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NAB form parallels

This is the time of year where you start wondering whether NAB Cup form really is a good indicator of fantasy potential for the real stuff. Let’s look at a couple of 2007’s highly hyped fantasy rookies and what their NAB numbers tell us about similar players this year. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about “this year’s…”!

Nathan Foley: 94/118 vs Geelong. It’s easy to make the comparison with this year’s Foley, it has to be Craig Bird. Another inside mid who got enough game time to show his wares in the centre square in the NAB. Rely on Bird’s preseason.

Matt Priddis: 81/91 vs Fremantle. We only got to see him once in the 2007 preseason but Priddis managed to get third billing on the Eagles stat sheet on the same line as Ben Cousins. He didn’t hide his light under a bushel. The 2008 equivalent is probably Brent Prismall, though it’s unlikely that Prismall will have multiple spots open up in the Cats midfield as happened to Priddis last year.

David Rodan: BOG vs Adelaide, 110/141 vs Geelong. The obvious analogy is with Bachar Houli. Houli is about the same price as Rodan was, and while Houli hasn’t been cracking the ton he does represent excellent value over his price, especially in SC.

Joel Selwood: 67/68 vs Richmond, 50/55 vs Port, dropped for Brisbane. Jarryn Geary is the closest match here, complete with the rest for the NAB semi-final in order to keep him fresh for round 1.

Tim Boyle: 15/16 vs Melbourne, 81/91 vs Carlton. Tom Hawkins also started poorly in NAB round 1 but perked up for the quarter finals. He’s not as dirt cheap as Boyle was but he’s already in a lot of fantasy sides.

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