Chat Log: R17, Collingwood 14.10.94 d Carlton 4.16.40

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Wilso: Evening gents :)
Mishkin: First?
Mishkin: Damn.
Mishkin: How are you Wilso?
bluesystem: hey
Gilbeekick: go murphy
gerling182: anyone got a live streaming link? Please :)
Big V: judd!!!
netters6: come on piesss
Mad-Dog1: go o bree davis gibbs thornton yarran
rhythmgill: hey every1!!!
Screech23: Any good match ups?
Special_K: Nice start for captain Swan!
cr36: evening
gards: Go Swan!
Daniel P: give judd the spud
nicnat1: captain swanny off too a flier
darcy: lockyer, swan (c), gibbs and beams !!!!!
Keza41: dam swan and gibbs!
MarksMen: go captain Swanny !!!
Wilso: Good mate, looking for a good night of dt to kick off the weekend
darcy: As pumped for this round as any other this year ! So much for Joseph on Dids
netters6: PLease DIDAK GETT !^)))!!!!
darcy: Gibbs on Pendles
mikle: c'mon blues!!!!
nicnat1: shaw tagged by shaw
Keza41: Go lockyer! that is all
bubba: the cheats the tankers
Mishkin: Reckon this game would be good to watch? Its hell delayed and I wanna see Capt Swanny :-)
Greenman: Shaw tagged by shaw????
Wilso: Lockyer misses a sitter :(
shanboy: what margin tonight
JSelwood09: maca 24 ya there??
bachar43: wow, carlton very defensive :S
Daniel P: Swan!!!
Gilbeekick: scotland 2010 bargin
Juni0r: Whose tagigng swan?
Mishkin: Shaw is running around grabbing his own jumper!! Whats going on?!? :P
quincat05: you screwed up shaw icon
Mad-Dog1: Ys Liveplay in front of the radio its werid
Big V: Come on Swanny get 173 like ROK
Fred: wow amazing, shaw is tagging himself
bubba: leigh brown must fire
Daniel P: i took gibbs off captain for o keefe he better not start scoring tons
Juni0r: Honestly, how is swan not getting tagged?
dan667766: swan gets the sun 3 mins into it, classic! go pies!!
pedro_0952: is joseph tagging davis or didak m0nty? it says joseph has davis but the padlocks on didak
RooBoy: swan doesn't get tagged because he isn't a damaging player like judd. He simply floats around racking up possies
obie1: hello all
cemon1: ffs carlton tag the flowerer Swan
evan01: barhamm
Mad-Dog1: goaaalll
bubba: jaxon delivers
Vanno: Barham goal - nice
cr36: OMG leon tagged i wanted him to get 120
tigerboy: flower!!
Baisy: C'mon clokey, Swanny, Didads, Shaw, Scotland, Juddy and tarks
tigerboy: Go Pendlessssss
Arky: Barham wants to be Swan when he grows up
bachar43: thomas goal
Gilbeekick: daisy
Keza41: had barham but traded him for liam anthony. liam has done well so far so i don't mind
correct: Good onya barham right after I sell u :(
bachar43: carlton bloody defensive wimps, tagging 4 players :S
maxhag: Didak locked down again
NickBarrel: surprised jaxson kicked that through the goals i used to play against him in country footy and we showed his kicking up
tigerboy: Thomas ya poof
dan667766: hope pies give blues a hot beef injection tonight
nickyt: get kreuzer in the ruck
sakic19: fev as effective as an ants fart
tigerboy: Thomas woofter
quelt: blues struggling...
cr36: fevvv
darcy: Come on Beams get into it !!!! Blues are off big time come on guys get into !
ari18: barham is a potato, why are people complaining they sold him?
cr36: kicks a POINT
dillon: Didak + Pendles LIFT!!
Gilbeekick: fev goal
maxhag: fevooooollllllaaaa
bachar43: fev post
darcy: fevolaaaaaaaaaaa
Baisy: come on houlihan do me proud
correct: I sold barham for l Anthony I think Anthony will be more consistent though
darcy: Great grab and the he shaves the post :( Swan is a freak
nickyt: Gibbs on fire :)
Baisy: fev-ooo-la-la
tigerboy: fev point noise noise
Arky: is it a bit greedy to say "lift" to your captain when he's scored more than a point a minute?
evan01: haha..darcy is back
dannyboy94: swan is a hack who just kicks it
darcy: Judd back on cmon son !
JETpilot: i luv correct
JETpilot: howd u win the name correct?? amazing i must say!!!
HEY-BIGBOY: when are the blues coming again ??????
Juni0r: go eddy
Gilbeekick: edddieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
cr36: BEtttsssssss EDIIIEEEE ( he looks like a monkey )
jhkr: No ARKY it is encouraged!!! go SWAN!
slaterbug: Eddie!
Screech23: making finals whens there coming!!!!!
correct: Me too haha
Arky: ah, the blues coming. to take a 12th man joke, they probably drink Chateau Verdefloor too
slaterbug: Yarran>Davis.
Big V: Sold Sidebottom for Anthony, then upgraded Ziebell for Jono Brown
JETpilot: whats going on ma man!!!
68 iou1: bloody judd
cr36: DAVIS u should of nailed that
roo boys!: go betts!!!!
JETpilot: u must be spuing bout barham??
pk-06: dammit didak, do something!
sainterman: lift blues!
cr36: gibbs= bad tagger
darcy: Jesus Blues where is your midfield tonight !
correct: Nm but I heard u had sum trouble up there today
roo boys!: ive got judd and betts and the guy im playing has like 12 pies
dan667766: carlton wont make the 8
JETpilot: ye 12 chooks finished mate thanks to those fox's not good :S
Mad-Dog1: annthony
darcy: Get Kreuzer in the ruck !!!!!!! Anthony goal shower
evan01: anthony good goal
brad_451: i got fevola judd (c) and davis
Gilbeekick: anthony my 3rd most hated player in afl
MarksMen: lets go swan !!
JETpilot: what time use going up to kalamduddies??
Big V: Flame for Swan?
cr36: there 2 busy tagging colling
cr36: i tipped all the away sides
sakic19: collingwood 107 -- carlton 80
cemon1: flower you Didak u pathetic piece of shower
correct: 1 hour or so
darcy: Swan another clearance ... just automatic now lockyer finally starting a game on fire !
RooBoy: scott pendlebury is a steal at his price
cemon1: swan and lockyer go break a leg
cr36: what coach do u think is the worst for me IT is North melbourne coach WHY have 4 ruckman playing its stupid
JETpilot: ohhright!! how u go in footy roumers going round use beat top team??
nahas4bl: i have lockyer swan judd gibbs fev and hampson
cr36: davis
evan01: davvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss
darcy: What a goal holy shower ...
nickyt: handle the power weak tag for once didak
JB0016: leon neon scores!
tbanger: Can you watch this game on Fox? Or is it only Channel 7 on delay?
Baisy: sucks to have bentley
correct: Correct 19 PTA
tiger09: man swan is going nuts again.. shouldve made him captain
darcy: Get tighter Gibbs ! Yarran is soft as
pato95: cmon pies
cr36: CMON fev score 9 goals
JETpilot: wats pta?
bachar43: dawes goal
Baisy: how is johnson on fire but cloke aint :(
evan01: haha jboo16 its neon leon
VeLLa: captain swanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy: Another one ... COME ON CARLTON FIRE UP
Big V: Baisy, who is your captain in DT?
Xie54: banger you can actually watch this for free online
correct: Pts I mean
JETpilot: ay guys is prestti or fev??
Big V: cloke the flame!!
JETpilot: oh reall thats good how'd u go ??? rip it up
pepper08: what the flower kreuzer, power on your lossing it for me buddy!
darcy: Pies 33 touches more than Blues ! Yarran dragged rofl
stassy4: cmon krezuer, fev, judd, davis, lockyer and shaw
cr36: CMon gibs 30 at 1/4 n 30 for u davis
Baisy: how can you watch it for free online ?
pepper08: who's everyone locked the big C on this week fellas, went with goddard myself.
darcy: Cmon Beams !
Baisy: Gablett
MackA: carazzo has wrong symbol
raph16: bloody hell judd and kreuzer!! lift!!!
cmgb84: rok as captain
bombermann: judd captain, :(
nickyt: ffs
darcy: Judd is screwed
evan01: i reckon yarran is shower
Big V: Swanny!!!! reach 150 by 3 qtr time!!
slaterbug: Fev injured.
cdiprose: fevankle
raph16: judd get to 23 at least>>>your my captain
JETpilot: can use watch it live online???
