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Chat log from R11 of 2024: Adelaide vs West Coast

Chat log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R11 of 2024

zadolinnyj: Go crows
BigChief: Only interest in this 1 is for tipping.
zadolinnyj: Will be interesting to see soligno vs reid
soup: dawson you goat few more of those please
Pavs: Good player soup but no goat
soup: dawson you good player few more of those please
Pavs: Hahaha 🙂
ausgooner: Come on Dawson you fkn beauty
Stu7: Wtf laird
Stu7: Go Lairdy I need you to stay on the ground for at least 75% please
BigChief: That might be a bit of a stretch Stu7 LOL
DiggaDogga: Feels like a walloping. Good if you’ve got Crows players – filling their boots
clay007: Reid not as good away from Optus. Needs the crowd
naicosfan: never seen crouches tog above 75%, good signs
naicosfan: yeo not the same after his injury
Kangagang: Finish them, Adelaide!
DiggaDogga: Dawson having a peek at 70+ at QT.GOAT.
Legix: Dawson holy shit lmao
original: Took captain off Gawn and put it on Dawson. Genius move so far..lot of game left
Stu7: Stay low Hinge
Stu7: That sucks original
Stu7: But it could work out better original
naicosfan: nvm i shouldnt have said anything about crouches tog
DiggaDogga: Full course witches hats Monty. Fwds be damned. Dewar too.
Pavs: m0nty’s gone the cones. You on eaglesrick ?
DiggaDogga: Cmon – team game. Could up his verbal from the pine.
BigChief: Max 140 at 3 qtr time for those who took C off him.
ausgooner: Hopefully Dawson can soften the pain somewhat
dearviolet: Where were these Eagles last week
BigChief: I think they stayed in Perth violet.
McSquire: Need the drug test Eagles
fruity: Brought in Reid this week .. Who will l curse next week…lol
J_Herer: can’t travel
DiggaDogga: I think the whole footy world has to keep reminding them selves Reid has played a handful of games. Such early days.
Waddos: Why on earth would you bring in Reid this week fruity hahaha
ausgooner: Waddos I was thinking about doing the same but wasn’t insane enough to go through with it lol
fruity: Waddos: l wanted someone better than Fyfe…
fruity: Waddos: l’m bringing in Ridley this week..
Yelse: laird needs to leave crows too good to be the pine warmer
StuL: Now for watching Laird sit
StuL: Come on Reid.
StuL: back to earth fir the eagles then
fruity: l need another 20 from Reid to win my league….
Legix: Soligo oh no
original: Dawson you stink. Lift
piesfan420: wtf have i just logged on to, havent been on all day and gawn scores 180
Silz90: Did anyone hold yeo
LionBoy: Yep Silz. Still a holder.
LionBoy: How are scores shaping up. I?m looking around 2320
naicosfan: 2320 if crouch and gov combine for 230
Gotigres: I need 171 from Dawson. Keep going mate, keep going.
pcaman2003: If Reid scores under 98, I win. Thought after yesterday I was a gonner.
Gotigres: I think you’re safe pcaman
natomate: Bloody hell Dawson, 2 Free kicks againsts
original: Ya shower dawson
natomate: Dawson another FA, FFS
original: Captain on Dawson I need more plz
natomate: Harley is a freak that was insane hahaha
natomate: Yep original, he was looking like 170+ but might be a 140-150 now
slydon: HARLEY you absolute jet
slydon: rack em up lad, big second half and final quarter coming up from the kid
Gotigres: Not often all my players score over 65.
LionBoy: Look out PCA. The dragon has woken.
slydon: thats right lions boy and ive started drinking 😉
pcaman2003: Now I’m seeing this could turn ugly for me. Needs to get under 38pts last qtr.
beerent11: Good old j guv, what a champ.
LionBoy: Too much to ask for Yeo to ton up??
natomate: Yeo shouldve gone Lionboy
beerent11: Slug must have carving em up before he went down. What?s the injury?
beerent11: Witherden done= more kick ins for guv
LionBoy: Too far down my problem list nato
beerent11: Yeo was a good hold lion boy.
JockMcPie: outside of a quiet first quarter when everyone on west coast sucked, yeo has been good
natomate: Cmon Dawson
Raspel31: Can live with Dawson after big Max- yum, yum.-
LionBoy: Yeah injuries aside Yeo will be top 10 defender. Just challenging to put injuries aside.
natomate: Finish off and put cherry ontop Daws
slydon: 100 and 80 for gov and reid is all i need
natomate: Everyone has Max raspel
fruity: WC should manage Reid in 2 weeks time when they play North…lol
beerent11: Yes jezza scab those chippies.
Raspel31: Strangely not everyone nato- go Dwson.
beerent11: You know it?s easy when Rachele cashes in
clay007: I don’t have max king nato
beerent11: Only 55% actually have Gawn.
LionBoy: 55% ownership Gawn
frenzy: Gov
beerent11: Love gov frenz
Roarix: Yeo was +11 in the first minute of this qtr and on 61.. come on man
natomate: 55% is Majority, and everyone in top 10% would have him, maybe 90%
Roarix: Everyone means 100% though nato.. so?
BigChief: So everyone is now majority is it?
Roarix: “natomate: Everyone has Max raspel”
Yelse: what happened to soligo?
Raspel31: As a Pom going to top 2499- which for me is rather good- and my opp doesn’t have Gawn nato.
OffaStep: Everyone dislikes hyperbole, nato.
beerent11: Nah he?s right 98k have him that means about 85k don?t. So yeah everyone does have him. Right?
TorturedSC: only 90% in the top 10
natomate: Dont get technical you weirdos. Clearly its a saying. You dont gain much in rank against most, when most top% have him
beerent11: Pointless point tortured. Only the top 10% are in the top 10%. 90% aren?t in the top 10% .
pcaman2003: I miraculously got my win. Scratching my head.
natomate: Considering 4 clangers, 3 FAs and 158 Daws, nice
beerent11: Don?t make incorrect statements
beerent11: Peace. I?m out.
BigChief: No everyone has Gawn is clearly saying 100% ownership, not 55%.

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