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West Coast team to face Brisbane

B: Brett Jones, Darren Glass, David Wirrpanda
HB: Beau Waters, Adam Hunter, Adam Selwood
C: Andrew Embley, Daniel Kerr, Michael Braun
HF: Chad Fletcher, Ashley Hansen, Matt Rosa
F: Jaymie Graham, Quinten Lynch, Mark LeCras
Foll: Dean Cox, Matt Priddis, Tyson Stenglein
I/C: Shannon Hurn, Mark Nicoski, Mark Seaby, Brent Staker
EMG: Chris Masten, Jamie McNamara, Scott Selwood

Oh dear, look at all those tasty rookies in the emergencies. This is the worst case scenario for fantasy coaches. Nicoski and Staker being named on the bench doesn’t fill me with confidence about their stickiness in this side either. A poor outcome all round.

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