MarksMen: fev limpin bad !!!!!!!!
cdiprose: fev ankle
nickyt: went with chapman:)
seanmorr: big c=clitoris?
JB0016: fevola limping off
Xie54: 3 mins left
darcy: Swan to the top :)
tigermania: fev copped a corkie from the goal umpire
sakic19: kreuzer COME ON!!!!!!!!
juliann: surely juddy hasn't had captain worthy scores of late, one hundred in about his last 5
Big V: I have Shaw and Gibbs in FantasyFooty
steven_oz: - you can watch it there - i am !
buddyforpm: ryan okeefe for me
correct: I just love the purple name
darcy: Judd (c) in SC or DT?
pato95: swan for Superman logo
steven_oz: jetpilot - im watching it -
Xie54: umpire stepped on fevola's ankle
darcy: Gibbs is head to head surely not tagging?
steven_oz: yuo just scroll down to the carlton v collign wood option
pato95: how do u get the purple name correct?
nickyt: bout bloody time kreuzer
buddyforpm: he got me 346 last week
vcgb15: is ablett out?
Preeds: Yablett for me
jampie: cmon gibbs and kruezer
darcy: Swan again jesus ! CMON CARLTON
JETpilot: oh steven _ oz ur a champ man !!! :)
Preeds: my opponent has gone with cameron bruce (WTF!)
correct: Thanx Steve_oz
Juni0r: what channel steven?
m0nty: no links to live video please
Xie54: 1 min 12 left
NickBarrel: Leigh Brown spud and leave it there
JETpilot: ye badly good bloke!!
darcy: Murphy awwwwwwww man they have been close a few times !
pato95: ablett is in this week
correct: Wot was the web site again
steven_oz: enjoy mate - it is a great site for all sports, as you will find out, AFL, rubgy, NHL, EPL you name it - tennis whatever
FJL8: heyyyy yall
darcy: Beams cmon baby !!!!! Swanny jnr
pepper08: anyone got a video link?
Tonche: Pendles was such a bargain in SC
steven_oz: sorry monty ! didnt know that wasnt allowed
pk-06: good 5 minutes from kreuzer there
steven_oz: my bad !!!! :-(
Xavier: hows fev?
Xie54: siren
Mad-Dog1: Monty i got live play
darcy: Siren flower me that was awful !
stassy4: wats wrong wif fev
juliann: fev looks fine
Baisy: yea whats the video link
brad_451: that website is sick as
m0nty: now you know
Danog: Look at all those suns!
Xie54: steven dont tell too many ppl about it... it lags
pato95: great qtr 4 pies
Big V: Woo hoo!! Swanny and T-Lock :)
juliann: stassy4, read the icon
Mishkin: swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan swan
bachar43: wats the web site ?
atrain: what the f happened to sidebottom
JETpilot: its hell good a guys!!
Keza41: good lockyer! =] bad swan!
quincat05: kreuzer, like 3 touches in a couple of minutes..............must be on drugs :P
hass10452: so glad i tradded muston to swan 2 weeks ago
steven_oz: xie 54 - tel lme about it - my big mouth ! i was watching UFC 100 on it -main fight lagegd out !!!!!
Big V: Baisy, I am on 144 points at qtr time!!!!!
darcy: Get the bandaid off Fev
JETpilot: correct u need swan for ur last round 18
stassy4: julian get a life lol
pk-06: yess everyones doing well except for you kade, lift buddy!!!!
dillon: y isnt Swan getting tagged????????/
pato95: swan + sewell under rated
demonsmass: u can watch this live
rhythmgill: dont tell too many ppl JETPILOT !!! IT WILL LAG
VeLLa: whoever gave that link for you are a flowering legend thankyou mate
steven_oz: Fev i need you to lift please ! top of the table comp in both leagues im in this week !
correct: Steve_oz is a legend
darcy: You think Swan is going to be worth buying next year at 550Kish?
steven_oz: your welcome Vella ! monty i never listed it the last time !
juliann: i thoguht we weren't allowed to post live streaming sites?
pk-06: Steve_oz FTW!!!! LEGEND!
Baisy: cheers
JETpilot: yea tru its alreadyy starting ta?
sainterman: what happened?
heard: medhurst wil be at rookie price come next year it looks like O_O
FJL8: fev coming back or what boys
Maddogs: You've just made my day with that link! Now all I need is a live link for SC scores.......
VeLLa: steve_oz clap clap clap, steve_oz clap clap clap !!
wooshka: steven_oz u r a superstar
m0nty: Next one to post a video link gets banned.
juliann: fjl8: he looks fine
Maddogs: who cares what swan is worth I just got a live link for all sports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
correct: Jet I'm on the touch
ari18: last time sorry but whats the website?
steven_oz: sorry maddogs cant help you there mate - im only a dream team man !!! SC sucks !
Maddogs: I think thats the quickest link I have ever bookmarked....
FJL8: cheers mate
darcy: a video link
Mad-Dog1: wats a vidoe link ?
JETpilot: got ne new games on it??
assmoles: what is the link?
pato95: davis goal
frenchfry: another screamer
darcy: Seriously this is pathetic
Maddogs: Your forgiven for says SC sux - What you gave us before means you can do/say anything as far as I am concerned
B Deledio3: never seen so many fllames on one team
steven_oz: i guess to ask for a colour name now is out of the question monty....
Ryderrr: lol half of collingwood are on fire..
lionspro: why are video links banned?
hibbo: I hate not having Swan! And my oppo has him capt.
darcy: Joseph on Lockyer nooooooooooo
assmoles: ?
gotachubb: bower is a piece of shower
Maddogs: monty said we cant post it - cant risk getting banned from here
raph16: pendles
lionspro: yes but why?
Geoff: Swan is my C .. what a gun !! give him the gun already
steven_oz: Carlton look second rate !
correct: Yeah
Clifton: Flowering hell I have Presty as captain!!!
m0nty: It's illegal.
darcy: Murphy vs Pendles hmmm not sure who to get next week
harvey=gun: saints had more guys on fire last week
pato95: carlton 2 many clangers
benie8: monty houlihan is tagging davis
juliann: bye bye bachar
gotachubb: monty put him out of his misery give leigh brown the spud now !!
Maddogs: whats not illegal these days...
Xavier: we might need a fire truck down to the lexus centre
brenton: what was that website to watch live please
steven_oz: how is it illegal monty ? its a website for live sport throughout the world???
Maddogs: nice1 bacher
darcy: Put Presti hot for lols
B Deledio3: C'mon fev and judd
quelt: no one has prestie captain.....
Maddogs: well done basher - took 1 for the team
Jim Bean: dids
juliann: steven oz, copyrights?
darcy: Houlihan is a useless git
FJL8: bachar u floweren idiot
steven_oz: if you buggers all get on and its lags my computer now !!! i wont be happy LOL
m0nty: Rebroadcasting the channel 7 feed is illegal.
correct: Monty has anyone won the pmg twice in a row
cmgb84: what did bacher do??
steven_oz: i guess juliann, mind you then why is the website not shut down then ???
Prospector: does no-one know how to look at the chatlog?
MarksMen: hohnson on swan m0nty
pato95: how do u play the png?
correct: Png I mean
darcy: If Judd and Fev weren't playing this would be over ... Beams fire up !
steven_oz: This is why your in charge Monty and not ME !!!! All hail MONTY !!!!
Clifton: For flowers sake lift your game Houlihan you weak cow.
juliann: which website?
raph16: brown on the full
Hickey: Do you think the television watchdogs will be stalking your site for links Monty? I dont think so.
ossie85: Swan better not be looked over for All Australian again. All Aus midfield: Ablett, Montagna, DalSanto, Hayes, Swan, Judd
stassy4: swan is a gun, he shuld have 1 bad week
gotachubb: spud brown had a touch cant beleve it
dlow75: not illegal to watch - web is free
Maddogs: the first letter of the link is A
bruffy: like your work hoops houlihan!
darcy: ossie not quite Goodes > Swan
dlow75: Monty dosnt want ppl leaving this website
t-rent: gilbert should make all australian
Clifton: GOOOOO HOULIHAN good boy!
steven_oz: t
quelt: swan wont get all aus, goodes, mitchell, bartel, selwood....
spiff: swan isnt really that damaging with his disposal... theres a reason he isn't tagged
darcy: t-rent good joke :) BEAMS YEH BABY GET INTO
Clifton: Put Fevola on Swan to do a tagging role.
Maddogs: I still here and i have it - i have the game in the corner
ossie85: Bartel won't make it
JETpilot: ay correct did use tip st's to beat bulldogs
pato95: recon swan will win brownlow?
