Chat Log: R16, Hawthorn 18.13.121 d Collingwood 11.10.76

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BarneStorm: GO Whorethorn Dawks
darcy: Hodge, Buddy, Lockyer, Swan (c) and Beams ! GO HAWKSSS PRESTI ON BUDDY
HillyHero: carn the hawks
wceagles: Go captain didak
essendon1: 2nd
go piessss: come on pies have to win tonight
darcy: Mitchell hot early ! Brown on Roguhead
pascoe: go swanny u gun
chadwick: franklin playing up the ground
darcy: Any1 else in WA where they have Freo on Foxtel and FTA? Buddy in the guts a bit again like last week
HillyHero: Schoenmakers superman sign
Duke: come on captain swanny
chadwick: didak on after 3 mins
RooBoy: booo davis (N)
darcy: Cloke on Shoenmakers ! Swan on zero still is that a first
Jim Bean: riloiiii~!
SungMach15: obrien on rioli
Jim Bean: Delicious
pascoe: ohhh gf mglynn u git
buggler: wait till his tagger gets tired
wceagles: im in wa, listening to this on MMM
darcy: Lockyer's had it like 5 times !
LoDeezy: Franklin is lookin fit for once
pascoe: finally tarkyn, at least u will be in the game 2nite
go piessss: come on didak lift
BarneStorm: Swan is actually going head to head with Sewell
RooBoy: franklin off to a blinder
Jim Bean: Didak just came on... he is lifting\
darcy: Yeh same 3AW :) Hodge you star !
evan01: woohoo go mcglynn shut down swan and score lot of points
Keza41: c'mon lockyer!
pascoe: go buddy. another ton mate
Alex7089: C'mon Cyril make up for last week
LoDeezy: franklin may not have high DT but he is workin hard
darcy: lockyerrrrrrrrrrr
stk4prem: go hodgey, big SC from u tonight please
Keza41: stay down hodge! go lockyer!
stk4prem: lodeezy, jason blake works hard... he should be getting the pill!
pascoe: go tarks u absolute gun!!!
evan01: shutup darcy you are hell annoying
wceagles: too early for lockyers gabage bin?
darcy: Swan this isn't good mate wtf dont burn me for not picking you lst week
HillyHero: carn BUDDY get 8 goals again
Alex7089: San no points 8 minutes in ?????
wceagles: garbage*
darcy: evan bite me ! buddy lining up yeh slut
Jim Bean: Buddy FRANKLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy: damien fleming commentating? BUDYYYYYY
chadwick: presti infinitely infront of my captain swan 10 minutes in :)
evan01: wont shut up haha
darcy: Swans a a machine hel be fine :)
buggler: swan off
LoDeezy: presti been moved to loose man in defence, franklin free in the middle. big SC coming baby
Alex7089: BUDDY YOU LEGEND 7 to go mate
pascoe: good buddy and lockyer. cmon swan and schoenmakers get 50 to make up for no SJ AGAIN
evan01: swan will score 53
m0nty: where's your Didak
evan01: he will be this weeks bartel
Fairley: thank god i picked gablett captain over didak (so far).
darcy: Buddy is looking so good ! swan got a hitout before :) and i think hodge is on him
Rowdy69: lol @ didak being my captain
darcy: way to jinx it monty ! evan dream onm mate
Keza41: go buddy and lockyer! boo hodge!
SungMach15: mcglynn on didak
RooBoy: power off davis
gleeson: didak is still doing better than ablett was in his game, so stop complaining
HillyHero: go didak buddy and swan
gerling182: m0nty, McGlynn is tagging Didak
maxhag: I have 3 hawks in my team. Taylor, rioli, franklin. WOO HO!
JimmyB23: rowdy = dud captain :D
tigermania: mcglynn tagging didak monty
evan01: darcy u never know..
micklovin: the old luke hodge is back... Get on board b4 u miss out!
darcy: 60K at the g wow ellis off the mark !
Alex7089: C;mon Collingwood keep hawthorn awy from the dons, I can't believe I WANT C'wood to win :( :O
BarneStorm: m0nty Swan isnt being tagged by McGlynn its head to head with Sewell
torres: dam, shuld of picked chappy or ablett over didak as cap
darcy: Come on Swan get into it dude swan will get 80+ i bet my life on it
stk4prem: cmon hodge, 30+ at qt time
Xavier: mcglynn on didak - swan on sewell
darcy: anthony lining up
pascoe: i had chappy captain. very happy
Geelong 22: m0nty mcglyn is tagging didak..
tigermania: its ok monty will wake up to this eventually
noffle: Yeah McGlynn is tagging Didak
evan01: i think you will die tonight..darcy
Keza41: i should have picked o'keefe or selwood over kornes! i already know he won't score 173!
HillyHero: who do you reckon the purple name will be for??
noffle: And give Leigh Brown the spud for that out of bounds
darcy: ROK and Chappy my 2 big misses this year :( hodge misses :(
evan01: m0nty cant hear you his fat is swallowing his ears!
darcy: posterrrrr phew come on hawkers
dillz01: does anyone know didakds b/e?
SpottyDog: Its not the spud anymore its the Underwood Medal
m0nty: McGlynn was on Swan for the first 10 minutes though
juliann: lift swan and maxwell
Keza41: dam hodge go home!
MaveN: go hodgy
CrozaN: swan captain :(
kaiballa: will swan do an ablett?
HillyHero: m0nty who will the PNG be for??
Big V: I traded Adcock for lockyer
chadwick: beautiful pass by lewis, could have run to 50 and had a shot, but lace out to buddy
Geelong 22: lol my opponent has 10 zeros, pavlich as C, cox as VC and they're not playing and he's got ablett on the bench...
quincat05: great, swan captain
buggler: i made big mistake of picking broughton over hodge
micklovin: buddy's back
FAL123: franklin!!!
Xavier: franklin > spudincoma
Mad-Dog1: in this 1 got o bree davis dick franklin happy with 3 of 4
therealmkd: swan stone cold
Alex7089: Buddeh
Big V: The M Brown for Frankling trade also worked
Yeomans: spud for buggler
Keza41: buddy! finally repaying the teams that have kept you in for so very long!
SpottyDog: LOL O agree Yeomans
chadwick: not sure about hodge at full forward, less possies
HillyHero: swan!!
turts111: do u think we really care big V?? hate these retards who say "i've got him", or i traded him... WE DONT CARE U DIKHEAD
TigerFever: I traded Buddy out last week for SC im am so powered of!!!!!!
Fearsam: swan better flowereing lift
Padfoot: haha presti beating swan
numberwang: flower swan
evan01: haha darcy has gone quiet since his claim of swan scoring 80+ on his
geelong09: keep going buddy
Keza41: my opponents midfield so far. 242, 131,103, 119 and 102 plus kornes still to go! =[
MaveN: woo ellis!!
