated because Thomas has shown more, although it is a clsoe one.
fatboys: kosi is the most over rated. 2nd most is mooney.
higgins76: just looked at the scores woh
FlaminLips: C'mon POrt!!! Punish this ugly ugly saints game plan!
ascari: @flaming lips nic nat most over rated
penskifile: cranny chics are hot!
buzz_kill: mdon11 thats my thoughts exactly, but im versing duffman(ranked 75th overall) and knew he would go gary so i had2 go swa
Blues_FC: cmon goddard!
Tiges08: FlaminLips: true that makes it an easy round :P
JBails: plowfile growup
chrisjjj: hey thomas is still young been great this year. kochi is past it.
Grazz: Mdon i agree, last time i changed Ablett was against the Crows last year and i got burnt; buy him make him cpt and leave
Pendlez10: porttttttt cmonn!
chrisjjj: go port!!!
Willis: Give Rodan the GUN!!!!!
Poor Timmy: Get ya finger out Prime time
kinkwah: geez, had chaplin last year, doing well
FANASYLORD: cmon saints get a lead and let cornes get some trash
merkinhere: @ascari he has played about 10 games?
FlaminLips: Nic Nat most over-rated?? He's only played a dozen games!
kinkwah: Grazz: summarised well
Grazz: Upset coming...
DredgeD: @FlaminLips I couldn't agree more. Terrible to watch. Stick a knife in their hearts.
Evpete55: lift gray
penskifile: i had the hot one timmy
bato1994: was farren ray a late withdrawal?
buzz_kill: flower off montoagna
Mico IV: who is the most underated? Griffen? Scott Thompson (Adelaide)? ROK?
essendon: stkilda no good with no roo
skahl000: fu.ckin umps are
mdon11: I made Judd captain over Ablett round 1 last year, never again.
PrimeTime: chaplin is my captain
MORAISF.C: i hate port
skahl000: fu.ckin umps are!
myteamsuks: goddard tagging rodan unlikely to score much more
lachy18: is Rodan gonna get the STAR anytime soon
skahl000: fu.ckin umps are!!
kinkwah: mioci iv"; ROK
Oliver: NDS! Do something
DALGER: Presti most under-rated haha
Chekered01: hey papbomer
FlaminLips: Thomas is only over-rated if you expect media exposure to equate to on-field performance.
ascari: @micro armit most under rated, ROK is rated so not him
sacka: @mico, Griffen lol ROK would be out of those 3
myteamsuks: goddard +6
chrisjjj: yeah star for rodan. jesus richmond could do with him now.
kinkwah: PrimeTime: cmon? really? what made you put him as c?
CFC 1979: saints need a roof over their head to play any good
VegasMagic: m0nty the live team scorings project score is stufd- it calculates based on full team of 23 scorers een if you hav 22
mdon11: I think Bartel is fairly underrated for a guy who has won the brownlow.
BigV: here comes goddard
Willis: lachy- Rodan will get the Medal
rooboy98: i hate port adelaide
Grazz: Kinkwah its one less thing to worry about when you make Ablett cpt, by years end hes done aswell if not better than sum
craigib: cmon dal and god 40 more between you too!
chrisjjj: hahaah touched
Mico IV: mdon agree. Bartel is awesome
myteamsuks: logan stretcher ran into lenny hayes hip
Lion09: cmon dal
PrimeTime: checked the weather and his got good record vs saints
beness: wish i didnt "keep the faith" with robbie gray
CFC 1979: they may look at hayes for that bump
HES PEE: the old flowering stretcher trick from PA
kinkwah: Grazz, spot on. every year I put him as C,then choose either Selwood or ROK as VC and pretty much never change
yesport!: rooboy98 whats wrong? is it coz your team is
Tiges08: im thinking a long qtr is coming up
dkschrute: flower what a shower night
Oliver: big finish dal
FlaminLips: CFC1979 - wanna put a grand on that?? You're kidding aren't ya?
ascari: lol im in WA so it delayed, half time interview with auskick player
mricho73: 1 more FA please kosi
kinkwah: PrimeTime: picking Chaplin as C tonight is probably the call of the week, well done
Hill32Freo: get ya hand off it PrimeTime u absolute Muppet
torres: whovever tipped the 8 this week has fluked it
myteamsuks: he slipped into hayes hip, no way would he be in trouble @cfc 1979
fishnchips: whats the underline mean
FlaminLips: kinkwah - if you were a fish you'd be catch of the day.
