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Chat log from R3 of 2023: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R3 of 2023

zadolinnyj: Lads
Baldfrog: Carn Coasters
Legix: Need Cox to go big
TimT14: Wow soft free
MrWalrus: Cox was soft
Hazza09: Darcy looks slow
MrWalrus: This could be fun
Ash777: go Allen
MrWalrus: Will Chesser make his Breakeven?
Ash777: even if he does he wont be rising in price by much
TimT14: Allen cape?!
BRAZZERS: imagine bringing in ryan or cox lol
MrWalrus: Ryan will be a good pick long term but Cox is fools gold I reckon
MrWalrus: Bad umpire, no!
pluggerpig: gret to see brothers Liam and Luke Ryan on field together
MrWalrus: Ying and yang
Legix: Forget the last 30 minutes Cox and start fresh buddy
Collywoble: Cameron out for Darcy worked well this week
Grimes Jr: well done hayden u flog
BigChief: C’mon Brayshaw, pull ya finger out.
MrWalrus: Witherden, elite kick but otherwise very average footballer.
BFAsh: is cox alive?
BigChief: Shuey subbed and punches wall.
Ash777: they’re missing the second FA on cox
Hazza09: What an absolute nightmare Chesser is
BRAZZERS: Amiss? Sounds like the commentary team is saying anus lol
Ash777: looks like chesser wont even make his be
Pav300: you been watching too much Brazzers, Brazzers
MrWalrus: Chesser lucky not to be minus SC
navy_blues: since shuey out freo winning everything
clay007: Oscar Allen-Bargain buy.
BRAZZERS: lol that boundary ump has a filthy mullet
TheLegend6: So many issues in my SC this year, probably going to need to boost again
BRAZZERS: freo will win by 80 plus
Harambe: Far out West Coast’s soft tissues are cursed
clay007: Not looking good for McGovern-was having a nice game.
Harambe: Sacked their old conditioning coach but the soft tissue injuries are piling up again
wadaramus: What is wrong with Chesser?
user_five: so how many hammies has shuey done now? 15, 20?
Hazza09: Chesser looks cooked, what a disaster of a pick
Harambe: You could say he’s had a string of them
Grimes Jr: traded darcy to cameron. lol
wadaramus: Traded Darcy to Cameron 🙁
navy_blues: witherden down
pluggerpig: Coz back in the positives. Flame icon pls.
BRAZZERS: lol you muppet
Harambe: That trade is absolute madness and I’ve heard a few people say they did it.
pluggerpig: *Cox
bhg26: Happy I held Darcy
Ash777: why would you trade darcy out if he was playing eagles
Gotigres: Far out Darcy, slow down
wadaramus: I traded Brayshaw to LDU too.
wadaramus: It’s only a bad trade because he is no going to ton up before HT!
wadaramus: If he was on 24 you would be saying good trade.
Harambe: Beats me Ash, it’s the easiest match up in fantasy footy and they traded out of it
Depressed: Finally Serong showing something but wtf Cox
wadaramus: Oh you guys are fantasy geniuses!
wadaramus: Never made a bad trade!
Depressed: Also I had vice on English and was worried about leaving Oliver captain against what I thought was a strong Sydney mid
a1trader: Just got on, I’ve got Allen on my bench which kinda sux
wadaramus: Darcy scored 40 and was set to lose a stack of cash, Cameron cheap and set to go up.
wadaramus: Everything is easy with hindsight 🙂
bhg26: Darcy to Cameron was not a bad trade
MrWalrus: Nah wada, we’ve all made bad trades but unforced premo trades so early is a rookie mistake, trades too valuable
Depressed: The Darcy/Jackson combo just looked wrong, even a fantasy sense spreading the points out. I had English/Gawn to start
Ash777: Darcy’s be is 182 looks on track for 150+ so not going to lose that much cash. Never trade out premos.
BRAZZERS: it wasnt a bad trade you’re right, it was a comical trade
Harambe: You do realise you win fantasy footy is about scoring points, right? Trading premiums based on BEs is rarely helpful
wadaramus: I love how everyone is an expert perfectionist who never made a bad decision!