RooBoy: davis and lockyer STOP!
FAL123: leon davis you superstar keep on keeping on
numberwang: thats it swan!
TIGERS!!!!: cyril!!!
Paddy13: pretty happy with buddy, tarkyn, neon leon!!
pascoe: go swan!!! omg gf davis
SpottyDog: holy crap Keza unlucky
dillz01: anyone know the b/e for davis n didak?
Big V: Unlucky TigerFever!!! I bought Franklin in as a bargain!!! :)
maxhag: keza - what the total score?
dillon: Didak lift cmon
evan01: mcglynn is a roughie
Pete17: turst111 - why are you on here if you don't want to talk about your dream team?
Keza41: i should still win thanks to o'keefe! =]
Padfoot: davis going to do well tonight, so didak may not do well
prodsta: i very much doubt schoenmakers is running with cloke
Keza41: he's scored in his midfield 697 from 5 (ablett C) plus kornes still to go who is my captain so i want him to score 100
FAL123: franklin, leon,thomas and schoenmakers super stars
Alex7089: I have Cyril, Budd, Hodge :D
PommyV14: Come on Roughead, flower me....
Keza41: and he's got franklin and hodge in this game! =[
thorgils: spud for brown
divvydan: somebody please take out mcglynn
nickyt: bloody hell didak
gleeson: ive got franklin and mitchell in this one
Bullwinkle: teaspoon of cement keza?
Kazakhstan: haha swan suck cra
Frankdagun: still hoping for pendles to rich upgrade next week - so slow down Pendles!!
zombine: franklin is back thank god i stuck with him if he had 1 more bad week i would have traded him
TIGERS!!!!: this guy has judd C, higgins, ray, rich and mitchell in middle
TIGERS!!!!: this guy has judd C, higgins, ray, rich and mitchell in middle with selwood
joelly31: my opponent has obree, lockyer, swan (C), didak, franklin and rioli!!! :( :( :(
cougars23: please didak. i need you to lift. as well as s.mitchell
Paddy13: go the pies!
royzboyz: mcglynn will shut down didak! go benny
dillon: cmon Didak beat Lockyer
redwallis: bUDDY!
TigerFever: BUDDY 50 SC argh
Keza41: c'mon lockyer and buddy!
mazza: ablett gone for season
buggler: swan back in full point scoring form
Xavier: welcome back swanny
chadwick: u idiot mazza
Big V: yeah!!! buddy 52 sc!!! :d
Lakey91: MONTY - ban mazza. Been saying it all day!
Donk: mazza gone for season
fatboys: what mazza?
Alex7089: mazza u r a showerhead
darcy: wheres that guy that said bartels score last week was swan this week GO HODGE
jbking: come on swan think about the brownlow baby
S-dog: is hodge playing midfield
Xavier: mazza banned for season - source
m0nty: imo mazza gone for season
CFC10: whos mazza?
Alex7089: NO not RIOLI
Keza41: lift lockyer! i need you on 50 by half time then junk it up
Lakey91: Give him the tombstone monty.
darcy: mcglynn is doing a stunning job apparently didaks lost it ! come on beams lift
Donk: you heard it here first folks.
RooBoy: my opponent is going to get in the top scores this week...FFS!!!
Jim Bean: buddy!!!!!!!!!
smithy_9: this game is showing why swan is not eltie, he has doen nothing
darcy: presti lower back problem ! flower me hodge is ht
FAL123: dazy thomas at the top for the first time
JSelwood09: mcglyn, buddy and beams SC???
pascoe: omg go schoenmakers u legend lol
Alex7089: My oponent had didak captain :D
torres: ffs didak and roughead, keep it up sewell and hodge
Pozzato: missed what "Mazza" did can someone fill me in
HillyHero: BUDDY you legend big score from you BUDDY
Padfoot: darcy just went hard for hodge
CFC10: whos Mazza?
sambit: who's mazza
smithy_9: ok ill eat my words, good goal!
chadwick: swan u star!!!
darcy: swan goal yeh slut
FAL123: alex7089 didak has gone full forward so he might kick some goals cause hes an absolute star so i wouldnt be so happy
Paddy13: come on maggies!
luke.warm: So why does it take 16 rounds for the hawks players to do anything?
Xavier: mazza gave bogus injury info
CFC10: yeah explain wtf is going on lol
Keza41: lift lockyer!
darcy: wats wrong with getting hard from a player thats on 42 already?
pascoe: ohhh yeh go swanny u freak!
HillyHero: SWAN big score from you mate
Paddy13: bloody SWAN!
darcy: shower lockyer has died !
CFC10: Xavier what did he say?
adnS: mazza is back! ablett gone for season! sucked in!
FAL123: schoenmakers reppin his average already what a TANK!
TIGERS!!!!: Buddy is on top?!?
chadwick: having a rest swan. 13 mins left
maxhag: LUKE WARM - Not peaking early in season. For stregth in finals
Kenji: swanny daisy and o'bree, keep it up fellas, its not often all three have flames
darcy: buddy your beautiful human being
evan01: CFC10 he said ablett was out for the year
Xavier: mazza said ablett out for season
CFC10: oh what a tard
Lakey91: adnS/mazza - are you really enjoying yourself? You really find this fun?
BarneStorm: Hodge kick this mate
postmanpat: Wooohoooo.....Roughead back from the grave!!!
smithy_9: best kick in teh league now doubt there boys
Angusp: brad dick, i got u in, u somtthing does anyone else here hav him
TIGERS!!!!: somehow?!? :/
smithy_9: imagien if ablett or judd had the fotoskills of hodge@!
Paddy13: come on maggies....LIFT!
Paddy13: hodge goal :(
TIGERS!!!!: No Angusp were not all retards like you!
dillon: Do something Didak!!
tha-moose: anyone watching this on main event channel?
Keza41: ffs hodge stop kicking goals. in fact, stop touching the footy
rogan84: just traded dick for davis i knew brad has done his dash
lewigie: imagine if hodge was as good as judd!
kerrigan3: flowerk my opponent has thomas and franklin both have been shower all yr until this week flowerk
Lakey91: MONTY - Would it be possible to add player jersey numbers to the profiles????
Keza41: lockyer lift!
RooBoy: cmon buddy kick 10
atw0001: Judd is just as good as Hodge. Ablett is just a shower kick tho
Jim Bean: "The dangerous Dick"
dazy: give leigh brown the spud already 0 sc points at Qauter time
buggler: omg hodge stop it~~~~
MITCH24: cmon sewell make 150 2might
MITCH24: cmon sewell make 150 2night
Paddy13: well done medhurst
m0nty: I thought they were already there, Lakey91
FAL123: going to go on a limb and say that Wood is the next big ruckman
lozz15: roughead i am trading u out
Jim Bean: Lakey, there are Jersey numbers on the Player Profiles
Pravis: Monty, can u update the SC scores quarter by quarter like the Heraldsun site?
