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Forum roundup: Here we go again with Kosi

Justin Koschitzke is battling “general soreness” to be right for Friday night’s game, according to a couple of threads on Saintsational. He’s in the vast majority of good teams. so this is a blow… though not unexpected, given his very poor record in staying fit over the past couple of years. Tens of thousands of coaches will be hoping he can last another three or four weeks so they can trade him up.

Elsewhere at the fan forums:
BomberBlitz is not fooled by Kevin Sheedy’s games, identifying the obviously bogus pick of injured Jason Winderlich to be replaced by Courtney Johns. Still no sign of Kepler Bradley coming back into form… wait, was he ever in form?
– The denizens of Demonology are incredulous that Brent Moloney was named, with the consensus being that he won’t play a full game.
Daniel Gilmore is reported to be fighting both a groin problem and a lack of skill over at Dockerland.
Ben Rutten is the injury worry over as As The Crows Fly, which is not so much of an issue for owners of Rutten who number very few, but it does mean opposing full forward Barry Hall is firming up as fantasy captaincy material.
– Over at EaglesFlyingHigh the conversation centres around Ashley Hansen’s fitness – fair dinkum, if he was a horse he would have been shot long ago – and whether Jaymie Graham will replace Mark Seaby.
Josh J. Kennedy is the topic of conversation at TalkingCarlton, with the fans agreed that the wide open spaces of Subiaco will suit his gamestyle. Ah, I love Blue fans’ arrogance.
– The boys at The Lulie St Dash discuss Ben Johnson being named as an emergency for the Magpies, a very suspicious selection that leads me to believe he is a big chance to be a late in for James Clement.
– A completely unsubstantiated injury rumour about Michael Rischitelli and Simon Black over at The Searching Kangaroo. Say it ain’t so!

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