Grimes Jr: darcy cannot move around the ground, is playing with a second ruck, simmer champions
MrWalrus: In fantasy you can play the stock market and fixtures a bit but not in limited trades formats
Ash777: I’ve made plenty of mistakes already lol
bhg26: Cameron would have averaged similar to Darcy and you get 100k to spend elsewhere
bhg26: Plus Darcy had one of the worst games I?ve ever seen last week
Grimes Jr: walrus, if u didnt notice we have an extra 6 trades. the game is more aggressive now
wadaramus: Making cash is just as important as scoring pints.
bhg26: Plus Gawn is set to drop in price so Cameron can be flicked forward when Gawn comes back
Harambe: Trading out Darcy is the exact opposite of playing the fixtures
MrWalrus: Not sure anyone is saying they’re an expert perfectionist, double unforced premo sideway trade in r3 is not sound tactic
wadaramus: And I love pints!
Harambe: Yep they hand out the overall prize for most cash generated
Bazza2023: i like scoring pints, im having a stout at the moment
bhg26: But I kept Darcy so I?m happy at the moment
bhg26: For people who have Bruhn or Flanders it lets them go up to Ziebell or setterfield. That?s more points
MrWalrus: We also have 24 rounds and byes to negotiate,
Ash777: that 100k cash means nothing if you now have to trade out cameron next week
ajconodie: Is it worth having Darcy, when he does this one week, and fails the next two?
Bazza2023: but Pints taste so good
Raspel31: From all the Aspel clan we are so very happy for you bhg.
Harambe: Well to be fair Ash, nobody could predict the injury
wadaramus: Again, that’s easy with windsight Ash, what if he scored 120 and didn’t get injured?
Bazza2023: reactyionary and rage trades wont win you Pints.
wadaramus: And what if LDu scored 150 with the C on him and Brayshaw deliver SFA?
MrWalrus: Darcy got 96 r1, hardly terrible, Marshall just dropped a 70 odd, do we all trade him now?
bhg26: Thanks rasp
wadaramus: No MrWalrus, I have Cameron to trade!!
Bazza2023: can someone please think of the children….and the Pints.
bhg26: Darcy also scored 40 last game walrus
PigeonPies: dont even try bhg… lol
Grimes Jr: walrus, completely different, 50 percent of players have marshall
Bazza2023: Darcy had to go, why would you keep him after 92 and 40.
frenzy: you have a Pint there bazza
MrWalrus: Agree bhg, fixing mistakes like Bruhn & stupid Flanders is a good trading
wadaramus: So easy to be critical with the benefit of the outcome.
frenzy: Pint taken
wadaramus: Loving the pint puns 🙂 My keying error is working wonders 🙂
original: chesser to quadruple his score in the second half and still lose cash
Ash777: gawn last year had worst scores in his first 2 games lol
Harambe: Ah yes, trading him will erase that 40 from your score last week Bazza
daniel87: so darcy flogging a no name ruckman looked pretty ordinary first 2 weeks had a good quarter to save a 90 in week 1
Bazza2023: yeah im on my second Pint. sorting footy and NBA cards out for a card show
wadaramus: Oh, so that is OK MrWalrus?
Ash777: I traded out bruhn to chandler
Bazza2023: i have english and MArshall, doing so so
original: need Tkelly to score 55 more points to win draft, cmon lad
Bazza2023: Wada your shout for Pints
original: stewart traded out, gawn raded out (to cameron fml) now can’t afford a decent ruck from cameron
Ash777: if you wanted to trade out darcy this was not the week to do it.
Harambe: That’s the point daniel, he was almost guaranteed to flog a no name ruckman
Raspel31: Sometimes the gods bless you- out all day and leave the cap on Clarry. I am a god.
wadaramus: Sorry original, you are an arse hat for trading premos.
Bazza2023: My 72 yr old mum plays, and i have told her, one swallow doesnt make a summer
Ash777: darcy already ton up
daniel87: fair harambe dosent mean he wont be back to 50 next week though
original: when they give us so many bonus trades and they say stewart is out for 6 made sense. sure hindsight
Ash777: stewart’s trade out was the right call at the time as he was looking at 3 weeks out least.
MrWalrus: Forced trades totally different for original, he desrves a pint or 2
wadaramus: Almost guaranteed Harambe, you sound confident?
wadaramus: Pints all round down the ‘Dinge.
original: mr TKelly. cmon..need you at 85 at the end of this qtr
MrWalrus: I’d be backing Darcy to average over 100, for me it was him or Marshall, if Marshall goes down Darcy is in
Ash777: No allen!
Bazza2023: probably do a knee this qtr and posts will be Moot
Ash777: oh phew he looks ok
MrWalrus: Stewart was down for 4-6, I’d have held for 2, 1 was just rude.