ExPrez: dick being well held tonight
Xavier: give lakey91 the spud
MITCH24: MONTY - Would it be possible put the spud to brad dick
rogan84: cameron wood is going to be a superstar watched him develop at west adelaide he is awesome good call fal123
fatboys: lakey91 if you click on their name, their profile opens and on the left hand side it shows their jumper number
tezmacan: come on dids, ur better than this
smithy_9: heath shaw is killing us!
chubby22: picked up davis this week what a trade
wceagles: didak is my captain....fkfkfkfkfk
Rowdy69: im so unlucky with captains.. cmon didak
FAL123: cheers rogan84
TmBattler: Let's be honest!! Does not matter what L. Brown scores, the spud belongs to him!!
Lakey91: MONTY - sorry mate - bit blind!
RooBoy: someone break davis' leg please
Prospector: Go Spuddy - did I get him at the right time?
TIGERS!!!!: suck dk wceagles
redwallis: holy heath
wceagles: I had hayes last week as well :(
cougars23: whats up with didak? anyone?
bombermann: has spuddy hit form?
bigwheels: wceagles has a sewell dick
Rowdy69: get injured please mcglynn
rogan84: im a collingwood suppoer and i agree leigh brown is mash potato!
dillz01: people stick to swan or ablett as captain.. they are the safest bets
Prospector: Spuddy looks good enough at $249,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chadwick: didak certainly getting frustrated. not liking having an opponent. earn your kicks didak and HTFU
evan01: shutup rowdy69
rogan84: Didak struggles with tags if opposition coaches are watching they should take note come september
gleeson: lockyer is such a good tagger
Coondogger: didnt picken try to tag didak last week?
Angusp: im a collingwood supporter too and i agree give leigh brown sspudd
thebullet: swan 36 point quater so far, got him a C knew he would come good :)
Padfoot: rogan84 so didaks 140 against picken last week is struggling?
bombermann: i brought spuddy in 3 weeks early, he scored me 70, 30, 14 then the BIG 177 so i think hes comin good now :D
thebullet: make that 43 points
Keza41: lockyer!!!!!!
Paddy13: yes tarkyn!!
CFC 1979: Leigh Brown - Mid range spud tonight
rogan84: Not like a skin as mcglynn is wearing him...didak is easy to get under his skin
bigwheels: i a collingwood supporter and agree that the whole team is a bunch of tossers
chadwick: is that 43 this quarter for swan? still 4 mins left.
go piessss: come on captain didak i want 35+ half time then a HUGE second half
redwallis: Swanny! I just went and made something to eat
rogan84: then we will revoke your membership bigwheels we dont need your trash at our club!
CFC 1979: Go Swanny - kick asssssssssssssssssssssss
Keza41: go presti beat didak!
bigwheels: thanks for the update redwallis
chadwick: redwallis go and make something else, cause he was on FIRE when u left
FAL123: chadwick ur not going to get a big game out of didak he is a firey man and once hes powered i doubt that he'll play as go
go piessss: dane swan U ABSOLUTE LEGEND
Hoa_STKFC!: dane swan !!! wooo 120+
bombermann: i lost about 130k until last week when he got 30k of it back
Padfoot: some beautiful poetry right there rogan84, but you're making a fool of yourself, coz picken has tagged well this year
hotdish: lockyer! just jizd my pants!
HammerTime: everyone agree's with you bigwheels
darcy: Swan ILY Lockyer's 3rd :)
JSelwood09: superman for swanny monty???
SaintsRGod: cmon lockyer dont leave it till junk time this week
go piessss: tarkyn lockyer U BEAUTY
bummers: flower swan
redwallis: chad if he goes quiet again I'll go make some dessert
quincat05: cmon diddy, and when did swan rock up??
darcy: getting rid of beams in sc instead of robinson has cost me so many points lol ! shower pies are back on top :(
Keza41: lockyer you are my hero! and you still haven't junked it up yet! 110+ full time for lockyer
bombermann: maggies hit the lead :(
HammerTime: you must have been fat bomberman?
rogan84: it was a totally different style of game last week
Paddy13: tarkyn is on fire!!
TIGERS!!!!: riiiiiiiiiooooooooolllllllllllliiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dillz01: superman is for when the game is open for the taking and someone dominates it to basically win the game for his team..
pepper08: bandaid mitchell
hilsy123: swan is superman
Kenji: is tarkyn junks it up like usual, he is headed for a big score
micklovin: u beauty happy gilmore's on after this game! Glad i decided to stay in tonight... Oh and fire up swan, mitchell and budy
brad_451: good man franklin!!
go piessss: good old collingwood forever LEGENDS
hilsy123: lol mitchell had his face frozen
bigwheels: rioli looking tasty tonight
Padfoot: did mitchell cop a football in the face monty? or another type of ball?
ChrisJudas: u should be ashamed of yourself didak. McGylnn is not a defender
darcy: buddy is the man for superman the way he plays ! mini swan = legend and real swan = gun
GoDogs#4: fire up Didak
SaintsRGod: monty the pow for mitchell is pathetic, a ball in the face flowring hell
thorgils: Franklin, Hodge and Dane Swan as Capt come on boys do me proud!!!!
JSelwood09: dillz01. Monty explaination doesnt say that
darcy: killer half from captain swan buddy hodge beams lockyer and beams :)
fuzz nutz: ive got swan (c), lockyer, buddy and hodge :). only didak letting me down, that is surprising
Keza41: i've got lockyer and buddy. looking like a good outcome
Win4me: you get a ball kicked in the face then SaintRGod, i bet youd feel a lil groggy
fuzz nutz: darcy, beams must be doing doubly well seeing as u mentioned him twice :)
ChrisJudas: Didak is DidKAK
josh111: Almost got Dids this week but chose nds
bigwheels: is there a poo bum head icon?
Big V: I have Swan, Lockyer, Hodge and Buddy
bombermann: mitchell is fine ye?
darcy: i did ? well yeh he is :) great cover for foley
JSelwood09: 139
g_dawwg: cmonn didhack
rogan84: And where are those that doubted swan half way through the first quarter?...absent lol typical
thorgils: Didak getting samshed by Mcglynn about time someone showed him up
Rowdy69: meh didak will probably still get 100 lol
bigwheels: ive got beams didak beams and beams in this game
fuzz nutz: i have anthony covering for foley which worked absolute wonders last week. hope he can smash the tiges 2moro
Marc85: Franklin finding some form? Good timing for SC and DT.