PrimeTime: i tipped 8
mricho73: 5.22 remaining
Grazz: @Kinkwah, smart ones do, can get burned chassing the highest scorer.
SpudMan: strecher to buy time?
dpops: saints are pretenders if they cant even beat port
myteamsuks: 5:22 on clock game back on
mdon11: @Primetime: You may be able to predict if the world ends in 2012 based on tonight
juddthejet: i had 100 on port :)
Grazz: FishNchips, it means he ordered a Hamburger.
sacka: i picked port but not melb
CFC 1979: have a look at the replay. hayes made the contact
masterdead: point where it says "Purple?" you will get your answer
kinkwah: Flaminlips: thats waht the wifey says
nortons: upset of the year???
PrimeTime: nah i jsut did my all great dt coaches
ascari: maybe every1 put money on saints for spoon just coz of this
MORAISF.C: kozi = no balls, crap, loser
Tiges08: did kosi just like punch cornes in the balls?
myteamsuks: nah @spudman, neck injury i reckon
Grazz: Cmon Saints cant live in Adelaide this week if Port get up.
FlaminLips: You always taking your wife's bait too? rotfl
chrisjjj: sack koschi
gtpacer: @PrimeTime.. i bet you can walk on water too, full of it.
yorey1: come on schneids... another 15... you owe for this first 4 rounds
mricho73: woohoo!! kosi FA
myteamsuks: @nortons upset of the year hnappened half hour ago
sacka: @ nortons , NO
fishnchips: grazz thought so y wouldnt they get fish
Poor Timmy: awson a dead set SPUD
bell_dog: remember when i told you about barlow in jan Primetime
Grazz: Those that got on the Storm for bottom spot got ten grand for fourty bucks . good on em
BratPack: Finally Montagna: The Pack is Pleased. You will keep your head
PrimeTime: i usd to back in my jerusalem days
Pezza45: no riewoldt = a whole different saints
kinkwah: FlaminLips:obviously
dkschrute: what the flower is the point of the deliberate rushed behind rule
myteamsuks: kosi dropped in goalsquare, big spud!!
FlaminLips: Kosi - proving his total uselessness yet again
chrisjjj: koschi again
kafka69: kosi is not the any question
rooboy98: c'mon saints
PrimeTime: give Poor Timmy the spud
geelFTW: man hayes disposals eff is like 10% this game and it destroyed his SC :(
FlaminLips: No idea
j0sh0: would be nice if sammy fisher participated in trash time.
Grazz: #myteamsuks i agree Melbourne was an upset but this is a bigger one. appologise to Dee supporters for that comment
buzz_kill: saints gonna have to cut thier losses with kozi, st nick great pick no 1, kozzy shower no 2.
burner09: Winning goal 50 points go Dal Santo do it for me mate
ascari: this was kosi's chance to prove himself. still wouldnt write him off
mdon11: @BratPack: Please stop talking in the 3rd person using your team. Its kinda creepy
chrisjjj: wow chad is saving their ass in defence
skahl000: fu.ckin umps are!
skahl000: fu.ckin umps are
English: chaplin captain...flower yes
READDAPLAY: gray to goodes this week for sure
lachy18: gilbert stuck
skahl000: fu.ckin umps are!!
Oliver: how long left?
MORAISF.C: saints gone
chrisjjj: koschi has shown time and time again the quarter that he is a write off
mdon11: wonder what th odds are for Saints, lowest score of the round?
PrimeTime: im 1024 from 8 players wooohooooo
nortons: you are kidding my team sucks(and i bet they do) this is biggest upset!!!
torres: u say that as if u are surprised skahl000
sacka: Dont like the umps skahl000 ?
master6842: 10 seconds
kafka69: kosi was never there to be gone
geelFTW: Oliver- about 30 seconds
myteamsuks: saints topped running, game ova i reckon
kinkwah: skahl1000: kleenex?
juddthejet: anyone that has gray should get the spud
Oliver: siren
nortons: loven your work ska.....