Maddogs: second letter of the link is T
stassy4: quelt: gooodes ur dreaming u have no clue
steven_oz: this game is pretty intense - carlton are settling better now
Rosebudroz: this is the only place to get the on going it
darcy: Judd cmon lift even though your basically the whole team
steven_oz: me to maddogs - im here for the banter !
quincat05: grr gibbs get a touch
t-rent: lol i wasnt joking
brad_451: one goal eight behinds!
darcy: Wow Gibbs is asleep !
steven_oz: ill never leave you MONTY !!!!!
Maddogs: 3rd letter is D
VeLLa: jeez 1.8
NickBarrel: superfooty not showing supercoach updates.. anyone got any idea how to find them??
bruffy: Gibbs?
FAL123: no doubt that marc murphy is gonna be a brownlow medalist one day
the eagle: maddogs how much downloads does it use to watch a gam?
m0nty: shush maddogs
darcy: beams with Swan like move to 30 :) Carrazzo on Shaw Ratten cmon
correct: Nah CARN BULLIES
spiff: can i link a google search result?
Bunta: carlton no good against half decent opposition
steven_oz: cloke goal !!!!!
FAL123: trent
dlow75: what was the second letter
pato95: clokey!!!
landauc: muprh = flame?
dan667766: Cloke!!
darcy: Cloke goal game over nearly
Maddogs: ok monty - srry guys I been warned..... and i can't encourage anyone else to finish
Daniel P: luckily i changed captains from gibbs to o keefe
t-rent: NOO FAL (:... how u goin bro?
steven_oz: naughty naughty maddogs ! atleast when i gave it the address out i never knew we werent meant to !!!!!
dan667766: this could be a blowout ay
JETpilot: r u seriouse??? oh my tear'ssssssssssssss
Daniel P: whats fevola doing
nickyt: jeez carlton doing a great job tagging
ossie85: Who would you pick for All Aus FF? Think Fev's too up n down, I'd put Brown FF, Riewoldt CHF
quelt: swannie hasn't touched much pill this q... is he being tagged?
bluesystem: do carlton know which one are the goals??
darcy: mOnty chill the ... out, Judd in the square
geelong09: if carlton kick straight they would be right in this game
landauc: dids & murph 50+ by half time
Preeds: presti on more than fev LOL!
Maddogs: i know, but monty warned us - I wonder if you can check chat history>>>>>>me thinks u can
bubba: ex pies best for the cheats
darcy: Remember when we all had Heath Shaw lol ! GIVE BEAMS THE FLAME
FAL123: brilliant the way marc murphy is going WBU??
jamzee123: Scotland already beating last week
maxhag: Brendon Fallova
mikle: 8 flowerin behinds
evan01: haha @ darcy ,, m0nty dont get ur flubber in a twist
Daniel P: stop it swan ur stuffing up my team
VeLLa: swanny playing a kick in front of the play
t-rent: doin great just admiring swannys game and LEONS there doin gr8
ossie85: Toovey on 50?! Probably SC 7
darcy: Betts cmon slot it !
steven_oz: betts goal !
Maddogs: OMG - There is so much sport available ---- lol maxhag...
pato95: toovey on top????
AndyJ: Say goodbye to the Richard Pratt cup.. carlton supporters
evan01: haha toovey at the top,, never thought i wuld see that
FAL123: yeh mayne
darcy: That's right bitch ! AndyJ haha
juliann: cmon swanny need at least 70 by half time
the_duke: Hard choice this week, had to choose between benching 2 of either: Beams, Davenport, or Cousins.
NickBarrel: Anyone know any supercoach scores.. superfoooty being great
nickyt: gibbsy
dlow75: maddog can you email me the link to
thedaveyb: Toovey big up arrow
RooBoy: maddogs i missed what you said can you repeat that?
mikle: betts!
ossie85: c'mon pies, bury 'em.
darcy: Superman for Presti
dillon: Cmon Pendles + Didak
pato95: Leigh brown = majour spud
Maddogs: hey steven_oz - How can I see if the Doggies Saints game is on tomoz night?
nickyt: @ the_duke u should have cousins on the field IMO
kappa619: come on judd, gibbs and lockyer
darcy: Swanny to 50 :)
AndyJ: Carlton's failure to honor the legacy of dick pratt is embarrassing :P
Maddogs: soory rooboy I been directly warned by the great Monty himself
ossie85: poor pre-season killed Medhurst
tipper_44: cmon clokey and presti
steven_oz: dlow - you got mail
dlow75: Thanks maddog
darcy: If Carlton can just get into it before HT ! BOWER WOW
Big V: fire up blues
RooBoy: lol cheers anyway maddogs
Maddogs: i missed your email post it again
pato95: bower flame
steven_oz: maddogs - youcant check future days, look at sote tom !
Kazakhstan: lol @ brown - piece of crap
darcy: Judd saves the day again
landauc: lift murph
FAL123: dazy!!!
dan667766: carlton are looking very tired
Big V: where's the flame for Cam Wood
Maddogs: whats sote tom>
steven_oz: i did it maddogs
darcy: Rex Hunt is quality ! Yarran = not this year get fit or go home
ossie85: So powered the pies will lose Beams to the Gold Coast.
pato95: leigh brown = ruckman??
dillon: Pendles + Didak do something!!
steven_oz: sorry meant to type - check site tom...... bad typing :-)
nickyt: cmon kreuzer
atrain: how come carlton have one more player
evan01: powered
dlow75: yep
darcy: Dayne Beams you beautiful soul
happyh: wats goin on with medhurst this year?
pato95: beams + tippet definetly goin 2 gold coact
darcy: Gibbs good qtr gotta give credit after you give him crap, has stopped Pendles
dlow75: no idea how to use it though
nickyt: cam wood aint on track to make the ton
dlow75: whats your email ill forward it to you
Maddogs: yeah i thought that would be the case.....there is so much sport available for view today they must have it tomoz
Maddogs: i am not posting my email
HammerTime: your dead on pato95
darcy: Judd's effort is simply awesome !
tom_legend: cmon juddy make 50
nickyt: paul medhurst = in my dt 2010
ossie85: Carlton's bottom players are horrible. A team with Judd, Fev, Betts, Murphy, Kreuzer should be pushing for top 4.
juliann: fev limping again ffs
darcy: You gump Murphy seriously what the hell
Maddogs: and dlow75 please post your credit card details for steve_oz
Ryderrr: get back into it pendles
steven_oz: you gotta rememebr it is a us site so times listed in US. will most likely have that game
dan667766: judd is keeping carlton in this game, but can he do it all game??
mightykelz: i cant get quarter time sc scores
dlow75: ok got it live now
pato95: thanks hammertime
steven_oz: having said that AFL isnt on that often maddogs, it all just depends on what other sport is on i guess
HammerTime: Jaxson Barham is not even a footballers bootlace, he is a flog
RooBoy: the heraldsun are so far behind there still doing the sc scores for round 16
steven_oz: dlow75 - you get me email ?
Crouchy: swan on the bench??
ChrisJudas: Come on Pendles, Didak Tarkan. Don't be week!
darcy: Scotland pinged rofl poor guy ! Bower on Cloke yeh he's doing great
Maddogs: steve - well it says this game started @ 5:40am so they are 14hrs behind
darcy: Swan is alive :) 51 seconds get to 50 Beams you can do it !
dlow75: email me on
ChrisJudas: I can believe i dogged west coast to join these blue muppets. Lucky dick pratt set me up for life.
Maddogs: how good is it dlow75!
raph16: ht
pato95: siren
darcy: Siren jesus Blues were so innaccurate
Preeds: well done MURPH AND JUDD!
steven_oz: no i meant i sent you the email with the link - DID YOU GET IT !!!!
dlow75: half time
dlow75: tassie feed
Maddogs: i sent it too
dlow75: yep got the link
BrwnBottle: great link. thanks to whoever posted it
steven_oz: good game - carlton lifted but deficit will be too big i think !
thebullet: happy with swan (c) davis and lockyer, step it up fev kreuzer and joseph
darcy: mOnty get the icons sorted ! Superman for Cloke, spud for Brown and Swan gun
dlow75: yeah if you want live tv and dont want to pay fox then you can get a satelite and get the feed interstate
Maddogs: best link EVER!
Angusp: yehhhh thanks for link bro.. respect
Daniel P: what link???
Maddogs: i hardly been watching too much chatting
steven_oz: lockyer very happy - need 100 min but !!! Judd and Kruezer doing ok - but FEV has to lift
m0nty: geez you lot... talk about the footy not the stupid link
Maddogs: only the best link EVER!