Shaneo78: lockyer captain cmon mate
darcy: didak for once getting tagged and look at the result ! yeh i traded anthony lol
JSelwood09: mcglynn and didak both on 27
Win4me: Geez i was scared to look after quarter time, very slow start for Swan (c) but what a legend!!
ChrisJudas: McGlynn is a midget. Didak is rubbish if he cant kick 10 on him
Jordan1234: sc scores.... Hodge 65, pendels 59 Lockyer 62
bombermann: so m0nty sewell over judd he, looks like sewell will get 88, juddy got 10 more
Aidos: didak was tagged last week darcy - he got 140 - rok needs to calm down eh
rogan84: Its tough to kick goals when people bear hug you every contest...dont be hasty every body didak can still have an impact
darcy: by who? picken for bput 10 minutes, ahhh yeh slightly alex has him
bombermann: is mitchell ok, was it a hard ball to the face, did it hurt him ????? I NEED TO KNOW
nicnat1: gor davis swan buddy mitchell and hodge in this game
Frankdagun: whats lance's sc? ta...
ChrisJudas: if he is getting bear hugged where are the frees?
rogan84: same nicnat1 good stuff and its a good game to boot
Prospector: Yer, Mitchell got a very fast rising bumper from Collingwood!
CFC 1979: mOnty - why not a comp for when L Brown will get the spud. Maybe QTR and time ?
RooBoy: lmao at mitchell "copped a ball to the face"
redwallis: ball in the face get the spud
Prospector: It was a real Jaffa, cutting in slightly from leg to off.
Prospector: Collingwood is really managing to move the ball around on this pitch!
darcy: i hope frasers absense hurts the pies in the last 10 minutes
rogan84: Josh fraser out - in comes cameron wood!...budding superstar!
Prospector: Well, Aggers, I hope Mitchell can regaing his confidence and be ready to face up to Collingwood again after lunch.
darcy: lol prospector
Keza41: how long until the 3rd quarter starts?
Mad-Dog1: whos the purple name game
bigwheels: aussies 8/192
Keza41: lockyer
Jim Bean: 3rd qtr is about to start
CFC 1979: Too late Mad-dog Lockyer
darcy: mitchell sarting on the field
redwallis: png?
Mad-Dog1: lockyer 127
darcy: come on hawks
PommyV14: Hauritz out. Onions got him
darcy: captains goal sammy you champ
Big V: Mitchell the heart
PommyV14: Flower off didak, stay down
Jim Bean: "Dick up"
Keza41: is lockyer still tagging mitchell?
Jim Bean: Pommy you Pom
smithy_9: normy is firing up!
RooBoy: cmon frank kick some more
lozisleg: maxwell comon
asglongden: hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodgeyyy
bombermann: hodgey is a SUPERSTAR
Big V: Hodgey the gun!!!
Keza41: hodge wtf are you doing!
go wce: come on didak
Shaneo78: cmon lock
PommyV14: Jim Beam you convict
rogan84: sewell is a ball magnet seriously
darcy: Hodge SC gonna be sexy :)
dillon: Didak cmon this is pathetic
Bruce32: Sam Mitchell is So much better than Dane Swan!
hawks32: go the hawks!!!!
stat-man8: hawks back
heard: flower off didak my big C on u this week u kent
go wce: FUCCK didak capt
Jim Bean: Hahahaha I'm from South Australia (not settled by convicts)
asglongden: agree bruce32, he is better by a country mile
darcy: budyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love yeh baby
smithy_9: the king is back! BUDDY!!!
Geoff: Sam Mitchell - the Claytons Captain
Geelong 22: DIDAK is RIPPING IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy: no coincedence the last 2 weeks budyd and hodge in the middle and bang :)
maxhag: i took didak off the captain spot this week. Lucky!
rogan84: Franklin is finally starting to show his worth!
bombermann: buddy another huge SC kick another 4 in the last quarter make it 8+ lovin it BUDDY, (no more spuddy)
Keza41: buddy! now you do the same lockyer!
Prospector: Buddy's worth $249,000
hawks32: go hawks!!!!
Paddy13: come on maggies....LIFT!
go piessss: lift pies lift................ come on didak 55+ 3 quarter time come on captain
rogan84: well i paid top dollar at the start of the year now starting to pay off
hawks32: buddy will kick 8 tonight
darcy: i wish i could go rookie to buddy now haha if only id got ROk earlier ! Wood is a freak
R.Harvey2: brown is the biggest spud of all time
CFC 1979: No matter what he does it is still year of the spuddy
smithy_9: if spud kicks this hawks will lose its just fate
darcy: buddy loves collingwoofd
CFC 1979: leigh brown - spud spud spud spud king of the spuds. Spud him up mOnty
go piessss: leigh brown BIGGEST SPUD EVER
Prospector: Rookie to Buddy? I went Pav to Buddy! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
darcy: dowler nails it !!!
rogan84: He is Mash potato!...leigh brown wouldnt get a game at west adelaide
Frankdagun: i still want a Lord's members tie!!
go wce: 2 SHHITTT CAPTS... bartel last wk... DIDAK this wk FCUKEN HELL!!!
TmBattler: Vote 1 - Leigh Brown for spud!!
Coondogger: if you're here still redwallis i wouldnt mind you making yourself some dessert now...please?
Paddy13: COME ON Pies! u must win!!!
darcy: budddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
sirzacka: presti's been given a bit of a touch up by buddy
CFC 1979: Come on Monty - spud him up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
budgie63: I went Mitch Brown to Buddy to complete my fwds.
TmBattler: That yellow and red tie FRANK???
Geelong 22: sucked in buddy
dillon: lift didak
chadwick: great game of footy
evan01: cmonnnnnnnn mcgglllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Arky: franklin, hodge and swan doing their bit for my 2400+ campaign, didak sabotaging my rivals, all good
bretta23: what is cricket score
R.Harvey2: hahaha brown gets the golden spudd award for not even being able to take a mark
Crouchy: Boo swan break a leg
Jim Bean: Great job buddy, but no more FAs... Kk?
go piessss: lift piess lifftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Frankdagun: thats the 1, LOVE IT.
darcy: Buddy FA count high = hes bakc haha ! pendles great kick spud
redwallis: coondogger I might just go get some ice cream, back in 5
juliann: 9 for 212
lenny!: im doing ben ross to buddy cause mitch brown actually gets games
Geelong 22: free kick collingwood in the middle
Jim Bean: BUDDDY!! What THE flower ARE DOING????? WHAT THE flower????
chadwick: another FA to buddy
darcy: yeh suck on that collingwood !
bretta23: cheers julian
Geelong 22: against buddy
hawks32: go hawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darcy: buddy just floored diak hahahaha
SaintsRGod: dont worry lockyer will double his score in the last quarter
Win4me: my opponent has Mcglynn and didak (c)...sabotaging his own team...haha
hawks32: c ya didak!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Arky: did buddy just get 2 FA in a minute?
