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Chat log from R21 of 2023: Fremantle vs Brisbane

Chat log for Fremantle vs Brisbane, R21 of 2023

nbartos: bring us the goods neale
Raspel31: I can’t help but feel that’s being rather hopeful nbartos.
bushranger: Neale tagged again
Beast_Mode: didnt realise young is a tagger
Beast_Mode: Freo by 80 plus
TimT14: Dunkley need 150+ DT from you
Hazza09: Don?t shaft me Dunkley
lana2146: Get off the f bench Dunkley
circle52: where was the holding free to Cameron there
beerent11: Don?t shaft hazza Dunkley
beerent11: Don?t shaft me Erasmus
Dredd: Insane.. Dunks doing nothing and 61% TOG.. had 5 players over 130 and didn?t VC or C any of them for this HAHAHA
dodgybros: Erasmus shafting Dunkley
DukeNewc: Blame fages Hazza, probably wants him playing managed minutes
DukeNewc: Fagan*
beerent11: Nah just got stuck on the bench between goals duke. Happens.
wadaramus: Dunkley you complete flog.
Dredd: +50 pt are dunks let?s go
Dredd: Qtr*
beerent11: Youse might look silly when he?s on 60 at half. Known for it.
TimT14: Common dunks I took you pick 1 in draft
beerent11: Me? I always look silly
Beast_Mode: how good is the umpiring, about time
circle52: You are kidding me Beast – Holds missed HTB unless you are wearing purple jumpers
Hazza09: Anyone have Dunkley as a unique this week? Ofcourse I do
Dredd: Beast liking bad umpiring, nothing that comes out of this guy surprises..
Beast_Mode: nah mate, good even officiated game bud
thommoae: Dunks not so common – he’s a one-off at Brissie. What happened to ‘come on”, TT?
circle52: With a 10 – 3 FF count kidding
TimT14: With a name like josh he’s common
Beast_Mode: the bears are undisciplined mate
beerent11: Dunks is common good now
circle52: So you agree then Beast that holding a players arm is OK then.
circle52: All freos nudges missed so far not ours
Dredd: Dunks literally arm held at that stoppage HAHAHA.. nice work umps
Beast_Mode: agreed mate, great umpiring
TimT14: Dunkley stuck on the bench?
Beast_Mode: jackson been unreal
JayEm: Sean who?
Vich: all the jackson haters gone quiet…
bhg26: My opponent has sicily and jackson, i had sheezel and kelly. What a week
circle52: Jacksoin onlyplaying 2nd and 3rd string rucks though but agree he has been unreal..
Dredd: Itll be nice to get to finals and not face teams we think we?ll breeze past.. our players mindset is terrible
navy_blues: wow dockers
circle52: And to be honest we are not orking hard enough atm. Freo clearing with ease
navy_blues: jackson flying
Dredd: Well that?s it circle, they think it?ll just happen.. how many Ls does it take to get it knocked out of this group
beerent11: Yeah you gotta ork harder circle. Freo are out orking you at the moment.
dodgybros: Zorko has not put his balls on the line yet.
nbartos: dunk no kicks??
navy_blues: young in mids? thats different
Dredd: Aaa another free kick to goal for Freemantle.. well done umpires
Dredd: Lucky
wadaramus: Dunkley, great week to be a flog you flog.
Hazza09: flog Dunkley, out of all weeks
Dredd: Thought Wagner would be my problem here, no Dunks as C.. fk me dead HAHAHA
DrSeuss: Lions coaching getting found out again – no response when game plan isn’t working
wadaramus: In fact, he deserves the Mary from Junee c-hunt award.
Dredd: Been like this for years now Seuss.. it?s actually insane
DrSeuss: Agree Dredd – no run from behind, defenders are soft, no front half defense – annoying af
colin wood: dunkley not right 63% TOG
Dredd: Dunkley is really summing this all up. A 122 avg scorer dropping a fkn 27 as my C.. kms honestly
Hazza09: Wtf Dunkley, should have traded you 3 weeks ago
Dredd: Please Dunkley, I beg you. It?s time to go bananas
thommoae: Betcha didn’t say that last week, Hazza!
RuffLeader: That tackle on Hughes (hip drop by Rayner), is a direct result of the suspensions for dump tackles!
dodgybros: Robinson should be subbed on for Dunkley if they want to have a chance
navy_blues: tide is turning
Manowar: Not cool Rayner, hope u get weeks for that dirty tackle
soup: Alright serong time to get involved
TimT14: Dunkley ruined my season 😭
Dredd: Deleting sc.. good work Dunkley, completely ruined everything.
navy_blues: lolol
Dredd: 3 goals for CB.. our midfield getting fked
DrSeuss: Tackled around the head for Dunks – free kick to Freo – alright then
NewFreoFan: Fair tackle, dragged it in Seuss
Beast_Mode: thats a square up, freo been shafted by the umps all game
DrSeuss: Nice try Beast – but I saw your trolling earlier as well
DrSeuss: Dragged in – Yes – Arm around the head – Also Yes
dodgybros: Gold Coast Lions would have put up a better fight
navy_blues: will jackson go 180+?
Beast_Mode: the bears are a joke outside of the gabba, it’s comical at this point
Dredd: Freo made the Semi last year beast you absolute fkn ballend.. they aren?t that bad recently either
Dredd: Petition to have beast perma banned.. my god this clown is next level
NewFreoFan: We lost 25% of our games played experience in the off season, not the same team as last year
navy_blues: beast who u support?
dodgybros: Imagine putting the C on Dunkley this week
navy_blues: lol dodgy
JohnHoward: will rayner ever live up to the hype, or will he always be average player?
DrSeuss: Rayner has great hands and can do a lot of things very well – Lions need to drop 1 of the talls and make him a target
navy_blues: omg dunks dropped it
DrSeuss: How do you let that happen twice – play some actual defense ff s
Tea_Bagger: Blatant drop from dunks, ump has him as captain
Vich: Cox struggling in the heat..? Its farken 20 degrees 🙂
dodgybros: Fagin throwing his toys out of his cot
elvundir: i have ryan and serong +35pts vs mcluggage and brayshaw.. its so close!
Dredd: Wish we could throw him out of the club dodgy
Tea_Bagger: This last quarter will prove if CD has dunks
Hazza09: Dredd Dunkley making a comeback
McSpud: dunkley kicks the winner
DrSeuss: How was that not 50m
NewFreoFan: Will give you that one Seuss, clear 50
dodgybros: Is the pressure gauge the coaches current blood pressure
Raspel31: Remember chaps and ladies- there is always next year- sigh.
Tea_Bagger: Dunks copping points like bont this last quarter. 2 handballs 17 points
navy_blues: cmon freo u can do this
DrSeuss: Geez Starcevich has been terrible this year
circle52: Really has Seuss
NewFreoFan: Good contest this
navy_blues: definately a different side away from gabba but got there
Manowar: k’mon Dockers!
TimT14: Lost my final by 4 points..
RuffLeader: What was that kick by Serong? Bit of composure would have done nicely
DrSeuss: Lions still with lots of issues – top 4 very open right now
circle52: Still need that plan B Seusss –
Dredd: Forever without a plan B circle.. we just pray our plan A works..
DrSeuss: If plan A doesn’t work – just try Plan A harder – Coach Faygan

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