GoDogs#4: what link post it agian
Maddogs: post email rooboy
Clifton: WTF Presty lift your out put... I dont know why I show faith in you as Captain!
steven_oz: you will be on it every day maddogs - i check it in the morning to see what sport is showing !!!! great for NBA and NHL
tom_legend: medhurst spud
Maddogs: lol @ monty
BrwnBottle: gonna watch me some family guy when footy finishes
sprint162: can i have the link please
tigermania: i got the link steven_oz, once the page opens up can u email me the link you click on next at
juliann: disappointing qtr swan=( need to get to at least 90 by end of 3rd qtr=)
buddyforpm: davis, lockyer, beams, sidebottom, gibbs - not a bad 1st half
eatmywake: for the link please
Baisy: awesome link bro
dlow75: thanks guys going to have dinner now
Liuy: maddogs,
Liuy: can u send me the link?
kylor: hahaha lois
darcy: juliann get real 58 at HT I would settle for that every week
Bretto: maddogs, send it through to me too (please)
ChrisJudas: I though kerr couldnt handle a tagg. Didak u have taken the cake.
ChrisJudas: OMG that link is soooooooo good
GoDogs#4: can u send me the link. thanks mate
bluesystem: what does the link do?
hairydog84: fev come on
correct: what is it???????????????????/
juliann: darcy, he's my captain
happyh: wat is the link?
Vegas15Mag: what's everyone posting their emails for?
tom_legend: link plz thanks
italeader: dont post the link publicly please
juliann: vegas15: they're trying to pick up
rhythmgill: dspokes .. lol u r banned!!!
LoyalLion: yep that link is cool i hope they show nfl games when its on
TigerBoys: fev
HammerTime: Didak might have taken the cake but Leigh Brown has eaten it!!!!
BERWICKBYR: GREAT link, thanks heaps
rhythmgill: pendles had such a shower qrtr
bluesystem: what does the link do?????????????????????????????????????????
pk-06: omg if you want the link just look at the chat log
m0nty: you blokes realise that you open yourselves up to being sued by posting your emails?
Vegas15Mag: pick up what?
TigerBoys: go greg bently
HammerTime: Lol m0nty, let them, Fox Symes will get some clients!!!
ChrisJudas: that should stop the emails being posted monty
hapy_eagle: yeh guys can you send me the lnik aswell -
TigerBoys: does fev hav a broken ankle
Larry_Leg: why on earth is pendlebury getting a tag over swan?????????????? i do not understand!!!!
FJL8: hammertime:hahahahaha
juliann: hammertime that's two gr8 calls lol
ChrisJudas: fox symes can only help u reduce ur debt. Not take piracy action against u.
Larry_Leg: i dont get it?
LoyalLion: wtf how monty its thier address??????
sblack: do people realise how easy it is to find the stream using a simple search engine...try looking up live streaming sport'
Clifton: Put Presty up forward!
HammerTime: Cheers boys :)
ari18: monty whose going to sue them? nobody will look at a case like that
sakic19: send me the link too at
eatmywake: I posted someone else's email :)
Larry_Leg: put fev down back on cloke
m0nty: haven't you heard of people getting sued for downloading movies and music?
TigerBoys: does fev hav a broken ankle??
FJL8: and if you need a loan for that lawyer ANZ will help you out
eatmywake: How do you open the chat log??
Larry_Leg: whats the go with the suing and the emails i dont get it???
HammerTime: Fox Symes will help them get their cash once they have sued their butts off!!!! LOL
ChrisJudas: Send me link too please.
Prospector: i wish i'd posted someone else's email
ari18: monty: no, the site owner gets sued not the individuals. they cant sue thousands of people
eatmywake: Hi Prospector
HammerTime: good email sakic19, I bet your grandma thought that joke was funny!!!
m0nty: good to see you lot have recall of the advertising at least ;)
m0nty: ari18: incorrect, I'm barley cross fingers actually
Prospector: ... and i know who -
TigerBoys: my dream team is sweet
sakic19: so did fox symes!
HammerTime: ari118 has made m0nty soooo scared!!!! Please dont kill yourself m0nty!!!!
leungtl: How would posting someone elses e-mail help? It's not like you could read their e-mails unless you had their password...
TigerBoys: did dennis commeti play footy
Larry_Leg: hey monty, just curious, who do u go for and whos ur fav player?
ChrisJudas: fox symes can fix my debts ;)
ari18: monty: They deserve it anyway if they get sued haha so i would worry to much. you have clearly warned people
HammerTime: Will you give me some cash for comment m0nty? John Laws says it's OK?
juliann: i love how ignorant people are these days
supporter: have there been any fights
eatmywake: Still can't work out how to view the chat log
m0nty: I'm a Hawks man and my favourite is Cyril.
ChrisJudas: I hope fox symes are giving you good coin for advert space monty. they're getting some airplay tonight
Prospector: hi eatmywake - sorry i was confused about which anthony! hope it works out, but Jaxson's going OK so far!
sakic19: half time boredom...
MarksMen: so will Ablett be a late out 2morrow ????
HammerTime: Good call sakic19, I will pay that :)
Larry_Leg: haha fair enough, cyril is the man, wish he would score better dream team wise, oh well he will soon enough
royzboyz: ablett will play
LoyalLion: marksmen he will play its geelong mind games
HammerTime: If you are bored sakic19, go and download some free stuff...... m0nty has a link!! lol
MarksMen: hope so, cheers
thall: @m0nty ... Cyril is delicious.
sblack: doesn't matter eatmycake...all comments with the site have been deleted.
timmo: timmo's back!!!
Brez09: Go Pies..
HammerTime: timmo is a rope sucker
darcy: Hutchy said Ablett is fine so he's fine :)
ari18: the person who first posted the link is in reall trouble
eatmywake: still want Jaxson to score well. I need him if GAJ fails to play. Even if GAJ plays, I like $$
Brez09: Monty hawks are yesterdays news
ChrisJudas: i agree with hammertime
eatmywake: Monty looks after us
minutoli1: cmon obree tarkyn sidebottem and betts and judd at least 75+ from all of u
Brez09: Has anyone heard of a footballer called justin Hooper? Goal kicking machine from the bush!!
spiff: monty has single handedly crushed free speech
timmo: settle down
Larry_Leg: delicious
HammerTime: everyone does Chris Juddas... Great name by the way!!
roxmysox: is ablett playing!?????????????
darcy: Kreuzer in the ruck :)
minutoli1: Didak for spud
nickyt: of course u want gaz to play eatmywake, u will get 120 instead of 80
minutoli1: whos with me
HammerTime: sorry timmo, you OK
timmo: i am awesome
darcy: Carrazzo lining up ... GAZZA IS PLAYING STOP ASKING !
nickyt: didak has done ok considering the tag
ChrisJudas: Thanks HT. I am a traitor.
m0nty: we have always been at war with Eurasia
sakic19: kreu in ruck and straight away points
ChrisJudas: 62 for u front bum
Brez09: Ablett WILL play!!
minutoli1: hi ryan and corey grech
ChrisJudas: i wouldnt go that far timmo
darcy: Didak has been brilliant imo, carrazzo is a gret forwward tagger
HammerTime: How CJ?
darcy: Didak gets it again and gives it to Swan !!!!!! GO DANE
Brez09: Neon Leon for PM....
timmo: ok too far.... sorry
HammerTime: better than being at war with Euranus!!!
The_Dohnut: What's up with Fevola?
Brumbies33: comon locyer
qqaaxx: matty u ranga :)
Rowdy69: 2.10.. lolololol
nickyt: exactly my opinion darcy, he only got 40's last week and will make 90 here so what's everyone's problem?
Brumbies33: WHOS Eurasia
Rowdy69: some people need some icicles monty..
ChrisJudas: Coz i left the greatest team in the world for the $$$$
minutoli1: eurape and asia combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
buddyforpm: if tarks if 50 now, he'll be 130 at FT
Clifton: cmon presty u legend!
darcy: 7 spoils for spud Brown :S BALLLLLLLLL nickyt cool
ari18: Brumbies33 where did the nickname come from?
tom_legend: spud medhurst
Legenbo: Still no spud for Leigh Brown ?