Harambe: That’s the ‘almost’ part Bazza
Ash777: why does hurn in his 30s look like he’s in his 50s lol
ausgooner: golden rule of SC, never sideway trade your premos, especially after 2 games ffs
original: *unless its due to injury
ajconodie: @Bazza – He generally does when he is going huge.
Raspel31: Dat de true ausgooner.
Bazza2023: i see pints for both sides, but he is only rucking against a BJ at the moment , a rucking BJ
wadaramus: Golden rule ausgooner? So trading Brayshaw to Oliver would be a bad trade?
MrWalrus: Reckon if you go back to his draft year photo he’d look exactly the same Ash
wadaramus: Making money is the only way to trade up to a full premo team.
wadaramus: You have to make judicious decisions, sometimes they go awry!
daniel87: i dont subscribe completley to that rule to get ahead you need to take risks sometimes they work sometimes they backfire
daniel87: before price rise is not 100 percent relevant
Harambe: He’s going to spend 50 years of his life looking 50 Walrus
MrWalrus: LTI trades aren’t sideways original, you’ve just been unlucky, been Stewart and Steele for me
original: looked lie it hit the post to me
Raspel31: I actually enjoyed this before it became the Mr Walrus show so off I go.
wadaramus: Everyone is making valid pints, but to score pints you have to risk pints.
original: wish that was chesser
wadaramus: Anyway, I need to pour another pint. Coopers Pale Ale for me thanks boys.
cmperrfect: What’s up with Brayshaw? Is he kicking the wrong way?
Harambe: Demolition Derby for the Eagles
daniel87: intersting that geelong are going to be outright last if freo win a hell on premiership hangover
MrWalrus: Sorry to perspicacitiously upset your cromulantius, off to chat to a French dimsim ho hum go soccer team
TheLegend6: Would be quite remarkable if weagles keep this under 6 goals
original: chris scott always been a terrible coach. dunno how he got so much praise last year. look at their list over last 10yrs
dezlav: The Gospel according to Wadaramus. AMEN. 🙏
BigChief: WTF are you doing Brayshaw?
dezlav: Re the pint
clay007: Is Chesser likely to make it at this level?
JayEm: Brayshaw being a lazy bastard and letting Serong do all the work
MrWalrus: This Ginbey lad looks the real deal, see him on screen a lot even when not getting possies and he’s impressive
wadaramus: May the Pint be with you dezlav 🙂
Harambe: Needs match fitness Clay, too early to tell
Ash777: Chesser is coming from a long way back after 2 affected years and a very lti
daniel87: ginbey love this rook
Wends: Evening all. What’s happening w Brayshaw? Oppt has him C… was sweating bullets.
wadaramus: Maybe Chesser needs a Pint at 3QT?
original: is that behind the goals vision blurry or am i drunk
Hazza09: Is Chesser the worst rookie to have played in a while? What a nightmare
BigChief: You are drunk Original
daniel87: love players that rack up the tackle count
original: chesser in a special club with relton
wadaramus: Chesser my cover for LDU out 🙁
clay007: He came with big wraps Hazza! Not seeing it myself.
MrWalrus: Chesser looks like he has stage fright as much as anything, a pint may well help
daniel87: i think ldu going to cost me at least 1 or 2 leauge matches
Raspel31: Evening Wends-Mr walrus will have the answer.
J.Worrall: That’s a very special club, @original
Wends: O dear wada… many an LDU sad tale this rd.
MrWalrus: wada stop it, that’s too much, you really need a few pints I reckon.
a1trader: Ethank Hughes has this amazing ability to avoid the ball in almost every situation. Incredible
pauly61: Chesser with his DPP will probably stay in team until the end
original: chesser!!
teachrtony: Same Wada. LDU caught me. Chesser needs 9SC for me to win one league lol
teachrtony: Not confident
pluggerpig: why does every docker have shaved sides of head
BigChief: Ryan looks done for this week and next.
Ash777: what a nightmare game for eagles
MrWalrus: Ryan killing himself was just what the Weagles needed..
Bazza2023: more crosses than red cross soon
teachrtony: Still not confident
pluggerpig: eagles doing great with about 9 players. dockers should be up 10 goals.
original: TKelly getting burnt
ajconodie: I’m not watching the game but does the scoreline reflect more on WCE putting up a fight, or Freo being a terrible side?
clay007: Hunt has been an inspired trade. He has wheels to burn.
Ash777: chesser going to make his be after all because he has to stay on ground
wadaramus: Come on Chesser, get to 50 and I’ll buy you a pint!