Chompah: what do you reckon about the umps in this game skah?
dpops: no way melb over brisbane is way bigger than this
GJayBee: Kosi should play for Albury, he would look good.
myteamsuks: siren
Riker31: not just Kozi ... milne is a complete waste of space
chrisjjj: skahl it aint the umps its the saints
Oliver: thanks geelFTW
Steelers7: top top top
Saint Al: give kosi the spud
masterdead: the two undefeated teams lost to crappy teams
c0ze: game over, bye bye sanits
HES PEE: drop kosi, king and clarke, bring in stanley, lynch and mcevoy
kinkwah: power do have a great song!!!!
Turks: goddard in in 2 weeks? miiiiiiiiiint
mx187: mmm
torres: congrats port and melbourne
Riker31: free kicks ... 20 port - 12 saints
kafka69: i thought freos song was bad...
lachy18: ok STAR - rodan now
mx187: swannies looking the goods
Impromptu: Kosi 3FA but Hayes
SpikeFX: lmfao Saints. chockers!
nortons: fair dinkum melb were in form and saints prem contenders you muppets
Tiges08: 28 possies and 7 marks and chad cornes only gets 85 wtf
HillHero13: Projected
Willis: give rodan the medal u ranga hero m0nty
godders: hahaha yes, up the power!
dizzydog: no roo=no saints
bomber1: alex is a herogot!
PrimeTime: give goddard the spud
tigermania: how many will get 8 tips this week, 2 undefeated teams beaten
Hill32Freo: Go PIES smash the Dons!
Grazz: Port over Saints much bigger upset than Dees over Lions cmon get a grip.
gtpacer: where do you look at the sc scores .
chrisjjj: kosi spud for sure
HillHero13: Projeted
Riker31: 5 port players scored under 70 ... half the saints team scored under 70 - says something
BlUeBoYs=1: who will win the medal?
bomber1: anyone know t=what fisher got?? in sc
mdm90: how can stanley not get a game for the saints. they only have one tall forward and that is kosi who is crap!
budha69: learn how to spell saints before you start mocking them
budgie63: port deserved the win, but gee those umps were woeful.
godders: Saints worst players are the worst in the league
HillHero13: Projected Goddard sc score please guys
gingjok: Dropping Goddard... The Reiwoldt absence is going to make him inconsistant.
FlaminLips: Awesome! Saints game plan is a blight on footy. Rapt that they lost!
Grazz: Stuff Port well done Dees.
mdon11: Guys, wait a few min here for SC scores or go to the HS site
BlUeBoYs=1: i think rodan
mx187: poor saints
chrisjjj: chad will score well in sc
spence37: give kosi the spud
dizzydog: wonder if roo will cry again
mx187: lol
gtpacer: HS site... you have a link please
maich: suck shower saints
Tiges08: are all the port adelaide BE's serious or are they jokes none of them are under 100
JBails: Freo hit em hard.
master6842: i rekon goddard 85 SC hopefuly more
kafka69: maybe no midfield no goddard?
Ryderrr: if goddard gets more than 80 SC sucks. had barely any impact on the game
AceHimself: I'd like to see Macevoy, Stanly and Lynnch get a game too
Grazz: mdon11 did i pass my security test or not, or are you still in doubt. Just asking no biggy...
hawk_88: goddard 100!
sacka: spud Kosi
PrimeTime: primey timey....primey timey....primey timey
goinape: hahaha milne -3 sc
mdon11: Goddard got an even 100
sacka: spud kosi
master6842: goddard 100! lol!!
mx187: mmm
SC ADDICT: goddardd 100 sc , biggest joke ever
PrimeTime: saints nation baby
Oliver: Goddard 100sc
Lion09: Flower Kane cornes 84 SC NDS 64???? WTF
burner09: For a strong Saints side they don't have any goal kickers, Hold Goddard and Milne and thier hopeless
AceHimself: Koshowerske let us down badly too
SC ADDICT: disgrace goddard gettin that high
mdon11: @Grazz: I didn't actually care to be honest, it was more that other guy
Oliver: nds 64 :(
WayneCarey: godd 100sc
HES PEE: acehimself, thank you for spelling the names write for wunse
chrisjjj: i had j.brown as captain my opponent had goddard.
