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Chat log from R23 of 2023: Richmond vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs North Melbourne, R23 of 2023

Vich: love how ya already know whose playing on who bahahaha what are the lotto numbers??!
Gotigres: Thanks for the memories and the 3 premierships Cotchin and Riewoldt
circle52: Afternoon all
Manowar: Good news, LDU out!
navy_blues: crap game so far
Vich: Both legends of the game..but cotchin = sniper and riewoldt = sook
Gotigres: Oh gee, thanks Manowar for that scoop
Manowar: no problem
bhg26: Didnt know LDU was out until the game started and fantasy only just sent a notification
bhg26: Would have been more useful before the game started rather than 15 minutes into the first quarter
navy_blues: lets go roos win this
thommoae: Yep – gave me a problem too, bhg. Only option was to bring in Fahey from GWS. But at least I had one.
Pavs: AFL sent out a notification 59 mins ago bhg. Need to get that one
bhg26: Have Flanders on the bench so not the end of the world
bhg26: Probably should have pavs but still fantasy should be onto that news as well
Vich: take some phucken responsibility!
bhg26: No
thommoae: Sun shining for you today, Vich?
Gotigres: lol bhg
Pavs: Thats better stand-up material bhg 🙂
bhg26: You say that as if it wasnt perfect before pavs but i know that cant be right
Pavs: Thought with you not remembering things (last years GF) you might struggle in that endeavour.
bhg26: Stop making things up pavs
Pavs: Only got a few weeks left to brag about being reigning premiers mate. Let me go
bhg26: sure you can keep bragging about your imaginary flag
clay007: Geez, Perez going well.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Daniel Howe, bork bork bork!
Drak: Pavs is having a bit of fun bhg, settle down.
bhg26: What?
beerent11: Pretty sure they?re both joking drak
beerent11: Drury is back!
thommoae: Still looks strange seeing Clarko in blue.
Pavs: haha yeah settle down bhg. You are not watching the Swans yet. So aggressive
Pavs: Thanks Drak for having my back
bhg26: Sorry Pavs, just dont like liars
Raspel31: Steady on chaps.
Pavs: The pain is real for you mate. I get it.
Pavs: All in fun Rasp young kids these days lol
Raspel31: Cool Pavs- in my wild youth I was banned several times. Older and dumber now.
Pavs: If I typed what I thought I would be banned all the time on here Rasp
circle52: Think we all are Raspel
Raspel31: Indeed Pavs and circle. How many grovelling letters I wrote m0nty to be allowed back. A good boy now.
Raspel31: Spain or England?
circle52: Like a true Aussie going Spain
beerent11: You gotta take ziegull off dusty.
circle52: anyone v Poms
navy_blues: richmond be rebuilding next i suppose
Raspel31: Beg to disagree circle- carn Taranto.
navy_blues: is dusty contracted for next year?
lana2146: Ziebel 30 disposals was paying $5
beerent11: You gotta take Bailey Scott off dusty
beerent11: You gotta take Howe off dusty
Pavs: Yes he is navy last year on his contract end of next year
navy_blues: ok heard rumour might go to GC with dimma
bhg26: Drury got a stat!
Pavs: I reckon if he wants to go they would let him.
pcaman2003: Good to see Ziebell having a good last game.Such a staunch defender.
soup: About as smart as you look mcintosh
Dondeal: Serves Richmond right. Tiger defenders constantly try to draw 50 when opp kicks for goal
bhg26: Shai Bolton you beauty
ralfsmiff4: Wow that free kick against Drury. Stiff
bhg26: You too Cheezel
Pavs: Sheezel has to get the rising star doesn’t he?
BRAZZERS: ashcroft zero chance
TheFlagger: michito plays waterpolo
Raspel31: You’d think so Pavs- great stuff.
ralfsmiff4: Ollie Hollands deserves more attention imo. Won’t win it, but he’s barely missed a game and plays his role consistently
pcaman2003: Pavs. Sheezel would have to be favourite by now,surely.
Pavs: Had a great year pcaman. Yep i have convinced myself by looking up his stats. lol
pcaman2003: Pavs. He has great style too. Will watch him closely for next year

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