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Chat log from R12 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, R12 of 2023

frenzy: howdy
Cottees: hello all, Briggs to hopefully go huuuge
navy_blues: cumberland should be instead of riewoldt not sub
Cottees: navy – I agree but Richmond would never. Too cowardly to be honest that Riewoldt is washed
navy_blues: cumberland is a busy young player riewoldt finished only way he gets a kick is beg umps
navy_blues: riiewoldt prob kick 6 or 7 now lol
Cottees: Look if he does, I will congratulate him hahaa
navy_blues: unless cumberland returning from injury?
Hughsy: briggs on 16 already?
TheLegend6: Nah cumberland been playing vfl last 3 weeks
Cottees: yeah no idea. Have not really followed tigers too much
navy_blues: ok ty legend
bhg26: he just had one of the worst statistical performances in recent memory navy
bhg26: A -12 is quite impressive
navy_blues: who? bhg
Pavs: Afternoon all. Wish Briggs had a lock in this side would have no trouble trading out Marshall for huge cash
TheLegend6: Cumberland is just out of favour, still learning his game, imo he should be playing though
bhg26: Cumberland navy
Hughsy: riewoldt can hear you guys
Cottees: oh no navy – Riewoldt is gonna prove us wrong
navy_blues: i like him won richmond a few games already
TheLegend6: Most of our fans want him in
Hughsy: pleasant suprise, ive got tylar young on the field
bhg26: Taranto for the coleman?
Cottees: How did Cornes ever think Taranto wasn’t at least top 150. Guy is a brownlow smokey
Czars: can green give it to his tm8s
bhg26: Now why would he do that Czars?
TheLegend6: No one taking votes off him from the tiges this year, will poll well but not quite enough wins
bhg26: You guys have bagged Riewoldt into form, can you guys do that to buddy next week?
Cottees: hahhaha Navy he has heard us. We have put him into form
frenzy: Jroo is gunna bite you guys, Lol
Cottees: bhg – well buddy is as washed as Riewoldt. So yes I can do
navy_blues: ok i will start on the carlton guys now be in form next w
navy_blues: week
Hughsy: haha
bhg26: Wanted to reverse my trade so i could trade Seamus into Ford and keep Ryan but i was 2k off bringing Ryan back in
TheLegend6: Anyone else getting weird Kayo definition issues? Been happening last couple of weeks
bhg26: Why is this being reviewed, goal umpire already called touched
navy_blues: wow nice goal
Cottees: bhg – umps love a review
bhg26: Flowering hell thats a big kick
Manowar: Briggs good
TheLegend6: Shai is a genuine SC option based on his last 5-6 weeks
slydon: lfgooooo briggs you monster
bhg26: I concur manowar, hes covering Darcy for me the next few weeks
Doggie Doo: Who is needed to go big this game?
Cottees: Legend and I nearly got him 2 weeks ago but chickened out lol
Hughsy: opponent has bolton and briggs
Gotigres: Nice qtr Briggs.
bhg26: Cogs and Green stop being hacks
sc_god: its tiger time lads!
Hazza09: Ffs Green and your a unique this week
Raspel31: Same issue Hazzard.
original: Cogs this is absolute bs mate. Get going
naicosfan: Buckley and Toby Greene lift pls
sc_god: taranto dead?
Bwad: Ratugolea > Briggs looking very delish
Yelse: Angwin green cogs lift need you
original: Ruckmen scoring is unbalanced with rest of the sc equation
Bwad: Agreed original, that why solo rucks who have RUC/FWD are insanely good when they are available
hmmmm: my toxic trait is getting lured into buying toby greene every god damn year
Gotigres: I’m not complaining original about that. Hopefully Briggs can go 120+
Bwad: Why isn’t there more commentary about the state of the ground? Look like a bad country leagie surface, horrid.
Pavs: A very good footballer Callaghan. Impressive
m0nty: To be fair, it rains a lot in Sydney.
frenzy: can you name one solo DPP ruckmen, I can’t
Raspel31: Oh dear -cap Taranto not looking good and opp got Briggs.
naicosfan: Donut cad man?
Bwad: Not talking about this year Frenzy, just that when it happens it’s crazy good.
