Bad things in threes: injury report from R3, 2010

1 tombstone, 10 red crosses, 3 hazard signs, 28 band-aids and two pows. What a week for fantasy football coaches.

AFL Rd 3 - Saints v Magpies

I have copied and pasted the report that appears on the front page of FanFooty under the scores on the weekend. I think I’ll start doing this every week on the blog, so that you lot can discuss the implications of the round’s injuries.

injured INJURIES

Nick Riewoldt: Hip problem in Q1 then rolled left ankle in Q2 then pulled right hamstring in Q2 with speculation it was torn off the bone… no space to lead into with Pies flooding back… 5 possessions on Prestigiacomo
Jay Schulz: Left knee bruising in Q1 and off again in Q4 with it to get iced up… 2.1 from 14 possessions and 4 marks on Merrett
Simon Black: 10 possessions and 4 marks… left calf strain in Q2 and didn’t return after half time
Nathan Bock: Zoned off Bate for 16 possessions and 5 marks… left hamstring problem in Q3
Kurt Tippett: Warnock on him… no stats in Q1… 8 hit outs and 7 disposals with 3 marks… off in Q4 with left ankle soreness and didn’t return
Patrick Dangerfield: Nowhere in Q1… 10 handballs among 11 disposals with 2 tackles… neck injured in a gang tackle by three Dees in Q3 and stretchered off… went to hospital
Trent Hentschel: Started down back on Newton… 3 touches… right knee iced at QT
Jason Akermanis: Guerra on him… 10 disposals and 2 tackles with 3 marks… hamstring problem in Q3 and trackie dacks on
Ryan Hargrave: On Brown… 2 possessions and 0.1… copped a bump from Renouf in Q1 and looked groggy holding his neck… on the bench in trackie dacks
Josh Gibson: Stood Hall… pulled his right hamstring early in Q1 and will be out for a month
Nick Suban: Left knee twisted under a Bartel tackle in Q4 and it looked like a ligament tear… 11 possessions and 4 tackles with 2 marks


Ashley McGrath: Minded Ebert… 20 disposals and 9 marks… a report for an eye gouge in Q3 that the cameras caught will probably be worth a week or two
Mitchell Clark: Reported for a blatant strike to Trengove in Q1 that cut his head open and will get weeks… 21 hit outs and 13 possessions with 0.1
Hayden Ballantyne: Reported in Q1 for pinching…? 2.0 from 13 possessions… very quiet before half time but lifted after that


Nick Dal Santo: Tagged by Wellingham… 13 handballs among 27 touches with 7 marks… cork in the right calf in Q3
Sam Fisher: Leigh Brown tried to man him up… 28 touches and 10 marks… concussed in Q3 in a marking contest with Davis and stretchered off… back on in Q4
Jason Gram: 29 disposals and 5 marks with 1.1… ankle problem in Q3 but returned
Lenny Hayes: 27 touches and 3 marks with 3 tackles… had his nose busted open by King in a marking contest in Q3 but played on
Aaron Davey: Tagged by Reilly… 20 possessions and 6 tackles with 0.1… right hamstring soreness in Q1 and suffered through the rest of the game
Travis Cloke: First goal… Dawson on him… left ankle rolled in Q3 but returned… 1.2 from 17 possessions and 9 grabs
John McCarthy: 11 disposals and 5 tackles… right leg problem in Q2 but played on
Nathan Grima: Sore shoulder in Q1… 7 marks and 22 disposals
Leigh Adams: Corked thigh in Q2… 0.1 from 15 touches
Scott McMahon: Moved to LeCras in Q1… 17 disposals and 2 FA… sore left knee in Q3
David Hale: Copped a knock to the guts in Q1
Beau Waters: 20 disposals including 13 handballs… copped a knock to the head in Q2 but eventually returned
Danyle Pearce: Left ankle knock in Q3… 23 disposals including 17 kicks
Jackson Trengove: Cut over his left eye opened up by Clark’s strike in Q1… 14 touches plus 0.1… rotated through the ruck for 4 hit outs
Mitch Robinson: 13 disposals and 6 tackles… cork in the left thigh/knee in Q3
Chris Yarran: 1.0 from 12 touches and 3 marks… left knee knock in Q2
Bret Thornton: Left quad problem in Q1 but returned… 10 touches minding the resting ruckmen Hille and Ryder
Brock McLean: Back problem in Q1 required multiple painkillers… also an ankle knock in Q1… 6 touches and 0.1
Tayte Pears: Had his nose rearranged in Q1… 22 disposals and 7 marks standing Waite
Mark Williams: Ankle problem very early in Q1 but returned… 4.0 from 8 possessions on Jamison
Jarred Moore: Tuck on him… 1.1 from 13 possessions with 7 marks and 3 tackles… left ankle twisted in Q2 and barely used after that
Richard Tambling: The Sydney effect worked its magic… 9 possessions including 5 handballs
Liam Picken: Tagged Bateman… left eye problem in Q2… 10 possessions and 2 marks plus 0.1… right ankle in Q4
Tom Williams: Morton his man… 13 touches and 3 marks… left knee knock in Q2
Roger Hayden: Minded Chapman… 13 touches and 4 marks… cramp in a thigh in Q4
Michael Barlow: Tagged by Ling until Ling’s injury then went head to head with Selwood… 17 possessions and 1.0… hurt his ribs in a clash with Chapman in Q2
Cameron Ling: Tagged Barlow to start… copped Johnson’s knee in his left ribs in a marking contest and looked to be hurt… returned in Q2 but stayed forward… 20 touches and 6 tackles
Shannon Byrnes: 16 possessions including 10 handballs with 3 tackles… Van Berlo on him… left ankle twisted in Q3


Relton Roberts: Second game… Shaw his man… 0.1 from 6 disposals… headclash with Vickery in Q4 had him stretchered off
Jordan Lewis: 13 handballs among 22 disposals with 6 marks and 3 FA… KOed by Harbrow going back for a mark in Q2 and stretchered off… returned in Q4 for a few extra stats


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