Wadey#5: medhurst the spud
Prospector: Brumbies33: comon locyer
dillon: cmon Didak + Pendles get to 75
nickyt: turned into a dower affair (is that how u spell dower/boring)
Brez09: Greg Bentley is my skipper
ChrisJudas: pendles need a solid hunge from u
darcy: Gibbs is hot hot HOT ! Murphy too here comes the Blues midfield !
nicnat1: is fevola on field anyone
minutoli1: dont say that qqaaxx 4 eye freak
Piza: hey guys
Brumbies33: wat me username
popedilio: neon leon on fire u son of a gun
nickyt: no ur not TIMMO I AM :)
spiff: why doesnt medhurst have the icycle
qqaaxx: hahaahh, ryan told me to say that :(
Legenbo: Carrots is starring
mouzer: @nickyt: dour :P
nickyt: blues gaining momentum
ChrisJudas: hey leaning tower
darcy: Cmon Beams get started again you gem
ari18: yehhh why brumbies33
spiff: monty there needs to be an ice cube as well... so that there's cold, but then theres also frozen solid like medhurst atm
pato95: john anthony "the man with no surname"
Baisy: yea scotland
Hoa_STKFC!: m0nty u cant spell , with judds stats u said wiht instead of with . fix it
nickyt: thank u very much MOUZER, i have never seen it spelt before but i like it, hear it a lot from good old brucey :)
Brez09: Medhurst = Junk
Brumbies33: COMON Lockyer
darcy: Murphy superman !
pato95: got the half time sc scores
minutoli1: well tell him to shut the F*** up
Piza: boring!
HammerTime: Jaxson Barham for spud!! I hate that useless poof
Brumbies33: I play for Brumbies and my number is 33
darcy: shower Davis is back big time !
minutoli1: cmon swan (c)
timmo: no way Nickyt
Crisnlance: hey pizza
darcy: If Presti does this all night that's a AA jumper on the coleman medallist surely
nickyt: bryce gibbs u legend
ChrisJudas: davis tearing it up
HammerTime: @Hoa_STKFC!, Go to bed, your mum said so!!! Loser
popedilio: i love the leon hes got like neally 30 pts now in this qtr :)
Brez09: WTF?? Hammertime Barham is a freak..
darcy: Wllsy (captain obvious) "medhurst out of form, he's had 3 touches" no shower
Prospector: @eatmy
Hoa_STKFC!: liam ur g4y
sakic19: not too many flower/shower remarks anymore hey hammertime
nickyt: haha TIMMO, in all honesty i dont think anyone is THE best, there is a lot of luck involved
pato95: MONTY davis superman logo
ossie85: Fevola 0 goals on Presti in 6 and a bit quarters this year
Piza: if only i could watch the game live instead of a delay...hmmmm ;)
darcy: get warm Beams and Tarkyn !
Brumbies33: Monty how long has this Website been running for
HammerTime: Thats because the adult who can think of another word are still up sakic 19!
Hoa_STKFC!: jokess!!!
Brumbies33: Presti is a legend suck it Fev
timmo: suppose ur right nickyt wots ur all time best score
nickyt: hey PIZA if u have good enough conection u can watch it on for free
Brez09: Piza you need to chil bro
darcy: Bower SC must be gigantic !
HammerTime: anyone who says "flower" or "shower" are neanderthals who need to be shot
minutoli1: stupid obree u damn spud
kappa619: fire up lockyer, gibbs, judd and fevola
nickyt: no goals for like a qtr
darcy: russel you gump Simpson rolled ankle
carnthdons: MONTY why dont u make a iPhone fanfooty app?????????????
the_duke: 12 minutes in no goal?
pato95: Bower 62 2 half time
JSelwood09: blues 2 goals 12!!!
Brez09: Get on Leon he is slick
pato95: supercoach
nickyt: ww.atd...... LOL monty cmon mate! :)
Hoa_STKFC!: saints are gunnish
Hoa_STKFC!: liam dogs are crap :d
tom_legend: juddy lift!!
sainterman: omg- the goals are between the 2 Big stix
minutoli1: didak and obree r over rated
SpottyDog: HAHAHAHA LOL mOnty has already pasted over the link in the log. mOnty finger on the pulse
m0nty: I don't know how to code for iPhones
darcy: Beams ummm you there mate or what? ROFL Cloke
Gilbeekick: choclate
sakic19: fev weak
JSelwood09: hey does any1 know a live link??
nickyt: last week 2288, 2 weeks before 2250,2167 so they are my top three best (only serious this year) coming aro 600th overall
buddyforpm: cloke wtf ?
HammerTime: Leave m0nty alone.. He is downloading some free stuff.....
qqaaxx: wtf is thomas doing, like 6 points in 2 quarters
buddyforpm: got rid of cloke in rd 5
hibbo: Beams 17 points in 2 minutes
darcy: Judd in the forward line ... Harry O again Carlton cmon gotta score soon
timmo: i got 2900 last week
nickyt: yes j selwood :) ww(w)
NickBarrel: agreed minutoli i always thought o'bree was and didak is a show pony, them and thomas
Danog: "Didak in hands of trainers!" :(
HammerTime: Fev should be ok now... most kids are ok once they get a band aid hahahaha
Prospector: nice work m0nty!!!!!!!!!!
slaterbug: Didak injured.
ossie85: Is this game crap to watch?! 3 goals scored in last qtr n half?
slaterbug: Didad knee or ankle.
Piza: I hear there is a really cool link available, does anyone know what it is? :) hehehe
carnthdons: MONTY team up with someone who does, sell the app for $4.99, u would make a killing!
AndyJ: fevola needs help up forward.. someone like o'halpin. Pity he injured him. /laugh fevola
darcy: Davis BALLLLLLLLLL great tackle Beams lulz from no where again ! Dids getting wrm
JSelwood09: lol so i can actually watch the game..
dlow75: Nice work Carrazzo
HammerTime: WOW!!! I bet m0nty never thought of that??!!
nickyt: omfg monty :(
Ryderrr: lockyer with his usual 3rd quarter disappearance
darcy: GO BLUES JUST NEED 1 GOAL TO BREAK IT OPEN ! Judd wow big plus for him
minutoli1: crab qtr
nickyt: www.monty'sshower:).com
darcy: Swan to 50m left foot POINT OOHAAAAAA
darcy: beams I mean haha commentators fault ! Lockyer's dead
Danog: Give Yarran the spud
nickyt: yes jselwod, but unfortunatly its hard to tell u over the live chat
RooBoy: lmao
HammerTime: you should have a shave m0nty, you could be mistaken for a pedo.... kidding.... please dont ban me... please
RooBoy: lol "leigh brown has been terrific"
minutoli1: obree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ossie85: Heath Shaw 10 Rebound 50s... HUGE SC score coming
Crisnlance: this is a poor game
minutoli1: obree is not dead
pato95: leigh browns a spud
JSelwood09: ok no worries.
pato95: o'bree down arrow mOnty
Piza: hey ROOBOY did you get it?
Keza41: good lockyer! =]
nickyt: is didak ok anyone who knows?
JSelwood09: Beamsy on fire!!!
Fairley: cometti - "last week didak had taken more hits than megan fox's homepage".. that was actually awesome.
the_duke: goaless quarter? when was the last time that happened in AFL/VFL game?
ossie85: ffs pies. score.
pk-06: didak is fine
Steelers09: goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
darcy: I don't think people realise how much value Garlett is ! GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
slaterbug: Bentley!
Angusp: bentley goal
RooBoy: piza - maybe :P
dlow75: $ Sign for Barham and Sidebottom
pato95: who kicked it??
ari18: has gibbs taken a mark all game?
darcy: Now here comes Fevola watch for it
benjamin11: Murphy your a star
dillon: Didak + FEV Do Somethings
NickBarrel: Back to 3 goals C'MON blues!
Piza: many good ppl died tonight for that info ;)
darcy: Beams lining up !!!!!!! Cmon drill it
royzboyz: wot is swan doing???
ossie85: Sidebum, 22 more for PNG plz
hibbo: Hmmm, maybe Beams doesn't need to be upgraded.
Prospector: how much value Garlett is ? i traded him for Buddy
sakic19: beams goal
Vegas15Mag: C'mon Pendles, Gibbs, Lockyer, you've all stopped!
nickyt: yer gibbs took a mark at the start of the third qtr i think
ChrisJudas: PENDLES didak, 75 at 3QT
AndyJ: fevola fakes injurys better than soccer players.. seriously hes just outplayed today.
pato95: cmon beams
Legenbo: Treddles is a legend
itsduftime: gibbs 3 marks
darcy: Beams kicks it, cmon judd drill it to fev
ChrisJudas: sidebum 16 more for PNG please
nickyt: kreuzer's best game 4 ages, hasnt had above 80 for a while
hawks32: surely if medhurst has the icicle fevola needs one too!