Bazza2023: @AJ i think Freo are pretenders
MrWalrus: Maybe Ash, i wouldn’t call it a sure thing
Wends: Thank you Rasp, looking fwd to it then 🙂
MrWalrus: AJ i don’t think Freo have been great but Weagles putting up a surprisingly spirited performance
original: cape for chesser. have to. who else more than quadruples their score in a qtr
Ash777: chesser has just reached his be
Wends: Last couple of weeks have felt Serong, finally looking up.
daniel87: wow west coast are walking wounded chessr probably get points becuase all the injurys
Hazza09: Chesser BE reached
ajconodie: I guess it’s the “Darby” factor keeping them in it.
oc16: The fact he scored 80 with a tag was a good sign Wends
original: i know im ranting. but tkelly got a mark and handball for 1sc. cmon
original: Tkelly 10 disposal qtr for like 20 sc? cmon champion data
BRAZZERS: lol, harden up
frenzy: if his name was Tim Clarry he would be double
original: i like you frenzy
MrWalrus: Not sure I’ve ever seen this many crosses and bandaids, don’t suppose you know if it’s a record m0nty?
frenzy: you have been drinking Original
Bazza2023: Wet Toast, more crosses than Red Cross soon.
original: you’ve been drinking
teachrtony: Monty is 4 from with fear the Featured player this week.
Wends: Yep, was counting on it @oc16
frenzy: I’m a soak
teachrtony: 4 from 8
Ash777: what a game
original: nooo Tkelly free against
BigChief: OMG Brayshaw did something right.
BigChief: Wow Ryan needs the heart m0nty
BRAZZERS: ahahha!
Raspel31: A sly Reuben Ginbey- and the gal didn’t notice.
Grimes Jr: get to 80 young u spud
Ash777: gold coast should of drafted ginbey
bhg26: Darcy just stopped
Ash777: have even
wadaramus: Chesser must be trying hard to avoid getting involved.
Wends: Holy crap! Just checked and I’m ranked 54th for the rd 😮 Scuse me while I take a screenshot
original: dont you get stuck on that bench Tkelly
MrWalrus: Well played Wends, what’s your score?
Ash777: ryan playing on 1 leg
ajconodie: Two hearts for Liam Ryan, Monty!!
Wends: Thx Walrus… best this year so far 2224. First league wins too, finally.
frenzy: $ for Chesser
BigChief: bhg who won between you and beer?
Grimes Jr: get to 90 hayden. cmon boy
MrWalrus: I suspect Ryan will miraculously be healed of that limp if a goal is on offer
Raspel31: Good work wends x
bhg26: Currently in front by 113
ajconodie: Are you sure @Wends? I’m on 2267 and a mate is on 2303
BigChief: Oh nice fightback bhg.
BigChief: 2224 and ranked 54? I doubt it.
Wends: *My best score this year @aj 🙂 And thx Raspel… waiting for the hammer to fall in next couple of rds.
original: was ranked in the top 100 for 5 rounds once. ah to be young again
MrWalrus: Heart for wholw Weagles team, well battled by the walking wounded.
original: 200* was in the top 100 for 2 weeks
ajconodie: I’m pretty sure rankings aren’t updated until Rd 4 opens.
Raspel31: Just cracked the 2200- and I’m a Pom and a Spurs man- good year so far Wnds.
Wends: Correct BigChief – tho keeps changing w Serong’s points
BigChief: C’mon Brayshaw, I need 5 more points to win.
Wends: Congrats Raspel… got to celebrate the little wins 🙂
Wends: top 200 still damn good original!
BigChief: Thank you Angus’ brother. Got me the win.
frenzy: bin for Brayshaw
Grimes Jr: 90 young
Hazza09: Ffs Shrek
ajconodie: Curely WCE have a better ruck on their list than Williams
frenzy: curely Lol are you sure
original: tkelly cmon bro
original: take advantage kelly
Ash777: they have nic nat and the draftee barnett
ajconodie: Oops.
clay007: Are Rivers stats on this platform?
ebol: Is 2300 gonna be an OK score this round?
MrWalrus: 2300 will be elite
BigChief: Better than my 2248 ebol
original: lose draft by 7 points. thawkins on 23 and sinclair captain. gunna be a sleepless night
ebol: Some guy on 2338 in one of my leagues. Wonder how high that will be.
Wends: And my 2243. Highest score looks to be 2316
circle52: I am on 2300 pre scaling – Ginbey really increased our scoring in this game.
Raspel31: I rather believe ebol was taking the piss.

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