hawks32: c ya didak!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Geelong 22: lol didak -3
HammerTime: I hate collingwood
rogan84: Alan didaks brain has just fallen out
Keza41: lift lockyer. don't slow down
royzboyz: need swan and lockyer to beat davis and shaw......good contest!
asglongden: GO HAWKssss
bombermann: settle buddy, need a good SC from u
darcy: hawks timing this perfectly for next week ! Didaks coming off hahahahaha
Keza41: presti beating didak! lol =]
go wce: im not harppppppppy
darcy: swans alsseep :(
robot46: come on BRADLEY DICK
m0nty: where's your Didak ak ak ak ak ak ak
evan01: go wce.. stop copying chopper from dt talk
asglongden: hawks 0 clangers by foot the hawks are back!!!
darcy: down arrow for dids and superman is coming up for buddy
go piessss: darcy: swans alsseep :(..........he just got +6 before dumb ass
steveyj: alan didhack
tristlvesf: shut up darcy
Geelong 22: it's not my worst captain choice...last year i chose Heath Shaw and he got 12!!!!!!!!!!!!
CFC 1979: AT least DIDAK knows what ground he is on. L Brown thinks he is on the moon andd the sky is pink. SPUD
darcy: yeh well hes had 3 touches in 19 minutes hero :)
tristlvesf: flower up monty
Geelong 22: Didak
johnno17: lol keza41
smithy_9: typical swan kick out on the full!!!!!!
darcy: quality tarkyn
got_im: @ Didak - couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke
torres: aus all out for 215
Keza41: lockyer +10! =]
asglongden: go hawks! yeah boi
Geelong 22: hawks are running away with it!!!
chadwick: get that fat lady to warm up her voice.
smithy_9: out on the full swanny!
Stewy_9: spud for the mega spud
SaintsRGod: leigh brown is having a day for the gods
darcy: ellis gol cya pies
tomonion24: no follow on?
luke.warm: Ellis!!!
selwood=gu: monty, STFU!
budgie63: tristlvesf is another kindergarten collingwood supporter. Go to bed little fella.
bombermann: australia all out for 215 , 220 short :'(
Bretto: why do the poms wear sunglasses when the sun isn't out?
evan01: cmonnn mcglynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
timmo: What's Strauss going to do? I think he said he's having a bat, and he's sprinting off, so it looks like that's the case.
Keza41: you can start junking it up now tarkyn if you want!
go piessss: darcy: ellis gol cya pies...............U WATCH PIES COME BACK MATE
CFC 1979: Maybe the pies could follow on ?
Prospector: They're a happy team - has Jeff got the coat out yet?
torres: england r batting again
darcy: aussies all out for 215 lol
Arky: be surprised if england didn't bat again, there's so much time left in the match
tristlvesf: with you mumma budgie63
Arky: they can easily build a 500 run lead and then send australia in for a day and a half
hawks32: go hawks and buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Bretto: I don't think anyone will ever enforce the follow on after the Aussies lost to India (Laxman & Dravid) a few years ago!
hawks32: go hawks and buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!
tomonion24: cmon hilfy
maxhag: bring back beau muston!
darcy: yeh dream on the hawks are back along with hodge and buddy ! swan keep going you star
PommyV14: hahahahahaha ahhh take a look at that scorecard
Aidos: didak you bastard kick 3
Prospector: Better get Lillee on to bowl then!
budgie63: Haven't learnt big words in kindy yet have ya tristlvesf. Go on mate, get ya milk and cookies and get going.
dan667766: how funnt is it that hawks wont play finals
sarji123: yes! got franklin last week and hes doing good now.. trade paying off =]
Arky: other teams do, it's just australia freaked out because of india that ONE time
tigermania: dick seems a bit limp tonight
Howler82: aussies should chuck and england .. and drag it out for a draw again .. see how they like it
Frankdagun: Greg Matthews on SBS, yeah yeah!!
CFC 1979: mOnty - maybe spud the whole collingwood team.
evan01: did anyone see on the footy show the bulldog humping the collingwood mascot'sleg andbillysays''9monthslaterjofferwasborn
maxhag: Presti is beating didak. LOL
asglongden: why wont they play finals? hiting their straps...
Jim Bean: micthellllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tristlvesf: the milk from your mums tits budgie63
timmo: england are definately batting again
HammerTime: Hodge > Swan
tigermania: england are always conservative, they wouldnt enforce the follow on if they were over 300 ahead
Keza41: haha lockyer! =] keep going and you too franklin
HillyHero: Mitchell = Superman
Prospector: Go Presti - show 'em who the spuds really are!
rhythmgill: good call on mitchell .. M0nty!!!!
CFC 1979: S H I T percentage. Won't play finals
SaintsRGod: monty come up with a way to check PNG during games
Win4me: Come on Sewell, no more sleepy sleepy dude
Alex7089: Collingwood is not as good as everyone thinks Adelaide is better I reckon
Geoff: Looks like the Cats will have to put the Hawks out of their misery next week
PommyV14: tigermania, take a look at the score you muppet.
berkna: first time i've seen superman...
budgie63: Did you think of those "mum" jokes all by yourself? Never heard them b4 tristlvesf. Nice deflection, your team is crap!
juliann: cmon maxwell lift
darcy: shower man ellis warming up ! come on beams wake up
hawks32: hawks are yet to have a clanger kick!
luke.warm: hawks junking it up
Prospector: Alex, u'r right, Collingwood is not as good as everyone thinks
Keza41: it looks like a gem
CFC 1979: Leigh Brown has upgraded to a fench fry. Ha Ha
geelong09: collingwood are flowering shower
tigermania: ellis loose man in defence
darcy: didk touched it well done mate
maxhag: I have put $400 on for Brisbane Lions to win the Grand final. Anyone else?
Danny_Bhoy: is Didak on?
ChrisJudas: Disgraceful pendles
sirzacka: so much for 8 in a row collingwood lol
asglongden: I AGREE ADELAIDE is better than collingwood! collingwood were lucky against the dogs and have beaten crap
tigermania: what are you on about pommy
Prospector: v ordinary quarter for pies - freo could beat that in a single game
darcy: hodge verse swan for gun
Arky: 44 point turnaround for the quarter
bombermann: hodgy u gun, my hawks are averagin 83 each atm pretty good
tomonion24: collingwood will win this
Mad-Dog1: there still in it collingwood
ChrisJudas: give didak the spud.
budgie63: Pies being found out now an opponent has ramped up the pressure.
darcy: lions are struggling o beat freo lol
PommyV14: We made 425 Tiger, and you blokes are 215. So the last thing you can be doing is bagging out England.