bomber1: lucky little flowera alex !! with goddard
Hydra911: Milne 03 lmao
Grazz: Hope Goddard did ton it up in SC
HES PEE: goddard 100 is absolute bullshower, he was one of the worst on ground
The_Dohnut: Nick Dal Santo...3 hit outs :O
sacka: spud kosi
masterdead: its all koschitzke fault. He ruined everything
Hydra911: rodan needs the medallion pic
Moondog21: Sc is shower if goddard got 100. I've got him and he did nothing just like goodes today
TradeEarly: god 100
shurg123: Goddard 100 sc
chrisjjj: rodan 133 sc
Buck Naked: goddard got 2 good goal assists boosting his score
WatsamataU: omfg goddard scored 100 sc, im so happy
dutchman: Again...I tells ya SC is a damn joke - 1 blokes opinion - not structured.
Grazz: mdon no drama, hard to take being called a liar but thats how it goes. cheers
bomber1: lol milne
robboteam: hayes a blinder . . . yeah 4 FA but 58SC, I see what everyone is saying bout SC . . .sucks bigtime!
buddy23!!!: milne lololololol
AceHimself: at least millney kicked goal of the year
sacka: sssspppppuuuudddd kkkkoooosssssssiiiiiiiiiii
geelFTW: milne -3 lolololol
masterdead: how the hell did zac got 61 and mile -3? ahhhh!!
HES PEE: hahah goddard outscores hayes and k. cornes??? that is such a joke
Buck Naked: DT sucks cause u get 3 points for kicking it out on the full ffs lol
buddy23!!!: goddard got a good score cos he played well in the 2nd half of a tight game which boosts SC scores
GJayBee: Goddard 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a pathetic
billybob: goddard scoring 100 is a disgrace
HES PEE: the fact that hayes only scored 7 more than koshowerzke is quite remarkable
juddthejet: lmao milney
SC ADDICT: gray- 1 more player i need to upgrade, f*ck!1!!!
chrisjjj: suck it ainters
Grazz: I agree Dutchman but i still luv it...
sacka: why did i put milne capt, oh come on someone had to say it
AceHimself: Supercoach is whack, goodard did'nt deserve a ton
burner09: He rarely wastes the ball, Like hearn he kicks long and to space so easy SC pickings
Slashers: stuff it, I throw in SC! I watched the whole game - NO WAY GODDARD GOT 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Impromptu: Goddard's score tonight is similar to Ablett (cheap kicks)
AceHimself: you lose 3 points for giving away a free kick pythagoras
chrisjjj: i made a bet at the start of the year than melbourne wouldn't win more than 5 games
budgie63: Yep, and even though the whole game was mistake riddled, the total SC pts were still 3300. WTF?
The_Dohnut: If you put milne as Capt, then do you get -6?
GJayBee: the champion data nerds have a crush on goddard
Grazz: Sacka atleast you still have your sense of humour, gutsy puttin that out there..
Slashers: I think all of the guys that work for chapmion data had goddard captain - rigged
masterdead: who ever said that someone in sc has goddard on their team must be right
tigermania: bogus info gets you banned sacka
Grazz: The -Donut i think you get zero so does that mean you get your subs score hmmmmm
JBails: Hayes 11x4 = 44 just from tackles! & 23 other touches for 14??
Buck Naked: goddard had 11 contested possessions. 3rd highest on the ground. i have given away DT. DT time to update the scoring
godders: kosi, milne, dawson, clarke, probably the worst playrs in the league
soicanchat: u guys dont no all the other extra points the sc put into games. clever taps, important possissions etc get u more pts..
Moondog21: Goddard was crap full stop
dutchman: D Kerr got 10 SC points in the 2nd half last week - Was Off the ground !!!!
Moondog21: That was me masterdead
hawk_88: @Grazz, donuts don't mean you get a sub this year
dutchman: Godders.... How many crap footballers have kicked 400 goals? Imbecile
woods: i hope chapman has a big game on monday thanks to brown my tema need him to!!!
Jim Bean: Anyone who says Goddard's SC is wrong, must of not watched his 2 goal assist taps to Schneider...
maat.1: Ha Stephen Milne is sh*t!! Haha, -2!!!