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Chat log from P1 of 2024: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs, P1 of 2024

pcaman2003: Looks like I’m chatting to you m0nty. No one else around 🙁
Hughsy: Hi
pcaman2003: Our new young guys are looking the goods. Lots of upside next few years.
m0nty: how are the Hawks only a kick behind, that was putrid
lana2146: Lots of relevant SC cheaps n mids on show here
lana2146: Great start Hustwaite
lana2146: Think Coffield phillips locked in my defence
pcaman2003: lana. I have those 2.. Have Sanders too
Troglodyte: AF fantasy league created too fellas – yfy3s9pt – get on to it
navy_blues: so pca are you a ginnavan fan yet?
pcaman2003: To be decided navy. Would like to see more from him yet.
pcaman2003: Our small guys are really firing well together.
sheezel420: stay down chili, don’t want people catching on
Hooks: How has Hustwaite, D’Ambrosio and Phillips looked?
pcaman2003: Hooks. Hustwaite looks impressive, while the other two are doing their jobs well.
Cascadian: All these forward line mid prices have looked fantastic
pcaman2003: Cascadian. It’s a buffet selection
Cascadian: At the moment my forward line is Jordon, Mackenzie, Harmes, Billings, Reid, Sexton
beerent11: What?s the ruck consensus this year? I?m going Gawn/shrek.
slydon: riley obrien could a sleeper r2
slydon: gawn and grundy right now cant go wrong but i may swap grundy with obrien
pcaman2003: Have Gawn and Grundy but still some doubts on Grundy.
J_Herer: So much mid priced madness this year
pcaman2003: Libba like a good wine that gets better each year.
beerent11: Love the man pca. Auto pick for a while now.
Beast_Mode: 1 kick in last 2 1/4’s, no thanks Coff. Not a lock at all.
beerent11: 123k can be a slow burn that plays every week beast
pcaman2003: I’ll probably keep him beer. His upside could be huge still.
Beast_Mode: better options clearly. reid, phillips, gibcus etc. I’m not convinced he’ll get picked in the first game anyway
beerent11: Yep selection will tell the story
beerent11: There?s a few spots left in the third fan footy draft league if anyone?s interested
slydon: kick us the code 🙂
beerent11: Hawks should?ve let the sleeping dogs lie
slydon: hustwaite v impressive
Beast_Mode: any concerned with sicdogs scoring?
circle52: Is it time to ditch Sam Darcy was my F8.
pcaman2003: I just wish we had a better ruck option. Reeves doesn’t do enough for his size.
Ash777: hawks need to go hard at english over getting bailey smith
beerent11: Draft league code #107142
slydon: im in
Ash777: scrimshaw 75 in a half
beerent11: Bont worth every cent. 130 breakeven no worries.
navy_blues: young colonel sanders reminds me of wallace who use to play for the dogs
slydon: save 75k and take libba and get the same score every week
beerent11: Got em both slydon. Libba is auto selection every year
Gotigres: khamis has probably got a round 1 start I reckon
navy_blues: no way im going sicily on the back of this effort
Ash777: Dogs will have headaches come round 1
Ash777: Dale and JOD to come back.
slydon: i think cash gen is the most crucial thing this year beer gotta pick underpriced and trade up
slydon: what ive learned from this match: hustwaite is a lock, wbd core mids are still elite, coffield will gen some small cash
slydon: then shift on coff
beerent11: Going that way in the fwds and defs slydon. Paying up in the mids.
slydon: how many premo mids you got? 6/7?
beerent11: We all end with the same team at the end with too many trades anyway. Draft is king.
slydon: im still undecided on dambrosio
slydon: havent done an afl draft before so looking forward to it
beerent11: 20 teams/ 22 players. Settle in for a while sly.
slydon: ill be done with work and home with some beers by then

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