Ryderrr: wtf is up with swan getting 2 kicks in a row without another player touching it
darcy: Swannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to Davis for the ton and he misses !
chris897: swan?
Danog: Give it to Swan you flower, Davis
royzboyz: swanny gone missing??
Wadey#5: lift fev!!
pato95: 5 secs
big10: high scores tonight
ChrisJudas: Swan should give 20 of his points to both pendles and didak
MarksMen: Davis give to swan hog !!
Poor Timmy: Wadey...Fev a bit heavy to lift mate...ya need Lifterman for that
68 iou1: stupid fev he's a lil Pu ssy
Keza41: lockyer has set himself up for a 120+!
pato95: o'bree icycle mOnty
sakic19: haha
hawks32: collingwood are doin a great job on judd, thats why there winning!
Crouchy: cloke for the up arrow
Daniel P: 12 more sidebottom
Brumbies33: Low Scoring Game
singoman: fevola spud tonight easy.... leigh brown lifting!!!
NickBarrel: Cloke for the Wanka arrow
Crouchy: the player standing swan should have a icon of a actual swan
Brumbies33: Comon Lockyer 100 +
Bad-Billy: sidebottom stay where u are mate!!!! because that means il take the purple name haha :)
darcy: Lockyer 120 not a chance ! if carlton win judd star all the way
Danog: Spud for Yarran!
sakic19: lockyer the junk time freak will probably get 200!
nickyt: gibbs not tagging anymore
pato95: good mOnty
Larry_Leg: wouldnt give medhurst the snow flake hes been terrible all year - that is his usual score
Big V: low scoring epic at the MCG
TigerBoys: Cmon Juddy!!
royzboyz: MONTY did you end up getting a magent icon for most possessions???
fezza: dam so i trade out cloke for rok, rok better do better
Larry_Leg: sweet is gibbs not on pednles anymore?
TigerBoys: does fev hav a broken ankle??
darcy: plenty of spoils for leigh but meh still a spud lockyers junk time thats true but 120 far out no way
tigermania: perhaps you could do all the people a favour monty and delete the emails from the chat log
m0nty: no magnets
Larry_Leg: hhahahaha @ sakic
Prospector: leigh brown still getting the spud, luv it m0nty
Sammo94: colliwobbles
Big V: Cross for Big Fev
sakic19: wheres hammertime? he is ok...
darcy: HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Fevolaaaaa you twat
Padfoot: o weeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, the spud is out, great stuff browny
goldi_k: shaw 124 in SC at 3/4 :)
NickBarrel: Heath Shaw 124 at 3qtr time. WTF?
TigerBoys: as if greg bentley has the spud what a joke
Larry_Leg: haha thats an awesome idea to give magnet, that or maybe a leather icon
Robbie1507: lol at leigh brown
tom_rox2: dale thomas is the best player in the afl
pk-06: double spud!
zombine: oh my gawd i put cloke on bench instead ofnahas nooooo
Mad-Dog1: i got sc 3/4 scores ask me
royzboyz: why no magent MONTY??
darcy: shaw sc wow screw getting him tho and then he gets tagged hha swanny nearly to the gun big fella
Robbie1507: Get a touch Pendlebury and Sidebottom... GONNA LIFT!!!
ossie85: Shaw over 10 Rebound 50s thats why
dillon: flower off Swan + Cloke
blake2412: fev u tool!
sakic19: hammertime banned m0nty? haha
Larry_Leg: come on pendles lift!!!!!!!!!!!
mjtmc: c'mon Lockyer and Kreuzer!!!
ChrisJudas: is travis cloke in the midfield?
tom_legend: judd make 90 plz
Sammo94: Daisey Thomas can't even get a touch in the afl
Xavier: here comes the gun
zombine: thank heavens sj isnt playing emg cloke wooohooo
Prospector: did dick go out for sidebum? where's cox? too few jokes folks!
Poor Timmy: Robbie, Lifterman at ya service.
royzboyz: LARRY how the heck do you get a leather icon??
hibbo: Game Over.
Rowdy69: didaaaak
TigerBoys: Cmon toovey and bentley need bit dream team scores from yous!!!!!!!!!!!!
big10: goal didak
zombine: travius cloke the spud is now my new bud
Prospector: wanted to see bentley on dick!
Sebelk: Go Swanny you haven't let me down yet as captain please score big again tonight!!!
Xavier: monty please take pity on mark austin, the only player so boring he has no symbol :(
tom_rox2: pendlebury is a failure
Sylar88: Just goes to show Fev determines whether blues win or not
heydo: marc murphy is a GUN
Zeratul: big finish murphey, judd and simpson please
Big V: Go swanny reach 150 by the end of the game!!!
Prospector: austin double spud!!! you know you want to m0nty
zombine: pity that cloke's good work is undone by fevola damn i cant get all of them to fire at the same time
sainterman: sad blues, let down of the yr
JSelwood09: pandles is on 100 in SC
royzboyz: smon swanny n juddy
Danog: Star to Davis imo
pato95: cmon beams
Prospector: wanted jaxson barrin' up to cox and dick.
big10: carlton are crap
cr36: cmon davuis dont stop i need 120 form u n gibbs
TigerBoys: did greg bentley and leigh brown get potatoes thown at them from crowd members?
dan667766: bye blues, no finals for you
pato95: nail in the coffin
GOGOS2GAJ!: cmon swanny 120 gibbsy cmon 100 m8!
Sammo94: collingwood are crap and dont deserve to be in the position they're in
MarksMen: cmon swa, lift champ 120 +
pk-06: junk it up didak!
darcy: Carrazzo not on Shaw and Joesph on Medhurst jesus waste of space Ratten is ...
Clifton: junk it up lockyer!
dlow75: Game Over!!!
Prospector: zombine, you sound like the Carlton coach!
saints14: cory
darcy: swan gun yeh slut !!!!
zombine: carlton should move kruezer forward and put warnock in the ruck they play much better than
pato95: junk time boys
Ryderrr: anyone who had pendlebury in SC.. dont worry about his DT. he'll get 100+ easy
Big V: come on beams!!!
darcy: if didak gets a can thats pathetic do your job crrazzo ! crap disposal you better off not getting it ! yeh pendles 96 sc
Prospector: has Joffa got the coat on yet?
dlow75: Judd on the Bench
dan667766: hey sammo there better than carlton
zombine: just an observation prospector espicially after my team the swans were beaten with the exact strategy
darcy: Judd off mothballed
brownidge: pendulbury sc =96
TigerBoys: did greg bentley and leigh brown get potatoes thown at them from crowd members?
FJL8: floweren fev cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChrisJudas: 10 more front pum PNG
nickyt: didididak
hawks32: those sc 3-4 time scores are never accurate, don't trust them!
Big V: I am challenging Warnie from DT Talk!!!!
Prospector: carlton shoulg go the knuckle
Crouchy: dane swan stuck on 99 like greg blewett lol
Mad-Dog1: Pendles 96 SC 3/4
buddyforpm: i want 100+ from davis,gibbs,beams and lockyer
LoyalLion: joffa is a retard
Robbie1507: Pendlebury will b lucky to get 60
Sebelk: Please Swanny get the ball!!!
Sammo94: yeh but they aint better than essendon (anzac day 2009)
hawks32: i don't get it medhurst get the icicle but fev doesn't?
MITCH24: omg swan get over 120
darcy: beams hurt blodo rule stupud scotland if he costs me the ton !!! tarkyn junktime yeh good 1
dlow75: Carlton Tags didnt work tonite
zombine: hope fev atleast gets 40
Wadey#5: Clokey u lil rippa
pato95: davis gun cloke star
NickBarrel: They're always bang on Hawkes cos they are from the supercoach website. never had an inaccurate score from them
Prospector: what zomb? a strategy of gettin' all the players to work as a team. Isn't tat Ratten's job?
TigerBoys: did greg bentley and leigh brown get potatoes thown at them from crowd members?
BomberBoy5: Is Fevola's injury serious?
darcy: didak 10 bounces in 3 plays wtf crap kick again tho
pato95: swan X factor
mjtmc: go kreuzer!!!!!!!!!!!!
evan01: tigerboys ,, shutup your not funny
cr36: leon neon
nickyt: cmon kreuzer get th fking football
big10: goal davis
Sebelk: Keep it going Swanny...
Sammo94: colliwobbles
Danog: Star for Leon
ossie85: Sidebum, 13 more!!
blake2412: leeeon
darcy: davis another goal lol go home carlton
royzboyz: davis goal
TigerBoys: did greg bentley and leigh brown get potatoes thown at them from crowd members?
