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Chat log from R11 of 2023: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R11 of 2023

Dredd: Serong VS.. please deliever king
Pavs: The big question
Closer: serong vs who dredd? ;p
Pavs: The big question. Do we trade in Fyfe?
bhg26: Fyfe in the guts, interesting
Dredd: I’ve tried twice to show I meant VC and wouldnt go through.. thanks FF.. stitch up
Raspel31: Brought in Fyfe for Clarry. Joking- brought in Serong who is doing his best to butcher everything.
Closer: Lol
Dredd: 5 touches for 3 supercoach.. wonderful work Serong
Gotigres: I think I could Pavs after his bye next week
bhg26: Loving Johnson getting cbas
Dredd: Cant wait for Johnson to score his best season score with opp playing him and benching Oliver..
TheLegend6: Johnson covering Clarry for me bhg
bhg26: Oh, and get going darcy
Gotigres: I also have Johnson covering Oliver.
Dredd: 3 clangers already.. you clown Serong
daniel87: might have to bring mr fyfe into the team hish depens on how much game time and how well he scores from here
sc_god: id need to see fyfe back it up next game before i consider
daniel87: if he picks up his scoring and can make me 150 k get his price back up to 400k i be pretty happy
Stu7: How does score so low every eeek surely it?s a gift
Cascadian: Woah Darcy has got going
stemy1243: Darcy piles on the points so quick.
NickyD: Come on Max, keep it up. Big VC score please.
Stu7: Lever that is
Gotigres: You can slow down now Fyfe. I don’t want you rising in price too much.
daniel87: van rooyen > fyfe
sc_god: darcy injured in rooms
TheLegend6: Whats wrong with Viney? No Clarry you’d think he’d be filling that void
Gotigres: Hollands to Fyfe for me daniel
naicosfan: Good shout gotigres
daniel87: thats a good trade
Raspel31: Don’t mind that either Gotigres.
Pavs: mmm, the old Fyfe trap reckon I will fall for it again.
daniel87: worth picking up hewett at 400k when he drops in price or his scores not worth it lads
pcaman2003: I brought Serong in this week, so apologies
bullet08: harmes going with brayshaw
sc_god: darcy hammy, goneski
Cottees: pca – na cause I VCd him lol
Gotigres: Thanks guys. Will have to wait a week though as Freo have the bye next round
bhg26: Darcy now out too, im sick of this shit
bhg26: Touk, Clarry, Hopper, Ridley now Darcy
pcaman2003: Cottees. I also brought in Ryan,so further apologies.
bhg26: oh and Docherty
Cottees: pca – haha all good man. Don’t have Ryan
Pavs: My opp has Darcy that makes up for my clever Cripps VC move last night.
navy_blues: melb missing ollie for sure
pcaman2003: Pavs. Lol! Fortune favours the brave.
Dredd: pcaman, can you please make your trade + C + VC options in the last game? so everyone knows.. went Serong VC…
pcaman2003: Dredd. Always do the opposite of me and you’ll be right.
Pavs: Poorness equals the stupid though pcaman. Thats my speed.
pcaman2003: Dredd. I’m thinking Libba or Laird for C .
sc_god: bont
Raspel31: Kooks like Bont for me too.
naicosfan: Butters or bont
bhg26: Zerrett against wet toast for me
bhg26: Wouldnt mind a 250 plus to make up for darcy
Pavs: Careful Rasp I’m going Bont. I could slow down Winx.
Dredd: Thanks for the heads up pcaman.. will go Bont then. Cheers
pcaman2003: If I change to Bont, will everyone change their minds again?
Dredd: yes
navy_blues: cmon saints win this
navy_blues: oops lol
naicosfan: I?ll give you the benefit of the doubt and back u in pca, Bont C
p0nga6: serong in full butcher mode
pcaman2003: Held on to Grundy because too many other trades to make. Pay me back Grundy.
pcaman2003: 120+ from you Serong, nothing less.
sheezel420: Johnson is actually such a great player, will be a gun
sc_god: LOL your team must be very ordinary if Grundy losing you 129k isnt your biggest problem lmao
pcaman2003: You’ve never heard of injuries? LMFAO!
sheezel420: Dw Pcaman, sc_god is just a troll
pcaman2003: sc-god. When did Grundy lose that much? He started at 512k.
pcaman2003: sheezel. I know, but difficult to tolerate fools.
sc_god: 4 weeks ago he peaked at 594k
SwaggyP: Jackson owns Naarm
sc_god: not trolling just saying, personally id rather cop a donut through injury, rather than allow a guy to lose a shitload.
pcaman2003: sc-god. The thing is I had from the start at 512k ,not 594. Big difference.!
RooBoyStu: No Oliver = No Melbourne
TheFlagger: yes brayshaw
TheFlagger: lift fyfe
pcaman2003: Go Hawks. Huge win! Dees struggling yet again.
Yelse: weddle scores or take wilmot
TheLegend6: Weddle
pcaman2003: Weddle for sure. Play it safe
ajconodie: Johnson or Ashcroft?
Hazyy: Will anyone be bringing fyfe in
GJayBee: I got Luke Jackson a year early.
Hazyy: Anyone bringing fyfe in
Hazyy: Didn?t mean to chat twice i just made a new account
pcaman2003: Hazzy. It’s okay. I thought it was an echo.
Pavs: Welcome Hazyy. A serious look after his bye next week.
pcaman2003: At least ton up Grundy.
pcaman2003: Hazyy. Unlikely for me. Too inconsistent and injury prone. Best well behind him now IMO.
Pavs: See what carnage happens next week and remaining this week pcaman
stemy1243: Kick the winner Petracca!
Hazza09: Is Darcy a bad injury?
Hazza09: Take Johnson or go Humphrey?
ajconodie: @Hazza – I was wondering the same but v Ashcroft/Wardlaw.
pcaman2003: C’mon Serong! I brought you in this week in good faith.
Manowar: Narrm suck
The Ogre: Couldn’t agree more

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