Pavs: They need to have a roof over it then m0nty. Half the rain in Tassie and they must have a roof
Nicko006: Get on Briggs..
Bwad: Big man needs his rest Nicko, he’s going well…
BigChief: Pavs the roof in Tassie will help the freezing weather down here during winter.
original: You?re a fraud cogs
Raspel31: Taranto and Green-12 clunkers between them, sigh.
Bwad: I’ll never understand why Himmelberg isn’t first magnet on the board, CHB every week
Pavs: Put it in Launceston then Chief. Much more tropical up
nbartos: briggs score crazy, CD must be loving his tackle
Bwad: Briggs been lucky with a few tackles too, what’s the rule when two players tackle the one bloke? First one to contact??
BigChief: Pavs and more central. 100% agree it should be Launceston
Hazza09: Green the new Taranto
Cottees: Green and Taranto both butchering and similarish stats. Why is there 13 difference in SC?
Pavs: Best playing surface in the country Chief and didn’t get a look in.
frenzy: 2 more CP’s and a goal would be my guess
soup: Geez Coniglio is a hack
Bwad: Would assume that Hobarts population growth is bigger than Launy Chief?
original: Cogs at 70% efficiency tho. If he was humprey his score would be 65
Pavs: It will need to grow extremely fast Bwad as I dont reckon alot of people from the North and North West would travel much
BigChief: Yep Pavs it is. They should have put the money into upgrade York Park instead of building a new ground.
BigChief: Bwad not many will travel from North or North West. Team will be Hobart supported only.
sc_god: lol 80% of humprey score was contested footy, cogs score is fair. needs to win more hard footy
Bwad: That’s crazy that it’s so divided down there, I used to regularly travel that distance from country VIC to watch Carlton
ceaserr16: Thoughts on Whitfield getting 16 touches this half lads? Need the muppet for the multi
BigChief: Ceaserr if you took Whitfield for 30 disp then you’re the muppet.
ceaserr16: It was him or Ash for 25+ BigChief and given recent form, went with Lachie Whitfield
RooBoyStu: Green robbed
Gotigres: Well done Briggs
Cottees: Good on ya Briggs
bhg26: Briggs you beauty
Hazza09: Your a hack coniglio
navy_blues: omg ump
BigChief: Quack quack Grimes.
pluggerpig: bad miss from toby thurston
Bwad: Angwin very lucky the subs been made, the invisible man
a1trader: Handpass and kick then goal, Reiwoldt grabbing an extra stat
pluggerpig: not a great day to have toby greene 2 goals in my multi
BigChief: Very sloppy game.
Bwad: You rang Plugger? Haha
Dredd: Keep going Briggs you good thing
TheFlagger: Come on Brigga bring home a ton
TheFlagger: hes actually a decent ruck passed the eye test
Gotigres: Was Cadman the number 1 draft pick?
Dredd: Cogs gotta be one of the most frustrating players.. goes missing way too much
Pavs: Yes Gotigres I believe he was
naicosfan: confused how sheezel or ashcroft werent no 1 pick but cadman was
nbartos: he got a shin on that should have been play on
TheFlagger: probably because ashcroft was father son and they couldnt get him anyway
Hazza09: Never again Cogs and all those YouTubers saying he was Top 6 forward
naicosfan: oh yeah, forgot about that flagger
naicosfan: 100 points this quarter greene please 🙂
pluggerpig: greeeeeene now i just need a GWS win tho.
hmmmm: he heard u naicos
Cottees: there you go Plugger
hmmmm: theres the 2 goals for the multi for that guy
snake_p: there you go plugger
Doggie Doo: If Briggs makes 100 he makes $70000
Gotigres: Richmond leading at 3qt. Obviously we will lose.
naicosfan: lol hmmm
Cottees: Giants was always gonna win if Greene fires up
Gotigres: Yes Dredd. Cogs is probably the most inconsistent player in the AFL. Gets lots of 60’s but also 130’s
pluggerpig: toby does have the sneaky ability to just show up out of nowhere
Bwad: It wouldn’t shock me to see Toby finish with 5 TBH
TheFlagger: How about that pluck by Briggs?!