Prospector: potatoes thown at them from crowd members - I hope so!
Ryderrr: you cant trust 3/4 scores cos of weighting.. but pendlebury was good in the first half anyway so nothing to worry about
pato95: giood evan01
Larry_Leg: whats wrong with judd???
TigerBoys: im serious did they?
folete: These teams play more like freo and melbourne than top 8 sides
cr36: i dont no why u guys are makin front of bentkey n leigh brown because do u play for AFL no so u cant do any better
royzboyz: where is judd??
zombine: i think fev's going to be out for 2 weeks
dillon: 25 more Pendles + Fev
heydo: lockyer the gun or at least the hot symble
longaz: t. lockyer = king of qtr4/junk time
darcy: Cmon Judd get to 80 ! 80K at the G
Geoff: Ahh at last Swanny gets the gun
Big V: Judd cannot escape a tag guys
nickyt: that is an intriguing question tigerboys, it is now time 4 u to shut up
malteaser: so whats everyones reason now that collingwood are a crap team. Hmm lets see your jealousy GO PIES
jampie: gibbs ur captain get to 100
HBget: typical blues...but we know they're coming
NickBarrel: No but cr36 if you do play AFL and you are paid then you should be able to actually DO SOMETHING! Bently and Brown dont!
Larry_Leg: hahahahaha thjats harsh giving lockyer the trash can
Xavier: monty what do you have against tarks?
Special_K: front of bentkey??
Daniel P: 1 more kick steele
Fairley: lions will knock pies off next week.
JSelwood09: wat does every1 think pendles will finish on?? In SC ??
tom_rox2: m.murphy for the heart
supporter: judds not even on the field Big V
ball_chef: you dont like lockyer do you??
royzboyz: big gap is blues points between gibbs n judd
BoMBerZ-93: anyone got juddys address? i made him captain this week
tom_rox2: judd neeeds to learn how to break a tag from ablett
cr36: but atleast they are playing in the AFL i bet u guys sit wathcing are siting watching Tv with a bowl of popcorn
Baisy: tarkyn always gets the trash can
darcy: fev bout a quarter late ... how many guns in a row for swan
buddyforpm: trash it up lock
nickyt: oh ffs
TigerBoys: did tarkyn lockyer get a rubbish bin thrown at him from a crowd member?
Larry_Leg: does lockyer really deserve the trash can lockyer or u just doing ti cause its funny (whivh it is)
zombine: pendles will get 100 max
darcy: monty are you joking with these cans didak has to have 1 lockyer was like 35 at 1/4 time you gump
Ryderrr: lol at lockyer... he had a good first half
Daniel P: go fev!!!
royzboyz: judd much better than ablett
MarksMen: cr36....i prefer burger rings mate :)
zombine: i forgot to change anything from last week brwon was still my captain
m0nty: Tarkyn the trashcan man
Fairley: go lockyer you champ! bin a bit harsh for lockyer i reckon - he was good in first half.
Padfoot: stfu cr36, stop trying to be one of those sympathetic people to spuds who get PAID to play afl
evan01: m0nty ,, you fat c u n t
Larry_Leg: hahahahaha lockyer
Rowdy69: i hope swan ends up on 130 lol
TigerBoys: did tarkyn lockyer get a rubbish bin thrown at him from a crowd member?
cr36: lockyer lining up
ball_chef: cap swan does it again. had him since start of year
Xavier: monty does your opponent have tarkyn captain?
malteaser: all those carlton supporters collingwood hasn't beaten anyone, yeah lol
harvey=gun: learn how to spell larry_leg
JSelwood09: pendles slow down!!!
Larry_Leg: hahahaha me and my big mouth!!! go tarkyn!!!
darcy: tarkyn drills it :) give him a flame not a bin monty
cr36: ok then a bowl of burger rings happy but still
jimmydee: cr36 you sound like their mother. get over it, they are spuds
buddyforpm: 120 4 lock
royzboyz: judd had ankle restrapped, came back on and is now off again. was on phone to caoch!!
Keza41: lockyer! =]
NickBarrel: Padfoot knows what he's talkin bout
Sylar88: ban tigerboys, he's a retard
hairydog84: bin 4 sure
ChrisJudas: u should have a oscar the grouch icon specifically for tarkyn
Daniel P: Afl is what they do for a living everyday but their stats well aren't horrible
TigerBoys: did tarkyn lockyer get a rubbish bin thrown at him from a crowd member?
darcy: beams and gibbs cmon ton it up for 4/4 boys :) judd gone for the night
cr36: yes they are bad but atleast there in the AFL
dan667766: judd + fev gone for the season
ball_chef: tarkyn kicks a trash goal!!!
ChrisJudas: front bum 7 more!
Prospector: hardly needed evan - see ya
Clifton: i love you tarkyn!
nathan._: sidebottom and fev get 40 more
heard: m0nty i think the bin icon confuses a lot of people lol
MarksMen: cheers
darcy: didak hit the post rofl give him a can !!!!!!!!!
megamatt: cmon judd 90 atleast
minutoli1: sawn and tarkyn = gun judd obree :(
DaBomb74: 5th poster lol
Sebelk: Go Swanny!!! 120+ would be awesome.
Larry_Leg: do you guys reckon dane swan just brings his own footy to the game?
pato95: cloke X factor symbol
TigerBoys: did tarkyn lockyer get a rubbish bin thrown at him from a crowd member?
darcy: toovey hurt his knee
royzboyz: swan will break 120 surely
ChrisJudas: juddy :(
malteaser: you beauty this is going to be a great week at work
cr36: CMON gibbs need u to ton it up
camo911: tiger boys how about looking at the KEY, cos obviously swan didnt get shot, and judd didnt get a padlock thrown at him
minutoli1: man how many times has l.brown got the spud haha
jamzee123: scotlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand! :d
Danog: Shaw deserves the X. He's nullified everything.
Daniel P: give cloke a cloak
darcy: i think thomas might be 2nd BOG
cr36: Timeleft guys
nickyt: is tiger boys going to get a fist thrown at him?
heard: swan 140 plz mate
ball_chef: not confused about trash symbol.. just think tarkyn had good first half
ChrisJudas: pendles didak 90+
pato95: will brown b out nxt week? (hopefully)
darcy: cloke X or shaw or thomas man thats hard ! CMON BEAMS GET INTO IT AGAIN
TigerBoys: thanks for clearing that up camo i was just about 2 ask
heard: carn austin (c) !!!!!!!!
kovach: gotta love it when presty is outscoring fev :P
darcy: 40 tiuches for swanny coming up
Daniel P: presti deserves x because his hold fev well
pk-06: yeah he did TigerBoys, and swan got shot
dillon: Didak will have a shower SC
Larry_Leg: maxwell captain hero
Rowdy69: 4:27 left
ossie85: Sigh, changed my captain from Chappy to Judd, hopefully he breaks the SC ton
sakic19: great call nickyt
darcy: please dont stop beams
BoMBerZ-93: 5 pts a minute from now on juddy?
darcy: if didak doesnt get a can thats disgraceful
Daniel P: i lkike joseph
TigerBoys: coolie
NickBarrel: Maxwell is a toss Larry,. only collingwood would pick him as captain wouldnt get a game in VFL for saints
MagMan: haha, definately like ChrisJudas' idea about an oscar the grouch symbol for Lockyer
MackA: pendles huge junk time
Rowdy69: he hasn't junked it up at all..
pk-06: m0nty trash can for didak?
cr36: Davis gw this round im happy
ChrisJudas: u should give leigh brown a spud broken in half icon. Depsite his injury should still be given spud recognition
heard: yeh dids deserves the can more than lockyer
malteaser: you idiot nick barrel
cr36: i like how lockyer gets junk bit its frustrating
nickyt: and paul madhurst got an icicle thrown at him and judd gotkilled with a lock and leigh brown became a nurse, CLEAR?
darcy: beams get bak on top of that little shower diidak pleaseeeeeeeee ! carltons effiency bahahaha
JSelwood09: pendles 33 points so far this quarter!!!
nathan._: sidebottom get to 68 atleast so u dnt go down in price
heydo: pendlebury junk time awsome
Robbie1507: Pendlebury needs a BIN..
