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Forget the backs, it’s forwardystopia

Big selection news in what had been a relatively quiet position for fantasy coaches this year, the forwards. No Paul Chapman for the second week running, and Geelong have also dropped Ryan Gamble. This week was the week to get rid of Gamble anyway, but those who picked up Chappy last week get double the pain. Word is that the bald one’s omission is precautionary, which makes it possibly even more frustrating!

Meanwhile, Melbourne has seen fit to omit much-hyped rookie Shane Valenti… I guess that answers the question of which rookie they’ll demote once Jack Grimes returns in round 13, huh? Austin Wonaeamirri owners rejoice. This puts into disarray many coaches’ downgrade plans, leaving Jarryd Morton and Ryan Davis as the only forward rookies who played last week. EDIT: And now we’ve seen the full teams, Davis has been dropped and Morton is the only one left standing! It’s a worry.

There will be quite a few coaches who get the triple whammy with these three players all in their forwards this week. To those unlucky few I say…. PANIC!!!!

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