SaintsRGod: give leigh brown the gun,star or dollar sign
go piessss: ASLONGDEN................keep talkin mate we deserved that win last week against the dogs u us win tonight
tristlvesf: your all flower heads
fatboys: lions cant even beat freo
rhythmgill: woo hoo the title defense is back on !!!!!
dillon: Thanks for losing me my supercoach Didak!!
ExPrez: tomonion24 the spud .. hawks are home
bombermann: now they are averagin 86 each :D
tristlvesf: you have no lives
maxhag: Is rioli on the ground?
PommyV14: Thats right go pies, Collingwood and England are the winners this week
ChrisJudas: give all poms the spud
asglongden: lol you were lucky to hold onto to win by 1 point... ill watch u lose tonight & next week mr one eye pie
Kazakhstan: whats the icon on mitchel stand for?
SaintsRGod: just coz didak is havin a bad game the spud doesnt go to him, the spud goes to a natural spud, not someone playin bad
stat-man8: game over
smithy_9: the premiers are not home yet, maybe last year but this year we can def lose from ehre
sarji123: luke hodge!! lucky i kept u when u were injured
Greenman: Give Hodge the gun, Monty.
bombermann: now they are averagin 87 each GOOOOOOOOOO HAWKSSS
harkers77: ha nice call chris judas
evan01: kazakhstan scroll down mate
Prospector: Hodge the ton, give him the gun
Arky: how many points did hodge and mitchell get just that quarter?
darcy: beams needs to get 80 !!!!!
bombermann: hodge to the ton , give him the gun
Jim Bean: Why are you watching AUSTRALIAN Football Legue PommyV14, and then paying-out Australia?
stat-man8: game over
m_zulian: hodey. so glad i kept u when u were injured and averging about 75
berkna: luke hodge traded himself into his own team last week
asglongden: no, the way hawks are playing against the way pies are playing... there is no turning around
josh_smith: didak = spud
Geelong 22: yes go hodgey....... now sewell get that ton and u to make up for the shower didak score =]
thorgils: Can anyone hear that???
J0HN100: haha, hodge is my captain
Prospector: Bircall on field, Guerra on the pine - I mighta got that wrong!
thorgils: It's the sound of 50,000 collingwood supporters heart breaking
luke.warm: Luke Hodge, lucky i picked you up the week you started to hit some form.. wait thats not lucky, thats smart
HammerTime: Didak's BE is 111
JSelwood09: yeah the fat lady is singing
smithy_9: lets jsut keep in mind hodge is doing this injured too with no preseaon, imagine if he was fit and had a preseason
bombermann: -30 prospector , unlucky
maxhag: this is presti's best game this year for DT points
PommyV14: Jim Beam, I probably know more about AFL than you.... And what has that got to do with it mate?
brendan023: didak 60 point last qtr wait and see
Prospector: berkna: -that was the signal we all waited for!
rogan84: Hawks in form now and of course they find their way against the woods!...look out sept seriously hawks r rising
rhythmgill: flower the pies ..go hawks
Chuka: go hawkas
thorgils: Well done Didak what a joke of a human
m_zulian: who is the no.1 junk tie player in AFL?
thorgils: Hey Joffa how's your jacket!! mwaahhahah
RooBoy: kick 4 in the last qtr buddy
berkna: i got him a few weeks too early, all is forgiven now tho
darcy: brendon keep on dreaming hes gone alon with collingwood
Alex7089: The wy Clark is goin I am bringing him in for cox :|
Geelong 22: buddy goal
bombermann: 103 SC for hodgy, mitchell 89, guerra 97, buddy 85, swan 99, shaw 106, lockyer 83
rooboi11: cmon pendlebury make me proud
turts111: didak is over-rated trash who cant win his own ball... wannabe gangster midget...
numberwang: show us your three strikes buddy you druggy flower
bombermann: i got SC scores if ny1 wants them
Crouchy: BUDDY LOVE is back!!!
Chuka: Josh Hill biggest junk
go wce: didak and drummond are KILLING me!!!!!!! argh
Win4me: Mitch Clarks hurt his left leg slidding into the dugout. should be ok :)
Lion09: C'mon Lockyer 100+++ long time overdue
go wce: but buddy and hodge are making me :)
geelong09: keep it up buddy crack the ton
bombermann: BUDDY BUDDY BUDDY good pick up prospector
happyh: "leigh brown goes for dick....and makes a mess of it" tim lane
LoDeezy: L Davis SC?
maxhag: Where is the OLI?
bombermann: HODGY gotta love it
rhythmgill: flower u all buddy haters... ur just jealous tht u dnt have thim
FAL123: is there any doubt that hodge will move into the midfield and schoenmakers will take his spot from now on
Geelong 22: lol brenden 55 more pts!!!!!!!!!!
Lakey91: Anyone else tip hawks???
Alex7089: Hodge for the star he is such an awesome kick
tomonion24: now its all over
turts111: ahahahaha collingwood are such dikheads...
budgie63: I love a good Collingwood loss and this is a beauty!
Geelong 22: i 4got i had roughy
BarneStorm: loving the Adcock - Hodge trade that i made YAY
maxhag: FAL123 - I agree +1
therealmkd: hodge gun fanklin star
juliann: cmon maxwell 70
HammerTime: I tipped them with $50 on the line lakey
rooboi11: brad dick is a damn bluff
SaintsRGod: get the heart off hodge all he had was a ball in the face
craigib: tipped magpies, but dont care helps the crows in to the top 4 if we win
LoDeezy: bombermann my brother, L Davis SC?
CFC 1979: What still no spuds - whats going on
turts111: jack anthony is the worst ever wannabe key forward in the history of VFL/AFL...he's a CHUMP..
darcy: didak to 40 :( damn it haha HODGYYYYYYYYY STAR ! That heart is hilarious ! swan gun coming up
HammerTime: flame for Didak?
stat-man8: carlton a big win and coll a big loss. nice
go wce: shudda put the C on swanny or gaz
Elephant: Didak is my captain because his 5 week average is 137.....hope he can superman this quater
CFC 1979: Yes it is nice stat-man8
Fury: Brown and Dick on the bottom. Hmmm....
Prospector: Dick downlow
Crisnlance: hodge or mitchell???
maxhag: didak should have COLD icon
Bretto: not sure about the heart for Mitchell, wasn't that bad, only a smother that hit him in the face
pkjunior: @gowce: A big c for a big C?
go wce: presti is beating didak tsk tsk
Ryder30: hodge!