Bwad: What’s the brainstrust on this? Take Daicos 123 or roll the dice with Merrett?
TheFlagger: daics
original: Kept angwin instead of trading him for Briggs. Ouch
TheFlagger: Muppet
Raspel31: Prob stick with Naicos Bwad- been burnt today by Taranto.
frenzy: Lol navy and cottees
Nurfed: umpire muppet for that
Cottees: frenzy was always gonna happen haha
pluggerpig: why is this moron reviewing it.. either he got his foot on it or his mate did
Hazza09: Who on here needed Greene 2 goals for a multi?
navy_blues: last1 was charity ump error frenzy
pluggerpig: me Hazza
pluggerpig: but i also need gws 1-39
Yelse: i need dusty for 2 goals ffs seriously
naicosfan: more goals greene
hmmmm: he’s still getting traded for me, but im impressed with this effort from tobes naicos
navy_blues: tigers choke this?
naicosfan: toby ton incoming
Rebuild: Great stuff Bedford!
Gotigres: Of course navy
hmmmm: if tobes tons up from here ill make him captain next week
navy_blues: need briggs back on
Hughsy: its funny watching tylar young go up 20 after two touches everytime
frenzy: thats just for you navy, LMAO
Gotigres: Tigers remind me of Greg Norman playing majors on U.S. soil
nbartos: blue moon for the fossil
navy_blues: ..i.. frenzy lol
_Wang_: Gotigres you just know we will lose
Gotigres: Very true Wang
wadaramus: Thoroughly enjoyabe game of footy from the perspective of a neutral observer.
_Wang_: I am truly eco
wadaramus: What a roost from outside 50 that was.
Raspel31: Agreed wada- but carn Giants.
Dredd: Stop giving Angwin charity points sc ffs.. and cut some of greens.. man was on 60sc 10 mins ago
Hughsy: great game
Bwad: Speak for yourself Dredd 😛
Dredd: Cogs kick the winner please
soup: tiges to finally win a close one?
_Wang_: No soup
Gotigres: Well done Briggs
Raspel31: O’Callaghan- ton up- haven’t touched it for 20.
Yelse: would wardlaw beat Angwin score? should i trade him in
Bwad: Wardlaw is a trap at his price, happy to avoid
Dredd: Huge from Briggs.. big lift from Rioli.. Cogs game winner and its the perfect game
Bwad: Cracking game this…
wadaramus: Briggs goes big!!!
navy_blues: briggsssss
Dredd: Brigga
Gotigres: omg Briggs. 30sc incoming
FlagDons11: briggs
Bwad: Briggs is a god
Dredd: Pump the sc please!!
Czars: apart from 2 goals today
Social: 14.14 apiece, each of two!
wadaramus: What will the last 3.33 bring?!
soup: i love you briggsy
Bwad: Best pick up of 2023
bhg26: Briggs you fucking rippa
Social: plus a goal of course
Raspel31: Briggs destroyed me- aargh.
Cottees: I love you Briggs. Best trade ever
wadaramus: Nank with the takeaway sets up Dion for a maximum!
Vultures: Wardlaw break even is so much better than Angwin, and he’s a mid
Dredd: Alright, now cogs. your turn for plus 30 sc
Social: We’ve got ourselves a humdinger
Doggie Doo: Briggs owners just made $90000
Bwad: Forgetting SC, Briggs is a great ruck if he keeps going like this
Dredd: You are kidding.. Ryan couldnt even score from there hahahaha
pluggerpig: how did tiges not score at all
naicosfan: hero pickett
_Wang_: Hahaha
Cottees: my tip 🙁
Dredd: Giants to kick one from the CB to draw it
naicosfan: greene sc decay hit hard
Gotigres: Briggs probably will be on my bench next round
wadaramus: Wowee, thanks for the entertainment 🙂
wadaramus: Heading off to watch Cowboys v Storm, enjoy your Sunday afternoon.
bhg26: Ive got Briggs to cover for darcy for a few more weeks
Pav300: cracker game
TheFlagger: well done tiges
Bwad: I have Witts so Briggs gets another go for me and not unhappy about it. If he does this regularly, I’m trading Marshall
naicosfan: ryan to briggs?

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