TigerBoys: Greg Bentley for PM? can i get an amen to that
nickyt: cmon kreuzer u fker
Bunta: go shaw junk it up
Mad-Dog1: beams heart
DaBomb74: didak dont deserve the trash can....he finished the game off for collingwood when no one cud find a goal
NickBarrel: watch the game malteaser he is a hack.. mite get some numbers beside his name but he is crap
darcy: finally beams hes a frutsrating gun scores in spurts lol yayy can it up dids you twat
heard: on ya monty
benjamin11: gibbs keeps kicking it to the wrong team
cr36: BEAMS = gun -D
Big V: Beams the heart
darcy: that lockyer cans gotta go unless he scores
Sebelk: Love it Swanny, keep it going you STAR!
cr36: timelft
Special_K: Crap, I have Beams on the bench again.
sakic19: and travis cloke has sunburn!
ball_chef: beams is a future dt star for sure!!
darcy: dids to 93 little shower
Rowdy69: swan! hahahahaha! YES!
hibbo: No Swan, that wasn't needed! :(
qqaaxx: swannnnnny
m0nty: Swan is the best fantasy player in the game, better than GAJ now.
Danog: Swanny! :D
pk-06: swaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mad-Dog1: swaaaaaan
BoMBerZ-93: y the hell hasnt scotland played every game this year? clearly hes a gun
darcy: officilly an underaverage game for swan UNTIL THEN HAHAHAHA
cr36: OMG swanny is my opponent captain n he just scored a goal
harvey=gun: yes SWANEY!!!!
frenchfry: scabbiest goal in the history of afl
royzboyz: swannnnnyyyyyyyy goal!!! what a captain!!!
singoman: flower off flowerers GO SWAN!! GO PIES!!
dillon: Swan doesnt even have a tag on him!
darcy: thanks einstein monty
nickyt: carlton are so shower
tigermania: spot on monty, ablett is a poof, misses too many games
Clifton: didak, locyer, swan, shaw yes!
ChrisJudas: sidebum 7 more come on
heard: /agree with swan > GAJ
cr36: IF swan doesnt win the brownlow this is rigged
LoyalLion: yeh month but he has 3 games in hand to ablett
MagMan: Swan is Amazing.
RooBoy: i have to agree m0nty although i don't have him :(
royzboyz: shut up frenchfry
Sebelk: I love you swanny!!!! WOOHOO...
cr36: all carlton can do is kick a BEHIND
juzzthegr8: sidebum quick 14
pk-06: swan and davis should share the brownlow votes for this one
cr36: FINished
benjamin11: man the post has had more possys than fev
darcy: scotlands disposals is shower thats y bartel would challnge swan on his day SIREN CYA LATERT TIPPING LOL
Fairley: f*ck you dane swan i f*cking hate you.
megamatt: cmon juddy
nickyt: has anyone ever realised that swan isnt half the player ablett is because he does shower all with the ball, that's why he
Baisy: I don't think leon for the star ? :Z
Ryderrr: didak you toothless junkman..
hawks32: you have to be kidding yourselves gaj is that much better than swan irs not fuuny
Prospector: i have swan as cap, vc, and on the bench as well!
nickyt: never recieves a tag
frenchfry: swan dowsn't do enough with his touches to deserve brownlow
JETpilot: i luv collingwood
cmgb84: why is swan my vc!!!arrghh
juzzthegr8: gaj 10 times better
darcy: swans influence isnt brownlow worthy ! lockyer can get rid of it annoys me so much he had a brilliant game
Sylar88: Carlton are coming...for some better draft picks
NickBarrel: He's a fantasy player cr36 brownlow isnt judged on dream team scores you knob
Padfoot: cr36, you really are thick aren't you, swan may be a gun dt, but doesn't always translate brownlow votes!
HBget: There is only one thing weaker than swan....and thats his tatoo
BoMBerZ-93: mark and goal side anus
pato95: carn pies
Clifton: dids 100 cmon!
singoman: ablett = best player int he league no doubt no need for discussion
Big V: Cloke for the star Baisy!!
Poor Timmy: Swan must be a cert for all australian then Huh??????
mouzer: Swan Captain good score
bruffy: swan is really good but he doesn;t even compare to Ablett, just look at contested ball stats!
Sammo94: thankyou for clarifing its finnished cr36
minutoli1: swany i luv u
tom_rox2: carlton are tanking
Prospector: yea h yeah, we know they're coming!
heard: mate darcy just chuck some white out over it
SankDog: You guys are showing how little you know about footy. Swan isnt in the same world as Ablett. Swan not top 20 in comp.
NickBarrel: GAJ showers all over swan.. he actually influences games swan runs around doing dodgy little kicks
ball_chef: lockyer flame. com on
nickyt: swan is rubbish, not even in the same leaaugue as ablett/selwood/judd/hodge he does nothing with the ball
Wadey#5: :( Carlton u duds :(
ChrisJudas: +4 didak +8 Pendles?
ossie85: Swan is effective, don't know what you guys are on about. Look at his effectiveness stats
gards: Swan has done me proud as captain for the past 5 weeks :D
cmgb84: talkin about dt sankdog
hibbo: Skankdog, so Swan no chance for Brownlow?
pedro_0952: what does %S mean?
NickBarrel: bang on nickyt and hawkes. GAJ owns swan
Larry_Leg: lockyer didnt deserve the trash can but its prett yfunny he got it again
ball_chef: swan will be top 5 brownlow sankDog
Baisy: what's the ff on the left of the DT coloumn stand for? eg: marc Murphy: 20
DaBomb74: "swan not top 20 in comp" WOW u must be like 10 and retarded..swan if u get it over 35 times each weeku are a bloody gud
netters6: great i tipped carlton
TigerBoys: i thort leigh brown deserved the x factor
nathan._: pendles,swan(capt),beams,judd and gibbs in sc better do goos
hibbo: why do u say that nickyt? If that's so then wouldn't he usually post bad sc scores?
DaBomb74: Swan 12 contested possies :)thats what they look at
megamatt: bad percentage for blues lol
heard: nicks were talking DT wise not in real games
NickBarrel: Fan Footy Baisey its a comp like Dream Team
HBget: swan = outside player..great for dt though
dasha: swan is 3rd in av points per round in supercoach (123pts) Abblet is first (145pts)
NoahJ14: Fantasy Football scores do not equal the value of a player in real life. Swan is prime example.
Rowdy69: 10% of swans kicks are clangers in comparison to 12% of judd's, 14% gaj being clangers..
Baisy: Ablett's a seagull unlike swan who wins the hard ball, how many handball recieves does Swan recieve than Ablett?
HEY-BIGBOY: go swanny. i finally pick a good captain .
minutoli1: yer swan is way better ten ablett
darcy: gibbs yayyyyyy haha
Baisy: cheers
minutoli1: who thinks swan is better then ablett
frenchfry: only 12 out of 38. judd had 20 out of 28 last week
SankDog: Swan chance for brownlow... that doesnt mean you are top 20... He is nowhere near top 20 in comp.
dasha: isnt super coach rated on not just possessions but also their effectiveness
dyl_2: travis cloke X factor
darcy: Judds pwns all over ablett and swan
TigerBoys: did tarkyn lockyer get a rubbish bin thrown at him from a crowd member?
HBget: swan = weak
NickBarrel: yes but rowdy he never steams through the middle like judd or dodges anyone like ablett. he just gets it n kicks it lots
minutoli1: ha presti got higher then fev
Baisy: who won the medal?
RooBoy: enough talking over judd v ablett v swan we all know leigh brown is the best player in the comp
HEY-BIGBOY: hey hassoubi . are u coming too ?????
dasha: hard to rank a player from different teams eg Steve Johnston at Richmond would be terrible but at Geelong he is a star
ball_chef: wow heath shaw!
HEY-BIGBOY: hassoubi . where are u hiding ? we know your coming . hahahahahah
SungMach15: thornton another good SC score
ball_chef: steve johnson terrible? couldnt be if he tried
HEY-BIGBOY: hassoubi . its a long , long ,long walk from the gee when u lose .
netters6: who won the medel
heard: no fev or franklin for me next year. too overpriced overrated and most importantly inconsistent fantasy comp wise
dafhub: fev is hopeless, no more supercoah for him
HEY-BIGBOY: glad i never have fev . way too frustrating .
netters6: is there a medal???
HEY-BIGBOY: ... the top 8 is anything but settled ...
HammerTime: well done pies
DaVe86: harsh on Leigh Brown...was fantastic tonight down back...and no need for the cross he played out the game
DaVe86: far too harsh on Leigh Brown...was very very good tonight down back and he played out the game
DumbCoach: Dear Monty... I fail to see how 'JUNK' time exists when percentage is just as important as a win in these finals round.
Hutcho42: Monty, I think you'll find Tarkyn's best quarter was his first...
magnets84: beams is a future star!
Its Borgy: Yay i won da png
irishscout: mark austin the only one without an icon