Alex7089: O'keefe FF was higher than Didaks DT :O
FAL123: elephant hate to break it to ya cause i love didak but when hes angry no chance of him gunning anything
sheabidiby: what the hell happened to pendlebury he just died in the ass after half time
dillon: cmon Pendles get the ton
tristlvesf: monty go suck on your own dick
asglongden: rofl where is go the piessss? thought u were going to win tonight you nuffy
Arky: star hodge, gun swan
RooBoy: cmon buddy kick another one
smithy_9: mitchell lsot his vision fair effort
Padfoot: buddy back to his old self..goals, behinds and a showerload of fa's, i like it!
darcy: buddy verse fev again ! bemas cmon 80 buddy you can do it
JSelwood09: it hit him in the eye and he couldnt even open his eye
Austin: what was Hodge's breakeven?? I want to buy him in now.
JesseSmith: is pendlebury on?
Keza41: stop hodge! go franklin and lockyer!
darcy: swan seriously is a freak every single weke he delivers ! lockyer keep going
pato95: dwn arrow 4 didak
Bretto: Notice when there is a very close Aussie bowling appeal the lack of replays....
Chuka: ?
Mad-Dog1: -9 wTF
pascoe: ryan schoenmakers is awesome. he is covering for SJ this week and anything above 70 would be just so good
Big V: Superman for Shaw (Special Symbol The Big Red Car)
Chuka: goal cancelled
hotdish: is pendles DEAD?
georgie93: WTF happen to anthony -9?
turts111: all of pendles pouches have been cheap hot-dogger ones in back pocket... coll are over-rated junk THE WHOLE TEAM.
Jim Bean: BUDDY BRILLIANT! You gun!
bombermann: hodge gun?
darcy: swan come on get your season average you machine :) FRANKLINNNNNNNNNNN
evan01: cmonnnn mcccccccccggggggggglllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
CFC 1979: collingwoods dead lol
Jim Bean: Mitchell you gun
chadwick: swan gun hodge star
smithy_9: the last time sammy mitchell kicked goals like this ..... 2088 GRANF FINAL..thats what im talking about!
bjh002: swan no influence on game all always
Chuka: ??????
andreioz: whats the champion data site?
lozz15: hhaawwwkkkeesss
maxhag: this is footy talk, flower that cricket showertalk off
HammerTime: hodge be is 61
Arky: presti back ahead of didak
bombermann: captains goal
lozz15: didak spud
smithy_9: at least now the swan shower footbalelr debate is over
darcy: 15 more beams
megamatt: cmon o'brien gets some points
FAL123: dids should have the down arrow
Alex7089: WTF is with hawthorns list all collingwoods players are on it
Big V: Lance Franklin = Superman
Bretto: maxhag = sour puss
tristlvesf: it wasnt a captains goal, they are 50 points infront
ChrisJudas: i should have put presti captian.
pointer: at least 6 spuds for Joffas Jokes
maxhag: the 2088 grand final? Ohh futuristic
ChrisJudas: pendles!
Alex7089: C'mon Cyril Buddy and Hodge did their bit
bombermann: did m0nty get the idea of superman, after buddys huge last quarter against kangas
andreioz: whats the champion data site?
lozz15: collingwood supporters ahaha priceless wen losing haha
Bruce32: Dane Swan Gets the Cheapest Kicks
pepper08: ellis for bin
CFC 1979: CARLTON - COLLINGWOOD next week. Big game wooooooohoooooooooooo
Arky: keep going hodge, swan and franklin, need you to make up for stupid broughton
maxhag: Medhurst is very quiet these days
darcy: junkcn for anthony
RooBoy: get a bag buddy cmon
Big V: Jack Anthony the fire
smithy_9: dane swan = joel bowden
bigwheels: hodge is just a poor mans david rodan
tristlvesf: flower up brucy
lolitsgaz: hodgey goallll
FAL123: hodge!!!!!!!!!
Greenman: Hodge STAR.
joelly31: just got here... sam mitchell ball in the face.. can someone explain how that happened?
Jim Bean: Joel Bowden > Dane Swan...\
SaintsRGod: lockyer junk it up
go piessss: smithy_9: dane swan = joel bowden............UR AN ABSOLUTE D I C K H E A D
essendon1: carlton wil beat collingwood
asglongden: lol wtf @ bigwheels....
rogan84: Hawthorn have been asleep all season to help get the jump on geelong again come sept...stkilda just a phase lol
maxhag: smother
bluma: smothered it with his head joelly
lozz15: is it just me or has all the collingwood supporters on this chat gone home, like the ones at the footy
Big V: Hodgey could score 160 plus
bombermann: HODGY , is he a defender or a forward? lol
redwallis: rodan is a poor mans ashley sampi
andreioz: prospector u pest
chadwick: get some junk stuff swan
smithy_9: true dane swan hasnt been all ustralian bowden has, BOWDEN > SWAN
darcy: luke hodge you absolutele champion
gleeson: yeah... dane swan is just a midfield joel bowden...
pepper08: Mitchell off down to the rooms wrist or shoulder injury unlikely to return.
ed_adkins: come on buddy get 100
Prospector: joelly - was a cricket ball - bumper from Collingwood!
TmBattler: come on lockyer.......
rhythmgill: WE'r a happy team at hawthorn !!! woohoo
turts111: swan is a disgrace to league footballers from yesteryear.. they would puke watching this little dwarf hobble around.
darcy: swans average goes up again haha what a star
sarji123: cmon swann 130+!! looking good =]
smithy_9: now the games over swan is trying to rack it up
JesseSmith: little dick's gone missing
ed_adkins: goodd buddy
numberwang: joel bowden is a hasbeen
Arky: the great dane continues to kick ablett's ass for the title of best DTer
Mad-Dog1: Next year i was looking at a back line of hodge goddard drummond put that will be exspensive cause of hodge
bombermann: ton for buddy, mitch brown out --> buddy in, only cost me about 1 -10k, laughin
darcy: swan again 150 go son go ! anthony cramped uo hes gone
chadwick: swan is far from a disgrace, he runs hard and runs all game
evan01: cmon mcglynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Arky: turts: bull, they would puke trying to keep up with him is why they'd puke
andreioz: no seriously, whats the CHAMPION DATA SITE
darcy: swan dont give it to dick and then to beams lol LOCKYER MISSES wow
numberwang: hey turts, get out there and win a ball hero
Jim Bean: Swan for GARBAGE TRUCK
essendon1: cmon swan 150+
bombermann: swan is goin right off
HillyHero: Alan Didak should get the down on average arrow
Bruce32: Dane Swan Trash Time
turts111: swan should be in the circus as a tattoed midget... it'd be a winner 4 sure.
bombermann: m0nty u mite wanna swap the gun and the star
Big V: done that Mitch Brown to Buddy trade last week
JSelwood09: lol lol haha trade brad dick for buddy this week!!! yes!!
darcy: for sc scores ! finish it off with a goal swan
Padfoot: talk about garbage time, flowering swan, really wish i got him!
leinster23: turts111 you've said that for the last 5 weeks in a row no one gives a shower
chadwick: trash can for beams?
Prospector: seriously,! did you try it?
bjh002: Why swan the gun. No influence on result
sarji123: yes have swann (c), hodge, tarkyn, franklin=] brad dick =[
Dimma: first time didaks had a hard tag and he couldnt break it.
vindawgs: superman for pendles
Ryder30: Go mcglynnn 90 points
bombermann: comon mitchell hav a kick and u hav the ton
andreioz: no seriously, whats the CHAMPION DATA SITE
numberwang: turts = all mouth...get off your fat ass and have a kick, wonka
darcy: beams grweat goal your a legend ! so should have kept you in sc
Arky: is swan on a 50 point quarter? absolutely insane
ed_adkins: dont take beams off mick, let him get the ton!
Prospector: cold sliced dick on toast anyone?
darcy: hodge sc will be 170 imo
SaintsRGod: i dont know What i had lokyer down for in PGN all i know it was in the hundreds
TmBattler: bourbon can for beams!
evan01: turts111 is a wonka clap clap clap clap clap
Win4me: if only swan had an awesome start he'd be beating ROK right now :(
geelong09: collingwood are shower they adeilaide are better
Geelong 22: Hodge beat swan u spud
Big V: On track for a very big score in SuperCoach
evan01: go mcglyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnnn
go piessss: geelong09: collingwood are shower they adeilaide are better..........PIES ARE BETTER
Stewy_9: go hawks
Leesa: im certain everyone on this chat has never played the game all great
Prospector: .com and both work
Alex7089: Why would Swan get star? He played well while the game was over he not that good his disposal isnot as effectiveas hodge
SaintsRGod: monty come up with a way to check PNG during games
Judd u sta: cmon roughead LIFT
rowshow: sewell is showing why hes better than judd eh monty
dillon: Ablett>>>Judd>>>>>Swan
turts111: ohhh u poor little collingwood supporters who cant stand losing.... u should be used to it retards... 1 flag since '58..
lozz15: Collingwood finally being pulled up for ther holding of the play stupid spuds
Bryce08: jordie!!!!
asglongden: WHERE is go the piesss??? he told me at 3qtr time pies would win... cant wait to watch them lose 2 in a row!!
tristlvesf: your all flowering great cunnts
Frankdagun: haha tm battler. go the beams!!
hapy_eagle: didak captain. how grand
go piessss: turts11.................pies=too good
turts111: i repeat - 1 flag since 1958... u guys are dumb stupid dikheads, and i love it u koksukkers.
Kazakhstan: dick is a bit flacid tonight
noffle: You can check, just use the same url
bombermann: is there only 1 superman cape per game, or can there b more than 1, coz hodge is havin a rippa quarter
brendan023: why the f hasnt hodge played mid all yr. hes had like 50 clearances
JSelwood09: turts111 your a f*cking dickh ead!!!!
asglongden: lol ablett doesn't > judd... judd is so much more damaging than ablett
lozz15: collingwood def not as good as adelaide
evan01: cmonn mcglynnnnn 85
josh_smith: tits
TigerFever: WTF happened?
minggu: turts111 i dunno what anyone else thinks around here but u r by far the biggest gimp on this site
maxhag: LEESA - not true!
darcy: rougheadddddddddddd ! Hodge nother clearnce
numberwang: turts, im not a collingwood're just a 15yo hero
go piessss: JSelwood09: turts111 your a f*cking dickh ead!!!!..........................I TOTALLY AGREE
porps40: hodge as good as judd and ablett on his day if not better imo
Leesa: turts ur a little boy who should shut the flower up
Prospector: dick is a softcock
darcy: swan 150 you can do it
evan01: please mcglynnn 80
turts111: just the 1 flag since 1958... that's 1958... most over-rated JUNK full of dumb supporters
darcy: porps very true just not as consistent
Leesa: but u were soft maxhag a real trajic i beat
Kazakhstan: turts who do you support?
ed_adkins: cmon beams get the ton!!!!!
minggu: surely theres gotta be a banning on the cards here
asglongden: hey go piessss u said pies wud win? looks like they did....... dont bother going on friday, you'll lose
RooBoy: ome more buddy!!!
maxhag: LEESA - UM, best and fairest 2 years in a row!
lozz15: hahah agreed leesa on turts that is
Geelong 22: come on Roughy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maxhag: leesa - learn to spell
tigermania: bin for roughhead
luke.warm: if anthony gets the bin, so should roughie monty.. surely?
JSelwood09: turts111 im pretty sure its past your bed time so pis$ off to bed
Ess09: cmon davis.. hit the ton
ed_adkins: get a tackle beams!!!!
itsduftime: damn ellis on my bench
darcy: hodgey again !!!! roughed traditional bin like last year wen the hawks dominated haha
Leesa: maxhag in the under 9s at manangatang
evan01: yesss mcglynnn'
Bruce32: Very Happy for Beams to fill in for bartel
maxhag: Yay, i won the half time game
Bryce08: jordie lewis what a gun!!!
porps40: whats the chances of hodge playing in the midfield for the rest of the season
darcy: siren what a game lowest score 96 from 5 players and swan captain !
Leesa: bet u can spell better than u play the game
Prospector: Hawkers are back, Buddy Hodge Guerra back, Jeff Kennett back woot what a happy team
thorgils: collingwood what a bunch of pretenders
wceagles: 2 weeks in a row my capt got 45 :S
tomonion24: noo! i put money on hawks to win 50+
dunny73: bloody didak captain!
Prospector: Didak hack hack ackka kkaak
maxhag: go the hawks!
lozz15: hahah collingwood u pack of absoulute princesses
tigermania: itwas too hard for didak, spent the last half of the qtr on the bench
bombermann: i have been 1 off winnin png twice today, lol
hawks32: what how does swan get the gun and not buddy?
brendan023: like a good prostitute swan keeps on getting better with age
cougars23: f**king didak (capt)
master6842: i reckon 124 swan SC
bombermann: hodge, 147 SC
bombermann: i hope
bombermann: i tipped lockyers SC score insted of dt LOL
yeahboi: mcglynn SC score SHIIIIIIIIIZIN
thorgils: because even tho BUddy played better Swan always racks p huge points
Kazakhstan: bombermann get a life u artard
tomonion24: buddy's b.e will be bout -100 next week
tom_scully: brendan, you ever seen any 80 yo prostis
meataxe: jesus, wasn't swan on 18 points at end of 1Q?
Ryder30: shi.t Mclynn!!!
oooPIESooo: FFS why is Leigh Brown in our side??? Get rid of this SPUD
Sammo94: the scorings rigged
tom_scully: agree sammo
Bassat: fd
Gypsy: how did swan get same as hodge SC? had NO influnce on game..joke
R.Harvey2: sammo94 how is the scoring rigged?